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I don't know about u but i think we'd need him more than adam/hendo/spearing,,he's a lot better than these three
27th Apr 2012 11:55
27th Apr 2012 11:57
"Great news!"
27th Apr 2012 12:04
"Good.Sell your favourite boy adam and give aquilani a chance.A half fit aquilani is better than a fully fit(read ) charlie adam anyday.I can't wait to see the back of adam.Poor players who doesn't deserve to wear the shirt."
27th Apr 2012 12:05
"Alberto coming back to us would add some quality and imagination to our dire and negative midfield, which obviously needs major revamp, honestly? Charlie Adam? Aqualani is one of the best passers of a ball in europe, this is what our strikers need so badly...! We need this guy, come home Aqualani YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 12:06
"Seen him play in Champs League v Arsenal and he played very well when he came on..."
27th Apr 2012 12:09
"Rumours flying about that Pep Guardiola is leaving Barca at the end of the season. If FSG really want this club back were it belongs at the top table of not only English football but European football aswell they must go all out to get him. Kenny should move upstairs and take up the position of Director of football. "
27th Apr 2012 12:13
"Welcome the Italians... Aquilani and Capello"
27th Apr 2012 12:15
"If he was that brilliant, AC would have payed the money for him... We need some one who scores goals. We create enough chances as it is..."
27th Apr 2012 12:16
"Kenny says,"We'll have him - it's not a problem." Kenny --- how about "WOW`!WE'D BE THRILLED TO HAVE HIM BACK HERE AT LIVERPOOL WHERE HE'S DESPERATELY NEEDED!" Let's get positive Kenny, the way you were when you brought in CA,SD,JH and AC."
27th Apr 2012 12:17
"Finally!!! KD is talking like he realises that the quality of passing from midfield was in his back pocket all the time......or has he ??? Aquilani is a far better player than Hendo, Adam or Spearing....KK7-SG8-1989 is absolutely right. C'mon KK......admit you made a mistake."
27th Apr 2012 12:17
"does not want to play in england, will not give 110% the liverpool shirt demands, there is no place for any footballer who does not have this atude, exsisting players should be examined ?"
27th Apr 2012 12:19
"Here we go again... Everyone wanted him to stay for this season! I don't think he wants to play in England anymore, full stop. He'll prob be loaned or sold back to Italy in the summer. No point him being here if he doesn't want to be, shame cos he'd be a starter for me!"
27th Apr 2012 12:29
" Of course he is welcome here- we always needed him!"
27th Apr 2012 12:29
"hendo will come good.look at our midfield few years ago gerrard mash alonso and spearing adam hendo now.aqua seems better than them last 3 but cant see him staying with pool seems to like italy"
27th Apr 2012 12:31
"he is better than those player you bought last summer hendo adam spearing "
27th Apr 2012 12:33
"Please Please Get Aquilani back!! He is a QUALITY player. He has creativity, sumthing which we lack in our midfield which other big teams have. Get aquilani back and throw him into our first team nxt season pls!!!"
27th Apr 2012 12:33
"Hope he comes back. Hope Aqua, gerrard, lucas can be like gerrard, alonso, masch"
27th Apr 2012 12:37
"It was a stupid mistake to virtually give him away last season. Watching Adam, Spearing and Henderson has been painful - they lack quality. Give Alberto a proper chance to prove his worth."
27th Apr 2012 12:39
"ENOUGH Dalglish, no more hypocrisy."
27th Apr 2012 12:39
" Also if milan don't want him it's dissapointing for them.But we really miss alonso... no one could replace him. "
27th Apr 2012 12:41
"I've always been a fan of Aquaman but feel he's never really been given a chance at Liverpool. I want him to come back, play like he did in our pre-season in Asia (awesome) and then I can say "I told you so" to all my mates who don't understand why I love Aquaman so much! YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 12:42
"Buddha - Wouldn't mind Johnson but would prefer Tevez most of all from them - and if Saurez is moving on I would prefer he went to City for a rediculous amount than any other prem club, just to really get under Man U's skin!! Childish, I know..."
27th Apr 2012 12:43
"aquilani only ever played well in preseason matches, when it comes to the rough and tumble of english football he bottles it time and again, why dont ac want him? maybe they dont think he is good enough. he wants to stay in italy, why keep some one who doesnt want to be here, i.e. torres and meireles."
27th Apr 2012 12:44
"He's played 20 games for them. Anyone know how many league games left in serie a?"
27th Apr 2012 12:46
"what is wrong with you people wanting Kenny out???? We always back our managers, give him time and your support. Kenny has said it time and again, we need to pull in the same direction. Yes, the league form has been appalling but its work in process. PEOPLE SEEM TO HAVE FORGOTTEN WHERE WE WERE A YEAR AGO....Out with the negativity. YNWA!!!"
27th Apr 2012 12:46
"aquilani only ever played well in preseason matches, when it comes to the rough and tumble of english football he bottles it time and again, why dont ac want him? maybe they dont think he is good enough. he wants to stay in italy, why keep some one who doesnt want to be here, i.e. torres and meireles."
