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quality striker and really prolific, but I don't know if he will suit to the English physical and technical standard, looks therefore a bit expensive, £13!?
12th Oct 2012 16:02
12th Oct 2012 17:26
"At his age and 13mill i dont see FSG paying that kind of money, they would rather us be mid table than pay for a proven goal scorer, even if it means losing out on 4th spot and the money that will bring in, "
12th Oct 2012 19:28
"well ive got to say NO thanks to this one.. we can get Demba Ba for £7m and Llorente for around the same in Jan because he is on a free in the summer... 2 top players for the price of an unknown!!! "
12th Oct 2012 20:26
"agree jezero "
13th Oct 2012 2:01
"13 million for a 27 year old striker is expensive. Big time investments should be made on young strikers who will be able to make longer returns of profit!"
13th Oct 2012 6:41
"What is his conversion rate? "
13th Oct 2012 6:47
"Had 9 games out through suspension last year, two straight reds. He might just be hot headed enough to take the physicality side of the EPL."
13th Oct 2012 8:45
"Out of Contract player needed NOW please "
13th Oct 2012 12:31
"Ola Toivenon please!!!"
13th Oct 2012 12:33
"13 million too much for this guy."
13th Oct 2012 18:25
"would rather wait for a top footballing finisher in the summer. Spend £30M or thereabouts on Jovetic if we can persuade him to come."
13th Oct 2012 19:17
"For a minute there I thought we were signing Ricky Hatton"
13th Oct 2012 19:43
"absolutely no Ola Toivonen!"
13th Oct 2012 20:00
"Why do fans keep mentioning names like Falcao, Cavanni and Jovetic. Why on earth will they join a club who don't have champions league football and wont pay stupid wages. Get realistic !!!"
14th Oct 2012 10:45
"We should give our young academy boys the chance to shine, while our 10.5 million pound striker, who promised to put premier league defenses to sword (yet to see it), is sidelined. "
14th Oct 2012 13:33
"Nathan Redmond or Wilfried Zaha in January followed by Theo Walcott for free over the summer! "
14th Oct 2012 18:05
"Please get back Andy in January!! and buy Bruno Martins Indi from Feyenoord... "
Papa Syed
15th Oct 2012 2:01
"Expensive and yet Yesil is untried!"
15th Oct 2012 14:17
"Break the bank for Edinson Cavani. we've tried unproven players for far too long. the last time we bought a proven goalscorer at the highest level, he scored at a record breaking rate"
16th Oct 2012 16:38
"please sign Alen Halilovic before man united and Madrid get him first"
17th Oct 2012 2:44
"7million would be more realistic as it is a gamble on a mature player from other league "
17th Oct 2012 9:44
"No,not value for money, either percevere with our youth which is the policy I prefer, or wait until January."
17th Oct 2012 18:22
"I can't see any other choice except CAVANI........right now"
18th Oct 2012 6:33
"BR, get us some world class striker plzzzz.. Get us Alexis Sanchez and Llorente or Gonzalo Higuain.. we'll finish top 4 for sure... "
18th Oct 2012 7:24
"A realistic target I would like to see us sign in january is Gary Hooper. In dreamland any of theese Isco, Remy, A.Aew, A.Sanchez, Willian,Llorente. Maybe BR should try and sign Sturridge or Bent in january I think it could be done, but Hooper seems the best option to me and I have a feeling he could be great for us."
18th Oct 2012 12:02
"Rosso, £13m is a bargain nowadays!"
25th Oct 2012 10:40
"Huntelaar is the man. Cheap yet a tested strike partner to Suarez."
11th Nov 2012 21:54
"yes great striker watch him on U tube he is the best finished article,he can score all types of goals,just what liverpool need,solid strong.hope liverpool get him."