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They are starting to gel. Come on you reds
20th Apr 2012 8:43
20th Apr 2012 8:47
"King Luis & Prince Andrew will hopefully be devastating opposition defences for many many glorious years to come........YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 8:58
"Let them play more together, and they might be a devastation duo!"
20th Apr 2012 8:59
"Let them play more together, and they might be a devastation duo!"
20th Apr 2012 9:01
"we the fans have said all along if kenny plays them together they will score goals. point proven. "
Rush job
20th Apr 2012 9:04
"Thats a great comment from Luis. I love seeing such positive comments from fellow players. It shows a real spirit in the team. Maybe the 'adverse' season we have had (as Luis has said) could be a great learning curve for the whole team. Now just go and win the FA Cup!!!!"
20th Apr 2012 9:08
"Suarez u are right! Weldone."
20th Apr 2012 9:10
"This is what all Reds want to hear. Let's hope they can get one each against the Baggies, with Hendo or Downing nicking one to boost their confidence a bit. YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 9:14
"Im delighted for Carroll,scoring couple of big goals 4us.Hes a young player with alot of potential,confidence player who needs the fans behind him.I believe when he plays he frees up space for Luis by occupying defenders,allowing suarez to drop off an pick up the ball.He just needs games.By no means is he the finished article but he has got us some big goals an good performances.Well done Andy."
20th Apr 2012 9:15
"this is the moment i dreamt of...... come on redmen!!!!!!!!"
20th Apr 2012 9:25
"The confidence is growing as are the performances..... Its johnson, to gerrard, to downing, great cross to carroll, and its a goal- england 1 france 0!"
20th Apr 2012 9:27
"I'm sure next year will be great, for the whole team but specially for Carrol Well I'm still hoping of big buy"
20th Apr 2012 9:30
"You are no fan of Liverpool Vishred. Must have really hurt you the last couple of weeks seeing Big Andy as the hero! Run along to redcafe. Idiot!"
Rush job
20th Apr 2012 9:32
"Andy Carroll, started 11 games for Liverpool, Liverpool won 10 of them. No brainer."
Doctor Who
20th Apr 2012 9:34
"Luis/Carroll sounds like a fairy tale about to be written in our history"
20th Apr 2012 9:36
"I thought Suarez was 6 foot tall ? I suppose against Carroll anybody would look small though!"
20th Apr 2012 9:39
"andy needs to play alll game leading to cup final his confidence is not quite 100 percent games and goals will give him that carrol overtake torres goal stat he he"
20th Apr 2012 9:45
"We all look forward to see them two (Suarez and Carroll) connected the way Keegan and Toshack were. They both have potential to do so. Big - small, fast - strong... Great recipe for destroying opponents's defence just the way Keegan and Toshack were doing back in the eight-tees. YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 9:45
"We all look forward to see them two (Suarez and Carroll) connected the way Keegan and Toshack were. They both have potential to do so. Big - small, fast - strong... Great recipe for destroying opponents's defence just the way Keegan and Toshack were doing back in the eight-tees. YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 9:45
"Please KD, don't separate the pairing this summer... Andy the big lad and Luis the smallest quick lad, as the LFC tradition wants... they are starting to gel from a bit of time YNWA AC & LS "
20th Apr 2012 9:50
"If thats what Suarez says then that's a fact. I would like to see Bellamy play with them as well in a 3 man attack. This is little Britain, this is Lou and Andy!!! "
20th Apr 2012 9:54
"The team is settling now- it is up to all of us to get behind them as they feed off our support and the more we show confidence in them, the more they will show confidence in themselves and performances will improve. Is it a coincidence that since adam has been sidelined, we have shown improvement? I hope he comes back to prove his worth, but i feel a loan deal to rangers coming!"
20th Apr 2012 10:01
"There certainly seems to be a sense of strong team spirit, which is something the likes of the rent boys don't have, and the "whole is always greater than the sum of the parts". If we can build on this, we can compete. Rather than throwing money at "star" players like some of the spoilt kids who post here."
Rush job
20th Apr 2012 10:01
"Kingmat. Totaly agree."
20th Apr 2012 10:02
"Nice comments from suarez"
20th Apr 2012 10:03
"vishred 1 - grow up and grow a pair."
20th Apr 2012 10:10
"I think its true, he showed some improvement in the past few weeks"
20th Apr 2012 10:15
"Mr Andrew Carroll needs countinuous IV shots of confidence to help him grow into a monster of a forward. Immense potential there, methinks. "
20th Apr 2012 10:18
"Rushjob- i see buddha made a guest star appearance yesterday though i found his comment about keeping tabs on the board from afar a bit creepy! Anyway, glad to know he is alright!!"
Rush job
20th Apr 2012 10:26
"Hmmm, I have my doubts on that. He 'moves under many different names' IMO! Whatever he calls himself, its always an interseting debate! Him and I totally disagree on most things, but respect eachother nonesensical views- which is how these comments sections should work!"
20th Apr 2012 10:34
"andy has the potential to be the new drogba.remember all saying goes down too easy never worth the 22m record fee.the game against everton showed what andy can do to turn around a game that was slipping."
20th Apr 2012 10:35
"I'm very excited about their partnership! YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 10:38
"Luis is being helpful and trying to lift Carrol.."
20th Apr 2012 10:38
"four or five more goal in this campaign..and go to euro alongside gerrard, johnson, and downing will be great for carroll."
20th Apr 2012 10:44
""vishred", please leave this site, you know nothing about football, or anything for that matter"
20th Apr 2012 10:59
"keep it up andy"
20th Apr 2012 11:02
"Nice comments from Luis to boost confidence but I for one don't believe we will be a Premiership winning team with Carroll as a key element. He just isn't mobile enough and doesn't compliment Suarez. Suarez needs lateral movement and quick ball, with a footballing finisher alongside him."
