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Andy should have started for sure, could have helped us in defense as well with his strong headers, great performence hope to see him like this every week next season!
6th May 2012 11:23
6th May 2012 11:23
"I'll give credit where credit is due and Andy Carroll you were brilliant, thank you for making our loss easier. Well done on the goal(s)."
6th May 2012 11:24
"You're a real threat last night, Andy. Keep up the good work! "
6th May 2012 11:24
"Andy was unlucky, on the other hand Spearing got just what he deserved. Out with him! I've held my patience with him for 3 years!"
Rush job
6th May 2012 11:25
"You were excellent Andy. Shame the first hour was so poor. Yet again, found wanting when it mattered. Great day out though."
6th May 2012 11:29
"Without supply from worthy mid fielders, Carroll cannot do much. He did not let Liverpool down, the couch who fill the mid field with invalids let Carroll down. "
6th May 2012 11:31
"The best 30 mins of carroll in a red shirt. Just a shame he didn't start. i Look forward to next season, however need to get rid of spears and hendo and sign a quality central midfielder "
6th May 2012 11:31
"Andy! You've set your standard with that peformance. More of that on a consistent basis! "
6th May 2012 11:33
"Well done Carroll awesome performance, Unlucky the second goal didn't get counted... Keep up the good work YNWA!"
6th May 2012 11:33
"syeven gerrard should move to cdm and play the xabi alonso role and we buy a quality cam"
6th May 2012 11:34
6th May 2012 11:34
"If KD played 4-4-2 and we lost evy'one who say he was tactically inept. He can't win. Bottomline is that our midfield bar Stevie G are not good enough! "
Afrika Kop
6th May 2012 11:34
"After yesterday, I am convicned Andy will come good next season. he played like a winner, a fighter and a Liverpool player. I wish others could have raised their game in the first half....."
6th May 2012 11:35
"Andy Carroll has gone up in my ratings of him amazing! Too bad he couldn't make his dream go further! "
6th May 2012 11:35
"Your the only one who deserves to speak today. Fantastic display yesterday. Over the last couple of weeks you have changed my view of you considerably. Keep up the good work. Roy take him to the Euros please!!"
6th May 2012 11:37
"Fickle, fickle, fickle! What happened to the Carroll man hunt?"
6th May 2012 11:37
"I hope to see him on EURO"
6th May 2012 11:37
"Well done Carroll, should've started for me too. Your performance have got better each week and if only we put some better balls in the box for you I'm sure you'll convert more. You Suarez and another goalscorer will be great to watch again next season. "
6th May 2012 11:38
"We weren't unlucky Andy, we played terribly until you came on - and that was primarily due to Chelsea sitting back on a two goal lead and then panicking when they lost a goal. Team choice in CM and behind Suarez was plain WRONG. Both goals came from Spearing's schoolboy errors unfortunately and Henderson NEVER tackles - he floats!"
6th May 2012 11:39
"We were robbed openly, the ball crossed the line but the referee just decided to punish us unjustly. "shame""
6th May 2012 11:41
"You were superb,carry on with that att!tude and you will go far.Only half a team out there yesterday and i think they know who they are.Some of them looked uninterested which is just not on.I never criticise......"
6th May 2012 11:44
"ScoutingForGoals - Look back at my posts, I've always said Carroll hasn't had the service from the midfield and he has had to adapt his game - which is even more impressive. But I know where you are coming from with your comment :)"
6th May 2012 11:45
"But SD you are awfull.Playing poorly is one thing but not making an effort is unacceptable.In his recent interview he stated that he is not playing that badly,no one is getting on the end of his crosses,well they have to clear the first defender.Passing the buck makes it even worse IMO"
6th May 2012 11:47
"thank you were the best."
6th May 2012 11:47
"I'm getting bored with people using the disallowed 'goal' as an excuse on here..If you read the rules it states the whole ball has to be over the line..for it to be a goal.'s unfair when a player..who is slightly oide..but when a ball is slightly over the can't be given as a goal. Dunno..seems a tad unfair."
6th May 2012 11:48
"Big Andy had a great game, but our seriously lack creativity. Hendo was awefull and Spearo was even worse. I think KD is still the right man to lead us to glory but we need some heavy investment in world class mid's wingers and a poacher to bounce back."
6th May 2012 11:48
"I dunno, maybe this is 1-1...after Luis Garcia's ghost goal."
6th May 2012 11:49
"in his defence i thought he was a waste of money but t say he was our game changer yesterday he was great spearing an hendo an downing were crap ma 2 yr old daughter could pass the ball better then them an downing a winger ha 40 odd mil flops "
6th May 2012 11:50
6th May 2012 11:51
"oide= o.f.f.s.i.d.e....lool you get the drift. Kingmat has said it ar5e gets away of being acceptable on here..but f.f.s is strange. f.f.s is more discreet lol."
6th May 2012 11:53
"Oh and Rushjob you owe me a pint...didn't I not say I will 'easily' not post on here for two weeks xD...I even added an extra day lol."
6th May 2012 11:54
"With good supply, Carroll can be brilliant. His sheer weight can break through strong defenses. However, the mid field was full of Dalglish's limp favorites, even Downing's "cross" was just an unintentionally successful tackle. Another goal was from Suarez. How long do fans have to sustain to KD's dismantling of Liverpool?"
6th May 2012 12:02
"I am just getting over the ignominy of sitting with Chelsea fans watching LFC lose to a very poor CFC. I saw some of the worst players ever to pull on the red shirt and there can be no more excuses. I have stuck to my agreement of not slating KD and players and I will try to remain calm with my assessments. "
6th May 2012 12:07
"Reina at fault for first goal bit still oozes confidence. Johnson, Agger and Skrtl were solid. Enrique at fault for first goal but was good going forward. Gerrad was good but too deep. Bellamy was quiet. Suarez was isolated until AC joined in and came alive in final 10 minutes. I will do the other players one by one"
6th May 2012 12:11
"Mr good friend Reina does not ooze confidence whatsoever...quite the contrary. This season Pepe has not been himself..and looks to already know that his future lies somewhere else...Spain?"
6th May 2012 12:15
"Henderson is an enigma. He played better once Spearing went off and showed his harassing qualities. The problem is he has no specific attributes. He doesn't pass particularly well or is crisp in the tackle and poses no goal threat. He is a nuts and bolt player more suited to a lesser team. He is simply not LFC material. "
6th May 2012 12:16
"After such 30 minutes, I can't wait to see Carroll playing in the next season."