27th Apr 2012 12:47
"I don't know why Aqua was loaned out. Poor guy never really got a fair chance to prove himself and I think that this season would have been the making of him. When Stevie was out for a long period of time, Aqua could of come in and done the job of the attacking midfielder. "
27th Apr 2012 12:47
"We need some creativity in the midfield and Aqua man is the type who can provide such need. Adam is just like a bulldozer type of player. Hendo seems to be shying away from the ball while Downing lacks the spark despite having the pace."
27th Apr 2012 12:47
"now we need a striker who can actually score"
27th Apr 2012 12:50
"Thats sounds good, looking forward his performance, You'll never-ever walk alone LFC!!"
27th Apr 2012 12:53
"Sorry, previous comment was for another thread! I don't mind Aqua back, not his agent though!! And he will be back for what? A week after the euros for a bit of pre-olympic shopping and then a nice trip to America while his agent finds him another CL club to loan him to? Keep him til Xmas at least!!"
27th Apr 2012 12:53
"Well here WE have it yet again. THE FEST is here yet again and leading the way is JACKHIGH, it beats me why you SO CALLED LIVERPOOL FANS bother contributing to this website because all some of you do is CONDEM the Manager and the Players. BACK OFF YOU MUPPETS and SUPPORT YOUR TEAM Come on prove me wrong Please. YNWA REDS"
27th Apr 2012 12:54
"We have missed him this season, he was inspirational in pre season, his passes, movement and ability to create chances have been a loss to us. Welcome back Aquaman!YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 12:55
"I saw him play when he came on as a sub when Milan lost to Fiorentina recently. He was terrible! So lightweight and gave the ball away too easily. The one shot he had ended up in the second tier of the San Siro!! The lad wants to be in Italy, not at Anfield."
27th Apr 2012 12:56
"Hemanthrao: Someone talking sense on this board. I wish we can get rid of all you plastic fans who run and blame when things go badly. We are in two finals and have won one and the League position although not great is work in progress.YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 12:57
"I have watched him play for AC. Likes to be play maker in midfield, continental style, not very physical.Hasn't scored goals. On the plus side he an intelligent, reliable passer of the ball in a passing team and has an eye for the killer pass. But judging by KD's comments, a new ball boy would get a better welcome, it sounds like he will be treated as he was before and not given a chance "
27th Apr 2012 13:01
"since the team lost merieles to Chelsea, we need Aqua man to fire the team up with Suarez"
27th Apr 2012 13:03
"Out of all the matches we have drawn and lost this season there are only about 3 where we let ourselves down badly. Created upteem chances and hit the woodwork so many times. Dominated most of the games. Need one quality striker and wingers with speed down both flanks aka Lennon and Bale!!YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 13:03
"like aqua but he dont like pl too fast and rough we need players who are proud to wear the shirt YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 13:05
"if mr guardiola is possible mr henry bring him in and king kenny up stairs we could be world beaters as pep could attract the world class players we need please lfc forever YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 13:08
"For some reasons Aquilani prefers to play in Italy equally my fellow LFC fans should understand is that Aquilani with his fitness problems he is not really suited to play in the premier league."
27th Apr 2012 13:08
"The problem is though the wage issue - will he accept a reduction or will he still want to be on a level with the other top earners? Personally, I'd offer him 65,000 a week plus 10 grand per assist and 15 per goal but it's probably unworkable..."
27th Apr 2012 13:09
"would be good to have him back to show what he can do"
27th Apr 2012 13:13
"Im utterly ashamed for some of you. Disgusting. Maybe grow up a little."
27th Apr 2012 13:14
"Yesssss indeed tha lad ganna be like a new classy signing.. add Jackson Martenez and (Soldado or Higuain) two strikers.Get Gaston Ramirez. Loan Carroll for a whole season.. sell Kuyt with a big thank u and good luck from us.. as his not playing and he want to ,So 3 more singings ..."
27th Apr 2012 13:18
"To the LFC fans in favour of Mr Dalglish dismissal I say let it finish the season in a high with a win over Chelsea in the FA cup and rest assured the owners will decide at the end of the season what is best for LFC."
27th Apr 2012 13:19
"KK must stay !!"
27th Apr 2012 13:24
"hope that Aqua come back to Melwood, make the new season preparation with us and make the north americsn tournee with us... then maybe it will be time for the greetings or not... anyway it's always good for the eyes see Aqua treat the ball as he can do... "
27th Apr 2012 13:29
"Aqualani play with Suarez!!! We will win all the matches!!!! Aqualani! YOU!!! Come back here and kick all of our rivals!!! Prove to us that you are the captain of Italy in the future!!!"
27th Apr 2012 13:31
"Rotchie, well said! thats what ive been saying all along. when he played in the prem he wasnt anywhere near good enough.then he played well in preseason against rubbish teams and you all think hes the best player in the world!Ngog played well in friendlies, do you want him back??how about that geezer who looked like HHH from wrestling??wake up people!"
