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He would be in my wembley 11. Keep it the hard work, dr evil.....
1st May 2012 9:24
1st May 2012 9:25
"this boy is going to make breakthrough next season, mark my words. with all due respect to hendo, i can see mauch more potential as well as proper LFC atude and desire in Jonjo! Also, for such a young lad, he is very composed and confident - he is not afraid to take responsibility. YNWA"
1st May 2012 9:28
"I sincerely hope he plays tonight. He's getting better and I'm starting to feel excited about him. But the FA Cup final may be a step too far purely on lack of big-game experience. We'll need a tight midfield against Chelsea to try and control the game. Difficult one for me though. I'll leave it to Kenny..."
1st May 2012 9:30
"I mean't keep up the hard work- my english doesn't work properly before 11am! ,"
1st May 2012 9:37
"Thing is, I'm patient with Henderson. I think he'll come good. He could do for us what Gareth Barry does for City. Valuable cog. But, as yet he's disappointed in his two previous Wembley appearances this season. Take the risk and give him a chance to put it right, or cut our losses this weekend. Otherwise, he's very energetic but the big occasion seems to get to him."
1st May 2012 9:45
"I hope Jonjo will play tonight and be involved in the FA Cup final. It would be the right prize for his effort and professionality. YNWA Jonjo Shelvey"
1st May 2012 9:46
"Jonjo must start ahead of Spearing. He is twice the player. Much more creative, attacking and his passes can make a difference."
1st May 2012 9:52
"i would start him against chelsea brilliant player always beleived in him "
Rush job
1st May 2012 9:58
"Certainly say the right things Jonjo! Great atude. Impressed!"
1st May 2012 10:08
"Should win club's best young player of the season!!"
1st May 2012 10:20
"Too soon. Perhaps include Jonjo in a 5 man midfield, too many more experienced players and players who don't lose the ball as much ahead. Would be very surprised if Kenny picked Jonjo on Saturday despite what many so called football experts say on here. Wouldn't be disappointed if he played though, I rate the lad. Couple of seasons time I see Jonjo being a Attacking Midfielder Stevie G Mk 2"
1st May 2012 10:28
"I have come to the conclusion that KingRafael is quite sad and lonely. He wants attention. Everyday the same old regardless of relevance to article. From now on I am not going to bite. From experience of having kids myself, you give them attention and they wont give in, you ignore them and they soon get bored "
1st May 2012 10:32
"KK give him the chance. one day he will replace gerrard."
1st May 2012 10:47
"Ani-Road, you can't have watched Jonjo play. You say experienced CM players who don't lose the ball? Apart from SG we have Spearo or Hendo and none of them are whom anyone would deem experienced and more importantly neither is as good as Jonjo. Look what Wenger did with Wiltshire - he played him, simple and that is why great young players choose Arsenal. He's good enough, therefore old enough"
1st May 2012 10:54
"Jonjo playing in the final should be a cake walk. If selection is based purely on form then Jonjo will play, simple. I fear we might set up defensively and play into Chelski hands. We sometimes get obsessed with playing a defensive CM and therefore Spearo is whom we have turned to with mostly not very good results. We should set up to win and not contain"
1st May 2012 11:07
"as long as keep the hard work jonjo, you will lead the line one day"
1st May 2012 11:13
"Buddha. I said I rate Jonjo but Like Holloway at Blackpool and Dalglish I see him as an attacking MF. Stevie is that man. Holloway realised that Jonjo is too caviler and used his assets further up field. I have seen Jonjo play a few times at Anfield, he's got talent but has a tendency to lose possession which isn't so bad further up the pitch. Dangerous further back. "
1st May 2012 11:14
"BTW, lots of great attacking sides use a defensive MF or holding MF. Jonjo is exciting and gets into the oppositions box which even Stevie hasn't done so much this season. As I said I would be very surprised if Kenny picked him but equally I wouldn't complain. As for Arsenal, they have Song to break up play and do the so called donkey work, allowing Willshire et al to push forward"
1st May 2012 11:19
"Steven Gerrard succesor ! No doubt. You deserve play Jonjo. YNWA !"
1st May 2012 11:27
"Great att!tude Jonjo.IMO you fully deserve a place in the Final.You showed against Norwich that you can play with SG.Well done"
1st May 2012 11:37
"I will play you ahead of henderson who is not industrious enough to win us games."
1st May 2012 11:42
"Ani-Road, I know you said you rated Jonjo but I am stating that he has much more discipline than you are giving him credit for. If you analysed the game against Norwich where we didn't play a natural DM. You would have seen Jonjo, SG and Hendo swapping and taking defensive responsibilities. Blackpool is not LFC so Jonjo will be more inclined to do what he wants there. He is ready!"