6th May 2012 12:17
"This will be a massive learning curve for all of the players. Andy played extremely well for us yesterday and could have changed the game in our favour. We will be back next season stronger than ever. Spearing was at fault for BOTH goals. He is not the standard that is required at our club. "
6th May 2012 12:19
"Well said 'scoutingforgoals'. I have never doubted AC's ability and will be great for us next season."
6th May 2012 12:21
"I've said it before and I said it BEFORE the match started. Spearing will cost us a goal as he makes too many mistakes. This is not Spearings fault but KK for not seeing that JS is not ready for first team action let alone an FA Cup final. As long as LFC give 100% you cannot ask for more. "
6th May 2012 12:21
"Well done Carrol. I think if Carrol never went running to celebrate and instead attack the ball after Chech saved it, He could have put it over the line."
Rush job
6th May 2012 12:21
"LDW. Let me know when you are at the match and I'll happily buy you a pint. Buddha, agree on all. I'm wondering if KK should step aside, move upstairs maybe. Im thinking Roberto Martinez may do a job? I can't see Downing remaining though. Very very poor. Carroll showed the beast we knew was there."
6th May 2012 12:23
"JS needs to watch how Lucase grew from his early baptism of fire. You cannot stand three feet away from an opponent when you do not have good acceleration. The only thing I would wish for now is what I've wished for when Stevie G was in his prime. Get world class players around him (Suarez) and lets see what happens. We were close when SG played with Torres.YNWA."
6th May 2012 12:24
"Rushjob- Will do so."
6th May 2012 12:24
"Andy, u were my motm. When u came on u showed passion and desire something the likes of hendo and co can take note. Kd shud have brought u on begining of 2nd half. Disaster of a season made worse now. Good luck for next season."
6th May 2012 12:25
"Downing another enigma. He has the skills to be useful but lacks the heart and fibre to be consistently good for a top team. He flatters to deceive and intertwines a good game with very poor ones. He is also best suited to a lesser team where he can be the main man which would bring out his best. Although, admittedly, he has been woefully misused here, he is simply not good enough for LFC. "
6th May 2012 12:25
"Gutted not to beat chavzki to lift the FA cup.AC you were superb when you came on & so so close,unlucky not to equalise for us.I hope all those who have been slating you hang their heads in shame.You are young & have tons to offer us over the next few seasons.Walk on..."
6th May 2012 12:26
"Disappointed but still hopeful that this season will have been a tough learning curve for those who remain, and this summer we weed out the no hopers and strengthen. Agree with LDW that reina might be thinking of home. Kuyt for dempsey sounds like a nice little deal. Both de jongs would be nice. Hope you had a shower after sitting with those chelskivites, buddha!"
6th May 2012 12:27
"Oh and I agree maybe Martinez may not be a bad shout. He's use to working with mediocre players lol, joking aside..he implements attractive football, he's charismatic, he seems a great motivator and demands passion and desire from his players..and of course he's spanish...he's bound to have some goos contacts in Spain. Maybe a new Garcia and Alonso? "
6th May 2012 12:27
"Carroll you were immense, hats off to you lad. Thanks for giving it your all for the cause. YNWA"
6th May 2012 12:30
"CARROLL UR AWESOME I FELT SAD 4 U, Cuz u Rly dd ur Best Yesterday! (Y) "
Rush job
6th May 2012 12:31
"It has to be said that Hendo and Downing have been really poor. Our midfield is a mid table midfield, which is why we are mid table! Reina off to Malaga, so we'll need a new keeper, I'd flog Downing for sure. He'll never make it at Anfield. A rabbit in headlights...."
6th May 2012 12:32
"I will be absolutely flabbergasted if Kenny is still in charge come July. The noises I've been hearing come FSG way...makes for unpleasant conversations between Kenny and FSG. I think..FSG..will lead LFC in their Rushjob said move may KD upstairs..and install their manager. Part of me wants KD to go, Part of me doesn't...but I'm always likely to listen to my brain than my heart."
6th May 2012 12:32
"Ok, at least we need to beat them back so they out of 4th spot.."
6th May 2012 12:33
"Carrol is probably the most misused player in KD reign. Here is a beast of a player with all the attributes needed to be a success in any great team. Asking him to play quick one two's is a gross mishandling of this giant. He needs an uninterrupted run with a winger crossing incessantly. Yesterday, he showed the folly of his omission which was a heinous crime and he is definitely LFC material. "
6th May 2012 12:36
"This summer needs to be busy like a July day at Heathrow Airports Arrival and Departure zones. There must be plenty of ins, as well as outs this summer for LFC."
6th May 2012 12:38
"Totally agree with you Andy! We were unlucky, but the Pepe's uncertainty over the first Chelsea goal was evident and we cannot ever pretend to win a game starting with a handicap of a goal or two and to realize an amazing come back as we did in the semifinal. The games last 90 mins not the second 45 mins! However great display Andy! You ought not to have regrets! YNWA "
6th May 2012 12:38
"your header a fine effort, our midfield not strong enough to win the match, it will be srengthend for next year, give us time ANDY"
6th May 2012 12:42
"Spearing, in this lad sadly lies all that is wrong with LFC. He ticks all the boxes for a romantic ideology, local, passionate, willing, unassuming and the best trainer at the club. This fossilised thinking is why KD puts way too much burden on someone who is woefully short of the one ingredient that sentiment can't hide - TALENT! I feel sorry for him but very simple he has NEVER been LFC material"
6th May 2012 12:46
"Well, our future lies in FSG hands, though i am not too comfortable with that, despite their friendly public comments. We need a top cash co- investor and once the qatari's throw their weight behind a prem club, we can forget top three unless we can persuade them to buy us. I am not a fan of qatari human rights, but neither am i fan of us human rights either! Think they want man u anyway..."
6th May 2012 12:49
"Andy is starting to show his potential.. ynwa"
6th May 2012 12:50
"Big pity we didnt start with you Andy, you were very nearly a hero although you should have scored that header, it was point-blank. Still, theres always next season."
6th May 2012 12:52
"sell jay spearing he's a championship player at best along with charlie adam and bring in Hernanes from lazio and javi martinez"
6th May 2012 12:53
"u wer brilliant when u came on big man and u shoud have started rather than getting brung on after the second goal went in. i dont thinks there much more u could have done and were easily the best player on the park"
6th May 2012 12:54
"Cm0n "BIG ANDY" DESTROY chelsea ON TUESDAY!!!!!! "
6th May 2012 12:57
"Yes, and you were great! Keep it up!"
