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MOney gets you quality players,players want to play in champions leaque and they are not growing younger by the day,this equates to get proper potential players..once and for all!!!!!
18th May 2012 9:52
18th May 2012 9:53
"We've spent only 80million less than Chelsea and Man City, surely we are expected to get closer to where they are."
18th May 2012 9:53
"If Kenny has been fired it's only right Downing, Carrol and Henderson be fired too. If they had played better the KING might be still here."
18th May 2012 9:54
"I hope next season will be the right time to break through the top 4. Finally we brought back silverware to LFC as any supporter hoped for, but the Champions league gingle is always fascinating and thrilling... "
Doctor Who
18th May 2012 9:55
"If we don't get it then are we looking for another new manager? We should be since that's why Kenny got the push."
18th May 2012 10:00
"that makes so make sense carra. come on you reds!"
18th May 2012 10:01
"What is that? Do we have to satisfy with that aim you have suggested just to be in top four after being waiting for so long. Tell me what was your aim for last six seasons. you must be ed."
18th May 2012 10:06
"Seems to me to be the same old rhetoric Jamie. "
18th May 2012 10:06
"well i dont think we will get cl if martinez is manager."
18th May 2012 10:09
"So Jamie.. You all realise now that a top 4 finish is important. Quality.. Maybe you should have all realised this at the beginning of the season. Kenny might still be here?? Legend"
18th May 2012 10:10
"no to martinez raffa klopp or hindink or pep carlo"
18th May 2012 10:21
"Forget fourth, where has the ambition gone, Shankly would turn in his grave, first is the only position that matters, it's no wonder we accept less than before, up the standards and expectations and we might achieve more.. aarrgghh.... "
18th May 2012 10:27
"Looks like a job application to me.Glad to see Jamies keeping his head and not getting involved with the Mind Blowing hysteria some of our so called "Fans" are demonstrating .YNWA Carra!"
18th May 2012 10:37
"It looks like the days of winning cups are over. We'll have to scrap the idea of trying to win them like all the other teams and deem finishing 4th a successful season. It's a shame football has come to this. Lets hope the reserves can get us a cup or two to keep our cabinet the biggest in England.YNWA "
18th May 2012 10:48
"yip Jamie but will the new owners wait a year for that? where is the top manager the are talking about?"
18th May 2012 10:57
"With a new manager coming in who will need time to stamp his style and training techniques on the squad as well as integrating his new players into the team, it is a tall order to ask for top 4 in first season. Kenny would have had much better chance of doing this. My fear is that another manager will be sacked at end next season if we do not get top four and the merrygoround begins!"
18th May 2012 10:57
"whether its too take players from big clubs get them.."
18th May 2012 11:05
"win the prem will qualify for cl.....only trophy not got you know and most important "
18th May 2012 11:31
18th May 2012 11:34
"Carra, I love your loyalty and hardwork. From the words you say, I can see KK's influence. Its sad that he has left but great to see you trying to carry on his work.But everyone is not going to forget what happened to KK. it will take time to ease the pain. FSg has their work cut out for them, if the season goes badly. I fear the worst."
18th May 2012 11:46
"ade-mac,agree with you.We have been on the downward trend for 2 decades.When once we wanted to win in every competition,now we settle for 4th.The winning mentality has gone becoz of the financial prize in the CL.KK wanted to win every competition.While the cup runs were good, poor performances in the league has cost him his job.But he said that we must be above everyone else,then they sacked him."
Rush job
18th May 2012 11:50
"Carra outlines his plan to get a role at LFC when he retires more like! :)"
18th May 2012 11:52
"We need to be ambitious but also have a sense of humility. We need top 4 to help mount a challenge. The league should be our long-term aim but we're not going to get that chance for a few years. People saying we can't get top 4? Well Newcastle came very close this year. We only need tweaking in key areas to do the same and better. A lot will also depend on spurs, arsenal and chelsea falling short."
