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Congratulations to all four players, especially to Stevie on the captaincy. However, based on this season I'm not sure that Downing deserves to be included. I guess we'll find out in the tournament.
16th May 2012 15:05
16th May 2012 15:08
"well done AC"
16th May 2012 15:09
"It shows the confidence the player has displayed is visible everywhere"
16th May 2012 15:12
"Downing had a really good game against Sweden. "
16th May 2012 15:23
"buzzing for big andy, hope he does us proud :)!"
16th May 2012 15:24
"well done big andy you deserved it"
16th May 2012 15:24
"No wonder its Kenny who recommended him. If a striker is first class, am sure Roy would know him. With high balls, that's where he can impress."
16th May 2012 15:29
"Based on this squad England will not get out of the first round. Stevie has been injured all season. why would Roy pick Carrol, downing, what about Hoilett. Poor squad"
16th May 2012 15:29
"Glad he is going - would probably have taken joe cole and Lennon before downing but, who knows, if he has a good competition, he might come back brimming with confidence and hit the ground running."
16th May 2012 15:33
"Well done Andy, to be fair, after your recent performances, you deserve to be in the squad. But... Please don't come back with an ego, an injury or some horrid atude."
16th May 2012 15:35
"Well done red men although we are on a downer we have England to watch soon and now 4 of our players.Lets hope they come out of this fresh and in form for next season."
16th May 2012 15:44
"Roy is a very good spokesperson and I absolutely belive he is the extra factor that can unite and solidify the English squad with his way of approach when it comes to talk to the players and those around them, good for Andy to play for such a manager"
16th May 2012 16:09
"Don't think that a handful of good performances were enough to warrant a place. Was hoping that being left out would make him start the season like a man possessed. Think Sturridge or Crouch should've been chosen. Regardless, hope the experience and confidence does him good and he comes back injury free and raring to go. "
16th May 2012 16:27
"good move KK. show him and sell Carroll"
16th May 2012 16:27
"lol he didn't take micah richards and adam johnson."
16th May 2012 16:34
"I feel sad that KD has left his post. However, it was the only way forward and get LFC back to the top. I hope the next manager is either Rafa or someone with great managerial skills. Thank you Kenny for everything. Your work for LFC will always be remembered. YNWA."
16th May 2012 16:35
"just want to say good luck to England in the Euros.all the best to roy.people forget he took over at a difficult time for Liverpool.really think/hope Downing will be better next season and dont forget he has been unlucky with a few shots this season.nice assist for Carrols goal in cup final also.Here's to next season under King Kenny.we will improve for sure.YNWA(hopefully another trophy too.) "
16th May 2012 16:38
"Surely this site should be telling the supporters the news on King Kenny Dalglish before certain news outlets NO ? Rafa back in or else we are truly up ......... Thank you Kenny for everything YNWA In the fans eyes anyway "
16th May 2012 16:47
"Kenny sacked by FSG. They better achieve something spectacular next season, cos this looks like a very stupid decision. I have now lost any faith or belief in these yanks. No progress on the stadium and no understanding of football. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't sell, for a healthy profit before the first brick of a 'new' stadium is laid. "
16th May 2012 16:50
"Just heard the news ref kd. Not sure how i feel now, abit gutted for him if its true. Where do we go from here? Welldone andy, hope you bang em in for engy."
16th May 2012 16:51
"sorry you are going kenny, its start all over again, not good."
16th May 2012 16:52
16th May 2012 16:56
"Wrong decision will make things worse. Needed one more year. Maybe he had no money. Mourinho or Pep for me. Rafa made same mistakes of imbalanced team."
16th May 2012 16:56
"kenny has said himself 'no one is bigger than the club' even himself. I thought he should have another season cus this cant help the players at all"
16th May 2012 16:57
"Couldnt care less about England, Carroll and Hodgson, if Carroll had played to his potential maybe KK would still be with us, thankyou Kenny for everything, 1st cup in 6 years, 3 trips to Wembley this year,absolutely disgraceful decision by FSG."
16th May 2012 16:57
"I have a feeling he will have a really good summer"
16th May 2012 16:58
"Capello??? Ottomar Hitzfeld??? Martinez??? Zico??? Pep Guardiola?? Roberto di Matteo?? Marcelo Lippi??? "
16th May 2012 16:59
"I hope after this appalling decision today FSG have a good manager ready (if you choose Martinez) you wont be seeing me at Anfield again, FSG you really worry me, what are you doing to our great club!!!!"
16th May 2012 16:59
"dalglish was sacked. yesssssssss hahahahhahahahaha"
16th May 2012 17:00
"Well done Andy lad, very sad day, the news about the King being sacked I know a lot of you wanted him sacked shame on you all. Liverpool as now become an ordinary club in regard to the way it as treated its manager, less than 12months into he's contract bad news. I just hope we now move forward next season."
16th May 2012 17:03
"Congratulations Andy..:)"
16th May 2012 17:13
"Capello??? Martin O'neil??? Ottomar Hitzfeld (2xCL)??? Roberto Martinez??? Zico??? Pep Guardiola??(2xCL) Roberto di Matteo??(CL final) Marcelo Lippi (WC+CL)??? Vincente Del Bosque???(WC+CL) Joachim Leow??? "
16th May 2012 18:20
"We could do worse than Di Matteo... Face of a certain Russian billionaire if he won us the PL or CL... priceless. ;-) Carroll has hit form at a good time. I think Crouch is unlucky."
16th May 2012 18:56
"Hope he delivers and also not get injured ahead of the new season.YNWA!"
16th May 2012 20:14
"Good luck Andy. YNWA."
16th May 2012 20:18
"I have faith in the owners of LFC. It was a difficult decision regarding Kenny, but I support them. In hindsight Kenny wasn't the right man for the job. Also, I wish Roy the best of luck - it won't be easy."
16th May 2012 20:22
"if he has a good tourey with england hell be immense for us next season,,,Hes getting better every game and confidence from him and in him from fans is building also ...go show every1 what u can do big man ) "
16th May 2012 23:03
"go support someone else then arnet you,ve gotta be a utd fan that won nothing this year "
Ammar dent
17th May 2012 0:37
"Guys,how do u think that caroll is a class player?u r wrong,and time will prove that to all of u,caroll,henderson,adam and downing shoul leave lfc,did u forget what hodgson did to liverpool?just be realistic,we need now a good manager so e can get a good signing n helpus to get top 4 next season,we need to be back to this competition"
17th May 2012 0:40
"Absolutely no doubt about it, Andy Carrol's form of late has warranted a place in the Euro Squad. But How the hell can Woy leave Crouch out & take Wellbeck. I know BOTH Crouch & Carroll are target men, but only 1 will play in the match, and I would've taken both."
17th May 2012 2:01
17th May 2012 8:33
"it'll be a good experience for him YNWA"
17th May 2012 10:18
"4 goals all season 35m what as he done what a laugh never win the league with him in the team if i went to work and performed like he as i wud be on the doleand thats my view"
17th May 2012 14:45
"Congratulations Andy, your form towards the end of the season warranted this decision. Go get them and come back ready to own it next season for LFC! Well done lad!"