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Won't be going to that one lol!!
28th Mar 2012 15:10
28th Mar 2012 15:11
"Good lets expand our great club to the US. More fans is always better for the club. YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
28th Mar 2012 15:16
"I will be there 100%. Dream come true."
28th Mar 2012 15:18
28th Mar 2012 15:18
"Wonder if we will continue the trend of conceding 3 goals every single pre season game again this year!!! "
28th Mar 2012 15:33
",we'll just be back in time to start the Europa League!! What a lousy summer ahead!!"
28th Mar 2012 16:00
"YES! i will finally get to see them play live. I'll make my way from NY to Boston! YNWA"
28th Mar 2012 16:05
"Lets hope the tour includes a new striker and right winger. Oh, and doesn't include Andy Carroll!"
28th Mar 2012 16:06
"Look forward to it."
28th Mar 2012 16:09
"oh cant wait for that one.. my money is on another boredraw"
28th Mar 2012 16:10
"WOW!! Thats awesome!! Just a few additions (NO BRITISH TALENTS, I REPEAT NO BRITISH TALENTS) to the squad and we could actually start off pre season well!!"
28th Mar 2012 16:11
"Quality!Nice to see some decent opposition for pre season too. Although the obligatory pre-season game against Crewe is yet to be announced!"
28th Mar 2012 16:28
"Hammertime 102 we only conceded 3 in 3 different games last season ur facts are outdated get real"
Thomas B
28th Mar 2012 16:30
"Would have been brilliant to combine this with a US summer trip, but expecting our 2nd child in June so don't think I will get permission to go... LFC fan from Vasa Finland"
28th Mar 2012 16:52
"This tie might be in jeopardy if we fail to win FA cup since Carling cup means our entry in Europa league play-o in July. FA cup will mean entry to group stages in September."
28th Mar 2012 16:55
"Come to the Midwest!"
28th Mar 2012 16:57
"would'nt it be better to sort the team out, rather then going on a daft trip to the usa."
28th Mar 2012 16:57
"Was at this Stadium years ago to watch the Reds Sox play when I was on tour with the Royal Engineers Rugby team. Will never forget it. YNWA REDS"
28th Mar 2012 17:01
"Please come to Toronto, there's a massive following here, lot of ex-pat red supporters to. I Moved here 3 years ago, been dying to go the match since!! lol"
28th Mar 2012 17:28
"Definitely will be going!!!!!"
28th Mar 2012 17:32
"be honest is anyone bothered who we play pre season we need to be worried about wot were seing this season"
28th Mar 2012 17:36
"Dream come true for me. And I'll be bringing my infant daughter, too! Great way to start a young life."
28th Mar 2012 17:54
"Will we be going in a ballot?"
28th Mar 2012 18:03
"Looking forward to it. I'll be there for the game; will be flying in from St Louis. YNWA!"
28th Mar 2012 18:05
"I can't wait!! But please come to Toronto as well!!!"
28th Mar 2012 18:29
"im a scouser living in boston so this is great news for me."
28th Mar 2012 18:43
"Fantastic news!"
28th Mar 2012 18:46
"Sweeeeet!!! I can't wait to finally see The Reds LIVE!!!"
28th Mar 2012 18:48
"I'm from Columbus, Ohio and I can't wait to go!! YNWA!!"
28th Mar 2012 18:51
"If your gonna travel to the USA - shouldn't you play a team like LA Galaxy? Why not travel to Italy to play Roma?"
29th Mar 2012 11:40
"for heavens sake,im sick of all the negativity from so-called reds,lets just be behind our team for next season,comment on our awful current season,but to cuss the club b4 1012/13 season?ynwa"
29th Mar 2012 12:08
"To IanHorgo - We conceded 3 goals in every single one of our pre season matches last season (5) bar the last game. What are you on?"
29th Mar 2012 12:15
"To IanHorgo - your facts my friend our outdated. Get REAL!!"
29th Mar 2012 13:10
"Looking forward to visiting Boston with the reds. Now need some swift movement on other games to clarify dates. Come on John Henry lets get it sorted. "
29th Mar 2012 15:44
"To Laney44, I couldn't agree more, it's like listening to my two little kids whinge and whine all the time. Let's get behind the club.....YNWA"
11th Apr 2012 22:19
"I've got my VIP tickets for me and my 2 sons for the spurs game. When will the Roma game tickets go on sale. Need to make flight and hotel plans . Please someone from LFC let us fans here know about the Roma game tickets. "
14th Apr 2012 19:19
"roma has american owners as well"
24th Apr 2012 14:12
"Thinking of going to see the Toronto game but it's a lot of money for two underperforming teams. Not sure. "
28th Apr 2012 16:02
"DO someone knows the time of the opening for the tickets of boston game at fenwat park !?!??!"
28th Apr 2012 22:42
"Tix for the Fenway match are on sale thru the Red Sox website: Click the price you want & NOT "best available." That did not give the best possible tix when I tried it. "
29th Apr 2012 14:13
"Excellent job not posting how to get tickets on the date you said you would. Now the LFC section is sold out less than 24 hours later. Good thing I got Spurs tix."