18th May 2012 11:56
"Chelsea will likely want a new manager and he might need bedding in. Spurs will have to respond to keeping Harry but that will be an interesting space to watch. Arsenal are notoriously unpredictable but always secure top 4. Newcastle would be a major surprise if they hang in there. We're much better than results have shown this year, we know that. With the right man and tweaking we can challenge."
18th May 2012 11:58
"People say no to Martinez but he plays a good brand of football. Go on the Wigan website and look at their squad. They're woeful. Never should have been only seven points behind us, but they were. Pardew was a massive surprise this year. Martinez easily could be at this club. But whoever it is, there is certainly a top 4 challenge in us, especially with the RIGHT investment."
18th May 2012 12:00
"Carra, admit it this season was your swansong,and LFC if this is your philosphy then dont be offering Autocup schemes for Europa,league, Fa Cup why should the fans waste there hard earned cash to go to these matches next season! Revenue, what Revenue Ian Ayre!!!!!"
18th May 2012 12:01
"Kenny would've got us the C.L. next season so we should be aiming to win the P.L. if we are to see progress & justification of the sacking of a great man . Anyways if you aim for 4th & you may well finish lower , aim for the top & we stand a chance ."
18th May 2012 12:11
"You've been here 15 years, pls retire now..."
18th May 2012 12:12
"I worry a manager will come in buy and sell players, not get the results by xmas be sacked we are at square 1 again. As kids growing up we all dreamed of scoring in a cup final, I cant remember dreaming of scoring the winner that clinched us 4th. Trophy's meant everything, now finishing 4th is more important than winning any Cup. "
18th May 2012 12:13
"There will never be a player who will give more to this club than Jamie Carragher has, a true LEGEND !!! YNWA Jamie, awesome xx"
18th May 2012 12:14
"JC you should be first on the clubs exit list you're over the hill and far away, wishful thinking on my part."
18th May 2012 12:18
"Carra leave? Yeah, so a little bit more of the heart and soul of this club can be torn away... Carra is a legend. He's actually played well in the run-in (although I've never been a fan of his hoof-ball haha). And he's crucial in bonding the team alongside Gerrard. Lest you forget they're two of the few players who have been there and done it at Liverpool as winners. We need that!"
18th May 2012 12:19
"Please do not get Martinez, he is a good man, but not at the level Liverpool need to steady the ship. This club needs a top level manager with huge experience & we need a bigger stadium if we are to compete with the top 4 clubs. It won't happen in a year & you should have given Kenny another season, those young players will come good ( maybe not Downing though... )"
18th May 2012 12:25
"If you can't challenge for the le then retire, we don't want tired legs and loosers in LIverpool,IMO"
18th May 2012 12:30
"Kenny Dalglish surely did mistakes. If he had a britsh young player policy, he could have bought Adam Johnson instead of Downing for example. We all love Dalglish, but we have to accept that he was not good enough as a manager. "
18th May 2012 12:36
"cool carra,iam sure you also knew kenny was not the wright guy for the job,but now will get the wright guy to take us were we belong,ynwa mate."
18th May 2012 12:37
"i get mre depressed the more of this stuff I read. "We realise now that the Champions League is important" Well done!"
18th May 2012 12:40
18th May 2012 12:52
"We should aim for winning the lot like Shanks, Bob and Joe did, we are Liverpool, we need drive ambition and belief. Aim for the moon and then we reach the sky."
18th May 2012 13:14
"1st is 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th is nowhere! That means all competitions. Champions league qualification should only be for Champions."
18th May 2012 13:15
"This is the future LFC manager. Who do we need in the interim? we need to plan long term. Do we need anyone in the interim? Carragher now?"
18th May 2012 13:18
"the only way is to get top spot for cl is inject more money to buy players 30m is not good enough plus we still have the 12m from cfc so we have 42m to spend but the problem is if fsg only gives 30m we could pay double for a player "
18th May 2012 13:27
"By the time the "new messiah" arrives and assumes his responsabilities the best players available will already have been bought by our adversaries. Ten games into next season when we will be 10 points adrift of the top four we will be insisting on Kenny's return instead of a mercenary manager who never would be able to understand the legacy that Shankley and Paisley left us. "
18th May 2012 13:31
"More lets aim low, so we have a better chance to say we are successful. More boring loser atude. Yawn. PL FULL STOP."
