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John Barnes - LEGEND. YNWA.
22nd May 2012 10:08
22nd May 2012 10:27
"What a great article. Some interesting points by Barnes. After reading this it gives me confidence if Martinez comes in, maybe the correct choice after all... YNWA."
22nd May 2012 10:29
"Not supporting sacking Kenny, no matter who comes in."
22nd May 2012 10:29
"spot on barnesy, champion player champion bloke, i think you would make a great manager "
22nd May 2012 10:31
"spot on barnesy, champion player champion bloke, i think you would make a great manager " "
22nd May 2012 10:31
"spot on barnesy, champion player champion bloke, i think you would make a great manager " "
22nd May 2012 10:35
"John Barnes is a Great man! Love to hear his input! Mastermind of football! Maybe hes the one for the sidelines!? :) YNWA! Hope we get the perfect manager!! "
22nd May 2012 10:41
"An excellent interview by John Barnes. So many gems in the article that John, Tom, LFC mgt and Red fans should read."
22nd May 2012 10:41
"What a brilliant article. Here is a man who should be one of the advisors to FSG...and he's sitting in Thailand 'managing' a Masters team! FSG should have pulled together some of the players from the 'golden era' of the 70s and 80s and asked them about what being a part of LFC really means. YNWA. JFT96."
22nd May 2012 10:41
"Here is a man who should be one of the advisors to FSG...and he's sitting in Thailand 'managing' a Masters team! FSG should have pulled together some of the players from the 'golden era' of the 70s and 80s and asked them about what being a part of LFC really means. YNWA. JFT96."
22nd May 2012 10:42
"players also must read this article."
22nd May 2012 10:43
"Great article from Barnes, all things we know, but adds credibility because its him saying them... He should get the director of communication job, he is such a good and articulate speaker! puts his ideas and visions straight across... Love you and SHANKLY.. we have the hardest part (fans and ideas) just football philosophy missing!"
22nd May 2012 10:52
"What a man. Talks so much sense. Well in Digger. Can't believe he isn't working for us in some sort of capacity. Just look at Bayern Munich - keep all of their legends in the club somehow. We should do the same. Bring in the likes of Barnes, Hansen etc."
22nd May 2012 10:58
"Great Digger! This interview makes me understand that you have a clear global vision of the modern football, LFC actual situation and what LFC should aspire at to come back to the old splendour. You really amaze me! John Barnes - LEGEND. YNWA"
22nd May 2012 10:58
"When you read this it makes you realise that FSG might be justified in doing what they are doing - providing they get it right of course! For me, this overhaul is something they've wanted to do since day one. They have a certain vision for how they want the club to be and cirstances have prevented this action sooner - not least the great 5 months Kenny had last season."
22nd May 2012 10:59
"Great Digger! This interview makes me understand that you have a clear global vision of the modern football, LFC actual situation and what LFC should aspire at to come back to the old splendour. You really amaze me! John Barnes - LEGEND. YNWA"
Rush job
22nd May 2012 11:01
"That has been exactly my point when people have been coming on here ripping the club to pieces.JB-'There's a clue in the word supporter - that's what you do, you offer support to the club. If the Liverpool fans in 2005 didn't offer support to the team at half-time when we were 3-nil down, then Liverpool would not have won the Champions League'."
22nd May 2012 11:01
"I was firmly pro-Kenny and still believe he could have been given another year. But maybe this was just delaying the inevitable. Kenny was temporary and he changed their minds. But this season has made them re-think and if you believe what Barnes is saying, then actually Kenny might not have been the man to implement a 'philosophy'."
22nd May 2012 11:02
"Sthatome people seem to forget that Barnsey had his chances managing Celtic and Newcastle with disastrous effect its a lot different talking about what should be done and actually going out and doing it but all the same some of his comments are spot on."
22nd May 2012 11:04
"we must get BOUDEBOUZ and MARTIN from SOCHAUX, they want to leave, and they are the type of players we need and we can get them for 10 to 15 M. YNWA"
22nd May 2012 11:05
"Martinez might be a good appointment, as might my original choice - AVB. But if you follow Barnes here and want someone to come in who is tactically astute, understands what it is to be scouse, can build a philosophy, can attract the RIGHT players to play in that philosophy, and understands the importance of having those ideas implemented throughout the youth system, the surely it's Rafa?"
22nd May 2012 11:12
"Martinez is right for Liverpool, young ,spanish a great manager. We should get him."