27th Apr 2012 13:33
"oh and for those asking for Pep G, he built Barca into the team they are now with TIME. so he would be no good for us cos if he didnt win the prem in his 1st season you lot would want him out!! same with any manager out their.its not about instant success, its about building!its a good job shanks never managed in this era otherwise LFC would never have been built if you lot had your say!"
27th Apr 2012 13:36
"so would i he is better than hendo adam downing has creative spark dont sel 4 7 million"
27th Apr 2012 13:37
"We desperately need a creative midfielder,i think he is creative more than all our other midfielders except Steven G"
27th Apr 2012 13:39
27th Apr 2012 13:39
"I wonder where and when aquilani said he doesn't want to play in England, for Liverpool, prefers Italy etc. He is still a Liverpool player who has yet to be given a real chance at the club. Give him his no. 4 shirt back I say."
Rush job
27th Apr 2012 13:41
"Im sure that you said the same a year ago, then loaned him out again!?"
Rush job
27th Apr 2012 13:44
"I dont get posters 'picking holes' in Kenny's response. Of course Kenny isnt going to be overly excited about it as he loaned him out, and also the 90k a week that AA earns may well have given us the goalscorer that we all reckon we definetly need. Ultimately, AA does not want to be here."
27th Apr 2012 13:45
"He is class, easily better than Adam and Henderson. He was just getting used to the premiership and then we sent him to Juve. We could do with having him here next season"
27th Apr 2012 13:51
"We might want Aqua back and welcome him, BUT would he really want to come back and not be played over Adam for example?leaving AC MILAN, CL,position for europa league?no me for Quardiola, he wouldnt have Half our team in his squad..they would make the bench at Barca, never mind manage them..he,s used to managing star quality, not trying to draw blood from a stone.."
27th Apr 2012 13:51
"Agree, as pretty much always, with you Rushjob, though I think a lot has to do with the advice around him which is why I put a lot of blame on his agent, though, again, he is just doing his job. I would be prepared to give a last chance til Xmas, but his wages is an issue."
27th Apr 2012 13:51
"yess he more quality in his finger compared to the trollo you and commoli brought in.. another stupid mistake of letting him go out on loan when he was our best player in pre season.. Guardiola in charge next season YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 13:53
"If ever i heard a lie this is certainly a definite lie. Kenny got rid of aquilani,cole and merieles who are all techically better than anyone he bought in last summer which is mad as we still payin half of coles and aquilani's wages aswell. Our best techical midfielder we have is maxi and he barely gets a sniff yet scores all the time"
27th Apr 2012 13:54
"Aqua is better than hendo, spearing & adams, but don't forget, we also have Lucas coming back for next season. our priority should be wingers tho, coz if we're gonna keep carroll, he needs decent crosses to play to his strengths. our wingers have been dreadful this year."
27th Apr 2012 13:55
"I would welcome him back with open arms. Our midfield is crying out for creativety and a player who can make a foreward pass now and again....."
27th Apr 2012 14:00
27th Apr 2012 14:00
"Aquilani doesn't seem to want to come back and KD doesn't seem to want him back that much so it's pretty clear he won't be playing for us next season. Not that I mind. Too injury prone and 100% bottle job. Besides he's not our main priority "
27th Apr 2012 14:06
"To all those spouting progress all the time,where is the progress? From 6th place to 8th place(possible out of the top 10 ? I am not sure we can call that progress.I guess there is a reason why other fans call us delusional."
27th Apr 2012 14:06
"brilliant news Aqua to return to us, he is so much better than the likes of adam/hendo to have him in midfield along side Lucas and captain fantastic sat behind our strikers will be just what we need for the attacking boost! YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 14:10
"Sending him out on loan was a wrong decision in the first place. I was really disappointed when Kenny sent him out on loan."
27th Apr 2012 14:16
"Would you rather see Aquilani and his superb creativity and razor-sharp, bullet passes on the pitch for us? - or, would you prefer to watch our "Mr. Brilliance" aka Jordan Henderson. Simply pathetic and embarassing to watch. Thanks Kenny! Bring more Hendos in this summer. Just what we need! DUH! "
27th Apr 2012 14:22
"I've never doubted his skill,only his application and commitment to our club."
27th Apr 2012 14:23
27th Apr 2012 14:24
"We need him and sending him on loan was big mistake. Bring Alberto ! + next class players"
27th Apr 2012 14:26
"Far best in our midfield with Steven, passes, chances, game speed control, corners."
27th Apr 2012 14:30
"KD. why not follow the footstep of Guardiola and resign since results are not going your way. Must you kill the club you claim to love like Rafa before you leave? ...the expression in the face of Gerrard during Newcastle v Liverpool match says it all. You are grossly incompetent modern football- this`s my opinion."