6th May 2012 12:58
"KD, legend! The great man has the hallmarks of a genius: Stubborn, instinctive, relentless, belligerent and loyal. These traits are perfect when things are going well but poses al consequences if applied at the wrong time. He answered our call in our hour of need, for that alone has our undying graude but he's simply the right man at the right club at the very wrong time! "
6th May 2012 13:00
"got to be fair thats the best ive seen andy for lliverpool fc pity some of our starting 11 didnt perform like him jay was terrible henderson shouldnt be in the squad at all and downing was terrible for the first hour but then looked good unlucky lads"
6th May 2012 13:00
" "If you can't make decisions in life, you're a menace. ... Bill Shankly"
6th May 2012 13:04
"Kingmat- your right in what you say. Given the state that we are in..I believe the owners need to be committed to the cause more than ever to get LFC back competing for at the top. IMO, a championship winning team can get away of having about 6 world class players in their first 11. So it begs the many players do we need?"
6th May 2012 13:04
"Far too little too late from Andy Carroll. After the worst season in 50 years, it's time to face up to facts. You are no where the calibre of Torres, and I would not care a jot if you were shipped out. Had you played like you did yesterday all season, things might be different. But you didnt, and they arent."
6th May 2012 13:05
"FSG, now have to do the right thing and relieve KD of his managerial duties. It should be a dignified ending with KD moved upstairs or some suitable role. A new world class manager installed asap. We are talking of the calibre of Capello or Van Gaal. I personally want Rafa but I understand the negatives of appointing him, with probably a fresh approach being better. FSG need to act now."
6th May 2012 13:07
"Another failed season under FSG with no investment and back tracking on the stadium. It's time to start questioning if FSG are here to invest or cash in on our history. Past two seasons suggest latter. No doubt profits from Warrior Sports, a non brand will be higher than adidas."
6th May 2012 13:08
"I am one of the few LFC fans remaining that will give players time to settle in . Andy is going to be the best english centre forward since Shearer . Everybody called Lucas and now you are all eating your own words . Yes we are in the doldrums at the moment but lets get behind the team ."
6th May 2012 13:11
"Well done on a great performance once you came on! Should've started but who on this great earth knows what the fading legend KD was thinking when he submitted the team sheet and the tactics!"
6th May 2012 13:11
"Bet Torres pulled a muscle while warming up yesterday and won't make the trip to anfield! Team for tuesday- doni, kelly, agger, coates, johnson, gerrard, hendo, jonjo, maxi, carroll, saurez. Hope they play the whole 90 mins full throttle. Domestic cup and europa is an ever so slight improvement for us, but would be a total disaster for chelsea! Cheap, i know, to wallow in the demise of others!"
6th May 2012 13:11
"Anyone who loves KD, and we all do, will not want to see his legacy tarnished forever. This already happened to him at Celtic - when an ill ed managerial foray with Barnes went horribly wrong. KK is probably after Shankly the most revered figure in LFC history and preserving this should be of paramount importance. The man is an ICON! "
6th May 2012 13:11
"FSG will go shopping for managers the same place they go for players. The newly promoted sides. The bargain basement."
6th May 2012 13:11
"Whoa Whoa..Stop..travelling..foul-play..oide. What am I witnessing here?? mushroomscouser- one of the most loyal KD supporters and a great supporter of our criticising Carroll..when tbh AC is probably the last player you will want to criticise after yesterdays match. I know I've been away for a while...but still..never thought I'd see the day. O am I talking about the wrong person??"
6th May 2012 13:12
"cont.. But he does make some valid points."
6th May 2012 13:13
"I'm absolutely gutted worst day of my life, feel like shedding a tear cause i thought we deserved to win, maybe if we had aqua man or cole back there might have been a glimmer of hope. but spearing and henderson were horrible."
6th May 2012 13:17
"What a different day it could have been if big Andy had started. He was awesome, he fought to win everything that came at him and his inclusion lit a spark under the rest of the team. His footwork for his goal was beautiful, showing he's definitely not a one trick pony. Get him and Luis as a regular starting duo and let's see what happens. Mr Carroll - MOTM by a mile."
6th May 2012 13:18
"I'd rather see Sterling and Suso than Downing, Hendo. Whether its Kenny or anyone else, they need to be ruthless. "
6th May 2012 13:19
"the ball crossed the line i could see it where i was stood so the linesman should have seen it as well or did he"
6th May 2012 13:21
"Stewart Downing PL stats; PLayed 34, Scored 0 assist 0 shots 69. There's no argument. "
Bojan H
6th May 2012 13:21
"We didn't play 60+ minutes. That was wrong. Carroll should be in first XI. Henderson must leave this club. He did have a chance whole season, but showed nothing. Sorry, but he must go."
6th May 2012 13:22
"As mushroomscouser mentioned, can't see FSG looking further than a young up and coming manager to replace kenny- they wouldn't have the cash to get a capello, and our finances couldn't afford him under fair play rules, unless someone has got a spare kandinsky hanging in their living room to tempt him with. Would love him to come as i think he is pure class, and would take no prisoners."
6th May 2012 13:25
"please stop this self-pitying self-righteous tacics and bear responsibility for the whole season otherwise LFC wont go anywhere next season.Andy played well, the others didnt, we were the weaker side.take it!"
6th May 2012 13:26
"We were unlucky in that KK left you on the bench and sent out a defensive team who let everyone down in the first 60 minutes....that's what went wrong. If you had played from the outset we would've won, period. KK must own up here!!!"
6th May 2012 13:28
"I knew he would come good said it from the start of him being signed, all he needed was some time to bed in to the team, he will be awesome for us next. So would Raheem Sterling partnered with Louis or even in the role of central just behind Louis and Andy"
6th May 2012 13:30
"This summer is going to be the most important one in recent memory. The decisions made this holiday will denote whether we become a top team or are relegated to the also rans. A newly installed shrewd manager and a clever recruiting policy would see our beloved LFC back in the top tier. Its now or never!"
6th May 2012 13:31
"andy carrol changed the game..good second half performance just didnt start well.. but i have to say if we think spearing is good enough then were going backwards fast he is an auwful player at best ever since we lost lucas and he came in we have gone down hill fast hes just not good enough cost us both goals yesterday "
6th May 2012 13:32
"First decent interview from a Liverpool player in a long time. No frills straight to the point and no hype. Well done!"
