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21st Sep 2012 9:44
21st Sep 2012 9:49
"I so desperately want this win not just for us as fans, but to kick start this new era under BR? OK OK & stuffing Man Ure is always the extra cream on top! Lol"
21st Sep 2012 9:50
"Totally agree. Our regular back four are stronger than theirs, we matched them in quality and creativity in the middle, we lack a bit upfront and in terms of physical strenght in the middle. Really confident we can produce a cracking performance with Utd YNWA "
21st Sep 2012 10:09
"It is true that we have the chance to punish Man United. It would be the best tribute to the Hillsborough victims. However, I am still not sure but hoping we can beat Man United. So hopefully this weekend we can be on top of our game and not only nail them over game statistics but also in terms of number of goals scored."
21st Sep 2012 11:38
"WE need to tighten up OUR defence with the likes of RVP scoring for fun out of nothing our back four need to united and on form. You'll always get chances against man u BUT we need to take them."
21st Sep 2012 11:43
"Judgement day for us Liverpool fans let enjoy this victory remember what Shankly said Liverpool is a religion and anfield is a place of worship!!YNWA"
21st Sep 2012 12:22
"We need to get a good results to uplift our morale,this is our key game for turnover and start picking up more points!YNWA"
21st Sep 2012 12:27
"our football will do the talking...."
Craigus Maximus
21st Sep 2012 12:39
"Well we cant beat west brom and conceeding slopy goals but so are man ure but they have a better strike force then we do. I hope we win but id take a draw at the moment "
21st Sep 2012 13:27
"Lets do something great....."
21st Sep 2012 13:33
"lets show bacon face what we can do no defensive mistakes and lets bag a few goals lads YNWA "
21st Sep 2012 13:55
"True statement. Let's hope for the best. Let this be our first win in the EPL. "
21st Sep 2012 14:04
"We can win with a bit of luck up front. Borini needs to deliver sooner rather than later. Jonjo is coming good at the right time. I am going for a 2 1 home victory..."
21st Sep 2012 14:06
"come on lads play for 90 mins and not 80 lets do what the young lads did 5 will do YNWA"
21st Sep 2012 16:47
"Chances dont win games. GOALS do and we cant score. If we play like we have been doing and try to just keep the ball then they also will get chances and they will score. We need to go right out at them from the first whistle not sit passing the ball in front of them. I hope we attack with more pace and urgencey cuz i believe we can beat them."
21st Sep 2012 18:44
"count the number of messages that finish YNWA.wise up and be more original,idiots"
21st Sep 2012 23:28
"We will win."
22nd Sep 2012 11:26
"but you know that the mancs are just so jammy, they keep trying untill the final whistle (around 97 minutes), and with fergie physically and verbally abusing the fourth official, you know you have your work cut out playing them...having said that we are well capable of wolloping them 4-0, YNWA "
22nd Sep 2012 12:20
22nd Sep 2012 16:20
"Like Jans says, we need to exploit chinks in their armour. I hope the players coming in take inspiration from midweek and score another five."
22nd Sep 2012 19:28
"We may get chances, let's hope we take them and also stay tight at the back."
22nd Sep 2012 23:04
"Come on Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
22nd Sep 2012 23:54
"stussy43, haven't you got anything better to do than counting YNWAs? You want idiot, look in the mirror! YWAWA"
23rd Sep 2012 8:53
"We can beat Manu but only if we play the Liverpool way like we did against Young Boys. PLEASE!! Allen "give and GO" not give and stop. Try running at the opposition not passing your team mates into trouble.If you cant get a few assists against your name weshould try Hendo. And Borini, try not to hit the goalkeeper every time you shoot.,"
23rd Sep 2012 15:29
"A good display, but again a defensive lapse ( wasn't a penalty ) & we are not getting enough people in the box."
24th Sep 2012 0:34
"defensive lapse?having a laugh there i think you are meaning a ref lapse "
24th Sep 2012 8:52
"everyone saw Galatasaray got robbed of 2 penalties..."