22nd May 2012 11:16
"This guy one of our heros says it well, brilliant article. Intelligent articulate and comprehensive super over-view. We will just have to see digger. I think KK had a stratergy rather than tactics, different way of seeing I suppose. YNWA Digger"
22nd May 2012 11:16
"Rafa has already laid the foundations of the youth system. He played a system that worked and as Barnes says, it took time. But year on year we were better and better in the league. A bad season cost him, a season in which he spoke out about bad owners and was bashed by the media. Like Digger says, the media should have no bearing on LFC - but some fickle fans let it and do so even now."
22nd May 2012 11:16
"for me martinez is absolutely rubbish,after a season he will be fired.this was how they brought in roy hogson saying he is a good coach and he can manage wat ever money given to him and also he took fulham to the final of europa cup,forgetting liverpool is not fulham or wigan"
22nd May 2012 11:17
".believe or bet me martinezz will be fired after a season if at all he will get up to a season.a stich in time saves nine.i believe if we need a good manager with a long term project and champions league football,then we should be looking at MARCELO BIELSA,AVB OR RAFA BENITEZ.YNWA"
22nd May 2012 11:19
".believe or bet me martinezz will be fired after a season if at all he will get up to a season.a stich in time saves nine.i believe if we need a good manager with a long term project and champions league football,then we should be looking at MARCELO BIELSA,AVB OR RAFA BENITEZ.YNWA"
22nd May 2012 11:27
"John you need to be part of the new L F C . You are the first of our past legends to talk sense . We have been living in the past to long . I would give Martinez a try I think we might be pleasantly supprised . YWNWA Geoff a red since 1969"
22nd May 2012 11:31
"Great,great man is John Barnes.unwanted "
22nd May 2012 11:37
"martinez is no good for us yet get cappelo"
22nd May 2012 11:38
"John Barnes! were great with that!!..Then when will things come right?"
22nd May 2012 11:41
"wow! Barnesy should be paid as a motivational speaker!! feel like i want to be a better supporter now"
22nd May 2012 11:45
"Amazing read this. Hope someone in the higher echelons of the club is listening to this. John Barnes. Legend!! Respect. YNWA"
22nd May 2012 11:58
"What a great article. Some interesting points by Barnes. After reading this it gives me confidence if Martinez comes in, maybe the correct choice after all"
22nd May 2012 11:58
" I think barnsy could have been a good manager, but he started too high profile, he should of gone down the leagues and cut his teeth at a small club. This was his undoing I'm afraid. I believe he has talent for the job and would love to see him try again, at the right club of course. He speaks the truth about lfc, now more than ever we need to get behind the club. Y.N.W.A"
22nd May 2012 12:03
"This is probably the best interviews this website has ever done. Well done. However, as much as we need to be patient, the owners need to realise that over the last week our great club has yet again been dragged through the dirt because of their actions and the circus they have made of appointing a new manager."
22nd May 2012 12:08
"Great article by JB - he understands the business world and football world -both now are intrinsicly linked. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made for the good of the club/business. We must believe, support and get behind the club to ensure success as we are a big part of the future as fans. Welcome back everyone by the way - the site has been down for a few days I think!"
22nd May 2012 12:14
" To be honest I don't see how we're being dragged through the dirt. I don't get some of the fans, we're a high profile club changing a manager, of course the press are gonna be all over us, especially the way the media works these days. What they don't know they'll make up all to sell papers.My advice would be to just chill and wait for the outcome."
Rush job
22nd May 2012 12:17
"I do wonder if this job and the state we are in at the moment could be too much for a rookie like Martinez. There would be no honeymoon period. Im leaning towards Capello with Carra heavily involved."
22nd May 2012 12:19
"excellent read,so now we know what has been lacking from LFC,the decay of the team has been as a result of bad decision and no real philosophy,so all fans should give this time and not have unrealistic ideas of what we are going to achieve in the next 5 years. "
22nd May 2012 12:23
"rafa made lfc appointed borell and goy youth in rafa must come back "
22nd May 2012 12:31
"Very refreshing and insightful from Barnesey. He makes a lot of sense unlike Nicol, Collymore et al We as supporters, before castigating anyone at the club, should take a long hard look at ourselves. We are the ones responsible for Anfield sounding like a library."
22nd May 2012 12:36
"dunzs, more to the point, why are so many fans crying about being a 'laughing stock'? Why do they care what some journo thinks, or fans with no attachment to the club? We are Liverpool. Read in the Guardian that Chelsea have a long-list - it was a flippant remark, brushed over. But we get hammered for it. Let's not worry. We should be nervous but excited at the same time and forget everybody else!"
