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we have to win this game to go out on a high and finish as high as we possibly can! cmon reds :)
11th May 2012 11:24
11th May 2012 11:36
"As a Liverpool fan living in Swansea and going to the game Sunday i am hoping to end the season on a high with a good win.I'd love to wear my Liverpool shirt but unfortunatly i am in the Swansea end.Please give Sterling a game from the start.None of this 10 minute lark,he is young but definatly good enough to cause Swansea some real damage"
11th May 2012 11:39
"We can win and leapfrog Everton if we dont use Spearing at all.And play like how we did against Chelsea.Come On you Reds last WIN for the road."
11th May 2012 11:46
"no spearing please kk and play as we did last game with belief and intent YNWA"
11th May 2012 11:51
"I have to agree with DRNO, spearing needs to be dropped , play gerrard/shelvey centre mid, kuyt right and maxi left! AC/Suarez up front! Johno/Coates/skertl/agger.. That is such a strong team.sterling/suso/coady on the bench... we would have finished in the champions league with that team!"
Rush job
11th May 2012 11:56
"I agree, lets finish on a high. Looking back (and not making excuses) 'evragate' and all that went with it defo had a negative effect on our season. That was a horrible time with LFC 'Public enemy No 1'. Next season MUST be a lot better though..... YNWA."
11th May 2012 11:56
"Win the game, go back to the drawing board and try and improve for next season. Finishing 8th or 7th is not good enough for this club. "
11th May 2012 11:59
"KDs team.. downing/spearing/hendo/gerrard.. AC/Carrol.. I know which one I would prefer.. did we really have to buy anyone last year... Shelvey 2 mil.... Hendo 20 mil.. downing 20 mil... adam 9 mil... (AND SHELVEY IS HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE ALL OF THEM) and he cost 2 mil, we did not need the others... tut tut KD"
11th May 2012 12:02
"sorry for the slight negativity.. pain Killers not kicked in yet... Come on Reds finish with a High, again KD Play your strongest team regardless of whether you bought them or not, and give a few youngsters a chance! Love the new kit too.. wow this team does so many interviews...."
11th May 2012 12:04
"Help Luis Suarez win 's goal of the season. Please go to their website and vote. "
11th May 2012 12:17
"Give maxi and kuyt a full game kk the way they plagyed against chelsea id give sterlin alf hour but wot do i no lol y.n.w.a"
11th May 2012 12:32
"Your tireless work is appreciated Kenny, and we will need more to bring this great club back to the top. The atude is there: we should not be happy finishing below ANYONE. Finish on a high and add a few quality signings and we can keep making our journey towards the summit. YNWA!!"
11th May 2012 12:59
"KK just trying to justify our poor performances throughout the season. At times we looked good but then for the next good few games we were below average. KK should leave and his purchases should leave besides suarez, enrique and carol who seems to be showing glimpses of why we bought him!"
11th May 2012 13:02
"Lonewar4, negative with a positive spin! I agree on Shelvey. If Henderson can become the player his potential suggests, rather than the rabbit caught in headlights act we've seen this season, then they could form a very solid partnership. Against Chelsea, when one went forward the other supported and they understood each other. I think Henderson needs that understanding. He has it for Eng U21s."
11th May 2012 13:13
"KK if that is success to you I think we need a new manager as Liverpool deserve more than that."
11th May 2012 13:19
"SmileyT, that's counter-productive. If you're going to be critical, be intelligent. I appreciate your point but Kenny leaving wouldn't help as much as people think. He's right that we've played well mostly. The problem's not been bad luck though, it's been bad finishing - even from Suarez. You make your own luck by gelling together and that's why we need to build from this season, not dismantle. "
11th May 2012 13:21
"Do whatever you think is best for LFC. Support & believe the King since 1979. from True Reds Bangkok. King Kenny, YNWA."
11th May 2012 13:26
"Hope KD plays both Maxi & Kuyt. This might be their last game for Reds. "
11th May 2012 13:26
"KD, only a win will do, nothing else. I saw a newspaper article that we had signed two of the worst signings of the 2011/12 season. Henderson was sixth worst and Downing was top of the pile. I can't argue with that reporter's top 10. Our league performance says it all with Henderson and Downing starting in over 80% of the matches. Forever Red."
11th May 2012 13:27
"Tuesday was a high despite it not having an impact on our season - happy whenever the Reds win. Lets hope Newcastle have enough in them to beat the blues. Gutted the season is over in some ways but also glad to see the end of a torrid season. Next season - do our business on the pitch and not in the press for the wrong reasons. The impact is too great - revert back to the Livepool way "
11th May 2012 13:31
"I see another management casualty. Cotton after 16 years at LFC. I like the FSG style, no one should be safe from under performance. I hope they have given KD his ultimatum, deliver in 2012/13 or else! Forever Red."