6th May 2012 13:34
"Looking at the Man City and NUFC squad, I see a blue print for LFC. Both the aforementioned teams have packed their sub bench with British players whilst playing their illustrious foreign ones. This side steps the fair play scheme that is coming. When you think Johnson, Richards, Milner are City subs it makes you shudder about LFC, LOL. "
6th May 2012 13:35
"well done andy you were awesome how can kd expect any threat to chelski with luis up against their defence and nothing coming from midfield they weren't even closing down defensively for 60 mins if they had played well it could have been a lot worse YNWA"
6th May 2012 13:35
"But agree with buddha about the need for kenny to be treated with respect by FSG and if they, the owners, who we have sold control of our club to, decide they want a new man then the director of football position or some sort of club presidential role without the transfer responsibilities and stress, is a must. "
6th May 2012 13:35
"Take a bow, Big Andy! Only player in the team who deserved a winners medal, every other player deserved a losers medal as far as i'm concerned! "
6th May 2012 13:39
"I believe we are going to be in for a shock when it comes to our owners. They have far more ambition and a willingness to think big than most of us appreciate. They will bring in a world class manager and make the necessary changes to make LFC the biggest club in Britain. Change is a coming, mark my words. "
6th May 2012 13:39
"Well said mate"
6th May 2012 13:41
"all you fans make me feel sick, not one of you lot wanted andy to start before the game u all said saurez up front with gerrard behind, we have one good game against norwich then every1 thinks that should be the team, stupid fans and sorrry to say stupid kenny"
6th May 2012 13:41
"all you fans make me feel sick, not one of you lot wanted andy to start before the game u all said saurez up front with gerrard behind, we have one good game against norwich then every1 thinks that should be the team, stupid fans and sorrry to say stupid kenny"
6th May 2012 13:46
"Bitterly disappointed re yest game but only thing look positive is A.C.s input and encouraging sign of things to come maybe.i hope afraid hernderson and spearing just not good enough in mid fieled position and why MAXI was on the bench and Not used is anyones busines?why when he scored two past Chelsea a few weeks ago was he not brought on for 30mins or Started! "
6th May 2012 13:46
6th May 2012 13:50
6th May 2012 13:53
"My loyalty to Kenny is eternal. My point is support Kenny or iy;s Brendan Rogers or some other flunky. Exactly as when people called for Rafa's head, thinking Mourinhno was on the way, and we got Woy Hodgson. Kenny is the right man for the job. He needs capable players and owners who come without sabermetric nonsense about youthful players."
6th May 2012 13:57
"oldanfield, lots of people on here acknowledged AC growing influence in recent games and if you read my team from an earlier post it very much has AC in it. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to now that AC in form would cause any defence serious problems and I and many others pleaded with KD to be brave with his team, but alas it was not to be"
6th May 2012 14:00
"in the last few games Carroll is starting to look the real deal, scoring big goals."
6th May 2012 14:00
"I think us fans should not turn on each other as none of us picked the teams, bought the players or decided the tactics. The blame has to be placed at the person who did the above things, KD our manager. Let us stay united as supporters and hope that what need to be done is done with dignity. "
6th May 2012 14:01
"I just got back. I hate to say I told you so, but I did. When will KK learn that Spearing is a Championship player? Yet again almost single handed he has cost us a game. Once it was Gerrard and Hendo together in midfield we looked much better. Please do not play him on Tuesday and give us half a chance for revenge. Well done Andy Carroll, I look forward to seeing you every game next season."
6th May 2012 14:02
"Good performance by you ynwa"
6th May 2012 14:04
"Had Carroll played from the start he would have caused Terry lots of problems. He looked fitter than he has all season. As for those that want KD sacked ...Who wants the Liverpool job?"
6th May 2012 14:05
"Can't understand the bad comments on FSG. They came in to a failing set up, paid off a load of debt, gave transfer funds, brought in the fans favourite at that time for mgr and have been honest abt the stadium. Frankly I would rather invest in the team than stadium at this rime. It's a team that makes a club great not a larger stadium. Btw Andy you were great yesterday. You WILL come good"
6th May 2012 14:06
"Andy should have been on from the start, FACT.I said weeks ago he needs to play every game. Downing should play on the left Every week. As for next year can we have the same 11 players for a few games our best 11 only needs one addition, Adam Johnson. Put him on the right and lucas and stevie in the middle and downing left and luis and andy upfront. Not rocket science."
6th May 2012 14:08
"Andy, it was a definite goal, I was in line with the corner flag, Block117, it was a Goal!!!"
6th May 2012 14:11
"Andy was the best player on the pitch for us by far. Hate to criticise our players too harshly but our midfield was really poor and that I think has been our problem all season. "
6th May 2012 14:12
"andy carrol was awsome off the bench. admittedly given criticsm but he looked like the striker we were ment to have brought a year ago, powerful intellegent, lays balls off well . and looked deadly. best hopes for next year and u get better deliveries andy ynwa"
6th May 2012 14:13
"We Where Robbed!"
Rush job
6th May 2012 14:14
"Got to agree that I too think we are underselling our owners. They are winners, and that's what they want for LFC. New strip pics look nice BTW."
Red Yank 1969
6th May 2012 14:16
"great job Andy..keep that same intensity and chip on your shoulder for every minute of every game next season..i think you earned that shirt yesterday..YNWA"
6th May 2012 14:18
"Weldone Andy! I felt the hell when that goal was disallowed! You should have started the game! It's just a shame that KK didn't have absolute confidence in his buys! He played all season without an absolute starting 11! I dont care if he has to go! Lfc hasn't moved forward on the pitch! "
6th May 2012 14:21
"Dempsey has scored again. I seriously think this guy deserves a shot of playing for us. I think it may happen too."
6th May 2012 14:26
"Andy you were amazing, I hope you go and realise how well you played and perform in these last two games. We need to batter Chelsea in our next game and Andy I so hope you score. Good Luck Andy, you did us proud yesterday :)"
6th May 2012 14:26
"The difference made when andy came on was immense and i hope he gets the chance to do the same in ukraine this summer. A good tornament with england could do wonders for his confidence and i would take him before downing! "
6th May 2012 14:28
"shot at*"
6th May 2012 14:28
"I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say I always had faith in Andy... But in the last month and particularly yesterday I'm so pleased to see the result of his hard work. He was the hungriest player on the pitch yesterday and it showed. Well done Andy!"