Buckie LFC Supporter
27th Apr 2012 14:31
" I'm confused by those who want him back & where he fits in. People want Lucas in CM (as he's the only CM who knows how to defend) you then want SG as he's a legend & then you want Aqua to do the creativity that SG isn't providing, but who is Aqua creating for as obviously you lose a striker (which everyone says we need more of) so less players to pass to? "
27th Apr 2012 14:41
"Yes Damien Comolli sacked For Bad Signings and lets Alberto Aquilani on loan To Ac Milan now hes coming back to liverpool ..Great News oh by the way did you hear andy carroll will be going out on loan ..sorry but adam and hendo should be sold asap there crap !! the final should be sack or win For Kenny Dalglish "
27th Apr 2012 14:45
"To quote our BRILLIANT supporter 'Hemanthrao',"People seem to have forgotten where we were a year ago." Sorry pal, from Jan. we finished the year second best in points only to Chelsea! TODAY- WE ARE SECOND "WORST" ONLY TO WOLVES SINCE JAN. AND WOULD FACE RELEGATION. THANKS KENNY FOR THE GREAT IMPROVEMENT! "
27th Apr 2012 14:56
"Alberto is quality, real quality, when i think of the quality we had under the Benetez era, e.g. Alonso, Abeloa, Torres, Garcia, Hyppia, Mascherano, the list goes on and on, then I look at the standard of player we have now, Adam, downing, Henderson etc honestly, it makes me weep, Rushjob understands this don't you Rushjob and Buddha too. "
27th Apr 2012 14:57
"In terms of quality, a one legged Aquillani is twice as skilful as a 3 legged Adam :)"
Rush job
27th Apr 2012 14:59
"Loz99, it is a tad upsetting!"
27th Apr 2012 15:01
"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!! The man is class. Simples "
27th Apr 2012 15:03
"Could we get him sooner if they dont want him... he can play the last few games we have if its possible to ask milan to release him before the end of the season? especially with adam out we can use someone like him for FA cup final??"
27th Apr 2012 15:05
"He is still your player and you don't check on his progress, suspect management Kenny. Aqua is probably the best player we never had so to speak."
27th Apr 2012 15:15
"Alberto is a class player and proven ability. Would not cost us a penny and providing he and his family want to be in Liverpool then that's fine otherwise let him move on. I would like to see him in the side but he must realise he's part of a squad and would only play when tactics will allow him to. He just needs to toughen up a lot more for the EPL."
27th Apr 2012 15:16
"Alberto is a quality player who we never saw the best of in a red shirt. I couldn't understand why he went back to Italy last Summer other than he has no desire to play for Liverpool. But, if that's the case why did he sign in the first place. We have Euro football next season and need the best squad we can assemble!"
27th Apr 2012 15:23
"KD obviously dont like player with skills & technique. Look how he treat maxi, cole, meireles, aqua. Not in regular line-up, and loan out"
27th Apr 2012 15:25
"Guardiola the most effective manager in football (compared to his time in management) decided to leave Barca because he thought he failed the club he loves most.KD who broke all the negative records and brought humiliation wanted to stay at the job.where is your love for the club? "
27th Apr 2012 15:26
"He was the stand out performer in the pre-season games but never really got going in the prem. Don't mind the lad as he left (on loan) with dignity and that's why kenny has left the door open. His wages are a concern though, he would have to prove himself big time, but I just think his heart is in Italy - bit surprised Milan don't want him hmmmm?"
27th Apr 2012 15:26
"Aqua' was welcomed back by Kenny pre season, Commoli had a yarn with him, Alberto said he wanted to play in central midfield, Damien (not Damien Trotter) told him he was surplus because Stevie G played that role (Stevie was injured long term?) Kenny was told to say that they couldn't fit him into the team? crap! They wanted the cheap option Adam! then Alberto was loaned out to AC Milan"
27th Apr 2012 15:27
"Kenny absent minded is clear reciepe for failure. How can you say that you havent been looking at your player? Hence you dont know if he can fit in LFC or not. Why did you loan him in the place? WE ARE DOOMED FOR ANOTHER SEASON"
27th Apr 2012 15:33
"For anyone who questions Kenny's love for the club, well you don't know much about LFC!! As for the Aquilani debate, how exactly is he going to improve our finishing in front of goal? Think about it logically. He himself doesnt score many either."
27th Apr 2012 15:34
"KD thinks he has better midfielders than Aqua.He said he welcomes Aqua only if Milan don't want him.And what a shame he never watched his game at Milan.This man is divorced from modern football and never updates him self watching games in other leagues."
27th Apr 2012 15:47
"osebasa, Guardiola replaced Rijkaard (winner of a spitting contest with Rudi Voller in 1990 WC) who had continued to impliment the dutch total football system into Barcelona as did Cruyff before him. he also inherited a fantastic talent base to work with plus his own pedigree with Barca. Kenny is only just got here and has very little talent at his disposal, give him time YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 15:48
"Hes not had a proper chance to show his quality at LFC and he is better than the 3 mentioned, however we NEED a striker a poacher a fowler/rush type to finish all the chances we're making.Y.N.W.A "
27th Apr 2012 15:53
"Thanks God Guadiola is available. The first priority is a capable coach. Even if we have no money for better mid fielders or strikers, we must have a capable coach to pick the right team. I am sure that KD thinks he always pick the right team though. This is exactly the problem."
