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1 name in the envelope must be downer because he doesn't fail to dissappoint
13th Oct 2012 11:04
13th Oct 2012 11:21
"oh j cole will be another"
13th Oct 2012 15:15
"hope that this phsycological strategy does not discourage the squad, some of the lads know to be in that envelope and this could be disappointing for them."
13th Oct 2012 18:28
"it's easy to think of names, especially as Adam was still there at the time. The reality is that he didn't have ANY names in the envelopes."
13th Oct 2012 19:50
"Think there is a twist to this . Dont care how crap anyone has been , its not professional to do this . hope its reverse and its people who steped up sterlins ,wisdom , suso . lets see . hope im right media dont need a reason to burn us !!! ynwa"
13th Oct 2012 20:40
"the envelope that rodgers needs is an envelope with a big cheque to brings on quality players"
13th Oct 2012 22:50
"I agree with spud nick, this is an awful 'technique' and there has to be something more to it. For the manager to have his mind made up months before the end of the season is ridiculous, and it smacks of cheap gimmickry. Might be good tellie, but I think that it's awful management."
14th Oct 2012 0:15
"ive watched being liverpool tonight, (sky plus)! what i saw has shocked me. on the coach trip to wba. where was the team spirit? everyone doing there own thing, headphones on, no banter, no laughing. this is a problem! brendens team talk, down beat! not gonna get the team motivated. brenden was my 1st choice after kk. but his motivation and team spirit skills are questionable."
14th Oct 2012 0:22
"its ok being focused in every part of there game. but you also need togetherness, and joyfulness. this is a major factor in team spirit. all for one! brenden needs to look at this!"
14th Oct 2012 0:58
"There is a reason BR is paid millions, because he is that damn good at what he does. Whether he is good or bad in your opinion doesn't mean sh!t. You have no influence. How about you just get behind the manager and give him the belief he needs with your support. He is working his socks off for the fans maybe you should do something similar for him."
14th Oct 2012 1:09
"Wasn't very impressed with the Rodgers style of management and thought it was too childish and too like school rather than an adult place of work.I didn't understand the bit about the three evelopes.Results speak for themselves & only time will tell if he can do a good job but so far its not looking good."
14th Oct 2012 4:29
"So far they read, Pepe, Stevie and Buck up your ideas."
14th Oct 2012 8:45
"The other name must be hendo"
14th Oct 2012 9:14
"Downing, Adam, Spearing, Henderson, Enrique. Two already gone. Personally, I think some of these mind-games will back fire!"
14th Oct 2012 9:23
"The awful envelope thing tells me BR already blames the players and not himself.BR is out of his depth.He was like that in Reading and was lucky to follow Martinez at Swansea.A blind person can see this.Its not simply about getting behind the manager.He is destroying the heart of LFC ie fun, passion, unity etc BR is patronising and a dreamer.When he's sacked, he wont get another job elsewhere."
14th Oct 2012 9:25
"I recently employed someone that was excellent in the interviews, can sell snow to the eskimos. After 12 months, he cannot do the job. He's gone. Sound familiar?! Track-record is VERY important in any job."
14th Oct 2012 9:29
"For the people that thinks he's not arrogant, what kind of a person will rule himself out because he didnt want to compete with other managerial candidates? and then turn around and say yes, I am game? Answer, BR!Arrogant, delusional, out of his depth. Being under 40 years old gives him a chip on his shoulders.How many managers you know that loans our only striker and dont get one in??!!"
14th Oct 2012 9:31
"League table never lie. Judge me when we have played 10 games! is that right BR! well, your time is up mate. I will be happy if we finish in he top half this season."
14th Oct 2012 11:54
"The envelopes were empty. ...just sayin."
14th Oct 2012 14:10
"Is Brendan that stupid or does he think that everyone is?!! This "technique" might be good in the kindergarten. No wonder we are the laughingstock of the season. "
14th Oct 2012 15:07
"Doesnt really matter if the envelopes were empty. To do this to seasoned players at a club like LFC is a joke. BR is clueless about management. He might be good on television but so far he's been terrible as a manager of a great club."
14th Oct 2012 17:44
"If this is man management god help us this being liverpool is making a mockery of us havnt seen anything from Rogers talks to suggest to me he knows what he is doing people on her are already surmising who the three names are even though the envelopes atr most probably empty."
14th Oct 2012 17:49
"continued the only name that should be in the envelopes brendan is your own because this was a disgusting thing to say to our players dont see the point in it what must Andy Carrol of been thinking when he was one player singled out as not being in Roger plans for the season. "
Mr simon
14th Oct 2012 18:48
"RAF1 you clearly know what your talking about, why dont you apply for the job of motivational coach and the rest will be a piece of p##s"
14th Oct 2012 22:23
"you read this article where Pepe says he liked the idea then you bad mouth BR for it!!!! who do you think you are!?!? and i think manures manager did just the same thing the year they took their first pl le! "
15th Oct 2012 4:28
"but SAF used the same method about 20 years ago.. BR should ahve his own method..perhaps BR could use ZIPPED email instead"
15th Oct 2012 8:41
"You so-called 'supporters' need to check yourself. You see 10 minutes of footage on the telly and suddenly Rodgers "can't manage" and "has no idea". This is ridiculous, you haven't any idea what the players think of him or how his management skills are working. If you're going to judge him, do it in a season or two. Until then, keep your opinions to yourself and get behind the reds. "
15th Oct 2012 12:41
"suarezseven Spot on! Get behind the team and stop moaning YNWA "
15th Oct 2012 12:59
15th Oct 2012 13:34
"Its to motivate anyone who thinks themselves that they aren't pushing or can push harder to strive for improvement and it is likely that the envelopes do not contain any names. But if it does and they have not let the team down then they have accomplished something, by performing consistently at a high level or improving. Strive for progress/success without fear of failure."