6th May 2012 14:28
"Who is watching the City NUFC game? Its heart breaking to see players like Cabaye and Tiote doing what our CM can't. For a fraction of the cost NUFC have assembled a top 4 side, this alone is a sad indictment on KD and his recruiting policy. "
6th May 2012 14:33
"I have to say that it would be a colossal mistake buying Dempsey. Where would he play? This is another example of a player best suited to a lesser team. We need to get Adam Johnson and Defoe and bring back Aqua and Cole, add these to Lucas and Elm and we then have a team ready to compete. Not difficult at all. "
6th May 2012 14:36
"That is past. lets move on. Hope we will play better midfielders in future."
6th May 2012 14:36
"You are still a hero Andy! the blame goes on headless chickens you were surrounded with! People that failed to provide you with adequate ammunitions & obviously KK wouldn't bring you on in time! "
6th May 2012 14:36
" This article highlights why its impossible for KD to continue. I whole heartedly agree with our owner in this. "
6th May 2012 14:39
"Buddha- Why would it be such a mistake buying Dempsey? he's scored 23 goals this season..more than anyone at our disposal. He's out of it's not like we will buy him for an inflated price. And he can play just off Suarez. I forgot too mention..he's one of the best headers of the ball in the PL. plus his goal today was superb. "
6th May 2012 14:42
"U did good Andy. The team let u down. "
6th May 2012 14:44
"This summer's transfer window needs to be better than last year or we are sunk."
6th May 2012 14:58
"You did good Andy. But next time just hold the celebration and make sure the ball hits the net by all means first. Ugly goal is still a goal. With a good support you'll something next season. YNWA!"
6th May 2012 15:04
"LDW, buying Dempsey would be falling into the same trap as our recent acquisitions. Downing, Henderson and Adam were all stars in their respective teams but as you can see it makes no odds at them being at LFC. We already have Carroll who can do what Demspey provides if given the service. We need to buy players with styles that we don't have and need"
6th May 2012 15:05
"andy you had the passion desire, and drive of a true anfield legend in the making. critics are off your back BRILLIANT YNWA"
6th May 2012 15:13
"Buddha- I understand what your saying..and I agree with you. But we must come to the realisation that it is not going to be easy to attract the better players. I genuinely believe that Dempsey is different to the players that you mentioned, he has managed to score 16 league goals playing for a side like can't be a bad player to do that. tbc"
6th May 2012 15:15
"kk lost us this final as he still wont addmit players like spearing an co have no place in the team sorry guys "
6th May 2012 15:16
"cont...Just imagine playing with players like Suarez and Gerrard..he would excel. I reckon a GK, DM, AM, LW, RW and two strikers...we get us back to at least challenging for 4th. Who those players another matter."
6th May 2012 15:18
"Kd said judge the team at the end of the season. Think it's uneccessary now. Instead I wanna know who really sanctioned the purchase of the summer flops, if twas you why did Commolli need to go, why was torres, aquilani and meireles so eager to not play with us anymore and why you favour second rate brits over better international players. And why bring back Jonjo if u keep using spearo? "
6th May 2012 15:23
"Agree that it's got to be Capello next. His footy is unspectacular but he would win us the league with his choice of 4-5 new players. i don't think it's gonna happen though unless the Sultan of Brunei comes in. "
6th May 2012 15:26
"It's always the funny thing about Andy Carroll... Everyone hates him when he doesn't play, and when he does, everyone asks why he didn't. Such an unfairly maligned player."
6th May 2012 15:29
"Seeing Andy come good when it mattered makes me feel like we won regardless!! Roll on next season! YNWA"
6th May 2012 15:30
"as the song goes at the end of a storm theres a golden sky. city have won always said if we can't win the league i want city to just to work it up manure LMFAO looks like my wish is about to come true i'll have something to celebrate YNWA"
6th May 2012 15:32
"No Andy not unkucky but before you came on the team were inept.Midfield of Jay Spearing and Henderson had no chance. This was a cup final if KD didnt realise SG in midfield with yourself and Suarez up front Bellars and maxi as wide players, then we had a chance. KD will probably play that in league match on tues and win. LFC YNWA"
6th May 2012 15:36
"LDW, we can't buy the much sought after players and its why I say a clever transfer policy is in order. We get back Aqua and Cole and our team is Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtl, Enrique, Gerrard, Elm, Lucas, Aquilani, Carroll, Suarez, a diamond midfield with SG supplying Carroll. Subs, Kelly, Shelvey, Bellers, Stirling, Maxi, Kuyt. Tell me this is not a team to fear. Easy! "
6th May 2012 15:36
"fp big man, you looked absolutly top draw yesterday, looked like the carroll we brought! only good thing about the game really, quality"
6th May 2012 15:48
"Buddha- That is not a team to fear. Firstly, I don't think Pepe will be here next season, 2ndly we don't know if Elm will sign..and if he does we don't know if he'll settle straight away. Lastly, as much as I want Aqua back..he's not coming back..he just doesn't want to move his family back to Liverpool. The only glimmer of hope I see Aqua coming back, is if Rafa returns."
6th May 2012 15:49
"andy caroll yesterday showed every quality a liver pool player should have.andy carol should have started yesterday.does't any body here think rameries goal was too was like there was no midfield and defence."
6th May 2012 15:50
"Isn't Roy Evans a ringer for the actor Bob Gunton, The Warden from Shawshank Redemption?"
6th May 2012 15:52
"Buddha the article you linked're not being serious are you? John Henry bumps into somebody in the street and blurts out it's been a waste of money? :) Nah, methinks it's a bogus article, propaganda for the KD out campaign - something i wholeheartedly support though. "
6th May 2012 15:52
"Buddha-This is why Dempsey should sign. Let's keep your diamond formation. Why can't Dempsey play behind Carroll and Suarez...with Gerrard bossing the middle of the park with another CM (dunno who)..with Lucas holding?..We will not need to rely on Gerrard doing his trademark bursts to the box..we can have Dempsey for that. "
6th May 2012 15:52
"I believe Dempsey is a perfect example of a realistic..but quality player LFC can sign."
6th May 2012 15:54
"Gary Gillespie, David Fairclough, Ray Houghon and Roy Evans look just like a Male Voice Choir in that photo, accompanied by our own Claire Rourke as Soprano. Now what could they sing? Anyone?"
6th May 2012 15:55
"You were amazing Carroll- definitely MOTM. You should have started!!"