22nd May 2012 12:40
"Best interview I have read in a very long time. John Barnes certainly has a point when he emphasizes the importance of long-time commitment and patience in supporting a "Liverpool way," regardless of how it is designed (although not in the Tony Pulis way)."
22nd May 2012 12:41
"Martinez might prove to be good long term but we need CL next year (financially) and this is FSG view. Thus only an experienced manager will do. Capello too expensive and not too motivated. I liked De Boer but i think the safe bet is Rafa (but on an initial 1 year contract). Knows the culture and club and he set the foundations last time. Curb his spending and promote academy products."
22nd May 2012 12:42
22nd May 2012 12:45
"Best interview I've read on here - very interesting and wise words from Digger."
22nd May 2012 12:46
"Very interesting article with a few contradictions. Barnes states that"what you want is a manager with a very clear vision of how he wants his team to play football" FORGIVE ME, BUT I THOUGHT KENNY HAD THAT. did he? or did he not? I need some answers from you all."
22nd May 2012 12:55
"If fans remember the period he mentions, when Rafa got the backing the team was hard to beat. Anfield was a fortress. Things unravelled when Hicks & Gillett started their nonsense and forcing Rafa to sell before buying the harmony was lost. FSG need to look at the first 3 years of Rafa's years and see how they can get that back."
22nd May 2012 12:58
"By the way this is one of the best articles has issued in ages...!!! We want more frank and honest points of view, down to Earth opinions and thoughts. Time to fight the negativity and impatience of a segment of the fans. FSG saved LFC from bankruptcy... show some support for that at least!!!"
22nd May 2012 13:04
"Great bit of PR by the club. Sounds like Martinez is about to be offered the job"
22nd May 2012 13:09
"Thank you John that was one of the best pieces I have read about club football for some time. I know that in the past you have not had managerial succsess but I think that the game has lost a very good thinker in not having your services. "
22nd May 2012 13:20
"Win the League, -ck carling, -ck fa cup. "
22nd May 2012 13:32
"John for director of communication!!!!!!!!!!"
22nd May 2012 13:38
"RE:MARTINEZ 2005-2006 Paul Jewell 10th 51pts. 2007-2008 Steve Bruce 14th 40pts. 2008-2009 Steve Bruce 11th 45pts. 2009-2010 R.Martinez 16th 42pts. 2010-2011 R.Martinez 16th 42pts. 2011-2012 R.Martinez 15th 43pts. Would you have Steve Bruce?Why not he has a better record than Martinez!!"
22nd May 2012 13:43
"John Barnes has spoken wisely in this article. He has also reinforced a lot of concepts that we need to succeed. Our performances last season were mostly poor; sometimes awful but KK kept alluding to luck? How can it be down to luck in that many matches? We all knew it was work in progress but KK needed to accept that we were poor if he was going to be able to do something about it."
22nd May 2012 13:51
"Director of Football - Fabio Cappello.... Player/manager - fowler. He's got his coaching badges, and a helicopter!!"
22nd May 2012 13:56
"Go buy Kagawa for 16 mil, dont wait until Fergie gets him first. We missed last on Phil Jones, please get Kagawa"
22nd May 2012 13:56
"the is just a set up by FSG getting john barnes to say all the right answers to the set questions, so we now know who the new manager is going to be"
22nd May 2012 13:58
"Dunz & ron23 I think it's extremely important how the club is portrayed in the press. Prospective players, staff and fanbase see only what is written in the media and may make them decide against joining or supporting us. You can't just dismiss it with the whole us vs them atude."
22nd May 2012 14:01
"Brilliant Article.Comments regarding supporters should be a must read to everyone on these boards. "
22nd May 2012 14:13
"jb makes the same point as many before but seems to be able to carry more weight though, the next manager needs to be the right choice and martinez is a questionable one"
22nd May 2012 14:17
"'atude' even...."
22nd May 2012 14:25
"Very well explained. Fans with unrealistic expectations should read this, twice. John, I hope the owners share your views."
22nd May 2012 14:27
"Redknapp?!! If so, just don't give him the combination to the safe!!"
22nd May 2012 14:29
"what a legend - john barns YNWA you will be with us for ever xxx YNWA xxx"
22nd May 2012 14:29
"barnes said the club is the most important and fans next. pleyers, managers and owners will change but not the club and fans. to be successful, the club needs to have a strong philosophy. when we are successful on the pitch then the business side will improve. not the other way around. "
22nd May 2012 14:30
"Barnes has always been articulate and knowledgeable but we remember his foray into management which was not great. Managing over the years has been a peculiar profession where non playing people (Mourinho,Wenger) have excelled whereas legendary players ((Moore, Keane) have come up short. Look at the managerial list of LFC hopefuls, hardly a world class player amidst them. "
22nd May 2012 14:34
"Obviously it's important who the new manager is, but some of the current squad need to step up to the plate. They let Kenny down with some of their performances."