15th Oct 2012 16:17
"It Pains Me when People who Claim to be Professional Footballers do not Strive to be the Best a Everyone. Commitment Leads only to Overall Personal improvement. BR, if Anyone does not Show Commitment, get rid of him!"
16th Oct 2012 14:44
"This bloke is ruining our club. "Being Brendan" is embarrassing.120 years of history yet 90% of the focus is on this walking book of management cliche's and mumbo jumbo. He sounds like he has been on one too many ten a penny management courses.Oh, and guess what,there are no names in the envelope.The envelopes are a metaphor!"
16th Oct 2012 21:28
"Lfcfan128 - you are a Walter and have no clue whatsoever."
16th Oct 2012 21:37
"I have never in my life seen so many "so called" fans whining on our website. Of course there are no names in the envelope but you see it as another chance to have a dig at our manager. Undercover bluenoses probably..."
16th Oct 2012 23:02
"COYDIF: you dont know me, how you can judge me? I am not having a go at the club, I m saying BR is clueless. Look at the league table. Look at the morale of the team. This envelope stunt is counter-productive, patronising and does nothing. It doesnt matter if there are names in them or not. Understand now?"
16th Oct 2012 23:05
"The fact that BR loaned out our only decent striker without securing a replacement tells anyone hes clueless. His tactics dont work and its just a pipedream of his. If we dont get in a decent striker in January, we wont finish in the top half and no way we can attract any good players. Its a ripple effect."
17th Oct 2012 2:43
"Reina should be in the envelope these days! Hugo Loris should have been ours "
17th Oct 2012 8:06
"Lfcfan128: he loaned Carroll out as he was under the impression Dempsey was coming in so not entirely BRs fault. Fact is we are now rebuilding for the future and giving our star kids a chance. We don't have the stability of arsenal and man ure and don't have the clout of citeh or chavski."
17th Oct 2012 12:46
"There are no names in the envelopes its purely designed to motivate so players work harder. Fergie did this when he started managing Manure"
17th Oct 2012 12:50
"Some of the comments on here are shocking! You lot slating Rodgers need to check yourself. Liverpool fans have always been about supporting their team and manager and being 1. Half of you are slating everything, there is no such thing as a miracle we need time as we dont have city's millions to just buy who the hell we want. Wake up! Start being supporters! "
17th Oct 2012 12:52
"I wonder if any of you have jobs as football managers? Sounds like most of you do becasue its he should do this he should do that! If you ask me if you are not a football manager yo should defo apply to be one as loads of you are so talented and great at making tactical decsions - well done! "
17th Oct 2012 22:31
"We are Liverpool supporters not whingers this club is built on pride that was earned through the decades by support of loyal fanbase that is how we will succeed gain. The Faithful will be rewarded if you cant wait your were never a true red supporter!"
18th Oct 2012 3:38
"What's the latest with Reina , injured or not injured ?"
18th Oct 2012 6:01
"LFCfan128 and other "wannabes" managers stop crying like little girls. Even before season started, any intelligent and reasonable red supporter would understand that 8-10 place will be ok as this is season is only for WIP. contd..."
18th Oct 2012 6:03
"as for "envelops" method - i don't see anything wrong with it - no patronising or whatsoever, just showing who is the boss (which is right) and telling players that if they would around, they would be shipped - we have lacked such ruthless manger for many years now! contd..."
18th Oct 2012 6:04
"Most probably there are no names at the end of the season anyway, but those who know they fail to deliver will try to do the best they can to impress BR or else they will give up, ni which case no one will regret of them leaving. Contd.."
18th Oct 2012 6:17
"Thus stop questioning BR's management style as most us 99,99% have no professional experience at football management. You have no idea about motivational spechess, techniques, etc. So just to your simple job as a supporters, which is just SUPPORT! YNWA BR! In Rodgers we trust!"
18th Oct 2012 9:09
"What a bunch of sheep to be led around moaning over this envelope saga. Its a very simple technique. There are NO names in any envelopes. HE'S telling the players not to be the ones to let anyone down and not to be a name in an envelope. They all know it and will work harder to prove it. Especially the younger players. Idiots!"
18th Oct 2012 9:15
"Although if i had to put 3 names in an envelope of who would let us down the most this season it would be simple. John Henry, Tom Werner and Ian Ayre."
19th Oct 2012 20:42
"1. Reina (if he continues to allow cheap goals, our points will drop). 2. Gerrard (if he's out of form, it's -1 for us because he's unsubsutable). 3. Suarez (if he fails to convert chances created)."
25th Oct 2012 21:28
"Id be surprised if there are any names in the envelopes. It's a wind up. Motivates everyone victimizes no one. They'll outline his ambitions/targets or something else or just be blank - I believed in you ALL etc Will be the theme. YNWA"