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The next Stevie. Watch this space...
11th May 2012 8:39
11th May 2012 8:57
"Jonjo looks impressive - hope he is the Gerrard mould. YNWA. "
11th May 2012 9:05
"You are beginning to blossom out for us Jonjo. Keep up the good work!"
11th May 2012 9:15
"Keep up the hard work jonjo lad y.n.w.a"
11th May 2012 9:16
"Keep up the hard work jonjo lad y.n.w.a"
11th May 2012 9:20
11th May 2012 9:40
11th May 2012 9:54
11th May 2012 10:11
11th May 2012 10:19
"Everyone knows my view on this lad, his recognition is long overdue. As you can see the owners have started the firings. This is to be expected after such a dismal season. If I was KD I would be duly worried. "
11th May 2012 10:52
"Really delighted by the majority of his displays, but for me he has still to work on the continuity of his performance and on his strengths. He reminds me of a young Stevie G with a worst long range drive... anyway I trust him and I think he can work as can make part of our successful future... YNWA Jonjo Shelvey"
11th May 2012 10:54
"Continue to progress and you'll become a legend. You have been our best midfielder in a few games lately and with your talent you will be a major star for the future. Just keep focus and keep up the hard work. It'll pay off. YNWA"
11th May 2012 11:13
"am so impress keep it up and fill Steven G gap ok"
11th May 2012 12:05
"Jonjo you are class! and a credit to how scouting should be done, this is how you pick out potential! you have not been picked enough this season, so get stuck in and have a great game if you are picked!"
11th May 2012 12:10
"hmmm.. Another person fired... How did KD pass the blame onto Ian Cotton for last years signings lol... lets keep watching this space... who else is to follow....please FSG Please do the right thing and let this Club have a fresh Managerial Start to get us out the poop!!"
11th May 2012 13:09
"we need ruthless agression on sunday, finish the season on a good note and then carry that form into next season, we respect opponents too much,one of our goals for next season should be to limit the number of back passes that we make, too often this season we have spent more passes play back and forth between defence and midfield then we lose the ball, forward movement is a must at all times"
11th May 2012 13:38
"you are awesome jonjo !!! the don in midfield !!!"
11th May 2012 13:40
"He seems very mature for his age and very adventurous. At least we don't have to hear those comments "he is still 21 yrs, remember Lucas...". Football like any sport is a talent thing and talent has no direct relationship with age. something to do with age. Keep rocking son"
11th May 2012 14:15
"am ready to give the lad a chance.....just nominated his goal on sky....right kid. prove you are worth it...YNWA.."
11th May 2012 14:23
"ps...just read on tribal football the FSG have instructed club to look at and buy in Bosman targets who have not made CL places ...the Dregs, in other words and give the players we spent big money on last yr another yr to prove themselves and their price tags....sincerly hope this is a RUMOUR....But everything else they said today is True,,Cotton for a start..."
11th May 2012 14:52
"I hope he adds an agressive compeive edge to his game like McMahon/Souness, he is only young so lets wait and see."
11th May 2012 14:58
"Competi.tive was the word of course."
11th May 2012 15:08
"great player, the future main man in our midfield .. hope we dont send him back out on loan, its spearing we should do that with or sell him!"
11th May 2012 15:25
"Keep working hard and you will achieve great things LFC..."
11th May 2012 15:58
"Yes I agree Jonjo is the next Stevie."
11th May 2012 16:02
"Jonjo; You will be a legend in LFC."
11th May 2012 16:39
"Jonjo along with Kelly and Sterling are a big part of Liverpool's future!"
11th May 2012 16:49
"Top young player, Closet thing to Stevie, Can't believe people say Hendo is!! Hendo nothing like Gerrard!! This kid is and is class!!"
11th May 2012 17:19
"I rate him so highly. Him in the middle with stevie and Lucas when he's back, Sterling and a new signing on the wings, and Big Andy and Luis upfront, we will be a force."
11th May 2012 17:26
"GREAT atude GREAT prospect"
11th May 2012 17:30
"Much better player all round than Henderson and at a fraction of the price too. Definately needs to play a lot more ahead of henderson, Maybe Henderson could do with a loan spell down a division to toughen him up and then a run in the reserves to make him want it as bad as JonJO does. Jonjo may not be the next Stevie but he will be a massive player for us for the next lot of years. "
11th May 2012 18:38
"What a gentleman and great player to boot"
11th May 2012 19:09
"The biggest crime being missed here is that Jonjo along with Aqua and Cole was bombed out of LFC. The only reason we are witnessing his sterling performances are by default as a late call up due to Lucas getting injured. This in itself makes a mockery of KD team picking policy. Jonjo has become a beacon of everything that is wrong with LFC at the moment. "
11th May 2012 19:16
"I've long concluded that KD bombing out Aqua, Cole Meireles and Jonjo are for the very reasons of what is now happening with Jonjo performances highlighting the inadequate buying policies of KD. All the above mentioned players are infinitely better than JH, SD and CA and if hey stayed it would have been an even bigger criminal indictment against KD and this is why they were let go, DISGRACEFUL!"
11th May 2012 19:25
"buddha131313. No i am not suggesting that KD bought shelvey you mug, part of his ambassador role was to hunt young british talent on behalf of rafa, shelvey was spotted by and implimented the first stages of the transfer. how you can say shelvey is being hindered by KD is laughable, the man who shelvey self proclaimed "saved my anfield career". sit down."