22nd May 2012 14:42
"What we need is a great manager! In the absence of Mourinho and Pep as they are unrealistic, we should go for Rafa. He would quickly unite LFC and he has the management skills to succeed immediately. If not him, it has to be a manager that won't be overawed as I feel Martinez will. So AVB, Cappello or Van Gaal. But Rafa is the man. "
22nd May 2012 14:47
"The biggest issue for any world class manager is what to do with some of the misfits bought or championed by KD. I can't see a world class manager persevering with the likes of Adam, Spearing, Downing. Hendo and AC will get another chance but under serious scrutiny. When you have the jury out on 4 major buys then you can see why KD came a cropper. "
22nd May 2012 14:51
"Whilst its agonising awaiting FSG to appoint a manager it is exciting. If we get a world class manager he will have to be backed abundantly in the transfer market. The next few weeks will define LFC for the foreseeable future. Roll on! "
22nd May 2012 14:52
"I would accept Rafa though if after 18 months we seem no closer to CL then move on as we are a revolving door club now. But would Gerrard stay under Rafa or would he have a spell on loan to Real and one last CL tornament - I wouldn't blame him?"
Rush job
22nd May 2012 14:56
"I'm having major doubts about AVB's man management skills as don't like to hear players coming out saying how poorly he treated them. Not good. I have a gut feeling they'll be naming Martinez with an experienced 'name' Director of Football to oversee."
22nd May 2012 15:19
"We need some players like a John Barnes."
22nd May 2012 15:25
"Ah, THE PLAN!!!!! The illusive masterplan! Well I hope by the end of September this fantastic plan is giving us some success. By then we should be firmly in the top four and have had some resounding victories over garbage at Anfield. If we haven't, I don't give a stuff for "the Plan". Success, now!!!! No more excuses."
22nd May 2012 15:27
"Fanscinating Interview!! YNWA Barnesey "
22nd May 2012 15:34
"The only philosophy I understand is to get back to Champion's League, challenge for the Premier league and win cups like the FA. KD is gone and support the new block period. Problem with us fans is wanting to chose the coach and manager and have our own preferred players."
22nd May 2012 15:35
"This comment section is slower than ever - I thought the site was being updated!!?!! Or have extra levels of censorship been incorated via Standard Chartered and FSG HQs? I know, getting paranoid in my old age!!"
22nd May 2012 15:39
"Fascinating read Johnny B. Nice to read an article with more depth than usual, keep this up I'm all for long term success - fireworks burn fast and blaze the night sky, but for a short time. When the fireworks have passed there are stars still burning. Though a few clouds may come in-between, the stars' embers are everpresent. I'd prefer than a firework, LFC be a star."
22nd May 2012 15:58
"Kingmat. It's deffo paranoia!! Mind you if the new website is anything like the new phthen lines for tick sales then we are in for a torrid time! At least the site is working today so we can comment! It's important to support any mgr who comes in. From the list which changes daily I don't have a clue some proven others not some successful in the prem others not. It's a lottery!"
22nd May 2012 16:04
"Very Good points John. As long as the Owners give the new Manager time and support, I am sure the fans will too. I think we need to start a pass and move philosophy and get players who can do that. Pace n Power"
22nd May 2012 16:07
"next manager ?? stranger things have happened and he talks a good game. oh how i wish we had him now"
22nd May 2012 16:07
"the right manager employs a philosiphy then arange the proper tactics and find the best possible players to fit these tactics. As a result the fans are happy, they support the club more and everythings cool. Which manager can do this for us in a short space of time?"
22nd May 2012 16:15
"Is this not exactly what was happening with rafa at the helm ???? There was a clear out of the old staff and the academy, then he introduced pep, rodolfo and kenny and set about turning the youngsters into the next stars of LFC on a limited net spend I think he had nearly everything in place but then got the boot..."
22nd May 2012 16:15
"Is this not exactly what was happening with rafa at the helm ???? There was a clear out of the old staff and the academy, then he introduced pep, rodolfo and kenny and set about turning the youngsters into the next stars of LFC on a limited net spend I think he had nearly everything in place but then got the boot..."
22nd May 2012 16:15
"Is this not exactly what was happening with rafa at the helm ???? There was a clear out of the old staff and the academy, then he introduced pep, rodolfo and kenny and set about turning the youngsters into the next stars of LFC on a limited net spend I think he had nearly everything in place but then got the boot..."
