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The man!
28th May 2012 9:56
28th May 2012 10:15
"Unleash the Beast!!!"
28th May 2012 10:22
"Its a pity he missed the header although it can't be easy to control when you're airborne. Played well up front and helping out in defence. Well done big fella. "
28th May 2012 10:32
"I am not a england supporter, but I do wish you and the the rest of the LFC players good luck!"
28th May 2012 10:33
"Big Andy could be the man for the turn around of England. I expect big things at the upcoming European championships and a prove of all the progresses the lad did under the wise guide of KD and his staff. Let's hope you will make us proud Andy! YNWA"
28th May 2012 10:39
"AC had a good game on Sat and for me was MotM although more for his defensive work, he got little support up front and barely a cross to make something of apart from the early one. Still worked hard and did well, I hope he goes on to have a good Euros but worry that Roy's style is not going to suit him."
28th May 2012 11:02
"he is growing better and better,might turn out to be a legend in the future as well"
28th May 2012 12:00
"Yes you can Andy man!! Now make it happen for the Three Lions.."
28th May 2012 12:10
"Always has the faith that he would come good, looks leaner, sharper and playing like an england international. will destroy defences next season!"
Rush job
28th May 2012 12:24
"Could very easily be Englands player of the tournament IMO."
28th May 2012 12:34
"Next season will be a pivotal for him and I believe he will respond to the challenge "
Rush job
28th May 2012 12:42
"Out of all the managers to be rumoured- Jurgen Klopp excites me the most be a country mile!"
Ammar dent
28th May 2012 12:44
"he cant add something to england team,and will be benched when rooney come back"
28th May 2012 13:18
"If Klopp becomes manager..and fails. Then the most predictable headline will read 'Klopp is Kop Flop'. LOL I've beaten them to it. But IF he is our new manager..I see good things on the horizon...that is of course if we don't have a DOF..but that will never happen..."
28th May 2012 13:31
"Andy did well on Saturday with an all round performance helping out in defence too. Pity his missed the header but signs are good for the Euros and us. Keep it up Andy and prove the doubters wrong! YNWA"
28th May 2012 13:35
"wayne rooney did it in 2004 euro and became a great player for united, so try and do greater thing to become the greatest. best of luck Andy. Reds Funshow +234-8032448788"
Rush job
28th May 2012 13:39
"LDW- Or on a positive note- Klopp kops kop!"
28th May 2012 13:49
"Another delusional build up to an international tournament by England players with pumped up egos yet in reality a second rate mentality and, in this tournament's case, a second rate manager. "
28th May 2012 13:56
"Rushjob- lol yeah I prefer that too..hopefully he does become our next manager. You usually have reliable sources..haven't they not whispered anything to you?"
Rush job
28th May 2012 14:06
"LDW absolutely nothing! Its all just rumours being fed by the media who actually have nothing official from LFC. It wouldnt shock me if a Manager is named who hasnt even been mentioned! Im sure over the next 24/48 hrs it'll all become clear re June 1st."
28th May 2012 14:29
"when are we going to get some exciting news about our club this stuff doesnt interest me cos we wont get anywhere in euro 2012 please give us something interesting to read"
28th May 2012 14:51
"Everything is pointing to a Martinez appointment with Van Gaal as DOF. Expect imminent news, either tomorrow or Wednesday. If this fails then Rafa is back in the frame. "
28th May 2012 14:59
"Buddha I'm afraid that Rafa probably doesn't fit into their supposed management setup and I'm not sure they'll go back as it didn't work with Kenny in their eyes. I've never counted Klopp in the running and don't see it. Probably Martinez although, like Rushjob, I foresee a potential surprise. It would show how the media talk out of their backsides anyway!"
28th May 2012 15:04
"jayspearing63, don't despair. The longer we wait for OFFICIAL news, the more the media tie themselves in knots and opposing fans repeat the same tired lines. Yet we remain patient and are hopefully rewarded with a manager and sporting director who have complete knowledge about their roles due to the due care and attention that was paid in their appointments. Fear not..."
Rush job
28th May 2012 15:42
"ron23 although its good that time and care is being taken- it is doing my head in right in though!!!! It seems a long long time now that we have been officically 'managerless'."
28th May 2012 15:53
"Go Andy, you just show them all! YNWA"
28th May 2012 16:00
"Andy is looking leaner and meaner and showing great defensive qualities. He needs to ne practising at the business end of the pitch and start knocking in some goals.Future for him looks brighter than 3 months ago.YNWA"
29th May 2012 4:26
"The last time England won in Norway ..they went on to lift the World Cup..Omens are good and i see Stevie G lifting the 2012 Euros.."
29th May 2012 9:58
"Rushjob, I understand but it's not been that long when you consider they're trying to implement a new management structure. The media coverage and the nervy/exciting anticipation as a result makes it seem longer! Consider Villa or West Brom. They're managerless and waiting without the media coverage we've been having."
29th May 2012 10:54
"Ron23, you can add Chelski to the list of teams without managers. I think because of the somewhat disarray of the last season the recruitment of our clubs next manager will be big news. With all respect to Villa and West Brom , LFC finding a pivotal manager is a much bigger story. Its very exciting. "
Rush job
29th May 2012 12:17
"Ron and Buddha. agree on both. I reckon it'll be rodgers."