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Fantastic news..I live in Sarnia Ontario , about 2.5 hrs from Toronto. Thought i was going to have to fly to Boston.Can't wait to see our reds ...Great news...YNWA
24th Apr 2012 17:24
24th Apr 2012 17:25
"Fantastic news..I live in Sarnia Ontario , about 2.5 hrs from Toronto. Thought i was going to have to fly to Boston.Can't wait to see our reds ...Great news...YNWA"
24th Apr 2012 17:38
"I hope all the Canadian and American fans enjoy the tour and have a good time at the match. Lets hope they can pick up a few more fans on the way. I hope they give you guys a better performance then they have given us in the league this season. YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
24th Apr 2012 17:39
"O yea, see you there! I live in Montreal but I'll be there! YNWA red till I die!"
24th Apr 2012 17:49
24th Apr 2012 17:55
"Is Thomas Cook planning to organize a round trip from London- all friendlies and back to London. YNWA"
24th Apr 2012 18:04
"Great news... I can't wait to see the Reds playing in the american tournee! YNWA "
24th Apr 2012 18:06
"This is a dream come true - watching my beloved Liverpool play in my hometown YAY!!"
24th Apr 2012 18:18
"Come to the west coast! Come onnn."
24th Apr 2012 18:21
"Great News.....I'll swim across Lake Ontario to see my life long team...Brilliant "
24th Apr 2012 18:48
"I love it. The Reds an hour down the road from home. I thought I would have to drive 8 hours to Boston to see them. I get to take my son to his first LFC game. Cross one thing off my bucket list. Things are startin off great for the new season. YNWA!!!!!!!!!"
24th Apr 2012 19:04
"What about us fans in Vancouver ??????Anywhere on the west coast woulda done."
24th Apr 2012 22:21
"Fantastic news can't wait"
24th Apr 2012 22:50
"Cool Jakesreds...I'm from Montreal and i'm looking forward to go to that match."
24th Apr 2012 23:57
"what about halifax "
25th Apr 2012 0:31
"who gives a . we cant even win a premier league game and were over pre season"
25th Apr 2012 1:34
"Great news,I live in Goderich, Ontario. My three sons and I can't wait. My one son and I sat in the Kop 3 years ago. loved it. Cheers.."
25th Apr 2012 2:15
"Packing the Motorhome and , hooking up the car trailer and heading east from REDNECK Alberta, I was a KOP season ticket holder till I came to Alberta in 1978."
25th Apr 2012 4:59
"Welcome home - to the world."
25th Apr 2012 5:23
"yeye! LFC in Tdot! once again..I was 14 and jobless last time the reds came into im 22 and good to go to the Rogers Centre "Get In"."
25th Apr 2012 5:46
"OMG.. Im gunna cry"
25th Apr 2012 5:47
"I sent them countless emails for Toronto because it would be incomplete for them to just visit the states.. FINALLY! :DDDD"
25th Apr 2012 8:32
"Thanks for not coming to Seattle, we can not afford to watch championship players wearing the liverpool jerseys. We begged you three years ago but now watching on tv is good enough. "
25th Apr 2012 8:46
"i wish we had fans like you lot on here more often, rather then the negative so call fans we have here in england"
25th Apr 2012 17:45
"I'm from Liverpool. I don't fly out to Toronto till the 25th July so I'm gutted that I won't be able to see the Reds at the Rogers Stadium. Ive been psyching myself up for couple of weeks now in the hope to watch the reds out in Canada / US. Hopefully they'll schedule more games that are within easy reach of Toronto. Come on the reds. YNWA."
26th Apr 2012 1:11
"Check out the official Toronto Supporters Branch website for more information:"
26th Apr 2012 17:57
"Will be flying from Calgary to see that one. Glad I dont have to go to Boston or Baltimore now."
27th Apr 2012 22:44
"I'm pretty sure Suarez won't be travelling with the team, as he will probably be training with his national team for the Olympics. "
3rd May 2012 22:33
"Just got my tickets sitting Rogers Center KOP! YAY YAY YA!"