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unless he's out of contract and available for a free transfer, its gonna be january before we can buy him, and we need a striker before then
10th Oct 2012 9:23
10th Oct 2012 9:48
"Swallow our pride and recall ANDY in January Brendan this arrogency won't lead us any where. This linked linked business has started and I for 1 cannot stand it."
10th Oct 2012 9:58
"Not sure about investing in unproven talent when we are in the position that we are in at the moment. We only need to look at Borini to see where that strategy has left us. "
10th Oct 2012 10:03
"he's a fantastic player and one who would be great for the club, though as a hamburg fan i would be very sad to see him leave and i have no doubt that arnesen & fink are very keen to extend his contract"
10th Oct 2012 10:42
10th Oct 2012 10:42
"we keep buying average player we aint gonna score, we need a guaranteed 25 a year goal scorer falco benzema cavani time to spend big "
10th Oct 2012 10:52
"Can anyone tell me why we didn't sign Michael Owen, I know he's injured again but surely it would have been a win win situation. He gets paid when he plays??"
10th Oct 2012 10:59
"Is this supposed to cheer me up?"
10th Oct 2012 11:00
"I watched him on some footage and I have to recognise the guy looks quality, a pacy skillfull attacking wide man, we have not to miss on him! Get him if the price is affordable, but let's not give up to bring in a new centre forward! Please FSG, Demba Ba!"
10th Oct 2012 11:02
"Is this supposed to cheer me up?"
10th Oct 2012 11:03
"Never seen this kid play. As regards goal scorers I still don't get the whole clint dempsey saga, ok he might not score 25 goals this season but lets say he gets 15 and scores us an extra 10 league points which could be 5 league places. 5 league places = 5 million pounds plus shirt sales in the usa. Still baffles me even now."
10th Oct 2012 11:29
"here we go again. i hate this media watch"
10th Oct 2012 11:44
"12 goals from 47 games isn't that great, and maybe he's a target due to his age and that's why we didn't go for dempsey. He's contracted until 2014 so he'd cost a fair bit so it seems a bit of a waste personally."
10th Oct 2012 12:24
"Here we go again, it must be getting time for transfer histeria god help us more bull about moves"
10th Oct 2012 13:34
"I never heard Korean striker has killing instinct in penalty box, how about Huntelaar, we need him."
10th Oct 2012 13:41
"Marketing!!! The way to draw more fans and create profit. That's it. Well, I hope the owner is successful for what he tries to do and hope he will pay back to the fan by buying expensive and great players in a long run....before he sells our team."
10th Oct 2012 14:04
"Give us real news on here. We can read crap like this on other sites."
10th Oct 2012 14:17
"We still need to buy a Striker before anything!!"
10th Oct 2012 14:19
"Samsung will be the next signing from Korea as we seem to sign more sponsorship deals than players nowadays!! "
10th Oct 2012 14:20
"We don't NEED a striker before January. Suarez has shown in the past and recently that he's more than capable of finding the net. What we need is to get a better ratio of our shots on target."
10th Oct 2012 14:22
"FSG.. cavani please. "
10th Oct 2012 14:26
"Forgot, Chelsea beat us to that signing as well!!"
10th Oct 2012 14:30
"Break the bank for Cavani first. Then look elsewhere. "
10th Oct 2012 15:03
"Quality comment Kingmat (12:49).So true!!"
10th Oct 2012 15:19
"I would've preferred it if we signed Steven Fletcher and Junior Hoillett in the past transfer window. I don't think CF is Suarez best position. I think he would be more adept at playing on the left wing cutting inside onto his right."
10th Oct 2012 15:30
"We can't get him until january so let's wait until then.YNWA"
10th Oct 2012 15:39
"Great striker not wait 1 year to found the net. We need top class players. Sold Borini and Cole"
10th Oct 2012 15:40
"NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
10th Oct 2012 15:41
"Why can't we just spend money and get a real strike force striker here.and what about goalkeeper? Don't we need that too?"
10th Oct 2012 15:43
"Surely it was obvious even to a blind man on horse back that we would lack fire power up front. Ian Ayre was the reason we got nobody in and Brendan Rodgers should have not let Carroll go until that happened."
10th Oct 2012 15:43
"Kingmat - Sot on mate! We've brought in more sponsor partnerships than players over the last few months! Only thinking of profit, not about the players that has to win us trophies!"
jimmy liddel
10th Oct 2012 15:44
"lets try and sign a proven goal scorer, this lad sounds like another one for the future. with the need for a goal poacher the future is now."
10th Oct 2012 15:48
"I agree with K.J.B. we need to look at a new keeper as well, Pepe Reina drops to many clangers confidence has gone sorry Pepe got to face facts."
