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of course he is the Rock Solid Skirtel....cant wait for the agger, coates, skirtel partnership...
28th Mar 2012 9:39
28th Mar 2012 9:43
"Keep trying Jose. He who dares wins! YNWA."
28th Mar 2012 9:48
"Martin Skrtel has had a phenomenal season and definitely our most consistent player. Keep up the good work Martin, you are an example of what all liverpool players should be. YNWA!!!"
28th Mar 2012 10:00
"Surely Martin is ast the first 3 centre backs for all the features that we can recognize in him: tenacity, attention, quality with the ball, aerial threat and so on. But I think that the absence of the injury prone Dani Agger is a burden for him. Thus Martin has to work the double to keep the defence safe. Please KD & DC, another centre back for next season!"
28th Mar 2012 10:13
"Of course Martin is one of the best 3 centre backs in the league for all the features that we recognize in him. But I think that the absence of the injury prone Dani Agger is a burden for him. Please KD and DC, listen me, buy another centre back for next season to couple to the slovakian and we will really have the best defence in Premiere League!"
28th Mar 2012 11:26
"my fav first XI would be 4-5-1: reina - johnson skrtel agger enrique - bellamy gerrard coates kuyt downing - suarez"
28th Mar 2012 13:04
"If we spent more time concentrating on the games and less patting each other on the back - we might get some where."
28th Mar 2012 13:07
"I remember back to his first game and subsequent games when some supporters were asking why he was wearing a red shirt - he was given time and now look at him. Constant criticism of players does not help - who knows Hendo, Adam etc may come good - given them time then make a decision YNWA"
28th Mar 2012 13:26
"Let's hope that Jose Enrique and Andy Carroll can both get on the score sheet this weekend against Newcastle United. Come on you REDS you can beat the Maggies this weekend 2 - 1. YNWA REDS"
28th Mar 2012 13:36
"Skrtl has been amazing!! we are soo happy he improved drastically! Keep it up! A song for skerlte..."
28th Mar 2012 13:50
"If only Pepe Reina knew how to posision himself attack balls flighted in his box, what a difference it would have made, if only Luis Carrol, Hendo Dawning had been more accurate than hitting the barsw and posts, it only KD had perfected that and played Bellas,Maxi,Dirk, Jojo and if Lucas was ard what a diff it wld have made.Dreaming in Zimbabwe AFrica. "
28th Mar 2012 14:10
"i wish we had Martin skrtel and Daniel Agger as perminent 5 and 6. with these two LFC will achieve. But with Jamie Caraghar we will continue to slop."
28th Mar 2012 14:17
"These stats don't mean anything!!! - don't try to take our minds off the reality that we're in 7th place & that we're not gonna be in the Champions league like the real big clubs next season"
28th Mar 2012 14:27
"What do people think about playing a back 3/5? I.e, when fit - Agger, Skrtel, Coates, with Enrique and Johnson/Kelly? It seems a good way to bring through Coates, without so much pressure, and lets face it, the rest of players that keep getting games are very unreliable apart from maybe Suarez and Gerrard...or do I just sound like Glenn Hoddle?!??"
28th Mar 2012 14:46
"Thats the yardstick to use. Who would you exchange for one of our players in same position? Luis and Martin are two I wouldn't swap for anyone. Same with Stevie. As for the others, some are brilliant but getting old and some, well, no comment!!!!!"
28th Mar 2012 15:24
"please NO MORE Carra, He is old, weak and ineffective, We want Skirtel and Coates partnership till Agger returns. Again No more Carra. If you play Carra again and we loose, Heads would roll. Carra slows our game and should retire. We want Skirtel & Coates in our next game please."
28th Mar 2012 15:30
28th Mar 2012 15:35
"I do agree, but surely I'm not the only one who is getting tired of almost EVERY article on here consisting of an interview where one player talks about how brilliant another player is? Even after a shocking performance and result (Wigan)the website is then covered in stories about how great player A thinks player B is. It's nice to hear...but in moderation."
28th Mar 2012 16:36
"Here is another example of a player blowing smoke up another players behind. We know he is good but you need to focus on improving on yourself. Every player has been dismal in the last few games and I have to say we barely won against Cardiff. Thats how poor LFC has become."
28th Mar 2012 16:46
"pmsl. I wouldn't go that far!"
28th Mar 2012 16:57
"I agree with Rocking-Red7.Skirtel is the best in the Premier league and one of the best in the world. Wish Agger was by his side all the games"
28th Mar 2012 17:05
"He can be a future captain."
28th Mar 2012 17:25
"????????????????? bit strong "
28th Mar 2012 17:39
"Don't have a clue why Skrtel is spoken about in the media. Always favouring terrible players like Phil Jones, Gary Cahill and Vermalen. Skrtel is way above these players. Him and Kompany are the 2 best centre backs in the league. NO question."
28th Mar 2012 18:23
"Skrtel has been great, but if you pointed a gun at my head, I'd take Kompany"