11th May 2012 13:40
""it was nto bad season" ??? it was horrible season and 100m wasted. i dont know team spending 100m and finishing 8th"
11th May 2012 13:58
"Not much of a high for Ian Cotton, thats another one sacked for not being able to control Kenny, surely Kenny should be able to control himself, its part of his job to talk to the media in the correct manner. Will FSG now create a new LFC psychiatrist position just to manage Kenny ! "
11th May 2012 13:59
"Our season was quite successful, excellent in cup competitions but disappointing in the league. Thus we have to try to put a patch on the wound winning next Sunday and try to finish the season as high as we can and possibly ahead to Everton. The citizen rivalry goes honored. YNWA "
11th May 2012 14:40
"And the story goes on!"
11th May 2012 15:08
"Its hard to use the word high when the best placing we can get is 7th. Unless KD is influencing us to partake in substance abuse. The facts is its been an abysmal season and beating or losing to Swansea will nor alter a single thing apart from the possible bragging rights over our friends across the park. Oh dear"
11th May 2012 15:22
"Inhale - Exhale - Just got an ounce in the mail!!"
11th May 2012 15:30
"Come on Red men. Lets end the season as high as possible...YNWA"
11th May 2012 15:38
"Now we pose no threat to Newcastle, Andy Carroll will probably put a shift in. After all, he has been playing for Newcastle all season. You might have got away with that sh!t this season Big Andy, but you wont next."
11th May 2012 16:29
"Interesting piece on Radio 5 - a journo has reassessed every! ref decision in the prem this year, and Liverpool were the LEAST favoured in terms of decisions; over 60% of the critical decisions against us were WRONG. "
11th May 2012 16:32
"Tell KD to tell PEPE to aqttack balls coming to his area free kick and corners, narrow the ange when defender left for dead than reverse or stand routed on his goal line, cost us most goals this season and that's why we didn't win the F A Cup. Yes lets end on high."
11th May 2012 17:06
"this game is a must win for us, there will NEVER been a shortage of pride at LFC and there never will be, but this is a must win non the less. KK you have a lot of work to do this summer, ur tactics are lacking to say the least,plz improve"
11th May 2012 17:07
11th May 2012 17:14
""has NEVER""
11th May 2012 18:34
"to Breedo, can you link the article you mentioned, may be worth a read! Really looking for a good performance!"
11th May 2012 18:38
"Please no spearing . if only for the missus's sake."
11th May 2012 19:36
"Newcastle will beat the blues and we can beat the Swans."
11th May 2012 19:49
"I couldn't care less if we finish above or below Everton,,we've had a more successful season than them and I would love to see our youngsters given a taste of the premier league,,sterling, coady, suso, morgan,,why not,,now is the best time to give them a game"
11th May 2012 19:55
"read in a article that KD will've very little transfer money this summar while maxi and kuyt are leaving meaning the little bench strength that we've now will be gone. Now there will be no alternative for the fab 4 even for the handful of games they play!"
11th May 2012 20:13
"Red-Wave- makes no difference if they go as KD hardly ever used them anyway. They were more like bench warmers for him."
11th May 2012 20:34
"I have to agree with FSG, they should not give KD any money, He should prove himself with the players he bought last year! They put a lot of faith in KD, so let him put prove his plan in a his third season! and if it succeeds great, but if he falls on his own sword...."
11th May 2012 20:42
"I noticed on the news yesterday that Brendan Rodgers has asked the Swans supporters to dress as Elvis for the game against Liverpool as some quarters said there was more chance of Elvis being seen again than Swansea staying up this it.But from a Liverpool point of view, I'd like to see us stick 5 or 6 past them before 60 minutes and then see how many "Elivs's are leaving the building" "
11th May 2012 20:51
"Leave Gerrard out and the midfield will start to flourish. I'm afraid his days are numbered, injury after injury! Save him for the Euros - his swansong."
11th May 2012 20:52
"This season was a failure, I know we are rebuilding but so far the foundations are not strong enough. Lets hope next season is going to be better. Lets play with our hearts on our sleeves and pound in a few goals against Swansea."