6th May 2012 15:57
"LDW, I guarantee you that not only is Elm coming but he will fit right in he is quality, I stake my reputation on this. Aqua is coming back, trust me! Its up to whoever the manager is to keep him. We don't need Dempsey, he would be a squad player at best. It smacks of the past transfer policy if we bought him. "
6th May 2012 16:01
"We've just blown our last oportunity to redeem our most dire season in decades. all summer long we have an awful hangover to endure. I am honestly dreading, yes dreading the transfer window, will it be top quality signings? still if city win the league, then we will have won more trophies than them this season, cheap comfort eh?"
6th May 2012 16:01
"anotherone, the guy relaying the Henry story is hardly some bloke off the street. Its been corroborated by reputable sources and the guys is not one to say something like this if it were not true. Also, its exactly what I would expect the owners to think anyway. "
6th May 2012 16:01
"Thought Andy was man of the match for the 36 minutes he was on the pitch. Couple of class signings in the summer and next season could be one to remember"
6th May 2012 16:02
"do we need a defensive minded midfielder?.why can't liverpool start with a higher tempo from the start?.why did liverpool had only two shots in the first half?.why the defensive minded approach from the start?too many questions ????"
6th May 2012 16:03
"We've just blown our last oportunity to redeem our most dire season in decades. all summer long we have an awful hangover to endure. I am honestly dreading, yes dreading the transfer window, will it be top quality signings? still if city win the league, then we will have won more trophies than Manu this season, cheap comfort eh?"
6th May 2012 16:03
"Buddha- I'll hold you to that (re:Elm)..I too have heard good thing about him. However if Aqua comes back...I'll get his name tattooed on my forehead. I just don't see it happening...Pre-Season don't count lol. Therefore instead we should make plans for Dries Mertens form PSV or Belhanda from Montpellier..both cheaper and maybe equally good as Hazard. Preferably Belhanda..the guy is class."
6th May 2012 16:05
"growing into a fine player... thats the drive and determination we want play like u want to be here, play like lfc means the world to u and u will always be in the heart of us fans... kudos to u carrol most improved player of 2011/2012"
6th May 2012 16:06
"I also don't know why people think that Pepe is going??? He will stay put and so he should. Yes he has had a mixed season but the man is class. He must be despondent with our performances this season which has obviously effected him. But the man is a great keeper. "
6th May 2012 16:14
"please stop with this lone striker thing.playing suarez as lone striker is not working against good clubs.i really really hope the liverpool fans appreciate the way andy caroll played yesterday.he was just unplayable. "
6th May 2012 16:19
"What AC needs more than ever is Manure's Valencia type player. This guy just crosses every opportunity and no wonder Manure have scored the most headed goals in the Premiership and they don't even have a Carroll in their team. Can you just imagine how many goals Carroll would score with a great crosser in our side"
6th May 2012 16:22
"LDW, get your tattooist ready and I look forward to viewing your Maori styled tattoo. "
6th May 2012 16:24
"Just move KD up and bring back Rafa. If this happens, and the funds available for new purchases, we will see quality players and a decent team. Rafa short listed Mata and Silva to complete the team into a real force. "
6th May 2012 16:24
"Unfortunately, the Yankees, and Purslow, who I think is a spy for Chelsea, got Rafa out for their own agenda. Purslow remains a season holder to feed info. Remember, the Russians are good at this game."
6th May 2012 16:27
"Buddha- Not..A..Chance."
6th May 2012 16:27
"KD is truly my hero but i fear that he does'nt hang some of the players out to dry in his meeting with the owners then he will be asked to step upstairs. John Henry is no mug and wont want to watch another season of expensive flops. "
6th May 2012 16:28
"buddha, if it's genuine indeed no doubt the monday papers will pick up on it. Hope you're right. Also, no sane person would expect the owners to think otherwise, it's the circ.u.mstances of how Henry vented that's surprising. "
6th May 2012 16:33
"liver pool need to strengthen the defense and midfield department.some physically dominant figure and an agile one in the defense.a team loses when other team scores.and we need a winger who doesn't rush the pass.striker has to reach the ball in time to score. "
6th May 2012 16:37
"I love you Liverpool!"
6th May 2012 16:44
"listen. your all going on saying carrol shuda started. less than 2 weeks ago you were all shouting abuse at him. tbh carrol is simply not good enough for liverpool. at the moment people are more worried about getting the likes of hazard and cavani. never gona happen unless qualify for cl. kenny needs time. he wont bring instant success. nobody can do that"
6th May 2012 16:44
"if we had played in the 1st half like we did in the 2nd half we would have won, but it was a wrong selection, and Pepe didnt play up to expectation of his standard, we need to satrt using our 2nd keeper, come next season. YNWA"
6th May 2012 16:45
"stephen1martin: A fighting Carroll is worth £35m. We need him to believe in the LFC dream like he did the nufc one. He also must know we believe in him! I agreed with stephen"
6th May 2012 16:46
"Stop using luck as an excuse. We were not good enough and thats a fact. Spearing and Downing should be ashamed. They dont deserve to put on that red shirt again. YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
6th May 2012 16:57
"Lucas would return next season! Aquaman return, and can play cam, Elm would be perfect, Gerrard, and Shelvey also cam and that wil be the strogest midlfield in the premier league!"
6th May 2012 16:58
"Carroll's hitting form, definitely should have started - maybe then with a good target man we would have found a bit more width instead of playing so cute and compact in the first half. Worst game I've seen Spearing have..."
6th May 2012 16:58
"Well done Andy! Just keep the hardworking!"
6th May 2012 17:00
"andy shown what he can do, we just need a better midfield to assist him(truth is we have one world class midfielder and thats gerrard) the rest are making us a mid table team we need about 3 class midfielders bought in the summer"
6th May 2012 17:05
"If that 30mins is a preview of his next season, I can't wait for this season to end. But before that let us end Chelsea Champion League chance. (Bayern will beat them too). We can still survived without big money CL, can you? Follow the Leeds!"
6th May 2012 17:06
"Keep going Andy judging by the comments on here you are winning people over as did Lucas before you Chelsea had no answer to you yesterday you were awsome and unplayable work hard for next season and you will get your rewards"
6th May 2012 17:09
"That final was ours for the taking, We played so badly for the first 65mins that Chelsea couldn't believe their luck, they never played well. we made them look better. Our midfield was totally useless, no imagination or creativity whatsoever, I'll never see a worse performance by LFC ever again I hope."