18th May 2012 13:33
"CONTINUED- And should a miracle occur with Henderson and Carrol our two outstanding players we will remember what Kenny did for us by incorporating both in our team."
18th May 2012 13:52
"Whats about winning the league, this top four thing irritates me now. "
18th May 2012 13:55
"Skysports news just announced that if you are a follower on LFC twitter account - LFC are asking fans to tell them who they want as the new manager and Why? Better get on there quick hadnt we!!!!!"
18th May 2012 14:06
"Come on carra get your coaching badges..."
18th May 2012 14:31
"Not without Kenny!"
18th May 2012 14:35
"LFC should have got a spot in the champion league without a fuss and not access to Europa at the mercy of penalty kicks against Cardiff however the American owners are right with what they have done because I think under Mr Dalglish the progress will have been slow indeed while others clubs are already ahead and LFC finishing eight is a fact not a lie."
18th May 2012 14:40
"I think a bit of managerial stability is an important part of that process too and we've just blown that."
18th May 2012 15:29
"No Carragher... I'm sorry that's too late... way too late. next season Liverpool fc HAS TO win the league for us. No top 4 finish will satisfy us, not even 2nd on a 1 goal difference. WE WANT THE LEAGUE NEXT SEASON & that's the bottom line."
18th May 2012 16:05
"Disapointed in Carra and what he had to say when Kenny got sacked. A bit cold for my liking. Perhaps he should hang up the boots and go coaching"
18th May 2012 16:24
"Carra plan = played football forever now i realise "oh were serpose to win" your serpose to be heading for management yourself why sound so thick and obious/or does lfc make them all answer the same obious questions with obious answers..blar blar blar sack the king blar blar blar,"
18th May 2012 16:26
"Kenny was not the way forward. Worst record in 50 years, no CL, easy call. CL was always the benchmark with FSG. The only cups that matter are the Premiership and CL. The Carling Cup and the F-All Cup mean very little. Otherwise the top clubs would put out their best sides, no? I would take 4th place and Champions League football over this years rubbish, no? "
18th May 2012 16:31
""Shankly would turn in his grave". The key term here is "grave". Keep him buried where he belongs. It's time for Liverpool to truly reinvent itself and come out from under the suffocating elephant(history) on it's back. It is the only way to compete in "modern" football. "
18th May 2012 17:32
"Thank you JC for your realistic and honest opinion. This should be the minimum LFC should aim for and reach. Those who think we are way off then look at the stat and try win most games at home and then win as many as possible on the road."
18th May 2012 17:53
"J C what your saying makes sense, because if we are in the top 3/4 we are challenging for the top spot "
18th May 2012 17:58
"I'm afraid to say it wont happen in your time now Carra. Shame. "
18th May 2012 18:15
"I think Carragher should retire and become a defence coach at LFC...Also LFC should snatch the Newcastle scouts, they seem to have a good eye for classy players!!!"
18th May 2012 18:33
"Opinions are many. Confusion reigns once again over our future. But what is said about the behind the scenes staff, the boardroom decisions, the scouts, etc etc that have input into the below par players that have continually aided this clubs failure to progress?KD was accountable, now it's the current players and those that choose the future ones."
18th May 2012 18:55
"Is Carra`s name in the Hat ? sounds to me like he`s saying just what FSG want to hear ! I say give him a season and lets see what a modern day legend can do ?"