11th May 2012 21:11
"Giving support for the 1st team is a matter of wisdom in this momment.What's the point for negatives now!?No reasons.Give some rest to players and manager,they need that...Make plans and prepare for the new season,boys.YNWA>"
11th May 2012 21:20
"I feel for KD.. he must tick right from the start of next season as he'll be judged and scrutinized by this season's mediocrity. He needs to meticulously plan it ahead and must have a plan B and C. It's a double edged sword for him and the owners if he fails and sacked by them. no hiding behind a much hyped curling cup success! "
11th May 2012 21:33
"kingofclubs, are you being serious about SG??? The guy is streaks ahead of every player in the premiership and you talk about our midfield flourishing without him???? Come on sir"
11th May 2012 21:52
"On the phone getting us 3 or 4 TOP PROVEN world class players, I hope."
11th May 2012 21:59
"breedo23. Thanks for that info buy I am not suprised. Probably arranged my fergue thru Webb and his mates at the F.A. I think most of Kenny's signings will come good but those comments about Spearing are absolutely correct. Never is, and never will be a Premiership player. End of."
11th May 2012 21:59
"hey Buddha, I have a feeling the mods dont like me, welcome to Lonewar5..."
11th May 2012 22:21
"Breedo23 interesting stat re decisions! It's intesesting to note but we must move on and start turning thing round next season. We cannot keep thinking we are hard done by. Kingofclubs. Get teal. Do you actually watch LFC play??? With Stevie of course!!"
11th May 2012 22:30
"Aneeallred, I believ KINGOFCLUBS has been invaded as he is normally on the ball with his comments. Whoever you are release our friend, now!"
11th May 2012 22:48
"Bring back the real king of clubs! We,iss you. YNWA"
11th May 2012 22:49
"SG is a legend - FACT! I want the lad back in tip top form and performing at his best on a regular basis, but it hasn't happened enough this season - injuries are killing him! If you look at it we have played well without him and haven't missed him, in fact in some games the team's performance has been worse. Rafa had the best of Gerrard, I just hope he gets back to his best!"
11th May 2012 22:55
"Kingofclubs. - agreed he hasn't been his best this season but then Nor have any of our regulars like Reina. hopefully he can improve for next season along with many others! YNWA "
11th May 2012 23:02
"I think the poor performers within the team have had a negative effect on the squad, when there is not competition for places you lose that precious emotion of determination... and it has showed....."
11th May 2012 23:03
"I'm not a Rafa fan but how he dealt with our talisman supreme was spot on! He detached himself from the aura that surrounded certain players and played them where he thought they could best serve the team. Gerrard was mainly played wide right, which use to annoy the sh*t outta me - never mind SG. But it proved on countless occasions to be right..."
11th May 2012 23:04
"I reckon that is how he should be used now and free up the middle for the youngsters coming through, otherwise they're going to be stifled for another season. Failing that get him up top as a foil for Suarez - he was superb v Norwich."
11th May 2012 23:20
"Buddha and I have championed SG playing right midfield, so his expert pinpoint crosses can give AC the service that will make him a goal scoring Demi-God, Once we get a good left footed midfielder we will be awesome, shelvey/Lucas centre mid...."
12th May 2012 0:33
"I champion Kenny Dalglish and his signings, they will prove you all wrong. You knowalls on here know nothing. All you lot asking for the manages head, I have your names when you come back lower than a snakes belly, I'll be waiting."
12th May 2012 0:37
"And we shall remember the names of those who stood by whilst our club went down a spiral road. "
12th May 2012 1:06
"This was a season to forget. Alex Fagrusen and his tugs unsettling us yet again with their dirty lies & tricks. It's time we regained our crown as the best footall club in England. Enough is enough! YNWA"
12th May 2012 8:15
"I hope the owners will consider replacing KD, I supported KD at the very start but he showed partiality on his British average signings. I would suggest on getting the service of Capello."
12th May 2012 9:23
"This I will use as a mantra repeatedly : Dalglish claimed: â??The figures bandied about are a complete contradiction to the balance sheet, which showed in July 2011 that we had a £40m deficit in transfers. â??Since then, we sold Meireles and Ngog for £17m. So that brings it down to £23m weâ??ve spent in total since I came here. "
12th May 2012 12:26
"ye, well yu can thank Rafa and RH for putting that money in the bank for KD to waste, how may buy has KD bought that we can sell for a profit "NONE" DC bought saurez.... KD bought the rest... it will cripple the club.."
12th May 2012 12:50
"keeping the list of names wont erase anything and can't hide the ugly season we had at the same time if next year KD comes back stronger than all will be happy irrespective of his critics and supporter. Because that's what he's paid for and expected to do.."
13th May 2012 1:20
"Lonewar, be very afraid."