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Totally support this policy, BR has my full backing with his priorities, it's sensible.
20th Sep 2012 10:20
20th Sep 2012 10:42
"I really fail to understand what the Gaffer is up2"
20th Sep 2012 11:06
"Well Buck, you are to blame for our weak squad. But I like giving players a go. Kenny talked about disrespecting competitions? My sympathies are with our players and their families. We hire footballers to play football, not fill up changerooms. Luck is not a gift, we must fight for and earn it. Good Fight."
20th Sep 2012 11:17
"I fully agree with BR on this one. The squad is far too small and although it gives the youngsters a chance they didn't get with Kenny, FSG need to look at themselves very closely and be ready to put a substantial amount of their own money aside for the January window. "
20th Sep 2012 12:33
"Well its quite gambling, but we have to test our kids somewhere to see if there is someone we can raise up. And this is the right game to do that."
20th Sep 2012 12:53
"Totally agree with you BR! 12 senior and 8 yongsters are a good mix that allows to some internationals have a rest in sight of the united clash. Good decision. "
20th Sep 2012 13:11
"Totally agree with this policy. The priority is the Premiership. We looked jaded in the Arsenal game after playing on Thursday. This is why we have a squad and not just 11 players. I am sure the the young guns are chomping at the bits to go out and do themselves justice.YNWA"
20th Sep 2012 13:30
"Nice to see some youngsters will gain experience from this comp. However, bemoaning our lack of depth in the squad is a bit rich BR,seeing as you have ripped the guts out of the team that reached 2 finals last year. What's next,changing the Liverbird to a Swan!"
20th Sep 2012 13:46
"sorry to say this and will probably get some stick for it but i'm glad that rodgers has the guts to finaly leave gerrard out even though it's only for 1 game to rest him but he doesn't look himself yet"
20th Sep 2012 13:51
"The reason we are in this position is solely down to Rodgers letting too many experienced players leave,it's been shambolic from day 1."
20th Sep 2012 13:53
"Apology????? I think he did the right thing and most of us fans agree with this decision"
20th Sep 2012 13:54
"Don't like being negative but with the size of (or lack of)our squad it will be a nightmare if ANY of our players get injured.I agree with BR that the league is priority but what position can we really expect to reach this season!Hope the young lads shine tonight.YNWA"
20th Sep 2012 14:06
"BR had no choice fellas to field such a young squad. He has no depth. He made the right choice given what he has to work with. We all wish we had a much deeper squad but reality and mistakes in the xfr window puts us in this place. I would like to see Suso and Pacheco start. We Ned to see if Sterlings performance has inspired them to rise as well."
20th Sep 2012 14:15
"D truth is dat he took d decision out of fear. He's even more scared of trying young players or players who haven't been tried like Pacheco et al. I don't see him doing well. His pattern is boring. No team depends on short passes only. there must be some creative long passes and players must make selves available for passes. Positioning still dangerously poor"
20th Sep 2012 14:16
"D truth is dat he took d decision out of fear. He's even more scared of trying young players or players who haven't been tried like Pacheco et al. I don't see him doing well. His pattern is boring. No team depends on short passes only. there must be some creative long passes and players must make selves available for passes. Positioning still dangerously poor"
20th Sep 2012 14:20
"the tin squad is his own fault. He must work on his style. pass with creativity. do some long throws that catch opponents unawares. stamb ur feet in the middle by choking d midfield with sahin, allen jonjo, assaidi and downing. play lone striker. giv St G rest"
20th Sep 2012 15:45
"BR today: "If I was to lose any of my key players it would make it very difficult for us over the next two or three months". BR yesterday: "I like to have a small squad". So the best interest of LFC is to not let Brenda gets what he likes."
BR Fan
20th Sep 2012 15:55
"Seriously wish you negative doom sayers would do one - go down the East lancs and follow one of the two down there YNWA "
20th Sep 2012 16:07
"Well done BR for giving priority to the PL. Who cares what others say the manager is clearly doing whats best for the club. Besides it gives our younger players an incentive to do well. YNWA"
20th Sep 2012 16:46
"Pity he got rid of Maxi, Dirk, Craig and Andy. Why do we still keep Joe Cole? I keep reading rubbish about how useless Carrol was. People seem to forget he was injured when he first arrived, and then KK seemed to prefer Kuyt paired with Saurez. In His last few games I thought he was getting back to being an excellent striker. "
20th Sep 2012 20:14
"Me thinks a few of the posters on here need to eat their words after that match.... Well done Liverpool Young Boys "
20th Sep 2012 21:23
"Glo89 Turned out to be a great decision after all. If he'd played Suarez for him to get an injury, what would you be saying then? Probably the same, "get rid of BR". Give him a chance, an I think he'll do well. FSG are to blame for the transfer fiasco, not BR. Well done youngsters, YNWA."
20th Sep 2012 21:25
"I thought Wisdom had a great game. Suso did well too. Assaidi and Sahin were OK, but Pacheco was not really in the game too much. Shelvey did great when he came on. We ended up being a lot more direct, but that may be because the opposition tired toward the end One win down, a few more to go. Good work lads!! YNWA"
20th Sep 2012 21:34
"brendan rodgers has got rid of older players on higher wages, because they were not performing!!! he has saved millions. young up and coming players should be given a chance, go on BR prove them wrong "
20th Sep 2012 21:37
"cant you read? mitu10, protecting players for sunday is what he is upto!! jeez"
20th Sep 2012 21:57
"well done brendan for playing those kids, the young boys of switzerland were beaten by the young boys of liverpool"
20th Sep 2012 22:38
"After the performance we have seen tonight BR policy is showning a dividend. Now lets see the same in the PL. Iwill never loose faith my team and I am willing to wait for this policy to come into full bloom, I am confident it will."
21st Sep 2012 1:35
"I dont why people are complaining. It's not like we lost. I think the game against Manc U is a bigger priority. Also good to see the youngsters getting a run."
21st Sep 2012 9:38
""The more I'm up here the more I'm really immersing myself in the culture of the place and the history of the club because until you're here you don't really understand it." Quote from Buck Rogers. Can anyone tell us whether anyone from FSG was there so that they could also understand?"
21st Sep 2012 16:26
"Considering how young the team was and the fact that this was a European away game I thought the performance was good and the result was excellent!"
1st Oct 2012 8:17
"Its been said , we have the striking options here with us. Now time to let the young guns time to settle, just like we did for the new "old" guys Suso, Yesil, Pacheco and four isnt a far off thing now "