27th Apr 2012 15:54
"Next seson we need a bunch of skilful footballers with passion and quality, last batch brought in shouldn't have been allowed to wear those deep sea diving boots, especially down the wings. never thought i'd say this but Babel and NGog were more skilful and scored more as well."
27th Apr 2012 15:55
"i would rather we have Alberto back at Anfield than him staying at AC Milan, hes a wonderful player and play maker unlike the donkey we got from the sands at Blackpool"
27th Apr 2012 16:01
"I would certainly put him in the starting 11 over adam, Hendo and spearo"
27th Apr 2012 16:11
"Sometimes it's the things you say KD that make me question if you really have an 'eye' for talent. Any manager would prefer Aquilani over Henderson or Jonjo, or even Adam at times. I think LFC should just make you the Director of Football and bring in another manager. Pep Guardiola will be free in the summer, LFC should take him!"
27th Apr 2012 16:14
"I hope he comes back. We could really have done with him this season. Its shocking that we have never given him a chance. Lucas, Aquilani and Gerrard in the middle next year! Get him back Kenny!"
27th Apr 2012 16:17
"I know we all would love for Aquilani to play for us, but the reason he has been on loan is because he DOESNT want to be here. Which forced buys of Adam and a Henderson (who which is think has improved dramatically over the season along with Carroll). Hope there is a change of heart! YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 16:23
"To Dalglish, I think it's high time you drop your sentimental atude and be realistic. Aqua is by far a better player than adam/spearing/hendo and jonjo. we need him now. try loan those four boys to Milan and see if they would play half a game."
27th Apr 2012 16:36
"Aqua man u gotta alot of making up to do if u come back!"
27th Apr 2012 16:39
"Welcome back Aquaman! If not the BEST atleast better than OVERATED BRITISH quartet (JH,CA,SD,AC). YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 16:45
"We could take aqua back. He would not be any worse than we have at moment! We really need the rest of our games to have positive results! Im all for supporting thru thick and thin,but our finishing has been awful!! Its hard to understand why this has not been addressed on the training field.please sort it lads..YNWA"
27th Apr 2012 17:05
"yes we need him for central midfielder... "
27th Apr 2012 17:18
"Get him back, feed him fish chips and mushy peas, let him play tick with Suarez and Carra and he will be the dog's tadge next season "
27th Apr 2012 17:23
"Lfc1958 n hemanthro where was this " we always back our manager" dross when Hodgson was in charge?? What hypocrisy!! Everybody keeps saying look where we were a year ago, il tell you, we were 12th, we hadn't blown 100m on average players ( bar surez) and had roy stayed we would have picked up anyway so is it such miracle what kk has supposedly done cont...,"
27th Apr 2012 17:23
"its official we've no money to spend so we're taking back the rubbish we've bin tryin to get rid of the italian princess can't cut in prem what next cole /poulson + he doesnt want to play here "
27th Apr 2012 17:23
"He's too lightweight for premier league, Italian football suits him, besides he doesn't want to be here unless he has to be so blaming KD for letting him go is ridiculous. And calling for his head is a joke, if you don't support us when we lose or draw then don't support us when we win."
27th Apr 2012 17:29
"Cont He has blown 120 m, worst run of results since the 50s, 5 wins all season at anfield, yes a lucky cup win, but a league position of mid table with no sign of challenging for the le anytime soon, do ask yourself in his second season in charge considering the budget he had compared to Hodgson are we any better off then when kk started ???cont "
27th Apr 2012 17:30
"The following is a quote from Jose Jose Mourinho and i think LFC can learn form this. "Clubs have to adapt to the evolution of time and to changing mentalities. A fantastic car in the 1980s is not fantastic in the 1990s or the 2000sâ??. -Jose Mourinho "
27th Apr 2012 17:33
"Cont I'm afraid the answer is no, his handling of the surez row , his transfer policy, his lack of tactics , insistence of playing his favourites instead of the best team, his actions in post match interviews have made him a laughing stock, the true indicator of progress is the league not a cup run and it shows we are going backwards and we need a new direction "
27th Apr 2012 17:41
"Gbengaaji u hit the nail on the head brilliant line take a bow son!! All these kk fans are living on the past yes kk was a legend and still is but that's no reason to back him now he is clearly not suited to the runnings of the prem league 2012, jee doesn't know how to conduct himself in interviews, transfer policy is a shambles he should move upstairs and a new modern manager come in "
27th Apr 2012 17:49
"We need him badly!! Use him please."
27th Apr 2012 17:50
"Agreed, we should give him a fair go. "
27th Apr 2012 17:54
"i like aquaman but there's no point if he doesnt want to be at the club.we need to get to the bottom of this and deal with it.its going on far far far too long "
27th Apr 2012 17:57
"all we need now is a player coming back from milan telling suarez how great it is there"
27th Apr 2012 18:09
"I wonder why he left in the first place! It's a shame he was replaced by mediocre players...!"