22nd May 2012 16:16
"sonoffox, I'm not dismissing it. I'm trying to counter it. The press make things far worse and opposing fans revel in it. What I'm saying is that we should judge for ourselves. We should look for the positives and support our club without worrying how Dave from Worcester feels. Nobody knows FSG's policy on this, including the press."
22nd May 2012 16:19
"Ian Ayre comes out and says that we have a list of potential managers and we will take our time to ensure we get the right man. This is what every club does when they have to make a big decision. Chelsea are doing it now but nobody in the press talks about that. It's 'scattergun' Liverpool instead. You could say FSG have been naive, but the press would have criticised regardless."
22nd May 2012 16:30
"I think if it wasn't for the press making this such an issue, most people would commend FSG for taking their time, finding out who has the passion, ability and qualities for the job before giving it to a man who we all agree has to be he for a decent run. They won't get that right if they put on the blinkers and neglect to make an informed choice. I'm telling you - it's all about the media!"
22nd May 2012 16:36
"If it had been another manager who'd got the job for a great 6 months but who'd finished 8th afterwards; if FSG had then said 'lets do what we should have done at the start and have a clear-out and start afresh', we'd accept that, however grudgingly, and we'd WANT them to be thorough about who they hire to take the club forward in those cirstances. Am I wrong?"
22nd May 2012 16:39
"ron23, I think the press has to ease up on Chelski due to their unprecedented CL win. LFC has just been through a torrid time so replacing a manager is going to make news. Its hard to paint Chelski as disarrayed ship whilst LFC at the moment is hardly the beacon of good repute. The media are dining on our misfortunes which is normal. "
22nd May 2012 16:41
"This is brilliant! Very eloquently expressed by Barnes. I'm totally blown."
22nd May 2012 16:42
"kingmat, Suarez is going nowhere. He will be here next season mark my words. We have to get an ambitious manager who who will build a compeive squad. I am confident that FSG will do the requisite excavations for a club as prestigious as our. Happy days lies ahead. "
22nd May 2012 16:46
"Buddha, I fully get that and would have brought it up if it wasn't for word count! Haha! I appreciate Chelsea 'deserve' the accolades at the minute - although that may change if they let Di Matteo go. But it doesn't detract from my point. FSG's approach, whilst not perfect, is not quite as bad as it seems, but people believe it to be because of media propaganda."
22nd May 2012 16:49
"What I'm saying, in short, is that the 'normal' media activity, as you say, is going to happen but we don't need to buy into it. Let's calm down, see what happens, then get behind the decision and the players, and get ready to sing our hearts out in 2012/13!"
22nd May 2012 16:50
"At last... Some perspective on recent events! FSG know what they are doing, unlike many of the plebs here on the internet. "
22nd May 2012 16:51
"Until whoever comes in makes a success of it, of course."
22nd May 2012 16:54
"I say, let Barnes reaplce Comolli."
22nd May 2012 16:55
"Barnes is echoing my sentiments. Its time for all of us to embrace the changes being made and give whoever the new regime is our fullest support. This is going to be one of the most significant times in LFC history. We need to be together! "
22nd May 2012 16:59
"Ha that is one long interview, did anybody honestly not start to skim the answers, YNWA"
22nd May 2012 16:59
"ron23, you are exactly right. Us as fans should welcome the expansive search for our next manager. FSG should interview as many people as they see fit. No manager should be disregarded until after an interview. Some of the greatest managers have come from humble starts but revelled when faced with a challenge. Although, I have reservations, Martinez could well be that person. "
22nd May 2012 17:01
"John speaks as he used to play - simply amazing! Clear message too - support the manager (however) and our players, in good 'n' bad times! Thx John, would like to have a drink together! :-) YNWA!"
22nd May 2012 17:09
"Change was really necessary as the owners rightly say. JB comment is a step in the right direction.We cant continue loosing and say work in progress."
22nd May 2012 17:10
"Well said legend,,yes alot of us are upset they sacked kenny-- sacked,,doesant sound right at all,if anyone put us on the right road (pass +move being a manager they wanted to play for ,ect ect)its kenny ,, how dere they+++"
22nd May 2012 17:15
"Buddha, there are pros and cons in every candidate mentioned. It's about getting the man that fits with Liverpool, fits with what FSG want to achieve and how they want to achieve it, and fits - long-term at leats- with the fans. If Martinez is given the job it's a huge risk, but what would AVB, De Boer, Benitez even, have done with Wigan? We just have to hope he fits and he'll get my support."
