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get some tips from suaraz about diving (only joking)you would most propably get booked on landing.
jimmy liddel
9th Oct 2012 13:50
9th Oct 2012 14:40
"Agree with you Aldo! The progresses are under the eye of any LFC supporter, but hence we need terribly the goals! Good luck for your kids charity event lad! YNWA Aldo"
9th Oct 2012 16:20
"I love that we're trying to play better football to watch. you can see the improvements. its gonna take time. Brandan is doing a terrific job. we have to cut out some silly mistakes at the back and get some more goals!! hopefully be able to strengthen the attacking areas in January!"
10th Oct 2012 8:04
"DONT lie Aldo, Long live King Kenny, Rafa ! see you come January. "
10th Oct 2012 11:10
"If we win more cups and finish higher than last season then progress will have been made. If we don't, we have to accept the owners are not backing the club. Good cause you are jumping for! Good luck!"
11th Oct 2012 2:12
"agree aldo pass and move ok til final third we need more players who grasp the pass and move in the final third give suarez a rest and try morgan/pacheco or borini/morgan ect till we find the right blend dont stick with the same one trick phoney i mean pony just my opinion ynwa"
11th Oct 2012 17:53
"Progress for me is measured in what we did last season and what we are doing this season and i dont see much of that we played the ball around quite nicely last season so the play this year is no better we are crying out for a top striker and what do we do dump carrol and buy Borrini big mistake. "
11th Oct 2012 21:15
"Aldo, was great to meet you in Singapore last year. Legend! remember to pull the cord !!"
12th Oct 2012 18:17
"we are much futher back than last season, the soul is missing, bring back our kenny"