11th May 2012 19:29
"buddha131313, borderline deluded fool. Joe cole? too lazy, injury prone and never had his heart in it. same for Aqua, the man who used to fake injury in training and has been on loan to two clubs, both clubs rejecting him. Meireles? 5 good games doesnt make a season, ducks out of challenges and demanding a wage increase for a distinctly average season. you have no idea"
11th May 2012 19:35
"Long-range goals and long 'hollywood' passing? He is the next Gerrard!!!"
11th May 2012 20:03
"He has easily been one of my favourite players in the last month. He's very comfortable on the ball and has an eye for a pass. If he carries on like this he will have a big future but I don't want to jinx it lol "
11th May 2012 20:13
"kidofKop what position does Ian Ayre play?"
11th May 2012 20:15
"Connor Coady. The next 'Gerrard'!"
11th May 2012 20:27
"redmaverick...SPOT ON MATE!"
11th May 2012 20:39
"Any player that has been moved on and not here is because their heart was never in it, and as a result they played cr*p! We need players that will bust a gut week in, week out. If they do that their performance will improve week in, week out..."
11th May 2012 20:41
"It will be a blessing not to be in the CL as we'll know that any new players we get will sign because they love the club and not because they can parade themselves on the elite european stages."
11th May 2012 21:39
"redmaverick, I am not sure you have quite grasped the art of conversing as you seem to prefix all your comments with calling people names. I am not sure KD would be happy for someone as inarticulate as you defending him. I would respond to your post but I fear intelligence will be lost on you. I suggest anger management!"
11th May 2012 21:47
"Buddha, as I,ve said before....go support your local team or man u. Get off our site!"
11th May 2012 21:52
"buddha I,ve just read some more regarding you. You really are a nutter if you think what you write is sensible. Please go away and leave this site to the Liverpool FC supporters, thankyou."
11th May 2012 22:23
"KINGOFCLUBS, you must be one of the very few if any, that is happy not to be in the CL. Its not only an admission of lowering standards but it highlights even more why the present regime are in trouble. "
11th May 2012 22:33
"siiiiiiiiii, why so many i's??? I am not sure the point of any of your comments but I guess you understand them and that is what counts. Keep it up! "
11th May 2012 22:37
"Buddha...I am not happy, that is where we should be, but you have to take positives out of a negative situation. My point was, that in our current situation you need a certain type of player to drag us back up the league and into the top 4 and that is what we will get. I want us to dominate Europe like we used to but we're going to have to go through some sh*t before we get there."
11th May 2012 22:50
"KINGOFCLUBS. you and a few other are probably about the most supportive of the team on here at the moment. totally agree with your coments. its about heart not cash! all you negatives jog on. or walk on"
12th May 2012 0:45
"darren86, its probably best leaving KINGSOFCLUBS to speak for himself as he does it with intelligence. The way you have supported his comments does him no justice as its without tack. Telling fellow fans to jog on is not how KINGOFCLUBS talks, so if I was him I would shudder at your support. "
12th May 2012 1:46
"Buddha, the London agenda media has clearly warped your views into an intangible contorted phenoma believing that our Scottish manager has a xenophobic agenda with regards to signing players.Inarticulate?? My University and indeed employers seem to have no problem with my grasp of the English rhetoric. Touched a nerve???"
12th May 2012 1:50
"One more question young squire Buddha. How does sending a 19 year old on loan to a championship team under the tutelage of a fine man manager with a similar style and outlook as the pass and move we are trying to incorporate back into the fabric of our club consute towards a 'bombing out'? Please enlighten me oh one of divine intelligence"
12th May 2012 1:58
"You castrate me for my 'prefix' induced name calling, and then proceed to criticise siiiiii on the basis of a nickname. Pot.Kettle.Black "
12th May 2012 2:03
"Dont misconstrue my points Buddha, I'm just as passionate as you are about Liverpool(or are you?) but your aloof pretentious responses in an attempt to portray your over indulged ego over the internet is extremely rude and overbearing. Combined with your radical views(bring aqua back, are you mad?) combine to make you appear to be an aloof character with a disdain for well reasoned discussion."
12th May 2012 9:20
"I have been really impressed with jonjo this season he has taken his game 2 a new level & always looks a threat going forward, no disrespect to j spearing who has also improved but jonjo gives you much more all round, he has a good engine & is a real english box to box midfielder. keep up the good work"
12th May 2012 9:58
"redmav... i like the use of your words you are quite a character. buddha if you acctually read a full coment it wasnt pointed at u inparticular it was pointed at so called fan that stab KK in the back all the time. so wake up. YNWA!!!"
12th May 2012 11:21
"Wow redmaverick, I see you've found an eloquent friend to write on your behalf and progress your points as your initial insult laden posts were both immature and uninformative. I sense by your need to use embroidered sentences to impress, smacks of insecurity. Anyway, with the help of your friend we can now expect you ensuing posts to be insult free and intelligent"
12th May 2012 14:48
"He along with other players, such as; Jon Flanagan, Danny Wilson, Jack Robinson, Suso, Sterling and Adam Morgan need to go outon loan next season to get some experience, and to actually see if they are Liverpool material."