27th Apr 2012 18:16
"Let's not forget he left because he didn't want to play for us.It's pointless to say he should be in the team if he doesn't want to be in the team!Get real."
27th Apr 2012 18:18
"First of all i have nothing against any of our midfielders. I wish to know why we had to buy midfielders when we had a good one in our pocket and then let him go on loan. I don't think Aquilani has been given chance to play that much to show his real talent. In preseason he was the player of all games."
27th Apr 2012 18:37
"thank god"
27th Apr 2012 18:38
"aqulani probably has more goals n assists than henderson n adam together at liverpool"
27th Apr 2012 18:42
"Aquilani is a quality player. Two problems, 1- he had a lot of illness when he was with us. 2- he has made it VERY clear, he does not want to play in England and wants to 'play in Italy. If he wanted to be here, I would love to see him play for us!"
27th Apr 2012 18:43
"Hmmm, not full convinced Kenny wants him to stay; even if he comes back, the chances are he wouldn't play him, don't know why, though maybe KK knows something we don't.."
27th Apr 2012 18:48
"I reckon we will win premier league finally next season.i`m really confident.Cant wait for the may 2013 premier league bus parade through liverpool.THIS IS IT PEOPLE. no one will expect it but just wait and see.YNWA!"
27th Apr 2012 18:56
"The simple fact is this man is quality and we can do with all the quality players we an get, especially those that already belong to us. He is what I believe we have missed at times, a creator with a goal threat. He can dictate the tempo of a game so whatever the situation we would have a player that controlled matches to our advantage. Welcome home son"
27th Apr 2012 18:57
"ok your eyes are just opened? When we have luxury in players like Aqua, Mireless & watched KK said he can't find a place for them in the team! Yet went ahead to pay odds of cash for sub standards players & let them put our beloved red shirt for nothing! Aqua for £7/5m? while Adam £9m, Hendo £16that's a joke! "
27th Apr 2012 19:12
"Sick n tired of so call kk fans who think they know it all, they think they have a god given right to comment on lfc yet anyone going against there views are somehow plastic fans or not proper fans, I mean thd comment from one such fan "oh he doesn't want to okay for us bla bla " how do y know did he tell u ?? No exactly the truth is a half got Aqua is better than kk British buys "
27th Apr 2012 19:17
"Akd4real couldn't agree more we had the quality in aqua n meriles but just cause they were foreign kk bombed em Out and wd replaced them with expensive British misfits, this rubbish about they didn't wanna play for us is propaganda by the kk brigade to cover up kk failings"
27th Apr 2012 19:18
"Lets just say KD thought that Adam, Henderson, Downing being stars in their teams should have adapted better than they did and therefore seemed a sound investment. He will hopefully now see that in Aqua he would have a far better player than these chaps and by putting an arm around his shoulders he will have a guy who is potentially world class to call upon. Come on sir "
27th Apr 2012 19:20
"No one has answered my question as to why we payed over the odds for second rate British players it's not as I'd they will get any betteror we can sell Them on for profit, they are what they are mud table players trying there best and it shows in our league form, it's kk judgement that us to blame not these players and for that he has to go, "
27th Apr 2012 19:27
"5STARKOP, the honest answer is that KD went with what he knew. It seemed logical to him that British players would adapt to the rigours of the premiership and he bought players who were admittedly stars in theirs teams. On paper it should have worked. I don't blame him for the buys its playing them out of form is my gripe. I hope he's learnt and winning 2 cups gives him another chance to show this"
27th Apr 2012 19:44
"We need him more than hendo,adam,spearing,carrol,downing only reason kd did not want him coz he is not kd needs him coz we not going to get the top qaulity we want like everyone knows we not in CL."
27th Apr 2012 20:07
"I always thought he would have been the better choice for the team. He was great to watch before his injury but never got the chance to blossom at Liverpool. Hopefully he will play for us and i would be happy to see him play. Ps wish you could get Alonso back. lol."
27th Apr 2012 20:21
"For a start no player that doesn't want to pull that shirt on even if for free(mieiles Chelsea sum) then no place for them. Now that just basics. And i want to win this cup more than most but stop claiming two cups until we win it cause ill fell bad if we don't but want fell stupid stopping now can't be arsed with all this Y.N.W.A"
27th Apr 2012 20:30
"FINALLY!! Kenny coming to his senses. Aquaman is far better than Adam/Spearing/Hendo combined. Him and Lucas in the middle would be awesome. The other 3 can be fringe players until they improve."
27th Apr 2012 20:33
"well let him come back clearly they have stopped useing him to try and drop the price.this would save some money for back up strike force as we havent hit the net this season and win is what footbal is all about not fancy stuff"
27th Apr 2012 20:34
"Quality player why was he loaned out after great pre season? Another massive mistake by the King!1 Gerrard hasn't been his self this year, Hendo,Adam have done as good as we expected. All i know is NEXT YEAR WE MUST IMPROVE BEFORE BRING PEP IN END OF NEXT SEASON AND MOVING KD UPSTAIRS"
27th Apr 2012 20:37
"it would be great to see him back in the team, you could build a team with this lad! he is better than any of the poor buys last year!! come on KD see sense! him and Lucas running midfield next year! sell downing, hendo, adam! and buy a quality striker! AC can work in the canteen!"
