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Really delighted for you and all the LFC supporters who have admired you yesterday! I am sure that many more will come in the near future... YNWA Raheem Sterling!
22nd Oct 2012 13:42
22nd Oct 2012 13:43
"So funny - Raheem did not want to leave the pitch, I think he shook hands and got hugs from everyone. Enjoy it, many more to come. We love you. YNWA"
22nd Oct 2012 14:55
"Well done!! YNWA."
22nd Oct 2012 14:56
"well done Raheem,17 and responsible for our first league win at Anfield big thanks must go to BR for giving the likes of Raheem,Wisdom and Suso there chance which they have taken superbly."
22nd Oct 2012 15:39
"Seeing Raheem score was absolutely delightful as was seeing the team spirit in the celebrations! Absolutely fantastic!!! I'm sure I speak for all when I say we look forward to celebrating his goals for many, many years to come. YNWA Raheem JFT96 "
Gerrard o ya beauty
22nd Oct 2012 18:55
"Hope there will be many more Raheem lad! YNWA Raheem Stirling!"
22nd Oct 2012 21:47
"soooo happy for you raheem knew you would make it lad keep up the hard work mate and you can and will become a legend YNWA"
23rd Oct 2012 10:34
"Never been as happy for anyone to score as I was when Raheem scored. Just seeing the sheer joy on his face was brilliant. YNWA and hopefully he will be ours for LIFE. "