10th Oct 2012 16:53
"it makes me laugh at people on here demanding the likes of Cavani, Benzema etc.. we have to be real we are too far behind the top 4 at the moment so unfortunately only be able to attract the next best, look at newcastle for example they have done well with Ben Arfa, Cabaye etc.. of course i would love a big name to come in but we have to be realistic"
10th Oct 2012 16:58
"Bite the bullet, bring back Andy play Suarez off the left with Sterling/Downing/Assaidi on right, give Stevie a right kick up the arse or threathen the bench, have Joe holding with Sahin just off him and that will allow the full backs to push on to create width and cross. "
10th Oct 2012 17:36
"Falcao would be nice but it aint gonna happen. "
10th Oct 2012 18:05
"2 proven goalscorers spent the money fsg everyone will fear us . "
10th Oct 2012 18:11
"sinkho no one Ivan buy a player out side of a window unless he is out of contract or a loan, and there is no one out there good enough to fill that position. I will say it again its going to take LFC 3/4 years to get back were this club belongs."
10th Oct 2012 18:16
"Butholezwe again we will not be getting Carrol back in Jan' you will have to wait or go and support someone else, do you think any one at LFC listens to you and thinks god we will have to do what he says he's obviuosly better than BR, my arse. sorry about the pun."
10th Oct 2012 18:28
"Why not spend a big amount to offload Falcao from Atletico Madrid in January???"
10th Oct 2012 18:52
"The only question to ask is he a TOP GOAL SCORER? if the answer is NO then forget it - nothing else matters. I just hope its not too late in January - we will probably be out of the race by then"
10th Oct 2012 18:55
""If he's good enough get him" is a phrase I like to use often (and perhaps overuse) but if he was that good, then, although I hate to admit it, He would probably go to a side that are in much better form. For me, we should sign Pierre-emrick Aubmeyang, I believe that he can get goals (he's actually a striker) and he certainly has the pace to burn."
10th Oct 2012 18:58
"All summer I was hoping we went in for Dembele or Isco we missed out on Dembele I hope we get ambitious and buy Isco we need players to improve our creativity in the final 3rd. As for a striker Falcao would be a dream but Matias Suarez is an option"
10th Oct 2012 19:10
"Paras3 you are so wrong mate, this is a form for all fans and irrespective of your desires to select those who can support LFC, every fan has a right to voice an opinion. Butholezwe's is for AC to return, some prefer exotic names like Cavani etc. Having such desires does not lead to a lack of support for the club and it's certainly not up to you to decide is it?"
10th Oct 2012 19:10
"Not good enough for lfc"
10th Oct 2012 19:11
"look at all the players linked with us last window,just rubbish to fill back pages."
10th Oct 2012 19:19
"yes we need a striker but we've got to be objective and patient. we dont have to go on getting unserious players just because we are desperate for a striker, lets wait for january. !!!!!!!!!!!! "
10th Oct 2012 19:21
"We do not need him , we need a real striker who has experience with premier league "
10th Oct 2012 19:34
"It was BR fault why we have no striker at the moment, I am not slating him but with Andy gone he pulled the plug on Sinclair's 10 mill move late on transfer deadline,Ba would be a great player to bring in,,, YNWA "
10th Oct 2012 19:35
"Another middling striker who's been on a lucky streak. Well, go ahead and sign him and you'll get another Borini!"
10th Oct 2012 19:40
10th Oct 2012 19:52
"I agree we need a striker as soon as possible but I don't think it will happen before January,possibly not even then as they will be expensive and I am not convinced the owners are interested enough in winning."
10th Oct 2012 22:04
"I've seen him play. He is very good on the ball. But its unlikely we will get him. Its only rumors,hope our scouting system will do a great Job in January. YNWA"
10th Oct 2012 22:47
BR Fan
10th Oct 2012 23:30
"Hello spacemen - this is a rumour ....nothing more and if brendan likes the guy bring him in!! Thread on Jonjo getting called up was full of intelligent, positive comments .... this thread like when we lose is the usual armchair critics - thank heaven none of you actually go to games. AC won't be back - FACT and never did a lot when he was here so good luck Andy!!!"