6th May 2012 17:12
"All we need is the proper service to AC and we would have the best strike force in the premiership. We already have the best back 5 but have the poorest midfield which as any football student would know is the most pivotal area of any team. Getting back Lucas ad Aqua and the buying of Elm would address this dire situation. "
6th May 2012 17:14
"Don't worry BIG BEAST. There's always next season and you've done well. Keep it up & YNWA"
6th May 2012 17:15
"just goes to show, their are alot of players at liverpool that can't take the pressure of playing for a big club, only andy carroll and steven gerrard showed they have got what it takes to play for this club. sorry but kenny got his tactics wrong yet again, bring back the master tacion, RAFA,,"
6th May 2012 17:16
"tacion that suppose to say"
6th May 2012 17:21
"I would welcome a return for a commited aqua but he needs to accept a wage cut before he can fit into our wage structure- i'd say 60,000 plus 10,000 per appearance, 20,000 per assist and 30,000 per goal! Easyjet flies to milan if his wife misses the shopping."
6th May 2012 17:25
"Fantastic performance from Andy. He was the live-blood and before that we looked stale and lost!! Downing lost. Enrique clueless. Sauraz a lonely man up-front. KD should have started big AC. He has been doing well and being consistent lately. Next season is the litmus test for KD. All the best Man City...please win against QPR and win the le from the Devils...!!!"
6th May 2012 17:29
"Kingmat- LOOL I'm sure Aqua and his wife will take that into consideration."
6th May 2012 17:36
"Andy, I always know you have footwork not just powerful header. Keep working hard and wear the reds proud."
6th May 2012 17:38
"Andy Carroll should have started, changed the game when he came on. Some players just not good enough!"
6th May 2012 17:39
"Great performance Andy, play like this every week and you will be considered a bargain! Well done!"
6th May 2012 17:43
"Great performance Andy, play like this every week and you will be considered a bargain! Well done!"
6th May 2012 18:08
"what ashame, K.D to blame,should have had Andy on from the start, instead of Henderson,and what happened then was down to Enrique and Reina,who have a lot to answer for as do Downing and Henderson. But would'nt have any one else to manage us.YNWA"
6th May 2012 18:10
"big andy's sencond header was over the line and he should have started + maxi should have stated in stead of spearing..... "
6th May 2012 18:10
"The low priced strikers such as; Pa Demba Cisse(newcastle),Welbeck(manu) are better than carroll.He is only good at high balls which is killing our game. I cant be decieved by his one match display. He is not LFC material! "
6th May 2012 18:11
"When FSG came in I was delighted to see the change but I have my doubt about their involvement with the team. Owning a baseball team is totally different from owning the Reds. It's global not just in America. I am American and knowing the football we play here just add more doubts about FSG's philosophy on bringing Reds back to the top. I feel they need KD at the time of instability of the club. "
Ammar dent
6th May 2012 18:23
"I dont know why most of our supporters think that our team is improving,i ve been supporting lfc for 20 years,and im very loyal to them,if somties one of us critisizes our team,its their right,as all of us like our squad,its easy,henderson,spearing,adam are not good to imrove lfc,as their ability is limited n cant raise their club standard"
6th May 2012 18:24
"I can feel SG's frustration about the team. His comment reflects yet another overhaul on the squad. Remember how happy he was when playing with Torres, Alonso, Riise. He was sub-par because his team was mediocre. I feel so bad for our captain."
6th May 2012 18:27
"Please FSG, do the right thing and get top quality players. Spend money to make money but PLEASE spend wisely. We pay to see the Reds perform in top form. We happy, team happy then FSG will be happy for years to come. "
6th May 2012 18:38
"Well done big Andy...YNWA"
6th May 2012 18:41
"I am very PROUD of your display Carroll. This is my only reason of satisfaction for NOW as I have been a the first, if not the first, to suggest your signing. You have shown what you can do and I am sure there is a lot more to come. Learn from Ian Rush, he was tall and so successful striker. You are the future of LFC and I hope there will be NEW skills to support you."
6th May 2012 18:42
"Andy was excellent! keep up the good work, and their will be silverware next season! YNWA"
6th May 2012 18:42
"Overall the season did not turn out as anyone had hoped. We are that far off - need 3 decent players to compete for a top 4 position. Aquaman need to play for us. I think if Aqauman is playing and Lucas and Adam come back strong. Then if we can a pacy winger or 2 Hoilett and Drenthe. Add one world class signing and we will look a different team. YNWA "
6th May 2012 18:46
"I was dismayed when the team news came through that Andy would not start. It was a big error as was Suarez not being in penalty area in first half as it gave wide men noone to pass ball to. Well done Andy on showing us your worth to this club!!!"
6th May 2012 18:47
"I'm a bit disappointed we didn't win the FA Cup, however I was EXTREMELY please with Andy's performance!! I hope he can remake this kind of awesome performance because he was amazing and even better than Suarez! Keep up the good work Andy! "
6th May 2012 18:50
"You did brilliantly Andy. However, we started playing better in the last 30 minutes because Chelski had run out of steam and not because we were superior tactically. The line-up was poorly selected. We may very well need a management change. Kenny has steadied the ship but we need someone else to move forward."
6th May 2012 18:51
"I meant to say : we are not that far off on the pitch. In my opinion the most important thing is to make sure we get 65000 seats at Anfield or new stadium. We need serious matchday revenue increase to compete financially. Along with naming rights. We don't have any choice and I don't mind a "Sony Anfield arena" name change if that will help us get 20000 more seats"
6th May 2012 18:52
"We were unlucky but let this be a lesson to us. We did nothing for 60mins. We've played some good footie this season but we've been beaten time and time again. Next season we need to go out in every game show no respect and destroy teams. How else do you win? Attack!"
6th May 2012 19:00
"I think this just goes to show what this kid can do . And lets not forget he is still a young en, The only bright light in the match for me . ynwa"
6th May 2012 19:18
"Its a pity some players just didn't turn up for the game. I feel sorry for the senior players who expected the team performance to at least have equalled Chelsea's. Disappointment on their faces could be seen especially Andy Carroll and Luis's.We don't have to mention who they were.It was obvious to see.Also too slow start.More direct approach as Chelsea.Next season must show an improvement."
6th May 2012 19:33
"Its easy to say now that Andy should av started.When he came on he was fantastic and caused Terry and co alot of problems.Felt sorry for him.We simply weren't good enough.Disgusted with our league form.Total embarassment to the club"
7th May 2012 10:07
"Andy, we have all noticed your improvement, particularly over the last month. But even so I was surprised how you dominated. As a result I feel sorry for Kenny because your sudden improvement made him look bad. C'mon Kenny work on."