18th May 2012 19:58
"I am glad Carra is outlining the obvious with stating the importance of a top 4 finish. I told my good friend Rushjob that in modern football this is way more important than domestic cups. That is why I say Rafas feat is so underrated. He not only got us regular top 4 but we were the most feared team in Europe. Come back son"
18th May 2012 20:13
"Will all you kenny "followers" please get over yourselves his gone and he aint coming back".:SO GET OVER HIM NOW"Its irritating.LOOK TO THE FUTURE AND SUPPORT YOUR OUR NEW GAFFER,WHOEVER HE MAY BE.PLEASE"
18th May 2012 20:25
"Carragher stating the obvious"
18th May 2012 20:26
18th May 2012 20:36
"if your challengeing for the le your more than likely gonna finish in the top 4!doing well in the league must come first"
Hend of
18th May 2012 20:37
"Also accept that you're not good enough for the first team "
harry ballsack
18th May 2012 20:55
"Got no chance with you at the back though Jamie you're legs have gone."
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th May 2012 21:18
"bowoolley, if KK got 4th would you still want him as manager? Doesn't 4th = europa le (in 24hrs time)? "
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th May 2012 21:20
"Buddha, yes Rafa made us a good team in europe, but he STILL only had us as a cup team, he had as much chance of winning the le as Stoke! You told me "KK gone get over it" Hmmm seams you never got over Rafa going you hypocrite"
18th May 2012 21:49
"Please stop setting targets Jamie. Just retire. You have made too many mistakes this season. You're one of those who let down KK."
18th May 2012 22:12
18th May 2012 22:31
"Stop the bleating! Kenny has gone and it is damn obvious why. We were thirty odd points of Manchester. King or not legend or not it is not good enough for Liverpool football club! Now lets have a manager capable of plotting the way ahead! Top four is a must! More investment and then le. Simple now shut up and get on with it! YNWA means very much! "
18th May 2012 22:34
"Ammenment to previous..... More investment and then the le. Simple! Now shut up and get on with it! YNWA means very much! Those who can't accept it should move on and change their spots (team!) YNWA!""
18th May 2012 23:04
"censored censored censored"
18th May 2012 23:29
"Yes Cara we miss those european nights with Raf in charge, bring back King Rafa, the best possible option for immediate success YNWA"
18th May 2012 23:56
"Be a little afriad FSG sacked three Red Sox managers before they achieved their goal.The guy who takes this position will have to hit the ground running no honeymoon period wil be given.Its 4th or nothing next season."
19th May 2012 0:41
"Buddha get over Rafa, like it or not, history, same as Kenny. Deal with it and WALK ON."
19th May 2012 1:59
"Carragher put your name forward now. You are the LFC manager of the future and we're ready to begin the future today"
19th May 2012 3:15
"How many goals has Carra scored for Man united? serious question..."
19th May 2012 3:25
"Carra, READ THIS: Of all the famous one-liners that Bill Shankly delivered in his own inimitable way, there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest: 'Liverpool Football Club exists to win trophies.' The long-held tradition at Anfield was to go gathering cups in May, whether it was the League Championship, an FA Cup or one of those sparkling European gongs."
19th May 2012 3:33
"Just read that Michael Laudrup has been linked with us. Pep Guardiola won't come but he will recommend Michael Laudrup! He nearly came to us in 1983. LFC had his 4 year contract printed, but he only wanted 3 years. Then Juventus gazumpted the deal (and lent him out to Lazio as they already had 2 foreigners; Platini and Boniek)"
19th May 2012 7:25
"I'm going to ask my dad on this one-I think he has a bit more experience that me on who Liverpool should have as manager and he will know if we are going to get in the top four or not."
19th May 2012 9:04
"We need to aim for number one spot, nothinhg less. Shanks would have never settled for a top 4 spot whatever the competition!!!"
19th May 2012 9:13
"The right manager will be the one who believes he can win the Premiership and Europa League next season. He will also know how he will do this!!!"
19th May 2012 9:28
"Because of our league finish it's so much more difficult which is why we may have to go for those younger players."
19th May 2012 9:37
"It's so disappointing that competing for and winning domestic trophies means absolutely nothing to the owners. I understand that it's a "business" but surely they can't be in it solely to make money? Surely trophies should have some value too because they do to the fans. Just because the owners peers in the U.S. have not heard of the League Cup and maybe the F.A. Cup does not make them worthless! "
19th May 2012 10:43
"Well said Cara!!"