22nd May 2012 17:25
"He should be the next Manager!"
22nd May 2012 17:31
"I and all True LFC Fans agree with our Legend John Barnes, Kenny was simply fired because of the 2nd half of the Season where Liverpool ONLY won 5 games out of 19 games. This is 15 points out of a possible 57 points. This was definitely a disgraceful 2nd half of the Season. Barnes is correct to say to all True LFC Fans to support the New Manager and New Team Members Joining During the Summer!"
22nd May 2012 17:36
"Barnes is a Legend but I am sorry to say he have no clue, this general chit chat is not what we need, he failed at Celtic and Newcastle, I dont think he is a good source of information, we need someone with meticulous approach like Rafa, besides Barnes choice for clothing is crazy haha"
Denza Red
22nd May 2012 18:03
"A very enlightening piece JB; Thank you."
22nd May 2012 18:29
"John Barnes is the sort of ex-player who should be a spokesperson for LFC to bridge that gap between the owners and the fans. Very good answers, make sense and eased my mind."
22nd May 2012 18:51
"Remarkable article. Remarkable man. YNWA Barnsey. LEGEND. PS: no Martinez please..."
22nd May 2012 18:52
"Very inspiring,somebody Email a copy to FSG! Your a true Legend Mr Barnes.YNWA"
22nd May 2012 19:10
"De Boer no one talks about for the job and i know he has supposedly rejected us but we should ignore all other candidates and get De Boer. "
Thisis d1
22nd May 2012 19:28
"Very tourer and a good read. Hard luck in Thailand. Thanks for the memorise."
22nd May 2012 19:29
"Thanks John for the piece of info. most LFC fans rarely knows this and i hope to see you soon in our back room staff soon. YNWA!"
22nd May 2012 19:47
"players like Olivier Girou from Montpellier, Marvin Martin from Sochaux, Soldado from Valencia, wingers Afelay, Bellandha from Montpellier. please FSG check out these players who are not so expensive and who are eager to play and fight to reach glory."
22nd May 2012 19:54
"I agree with barnes on most he says. I disagree that Liverpool did not have a philosophy to bring them success and I believe the winning philosophy liverpool had Kenny would have re-found it. If Owners do not bring Kenny back, I hope the new manager fulfils all our hopes. YNWA Steve Malta"
22nd May 2012 19:54
"We should get Martinez ye right and Weil end up out the prem nothin against the man just not good enough for us .bring back Rafa He wants the job ."
22nd May 2012 19:57
"Another thing is, most fans expect to see big and instantly successful signings. Why not trust our our youth squad. That's where the philosophy should start from. And we should give them at least 2 or 3 seasons before they are finally judged. Dream squad - 60% from Academy, 40% external hires. "
22nd May 2012 20:04
"Why 2 or 3 seasons you ask. Answer - think Lucas Leiva. Why Academy you ask. Answer - think Stevie G and Carra."
22nd May 2012 20:12
"Hi people, its good to read your comments and they are all constructive, for a change you are not degrading/insulting each other but expressing the love you have for LFC. Opportunities are rare. Lets use this window and build another Barcelona in England."
22nd May 2012 20:22
"Very good interview, this time proper questions and Barnesy being very comprehensive. Thanks"
22nd May 2012 20:35
"I can see me in that pic :)"
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd May 2012 20:59
"gogogoch, spot on. we did have the philosophy with KK, like JB said it sometimes takes years to develop. KK brought young players & tried to use players from the ranks to begin the philosophy, but when KK asked for support did he get it? NO!"
22nd May 2012 20:59
"Always have time to read the great JB. LFC's philosophy seems to be if you have ONE bad season, you're out. Please please please bring back Rafa....we even had good chants for him!"
22nd May 2012 21:00
"Great interview, one of the very best on this site. Only just ranks above Pep Segura's, and that's saying a lot."
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd May 2012 21:04
"It's also clear that many apparent supporters, many hypocrites, haven't read want JB has said. Messi has respect for the team, does SG? (did he pass to Lucas in the 1st 2 seasons?) Different managers have different styles, Rafa played to avoid defeat (like GH). Not to go & win matches"
22nd May 2012 21:13
"Great article - John Barnes- Legend. As for the next manager, I cant believe we are even considering Martinez.We need a big name manager to atract big name players."
22nd May 2012 21:18
"what a guy.Well done John, glad someone speaks sense.YNWA"
22nd May 2012 21:19
"Unbelievable read. Every player, memeber of staffa nd supporter at the club needs to read this and understand it."