7th May 2012 10:20
"I wouldnt get Dempsey 61 goals in the league in 6 seasons Id prefer to see us go for someone like Rossi up front but I think we need better players in midfield especially out wide Id grab Dembele from fulham instead of Dempsey and Isco from Malaga they have skill vision and artistic flair. Id grab Hoillet for free 2 footed winger, lucas skillful and tricky finally M.Suarez quality"
7th May 2012 10:43
"Great performance Andy, pity the tactics were wrong. We needed you from the start. Better luck next year........ You've won over the fans, now you need to win over Kenny, but you're a legend in the making..."
7th May 2012 10:53
"When we make the trip to Swansea on Sunday we need to return with 3 points, and 2 players:- Sigurdsson and Vorm"
7th May 2012 11:25
"Andy was our MOTM by far!"
7th May 2012 11:30
"andy you were awesome,reina cost us the game sell him to the first bidder."
7th May 2012 11:51
"andy's best performance, play every game like that and you'll be a kop legend for sure big man"
7th May 2012 11:51
"cant understand the obsesion with hendo his luck of guality is so obvious ,give him to anyother team and you will see if he starts every weak ,kenny is weak as a coach we need a real one ,and really good plyers"
7th May 2012 12:37
"Didn't anyone see fergies 4-5-1 go nowhere against city? Should have either started Carroll with Luis (Lewis Carrol) or given Bellamy/Gerrard a more attacking role rather than wing-play/defensive-central roles respsectively."
7th May 2012 13:27
"where is the team to win agaist chersea carro my bro?stop harting your self,if you think we were unluck then wait and see what will hapen on tueday?your manager is rubish whic formation do you think he will use?do you think you will win with midfielders like hendo?spearing?downing?bellamy,you must be dreaming my bro ,ynwa."
7th May 2012 13:27
"Let's assume-we LACK BM position,def.Spearing could not handle that,chelski saw that as well as Enrique's slow pass.Lucas ans Adam were on this position ans we won chelski 2 times,manures and city.It'a almost impossible to play big games without good BM.We paid price.YNWA>"
7th May 2012 13:42
"I think Andy was unlucky, rather than the team. Team got what they deserved, nothing. Andy's contribution one of the few positives to take from the game. Well done Andy."
7th May 2012 14:20
"come on andy... u are great in the game... your header almost tore the post apart... its sway and the referee got eyes.."
7th May 2012 15:12
"No Andy, the team wasn't unlucky just very sloppy, if the players showed the atude that you did when you came on as sub, then Liverpool would have won the FA cup!"
7th May 2012 15:51
"We were not unlucky but coachless. We had no coach in that match too. A coach who does not know we had 2 weak players in the middle;Henderson /Spearing and 2 overpriced players at d flanks; Henrique and Downing but refuse to use Carroll- that is not a coach but a mouse. ...SACK THIS PUPPET COACH NOW."
7th May 2012 16:11
"Andy's play was brilliant. This is why we brought him over. He gives the team a spark and a sense of urgency when he's on the pitch and he creates chances. Look how many "chances" we had the first half and then look how many chances we had in the second half. Andy was huge in the match. #YNWA"
7th May 2012 16:15
"We weren't unlucky we were crap and chelsea didn't even need to play well, that's how bad we were, how can we hope to win without a midfield?"
7th May 2012 16:56
"i don't like us talking about luck, luck luck, what luck? y is it tat al round the season we ar talkin abt luck or has God forgotten us? tat oda ar winnin matches is a product of efficiency of couchin staf n player n not luck luck, let tell ourself d true. Dalglish is not doin wel wit d boys, it as simple as tat. face fact!"
7th May 2012 18:01
"you are right Andy we were unlucky. But we have been unlucky most of the season. As in any aspect of life, the best do not always win. Sometimes its just plain luck."
7th May 2012 21:18
"We were robbed by the lack of technology-enhanced refereeing. THAT header was a goal"
8th May 2012 1:16
"i always believed in andy,there were so many carroll haters it was unbelievable.. however henderson and spearing was clearly not ready for the final, we needed experience starters such as kuyt, MAXI KD team selection cost us the FA cup.. GUTTED"
8th May 2012 3:12
"If Kenny decides to leave, he must see that Rafa is brought back. Rafa's project should never have been disrupted."
8th May 2012 3:49
" Lfc fans love King Kenny very much. Against Chelsea in the FA Cup Kenny erred by playing Jay Spearing and Henderson.For leaving out the ever-improving Carroll and Maxi Rodriguez we paid the price. Selling Benayoun and Meriless was the gravest mistake he has made. And to Chelsea of all clubs. Fergie will never sell his to any of the top clubs. Kenny PLEASE LISTEN TO THE FANS."
8th May 2012 3:52
"Kenny must let Henderson and Spearing go. Having them will not help our cause. Selling Benayun and Meriles was a mistake"
Doctor Who
8th May 2012 8:32
"WRONG We weren't unlucky we got what we deserved .NOTHING If you only play for 30 minutes after gifting the oppos 2 silly goals you walk away with nothing."
Doctor Who
8th May 2012 8:37
"To all those blaming Spearo for the goal, fair play he lost the ball but the big lazy ar5e in between the sticks cost us the match with his totally inept performance. First on the shopping list for the summer a keeper who can cut it."
8th May 2012 9:16
"what the world clearly has seen is this crap missing two pure chances created by Suarez.He was in front of the goal unchallenged and he could have directed the ball anywhere beyond the reach of the goalie.That is if he had a piece of talent.What he did with the second ball he missed from that distance.We are the ones unlucky to have you in this team. "
8th May 2012 9:23
"There was a mismatch between the two teams.Both managerial and player-wise.only because KD was blinded by his British team dream that he had the nerve to line up Spearing and Henderson in a final against world class players.His dream will never come true especially in this era of modern football.there are some still supporting him.result is not the factor, of course ."
8th May 2012 9:30
"There are some who praise AC for posing a threat from those long balls.That game belongs to Stock City and AC too.That is not how teams as great as Liverpool should play.That is not football loving people around the world want to see from a big team.An old fashioned football will not make any team attractive to those who know and love football."
8th May 2012 13:44
"you have said it all!"
8th May 2012 13:52
"If u perform constantly throughout the whole season like what u did at the FA final. We would be in a better position by now! Mayb u know u might be sold in e summer... that's y!"