1st May 2012 11:44
"Just reading the ECHO. Aldridge column: Kenny selection dilemma. Pepe, Jay, Stevie, Carrol and Suarez all dead certs. Dilemmas. Does he play Carra and put Agger instead of Enrique? Does he play Jordan or Dirk on right? Bellers or Downing on left? "
1st May 2012 11:44
"Can Shelvey and Spearing play together, -resting Gerrard? "
1st May 2012 11:44
"Interesting discussion on DM's. Our only real quality option is Lucas - which is why we have had problems since he's been out. We do need one, Spearing is disciplined enough but I would play Stevie there for the final and increase the quality with Jonjo or Henderson in CM."
1st May 2012 11:45
"No mention of Jonjo. Not heard any EXPERTS suggest he's in with a shout, rather focusing on other areas of the pitch that can be contended. Sure that they rate him but he's hardly played and played ok when given the chance. As for man in form as Buddha suggests. C'mon. Started last game and used generally as a late sub. 5 starts this season "
1st May 2012 11:48
"I have to say that there were glimpses of a very good player in Hendos' display against Norwich. What has become abundantly clear is that he is a CM not winger. He has the same harrying qualities that Spearo is universally acclaimed for, lol, but is stronger, faster and a better player. Alongside Elms, maybe hendo and Jonjo in tandem is the future of LFC."
1st May 2012 11:54
"Ani-Road, the reason you would find most punters not picking Jonjo, me included, is because its accepted that KD won't play him. The fact as you eloquently put it: "generally used as sub and started just 5 games" is actually a criticism of KD as he should have started a lot more. In the few games he has played he was one of the better players but still he was dropped immediately after starring."
1st May 2012 11:58
"Ani-Road, as I once said to you, read the comments on a particular topic and you can generally see what most people think. You would have noticed the near completely positive responses to this young man on here. Contrast this with the recent thread on Spearo and you would have seen mostly negative remarks. Its telling, huh"
1st May 2012 12:03
"To highlight this lads qualities I ask the acid test question: Would any of the top 6 teams buy this kid if he became available? The answer is yes and at a profit. I am sure Arsenal, Manure, Spurs, Newcastle, Chelski and City would. Ask the same question of Spearo, hmmmm, exactly! "
1st May 2012 12:05
"Gerrard has always been at his mighty best when he has been able to neglect his defensive responsibilities, the likes of Alonso, Mascharano, Didi and Lucas have enabled Stevie to be bolder. Against Norwich we had a 5 man midfield thus enabling Gerrard to take up more advancing positions. "
1st May 2012 12:06
"Gerrards best game this season was against Everton when Spearing and Hendo covered. I would play Jonjo in a 5 man MF but I wouldn't have 2 like for likes in the middle Stevie and Jonjo, particuraly against Chelsea's attacking poweress. Don't know what view u get from your armchair Buddha "
Rush job
1st May 2012 12:09
"Tend to agree with Ani-road in feeling that an FA Cup final on Sat is s bit too early for Jonjo. If he plays tonight, he ain't playing (starting) sat. Ken will (IMO) have Spearo in all day long Sat. That is no slur on Jono BTW."
1st May 2012 12:12
"Away from the subject of Shelvey and LFC... Who enjoyed watching City win last night? Hate to get so much joy from 2 teams playing that have no bearing or significance to LFC. But it was great to see Taggart lose it and Liam Gallagher gloating and rubbing their noses in it later. Quality "
1st May 2012 12:13
1st May 2012 12:14
"Spearo is a harrier and parrier of players but not the ball, this can be mildly effective as it can unsettle the opposing players. Masch skill was using his low sense of gravity to nick the ball away from far bigger players and he could set up attacks with his scurrying play, whilst Lucas positional sense and upper body strength makes getting past him very difficult, Jonjo can emulate this"
1st May 2012 12:15
"Selections need to also include fitness base info. Jonjo came in late. Starters need to get 120min, to give tactical flexibility."
1st May 2012 12:20
"Not sure whether He would start at the Final my bet is on him coming of the bench at 60th min or something like that. "
1st May 2012 12:24
"Rushjob, this is not me criticising KD as I promised not to, but this is what separates him from Wenger/Mourinho/Guardiola. They would play a young player, regardless of experience if he was good enough. You lamentably use the words "too soon". No such thing here, the boy is more than ready and would revel in this game"
1st May 2012 12:29
"And Rushjob, I agree that KD will play Spearo all day long before Jonjo, which is not a compliment to either KD or Jonjo. Anyway back to being positive, Chelski are there for the taking if we let SG and Suarez loose. I would definitely have Agger and Skrtl in tandem and this game is made for Maxi"
1st May 2012 12:30
"I think the most important quality for players starting on saturday is their ability to last 120 mins and to take penalties - my money is on a 0-0 or 1-1 draw after 120mins with both sides crowding the midfield and chances few and far between - di matteo will be pracitising for the away match at bayern. Maxi and Kuyt to come off the bench."