BR Fan
10th Oct 2012 23:36
"Why the Borini critics - the guy is young - works hard and will progress. I know some of you hammered Lucas a few years back .... and now!! Henry didn't set the EPL alight on his first 18 months at Arsenal and then.... some of you "experts" who know better need a serious reality check - YNWA "
11th Oct 2012 0:53
"Why is this in the main new sections as well as media watch? "
11th Oct 2012 1:46
"am i the only 1 who dosent get the suarez hero worship it is sad that our fans go on about him and to be truthful embaressing the blokes a joke we have a montage of him nutmeging i would rather see a montage of goals continued"
11th Oct 2012 1:58
"his attempts to goals ratio is useless look at stephen fergeson of sunderland 7 attempts 5 goals now thats what i call brilliant anyway give young morgan a go he knows were the net is and he wont cost a penny just my opinion ynwa "
11th Oct 2012 1:59
11th Oct 2012 3:29
"He is great,the stats speak for themselves"
11th Oct 2012 8:37
"We have a much better squad than last year so I don't understand all the complaints. It only takes 1 or 2 stand out players per game to win the game. We have creativity, pace and Suarez up front. Spain won the WC by even fielding midfield players as strikers so why can't we. "
11th Oct 2012 8:52
"great for the future but lfc need a proven top striker now or at least in jan."
11th Oct 2012 12:55
"to dovan i have just noticed i mean stephen fletcher of sunderland brill stats thanks dovan ynwa"
11th Oct 2012 15:43
"need to buy quality and proven stiker in ba cause lfc cant afford to create chances but nobody cenverting them.get isco and toni kroos as well"
11th Oct 2012 15:48
"dont think carroll would have done better than borini.bring ba and sturridge.give suarez a free role."
11th Oct 2012 20:36
"Oh..Does this mean Borini has become another flop? Bring back AC in January pronto! "
11th Oct 2012 23:20
"There is no way Andy Carroll is coming back in January!!! FSG want the transfer fee at the end of the season also off the wage bill so it is not going to happen! Still hopeful we can sign some players - this kid looks good also Demba Ba for 7m we'll be good to go!!!!"
12th Oct 2012 0:43
"don,t know why they bought borini for.. 10 mil just wasted. andy carrol have to come back in january for sure."
12th Oct 2012 3:30
"No, Matias SUAREZ or DEM BA BA."
12th Oct 2012 8:11
"Another lightweight, totally unsuited to the premiership. GET ANDY BACK!!!!with the now good delivery into the box he will score goals, or make them for Suarez etc"
12th Oct 2012 10:14
"hey dudes, I just watched this lad on youtube...I don't know, I think he's good, a pacey player with good skills...."
12th Oct 2012 10:46
"People keep saying "i hate media watch" "why have stories like this on here" etc. Because they are entertaining, and if you dont like speculation, you dont have to read these stories, just dont click on them s."
13th Oct 2012 11:50
"Honestly a whole bunch of you need to get real. i love liverpool fc to bits but a lot of people who write comments on here are completley dilluded. i mean come on, Benzema and Cavani, are you mad! They will never sign for a club not competing in the champions league, especially for a club who arent even currently challeging for the top 4. "
13th Oct 2012 11:52
"2-3 seasons we will be, then you can link us to these big names. for now we have to scout wisely and find players who are good enough to help us challenge who currently arent playing that level. newcastle are doing it, we should be following suit."
13th Oct 2012 17:15
"Probably the American owners would want to us to sell Borini so we have money to buy this Korean or Bamba from New Castle. New Castle will probably asking for another 35 million pounds for Bamba."
13th Oct 2012 19:47
"try jeremain lens on the cheap"
14th Oct 2012 10:47
"go for falco sell caroll and get faco at any cost "
15th Oct 2012 1:26
"bemba ba is a cripple so would not touch him br bite the bullet and get ac back he is fitter than when we got him so give him a go we need someone like andy for the games like stoke everton ect when his phisical presence is needed we wont be bullied as much ynwa"
15th Oct 2012 14:29
"No offence but asian countries don't produce top quality players who can develop into world beaters"
15th Oct 2012 14:29
"No offence but asian countries don't produce top quality players who can develop into world beaters"
15th Oct 2012 14:29
"No offence but asian countries don't produce top quality players who can develop into world beaters"
16th Oct 2012 16:27
"ive been calling for demba ba since the window wham got him,also we need 442 with johnson on the RW,"
16th Oct 2012 16:30
"one day we will play glen at RW and on that day i will feel my prayers will be answered,experianced and can beat a man,go inside or outside can cross and shoot with pure quality"
16th Oct 2012 16:33
"glen is a good defender but not the best,however he could be a perfect winger who can also defend well,is this not a no brainer??? even a crack head could see this"
19th Oct 2012 20:24
"Must Liverpool be mentioned for every Tom, Dick & Harry? Enough please!"
24th Oct 2012 13:23
"We need a quality goalscorer,not a mediocre bit part striker like Borini,ok hes bit old but Klaas Jan Hutelaar will do for january. If we get Huntelaar,it will give us a slight chance of getting i to the champions leagu slots next ma. Then come next summer w may hae a chance of getting better quality playersfor the future."