22nd May 2012 21:25
"very insightful stuff from JB. if he's not our man, certainly he should at least be back merseyside in some capacity."
22nd May 2012 22:48
"There is a real buzz about FSG seriously weighing up Benitez. I forgot who the 2 who I was debating with a few days ago(If someone remembers please remind me, I know one was buckie)but they failed to understand that Rafa was a live choice. Rafa is the logical choice. "
22nd May 2012 22:50
"a lot of what was said there could of been about kk(meaning he was the right man just with the wrong owners). all the yanks believe is maximising the revenue . i truly believe if they could make more money with corp boxs instead ofthe kop then that is what they would do"
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd May 2012 23:34
"buddha, Rafa is a live choice, but it depends what philosophy you want. Rafa (like GH) was coach who prepared his teams to avoid defeat as priority, not like MU who play to try & win. That's why Rafa couldn't win a le even when only losing 2 games. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd May 2012 23:35
"For the style Rafa played he was the best manager in the business. If you believe that is the right way, fair play, but IMO we will dominate European competitions but we won't win the Le. I believed KK would have turned us into a go out to win team, but we'll never know if he would have succeeded, "
22nd May 2012 23:38
"sorry i fail to see why rafa is the man totaly inept . who did he bring through from the reserves? who did he get to replace alonso? why did he let a winning position slip and let man utd win the league. why didnt he play hamman from the start ? why was steve g nearl join chelski"
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd May 2012 23:38
"i hope his successor will continue the policy of going for wins. we probably won't do well in europe, but I think Le is a priority above CL success. Whoever is chosen they MUST be given our full support for the full season, even if we are nowhere near top 4, we must allow them to get their ideas across, which may not be easy"
22nd May 2012 23:42
"buckie, with your own argument you have underlined why Rafa is the man. You're right that his set up is more suited to the poach and grab system of the CL where getting results away and then winning at home is the formula. But he almost won the league and in fact got closer than any manager since we last won it using this style; as does Mourinho and we have seen how far he has got. Come home Rafa"
22nd May 2012 23:45
"Louis Van Gaal for Sporting Director?"
22nd May 2012 23:45
"ok so what kk is the man i belived in but got sacked,,,, that is notTHE liverpool way"
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd May 2012 0:06
"Buddha, Rafa is a very good manager & if you believed his in style of play then their isn't a better manager. Yes he did get the closest to Le than anyone since KK (bar 1 RE year) but he was still 5 points or so away, got 34points out the last 36 & we played 10men much of the season (remember all those sending o against Alonso). contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd May 2012 0:07
"People forget the dull football earlier in the season home to Stoke, West Ham, Fulham, Wigan, where we failed to win (sounds like this year doesn't it) IMO Rafa won't ever win the Le, but if you want another 2 or 3 cl then he's your man"
23rd May 2012 0:14
"buckie, to say that he would never win the league defies your own logic. If you admit that he got close and I mean real close, then surely its not a stretch for him to win it. He used the same style to win the Spanish league which was a far more difficult proposition. He is a tactician which lends to a more measured approach as favoured on the continent and is successful and would be here."
23rd May 2012 0:25
"In respect of Barnsey's views on a footballing philosophy or adopting a style of play, it seems to me that the biggest teams have the luxury of almost being able to field at least two teams. A Liverpool 'away' line-up might be better at stopping the opposition, whereas the one that plays at home is better at breaking teams down and attacking."
23rd May 2012 0:31
"Obviously, if the manager is confident of victory, he could adopt playing the more attacking orientated team away from home against 'weaker' opposition. Having just one philosophy of play may be too dogmatic and predictable. Maybe having two or three styles would simple enough for the players to understand."
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd May 2012 0:42
"buddha, he went close, as did RE when he finished 4th in a 2 horse race. If Rafa could have played the style he played in the final 12 games of that season all the time, he would succeed, but Rafa wouldn't,contd "
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd May 2012 0:45
"after a bad start the following season(due to individual mistakes by Carra & SG). The media (SKY), as always with LFC went overboard & built up negativity (i.e. If LFC can't win when losing 2 games all season they've got no chance when losing 2 out of 3 blah blah blah vonal marking bad(when actually better than man marking!) blah blah blah) "
23rd May 2012 0:45
"Rafa is not coming back to Livrpool! He was fired by Liverpool. Guys, please have some sense and logic when you write."
