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one more game ynwa
14th Apr 2012 15:52
14th Apr 2012 17:53
"2 great cup runs and all the top teams taken out of them by us, ynwa"
14th Apr 2012 18:12
"Hope season ticket holders all get a ticket this time round in a fiar distribution."
14th Apr 2012 19:04
"One more game and this season will be 50% successful. A community shield would nicely make it a mini treble which would be a fantastic way to start the new season too. YNWA"
14th Apr 2012 21:07
"What's the chances if you've been to all 5 Fa cup games of getting a ticket, don't think I could cope with another ballot."
14th Apr 2012 22:41
"The FA Cup and League Cup this year next year score those 33 shots which hit the post and dont loose against bottom of the table sides and we will win the premier league. "
14th Apr 2012 23:14
"doesn't matter when tickets go on sale wife flatley refuses to sell a kidney how selfish good luck to all those that can get one YNWA"
15th Apr 2012 12:28
"I hope those who qualified & entered the ballot but unlucky enough not to win the right to buy a ticket will not have this held againest them by being excluded from the Final ballot (that would be losing out twice, through no fault of their own). "
15th Apr 2012 14:14
"Please priorotise members over fan card holders for the final, If "The FA" drop our allocation from 31k to 25k like last year, this would help all members get a ticket! At the end of the day, thats why we pay a membership fee, to get priority over fan card holders and be able to get tickets. I just want another a trip to Wembley and don't want to miss out to a fan card holder."
15th Apr 2012 18:25
"oh how id love to go but iv exams"
15th Apr 2012 19:05
"KEITH20040- if you have been to all 5 FA cup games you would be guaranteed a ticket, i don't understand why you wouldn't have had a semi final ticket, this is what the auto cup scheme is for "
15th Apr 2012 19:13
"Any chance we could at least be told which end of the ground we get allocated this time please? Thanks."
17th Apr 2012 11:38
"Lets see what the powers at LFC come up with this time for ticket allocation, Fan cards before ST holders and Members? Do the right thing, ST holders, then Members then FC Holders? Not hard to do, very simples."