20th Apr 2012 11:47
"suarez+cavani+llorente..liverpool must buy them if want trophy"
20th Apr 2012 11:52
"Andy always is tightly marked espeiaaly at set pieces and corners this allows space for the likes of Skirtel and Aggar. If only KD would forget Henderson for the rest of the season and play Bellamy or Sterling on the right we might see a few more goals "
20th Apr 2012 12:05
"Carroll as lone striker and Suarez as right wing create efficient attacks."
20th Apr 2012 12:11
"It looked like Kenny was providing the assist lol!!"
20th Apr 2012 12:16
"Honestly at for the first few months i said Andy would be great for us, then i said we should sell him because lets face it he was useless for a while, but now i think he is starting to act like the Andy we paid so much money for the last 5 or 6 hes played in hes looked dangerous and he also has the ability to make chances for himself which is very important in a forward"
20th Apr 2012 12:19
"Big Andy's had his ups and his downs, but we're starting to see the good stuff now. Keep going Andy mate! We all love you and just want you to do well :D"
20th Apr 2012 12:20
" Reina Johnson. Skirtel. Aggar. Enrique Gerrard. Shelvey. Spearing downing Suarez. Carrol This team will tear WBA apart kenny!!!"
20th Apr 2012 12:20
"I can see light at end of tunnel with both starting games TOGETHER, they needed games together or it would never happen. Big season for these 2 next year. YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 12:24
"I think the massive price tag didn't do Carrol any favors but as that presure if starting to lift a bit his movement is much better. I do get that Carrol is an Option up front and when a player starts to get good service to him he will gain Confidence and the goals will flow :) Don't get me wrong we still need another striker to give the pace option too. YNWA"
20th Apr 2012 12:40
"Well done AC, still think we need another EPl centre forward and natural right winger. "
20th Apr 2012 13:28
"said from day 1 give the lad time the 2 words i i always said to people who wrote off his ability was Lucas Leiva no1 believed me wen i backed him from day 1 all used to tell me i didn't no football and its the same with Andy Carroll come on redmen"
20th Apr 2012 13:40
"thekopsuarez - all of the attributes you say are his weaknesses have improved recently. He doesn't give the ball away much at all now. In tight areas under pressure he seems to find his way out(remarkably), he runs defenders ragged and his presence is felt in both defence and attack. He doesn't give up and now has a hunger for match-winning goals. And he's still improving. What more do you want?"
20th Apr 2012 13:48
"Has anyone noticed that when Carroll is sub, Downing a player that can put pin point crosses onto his head is usually taken off to accommodate him. Surely this is a confusing tactic. If we are going to get the best out of Carroll then we should play to his strengths. Just a thought. "
20th Apr 2012 13:51
"ron23-what do i want?i want consistancy from him week in week out not once in a bluemoon..hmmm"
20th Apr 2012 13:54
"Luis coerced into saying this?! Some of the conspiracy theories do make you laugh, oh and of course JFK is still alive living in Toxteth along with Elvis Presley!"
20th Apr 2012 14:03
"well said suarez, carroll has improved loads cause of confidence and fitness .. and them two up front next season will destroy opponents!!!!!!"
20th Apr 2012 14:06
"That is a very team thing to say. While encouraged, I'm still not convinced. A good showing in the run up to the FA Cup and in the final itself, and maybe I'll be a believer."
Rush job
20th Apr 2012 14:54
"Buddha- the answer to that is not to have Carroll as a sub!"
20th Apr 2012 14:54
"totally agree"
20th Apr 2012 15:12
"Sodaldo, Muniain and Pablo Hernadez as right winger + Martinez from Bilbao"
20th Apr 2012 15:26
"Hoping that AC, LS and maybe DK start all the remaining matches for this season. Man, I'm looking forward to the FA Cup Final. Let's bring those Blues down. Forever Red."
20th Apr 2012 15:56
"Lets hope you're right Louis. "
20th Apr 2012 16:05
"Nice to know that Andy and Luis are getting along just fine :) "
20th Apr 2012 16:37
"they are geling but they also need the team to be attacking and not loosing the ball in middle of he park. thus they will just run behand the ball and not enough ball for goals. midfielders must feed and feed balls then we will see their partnership"
Rush job
20th Apr 2012 16:38
"As for Gareth Barry- are you on a wind up cos its Friday afternoon Buddha? And as for Osebasa- the poster who I asked directly if he/her was 'anti British' back in January and refused to answer- Moderators, do your duty and remove please."
20th Apr 2012 17:22
"what a pairing,a real threat. come on the reds!! we can do it!"
20th Apr 2012 17:30
"Really hope to see this turn into the most dangerous partnership in the EPL."
20th Apr 2012 18:47
"Just love Big Andy Pandy, Big Red Wrecking Machine, just keep getting more and more aggressive big man, your almost 50% there and doing great so far, I'd be terrified of you if I was a defender trying to stop you when you hit your full potential YNWA Andy!!! "
20th Apr 2012 18:52
"Can't help but admire Luis Suarez superb positive and enthusiastic atude, considering the horrible crap he's been through. He answers his enemies the best way by hitting the back of the net ie hitting them where it hurts most and smiles at adversity!!"
20th Apr 2012 19:00
"Still think we need to get Cavanni and Lavezzi if at all possible, wouldn't it be great to have a pool of 5-6 really top quality strikers all fighting for 2 places every week? just think how this could sharpen their compeive spirit and keep us 100% strong week in week out. Also get Affellay and Wolfswinkel and Toivenon. Strike force to die for. "
20th Apr 2012 19:26
"VishRed1, Go jump in the Manchester Ship Canal naked, your're just a time wasting bore."