1st May 2012 12:33
"My english is getting worse!! Must be from reading the comments on here all day!!Practicing!!"
1st May 2012 12:43
"Buddha. We can agree a lot and I do respect you as a fellow fan. You also seem to be generally a nice chap. Difference is when we don't agree you are more controlled and I can get a bit aggressive. (unfortunately I have always been the same). But often I bite in the face of provocation. "
1st May 2012 12:46
"Buddha. You tend to use your intellect and can belittle peoples intelligence as a way of proving yourself correct. e,g the way people write. You can be illiterate yet does that mean your opinion is less worthy than someone who isn't? "
1st May 2012 12:47
"You can as well use unfounded facts and tend to say that most wont agree with me... I see most people saying what a good player Jonjo is just like myself. A few have said they would include Jonjo so don't try and make out that I am talking nonsense and as a minority. I take on board and respect your comments and wont make unfounded claims just my opinion. "
1st May 2012 12:48
"I held my hands up and admitted I was wrong when I first started commenting on these pages a few months ago when I used to act as if I had more knowledge as I go to the match,that was wrong. And yes I do respect the experts John Aldridge, Jan Molby and other football columnists being as they are ex pro's and know far more about the game than you and I. "
1st May 2012 12:49
"Wrote my essay, better get back to my work... Laters Buddha YNWA"
1st May 2012 12:53
"Ha ha, Ani-Road, its cool, I enjoy the banter. Its clear that even though we might differ in content and style, we both want LFC to succeed and that's what's important. The fact we have a cup final to debate which player should play is fantastic and long may these discussion continue. I hope for this game we throw caution to the wind and go for it!"
1st May 2012 13:02
"I agree Buddha, about throwing caution to the wind, which is why I think we should include Jonjo in the line-up in a 5 man midfield, but use enrique and johnson as wingbacks, have 2 strikers, and three centre back, preferably agger, skrtel and Kelly/carra - they can handle any chelsea counter."
1st May 2012 13:15
"Wow Ani-Road, I didn't see your whole essay before I posted mine, lol. You do go on a bit my friend and it seems you have a bit of a complex. All everyone does on here is espouse opinions and no one can say theirs are right or others are wrong. I have said it to you many times, chill, opine and enjoy the banter. Peace!"
1st May 2012 13:19
"Kingmat, I kind of agree with you. This would mean the omission of AC which would be harsh but viable. I would have a midfield 5 of SG, Hendo Jonjo, Bellers and Maxi. This formation worked very well against Norwich and with the removal of Downing would work better. "
1st May 2012 13:21
"Love your atude Jonjo! YNWA"
1st May 2012 13:35
"Harsh also to drop downing, but I can't see him having 2 great finals in 3 months - if he does we should all place numbers on the saturday's lotto! Ani-road, i now understand the 400 character limit! But please don't change your comment approach, they make the forum more enjoyable."
1st May 2012 13:48
"I fear Downing has blotted his copy book with his inept and lethargic performance against Norwich, ast others. Whatever good will he had from us was eroded with that unforgivable display. He certainly has the attributes to be an effective player but its his unwillingness to apply himself that is both galling and unacceptable "
1st May 2012 13:55
"Perhaps he already has been told that he can start looking for a change this summer, hence the poor recent displays. Of course, he will probably start now, create a goal, score one and the winning penalty and we will all forget his shortcomings for a week!! "
1st May 2012 14:03
"By the way, my money for 1st goal scorer is on skrtel...."
1st May 2012 14:23
"1st goalscorer Skrtel - 33/1 Gerrard - 11/1. Most bookies give the same odds for 1st and last goalscorer - I think I'll put a few quid on gerrard for a late strike - just got one of those feelings!! cometh the hour...."
1st May 2012 14:54
"If Maxi plays he scores, simples!"
Rush job
1st May 2012 16:23
"'Too soon' for me is applicable IMO in terms of actual discipline on the pitch. Thats where I am comimg from with JS at the moment. That discipline does come with experience, however, an FA Cup Final IS NOT the place to gain that experience IMO. A misplaced pass matters not away at Norwich, one in front of 90,000 people does."
Rush job
1st May 2012 16:25
"And that is my point with regard to Jonjo. You need ability, but you also need tactical awareness and the total discipline to do your job to result in us beating Chelsea and lifting the FA cup. This, for me, is where Jay Spearing will likely win 'hands down'."
Rush job
1st May 2012 16:27
"As stated, this is no slur on Jonjo, it is just how it is, and its where he is at currently. Jonjo Shelvey and LFC are about a hopeful long and illustrious career, not one game. Kenny knows what he is doing."
Rush job
1st May 2012 16:28
"He is a cracking prospect, who is raw at the moment. Let him develop, and mature, and hopefully we will have a cracking player on our hands. After all, he has the very best in the world to listen to and emulate."