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd May 2012 0:46
"abit like KK only 5 wins in le games this year, yer but won 7 cup games & got to 2 finals. Maybe Rafa deserved an extra year to put it right, but you didn't allow the same grace with KK"
23rd May 2012 1:01
"barnes should really be given a position in the club does know a lot really does seem knowledgeable "
23rd May 2012 1:05
"John Barnes is a football legend and a great man. How he's not a successful manager is beyond me. He understands football and it's role in society, he understands players and he's articulate with a common touch. And he can dance. "
23rd May 2012 1:32
"the expected appointment of Van Gaal as the sporting director means FSG has a bigger plan for Liverpool than those fans who want a quick fix. This man has so much experience and success that he will bring with him to Liverpool FC. "
23rd May 2012 1:57
"One of my Football heroes of all time (after Dalglish & Rush) - a True LFC Legend. WHAT ABOUT HIM FOR DOF MESSRS. HENRY/WARNER?? He talks more sense than most all the time on Football (like above) and general things (like Suarezgate)."
23rd May 2012 2:24
"Spot on John Barnes, the LFC Board needs you to step up and have a discussion with FSG on this topic and lay down criteria that you have mentioned, i.e. the new manager must have 'philosophy' that permeates through to all the staff, players and youth players, fans etc., we need to signal a rebirth of LFC, a new and improved LFC with all the right actions for success!"
23rd May 2012 2:46
23rd May 2012 5:05
"He should be part of the Sporting Director's Team....LEGEND!!!"
23rd May 2012 6:05
"Fabulous article I wish all LFC fans would read it. I did post a link on twitter. "
Rush job
23rd May 2012 6:30
"Louis van gaal as technical director with Martinez as head coach- Id have no issues with that."
23rd May 2012 6:44
"Great player and a great man! Those are words of wisdom, I hope all fans read what he has to say! Enjoyed reading every word! Lets hope we do get the right manager for the job! YNWA!"
23rd May 2012 9:38
"Great article ! John Barnes is a clever guy. FSG said they would always listen to the fans, well the majority of fans are saying Rafa for manager. Rafa Benitez is the top choice in all the opinion polls but will the board listen and make a decision based on football reasons or would they prefer someone that looks good on TV and can deliver the words of the script. "
23rd May 2012 12:00
"agree 100% we love you barnes"
23rd May 2012 12:09
"This article is absolutely brilliant. John Barnes is very articulate and his knowledge and experience need to be utilised by the club. Of all the potential managers available, my gut feeling is to give Martinez a minimum of 3 seasons. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Martinez tells us to 'shove it' because the owners are making a pig's ear of the selection process."
23rd May 2012 12:49
"I think this is the start of the decline of LFC. I don't want this to happen, but the Yanks won us over at first and now they're stamping their authority on things. They shouldn't of sacked King Kenny, they should of give him more time. "
23rd May 2012 13:47
"You just got to Love John Barnes"
23rd May 2012 15:00
"Johh Barnes is a brilliant football player and he has a glorious past with Liverpool and England. However, Like Kenny, he can not manage! you can talk the talk but you have to walk the walk."
23rd May 2012 15:12
"John Barnes is true red he is spot on with his comments. We could learn a thing or two from this man. I wouldn't be disappointed to see John take up the position of Liverpool manager. "
23rd May 2012 15:23
"Very good interview, very articulate."
23rd May 2012 15:29
"FSG should employ people like Barnsey in some kind of advisory role. They need to read this interview."
23rd May 2012 15:46
"If things don't go well instantly, the media can quickly turn... The media exist to sell newspapers and, of course, negativity sells, especially in England, so the media have no role whatsoever to play in Liverpool's success. It's down to the fans and the club to stick together. Never a truer word spoken."
23rd May 2012 17:47
"Great read & some interesting points. YNWA"
23rd May 2012 18:47
"Now let's just get on with it an hire a manager!"
23rd May 2012 22:02
"i still cannot believe they sacked kk .yes we didnt have a great season but he had put in alot of ground work . he brought in a lot of new players so meny that to finnish in the top four in the first year was unrealistic . but having played together for a season the understand was starting to gell we only needed one or two new signings to be a great team"
23rd May 2012 22:28
"Superb "
23rd May 2012 23:36
"Excellent interview!"
24th May 2012 8:36
"Those fans who put KD above our dearest LFC club SHLD b banned frm our club as they r not the True LFC supporters, John Barnes views are very valid, signaling a rebirth in LFC 'philosophy', KD's dreadful 5 wins out of the last 19 games does validate all of what John Barnes says here, we r the New LFC! Rebirth, Rising to the Stars!"
25th May 2012 1:55
"Just listen to him and King Kenny ... give our support to the management. They need that and so is the new incoming manager irrespective of who he is"