27th Apr 2012 20:40
"We should only get rid of him if we bring Keisuke Honda in."
27th Apr 2012 20:40
"How about this a a line up if we don't buy anyone or get rid of anyone Reina Johnson agger skrtel Enrique Lucas Gerrard aqualani downing Surez carall "
27th Apr 2012 21:01
"I think I'd like to see Aquilani back, it'd be interesting to see how he performs under a different coaching regime...? If it doesn't work out in the end then, we'll be knocking him off for 14 million quid, and that could be used towards another decent player..."
27th Apr 2012 21:01
"Another player not getting a mention but is still our player, Joe Cole. "
27th Apr 2012 21:17
"This is the second time KD has express interest in this ..... If he still think of bailing out, we should just cut his pay and let him clean the boots for the reserves..... Nobody wants him anyway...."
27th Apr 2012 21:21
"i would love to see him come back he is our good luck charm but can't blame him if he doesn't want to come back after the way he was treated he was brought in when he was injured when he was fit again he didn't get the chance to prove himself then roy came in and send him out on loan then he came back for the summer had a good preseason and got send out again no wonder he wants to stay in italy"
27th Apr 2012 21:27
"this guy is 10x better than the rubbish we have in the middle of the park this year...hes like a new signing ...keep him he;s quality!!!!"
27th Apr 2012 22:05
"Nice man manager skill not even knowing if a player contracted to your club has kicked a ball this season. Aqua was our most impressive performers in pre-season and I was gutted we saw Charlie Adam as a better fit. Personally i feel a little embarrassed how poorly we have treated this man."
27th Apr 2012 22:12
27th Apr 2012 22:24
"just sign ganso,Lucas moura"
27th Apr 2012 22:50
"thing is, even if he does come back, and plays a starring role in pre-season (like he did last summer) he wont be given a chance (like he wasnt given at the beginning of last season). Some/Many management decisions, on and off the field, have infuriated me this season... "
27th Apr 2012 23:02
" The Aqua-MAN Should NEVER had been sent on Loan in the 1st place!!! WE are Talking about An ITALIAN International Here! He is a CLASS ACT!!!"
27th Apr 2012 23:12
"I don't understand why he cannot play instead of the Adams or Henderson. He has great ability and spreads the ball better than the other two. With him in our team we just may get a few more goals due to his creativity."
27th Apr 2012 23:15
"aqau is a skillful and one thought ahead would have scored goals instead of hitting the woodwork 30 times."
27th Apr 2012 23:16
"This guy will basically go to any Italian team before he will play with Liverpool. Kenny is already starting the public relations work to get a bidder, nothing more. He will never play for us again, except perhaps in preseason to showcase his talent. Too bad because I think he is talented. Must miss his mum too much....."
27th Apr 2012 23:23
"I dont know ..if hes our player why have we kept sending him a feeling well sell him..he was good for a bit but hasnt played in england unless his loan deals have expired..kinda thinking time to cut the deal and spend on someone who dosent care about the weather in england"
27th Apr 2012 23:31
"Lets be honest... If we are giving Spearing, Adam & Henderson a chance then why not this guy?! Hes played well in Italy, hes better then the 3 players above so why not? About time! Now get a winger! EG. Robben from Bayern cause he wants to leave there is summer!"
27th Apr 2012 23:46
"Kenny stated clearly that the reason Aqua left was because he couldn't find a place for him in his team so its not fair anyone questioning whether he wants to play for us when it was made clear to him that his face didn't fit. He has all the skills to be a talisman and him Gerrard and Lucas will run riot if given the chance and in Jonjo we have SG replacement down the road"
27th Apr 2012 23:50
"dont know how we didnt have room since he was here before the new recruits..have that ROBBIE KEANE feeling..hell be here in january only to be ditched..cant believe we sold him we he hit form..cracker against arsenal..remember"
Buckie LFC Supporter
28th Apr 2012 0:39
"I don't understand all the clamer for this guy. 3 managers have hardly played him in an LFC shirt, Rafa,RH & KK which must tell you something. He only looked good in an LFC shirt when he was the best of a bad bunch in the "for sale" pre season team. As for being an Italian international, so was Dossena!"
28th Apr 2012 0:39
28th Apr 2012 0:40
28th Apr 2012 0:50
"he was never given a chance! he cld prove to be our replacement for alonso. he never felt wanted! i wld give him a run in the team. cant do any worse, than what we got. still think we need 2 l&r wingers! been this way for a decade. am i the only 1 who sees this?"
