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I had tickets for the Fullham game and has been looking forward to finally go to England to see a game. Cant get tickets to the FA match and cant get money back for flight or hotel. I do understand why fans who saw all the FA-cup matches gets the tickets, Im just sad it leaves the likes of me spending alot of money on a weekend in England without seeing the team we love, as planned.
4th Apr 2012 12:37
4th Apr 2012 12:53
"Supporters like me who would LOVE to see the REDS live but live so many miles away from anfield will NEVER get a look in with tickets. It's about time the club started giving ALL supporters an equal opportunity to buy tickets, 1st come 1st served I say. It's the ONLY fair way to do it."
4th Apr 2012 13:03
"Gutted, still can't get a ticket, had enough now!"
4th Apr 2012 13:21
"Oh stop your moaning, I went to the Manure, Brighton and Stoke City game and still missed out in the Ballot, you have to realise how many people support this club, hence the need for a bigger stadium..."
4th Apr 2012 13:35
"Ek433, you went to those three games to support your team as I did travelling from Bristol everytime. I have no semi ticket too. Just sick how so called fans will be sitting in wembley without even watching any other FA cup game."
4th Apr 2012 13:42
"I would like to wish Liverpool team well during the preparation for this game. Its the game that will show that we are capable of regrouping and perform a good job despite the poor show in the past premier games. YNWA"
4th Apr 2012 13:43
"ricardo69, how is that fair? people who have been to every FA cup game should be, and are, first and that's the most fair way. "
4th Apr 2012 13:44
"Been to 3 of 4 Fa cup games, I have to enter a ballot with someone who has been to only 1? And now i dont get a ticket. Who came up with this idea? Surely tickets should go to those who have attended previous games like every game that liverpool sell tix for. why should a tick go to someone whos spent only a 1/3 of time money + effort supporting my club? LFC sort it out NOW!!!"
4th Apr 2012 13:45
"There will never be a 100% fair way of issuing tickets for big games like this until supply outstrips demand (never gonna happen). Personally think the club have finally got it as fair as it can be. Think there's a few wind up merchants on here!"
4th Apr 2012 13:48
"Has been looking forward for so long to come to England and watch a Liverpool game. Cant belive i have no tickets for anything now. Guess it sucks being a foreign fan with preordered flight , hotel and ticket for the Fullham game..Not sure Ill take that chance again..."
4th Apr 2012 13:57
"Akke, semi was always gonna be the weekend of Fulham game, so it was a risk unfortunately, watch in a pub in Liverpool, be next best thing. andyt141182, if you read above it says, just under 80 per cent of Members and Fan Card holders with "THREE" games that entered into the FA Cup semi-final ballot have been successful, nobody with less than that will get one."
4th Apr 2012 14:03
"It would be great to have a 100,000 seats at Anfield and 250,000 at Wembley, but for the biggest games it still wouldn't be enough....."
4th Apr 2012 14:05
"There will be season ticket holders in wembley witch have not seen 1 FA cup game. Season tickets get loaned out all the time. This should be stopped!!!!!!"
4th Apr 2012 14:30
"ya guess a watching it in a pub in liverpool is nextbest. Any suggestions, wouldnt end up in a Everton pub."
4th Apr 2012 14:46
"i was unsuccessful with 3 matches and when i looked on internet hundreds of lfc tickets for sale at extorianate prices how can that be then where have they come from .their in every one of our allocated areas feel disgustedv and cheated ynwa"
4th Apr 2012 15:16
"ricardo69 are you having a laugh, thats the most unfairest way of distributing tickets haha"
4th Apr 2012 15:25
"Season ticket holder that went to two fa cup matches and lost out in the ballot :("
4th Apr 2012 15:57
"The ballot was an absolute joke. I have been to 3 out of the 4 games and didn't get a ticket for the semi. Shame on you LFC"
4th Apr 2012 16:17
"Those of you complaining you missed out but went to 3/4 games ....... Why not bother going to Oldham in the third round ? Go to every game = semi final ticket Simples Ynwa "
4th Apr 2012 16:48
"I agree with Kopites81 here. I went to every game and got my ticket. Fans who attend every round will be guaranteed a ticket for the next round, it's as simple as that. However, I do feel sorry for fans who have a legitimate excuse for missing one or two rounds and have missed out on a ticket. Maybe a small provision should be made for those fans? I do feel that this is the fairest way."
4th Apr 2012 17:06
"Tickets on a first come, first served basis? You got to be having a laugh! There would be utter chaos! It would be every man for himself! I spoke to a fan from Timbuktu and he vented his displeasure at not getting a ticket for the carling cup final even though he hadn't been to any previous rounds..........."
4th Apr 2012 17:29
"The way they do the ticketing is wrong and unfair I'm a loyal supporter who goes home and away every season and still can't get a ticket for this game hopefully there will be another sale after this one but I feel for everyone in the same boat as me spewing ! "
4th Apr 2012 17:31
"im gutted :("
5th Apr 2012 9:56
"The game has yet to sell out.. So what is going to happen next?"
5th Apr 2012 10:03
"mills08 if you go home and away every game then you must of had 4 fa cup games on your season ticket or fan/members card = ticket for the semi-final simple"
5th Apr 2012 10:23
"People who were successful in the ballot all had 3/4 games. That is why they said 80% of fans whoo attended 3/4 games got tickets there was not enough for the other 20 %"
5th Apr 2012 11:33
"they went to 80percent of people with 3 mate cos that's all was left, so you must of been very unlucky, i had 2 cards with 3 which one was unsuccessful. cant fault the way it worked it was as fair as it could of been."
5th Apr 2012 11:37
"ricardo69 are you in messin if that was the case there would be no scousers in the ground you joke, support your local team"
5th Apr 2012 11:39
"CJMC72 - you are wrong mate. I phoned Customer services and the ballot was for anyone who had bought at least one FA cup ticket. So a mate who only went to the manc s game has got a semi final ticket yet i went to 3 and didnt get one... LFC SORT IT OUT!!! "
5th Apr 2012 11:44
"I was lucky enough to be in the 80%, I had 3 out of 4 games, I missed the Stoke game to other commitments, I didn't want to purchase a ticket and then sell it on (probably should have done thinking about it now!) What will happen when we get to the final as I like others will then have 4/5, will we be guaranteed a ticket then?"
5th Apr 2012 12:35
"wazzalfc81 maybe not I think the allocation goes down to maybe 25000 or 26000 for the final so it might be all 5 games and then a ballot if any left. Lots of tickets for the bigwigs and cats for the final. And that's if we get there Big IF"
10th Apr 2012 10:36
"I have spent just over £2000 on tickets this season, missed 1 game all season the Oldham game, over 60 tickets paid for on my account inc friendlies etc, unsuccessful for both wembley ballots. Absolute disgrace on behalf of LFC."