28th Apr 2012 1:14
"maybe now we will have a quality central to play with Stevie, but he(steve)must adapt to holder"
28th Apr 2012 1:23
"Complete bull Kenny. please dont take us as idiots. I support LFC and believe in you but you didnt want aqua and he doesnt want us. End of"
28th Apr 2012 1:32
"Sorry Kenny, it seems as though anything too gushy about you is censored. Not a good sign."
28th Apr 2012 1:48
"Scratch that! C'mon we're getting there! Kenny's the man, surely we know that already ?"
28th Apr 2012 2:05
"He shd hv remain a Reds player since 2 seasons ago when Roy Hodgson decided to loan him out. Was a mistake. Looked at what he can do during pre-season. I dunno why he was still loan out by KD instead of keeping him at Anfield. Our position this season might not be this bad wif him ard then."
28th Apr 2012 3:42
" , it's not a case of him telling anyone he doesn't want to play for us, it's more a case of him preferring to play for Milan"
28th Apr 2012 3:43
"this lad is class, we should get him back..."
28th Apr 2012 3:57
"he will give a better option in midfield area. aqua has good instinct and passing. we need him."
28th Apr 2012 4:06
"Yes. I would give chance to Aqua rather than Henderson."
28th Apr 2012 4:09
"So is Pep Guardiola going to be our new coach? lol Just messing KK we believe in you! Bring back aqua man and have him stay this time, please. Lets win the FA Cup! YNWA"
28th Apr 2012 6:18
"I would love to have him back, he's a great player. Unfortunately I question his willingness to play in England. He obviously wants to go back to Italy.. "
28th Apr 2012 6:22
"BTW: Milan will make sure he doesn't play enough games to activate the clause, and then try to buy him later on for â?¬ 1.. "
28th Apr 2012 6:22
"That was supposed to be the EURO-sign.."
28th Apr 2012 6:24
"i think he is much.. much... much better than adam, henderson, spearing, kuyt dan maxi...."
28th Apr 2012 7:11
"Has Aquilani said a single word about coming back? If he wanted to play for LFC he would have said by now or when he went on loan that he would want to come back.Shelvey jumped at the chance to come back.Commitment to LFC is what we want.YNWA"
28th Apr 2012 7:45
"King Kenny, don't welcome Aqua back please. He will destroy your "English talents" policy. "
28th Apr 2012 8:14
"Let's pay another 25million for darren bent,20 million for matt jarvis and 18million for steven fletcher.Fits with kenny's policy of buying british ''talent''"
28th Apr 2012 8:15
"he has played 29 times this season and scored 1 thanks"
28th Apr 2012 8:41
"would be great to see this lad back!! hope KD has come to his senses, how much stronger as a squad would we have been if we had Aqua and Cole in the squad this season! STrange decision to loan out two quality players which would had clearly given us 2 different tactical options for the team!"
28th Apr 2012 8:49
"However good he is, let's face it, he doesn't want to be here. He'll say he'll play but as soon as soneone looks to take him on loan, he's off"
28th Apr 2012 8:50
"As we are lacking quality midfielders like now, why not bring him back (don't care about the price) and let him settle and prepare him and the team for the fa cup final?"
28th Apr 2012 8:55
"Starting to get very tired of liverpool fans saying that we have to go out and buy all these world class players when the position we are we can't the top players want CL not ufea cup KK needs to be there for a few seasons to bulid again so i think aquca could do a job i thin Jh will come good and ireally think all we need is a modric type player and a winger to cross the ball to carroll "
28th Apr 2012 9:00
"Yesss! I definitely hope we get him back! He is such a good player! YNWA"
28th Apr 2012 9:04
"but he wont; hes happier there, AND they want him."
28th Apr 2012 9:32
"Class player, but injury-prone and hasn't settled in England... We should get him back if we aren't getting decent cash for him, but FSG shouldn't look at his returning as a "new signing." We still need a first-choice, long-term midfielder."
28th Apr 2012 9:36
"I just wonder why we let him go out on loan all season,a creative player which we are missing to break down defences and play the killer ball.In pre season games,Aquilani really shone.Kenny says he will welcome him back I think you should have done that a lot sooner.But will you really welcome him back? Most of the signings have been dreadful."
28th Apr 2012 9:40
"Bring back Messrs Aquilani and Cole and we can then add Defoe and Johnson and lets go"
28th Apr 2012 10:02
"Like opening season at the end you loan him. Nice job KK."
28th Apr 2012 10:16
"depends on aqua, does he want to 'return' after all that's gone on and his treatment by certain LFC officials, but i would put him in the team, as he's way more impressive than you know who, what's to lose?"
28th Apr 2012 10:57
"Why was he shipped out in the first place....the british players philosophy is dragging the club down"
28th Apr 2012 11:03
"I would love to see Aquilani back at Anfield - I always thought that sending him out on loan was a mistake. The current midfield has shown it's not up to the task - now lets give Aquilani a chance."
28th Apr 2012 11:16
"well said KK7-SG8-1989 KD says something else and does something else."
28th Apr 2012 15:56
"fully agree mate..Aqua is better than hendo, spearing and adam. British players policy just a TALE story. Not practical in modern football."