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Jay, I like your tenacity and your performance improves with every game. Forever Red!
19th Mar 2012 7:43
19th Mar 2012 7:43
"Spearo, you had a commanding presence on Sunday. Keep it up lad."
19th Mar 2012 8:29
"jay youre the man keep putting in those performances and you will be a regular y n w a "
19th Mar 2012 8:37
"Im sure we can make it to wembley for the finals, we need to treat the semi final like a final, and sweat our hearts out..YNWA"
19th Mar 2012 8:45
"You played well yesturday. YNWA"
19th Mar 2012 8:58
"If next game, we going to play 3 CM, i choose stevie, jay and hendo. Charlie a bit sloppy! Keep it up jay~ YNWA!!"
19th Mar 2012 9:05
"Well done Jay. Possibly best team performance all season too. Greatness from our Martin Kelly too."
Rush job
19th Mar 2012 9:22
"Jay, the last two games you have been excellent. It is obvious to all that the more you play, the better you will get. Top performance v Everton and Stoke. Settled team, settled team, settled team, settled team, settled team, settled team..........."
19th Mar 2012 9:22
"Jays energy, availability and quick passing allows Gerrard and to get forward more often which is why we have seen the best of Stevie G atm, keep it up Jay"
19th Mar 2012 9:28
"Jay , you my best , don't worry , Rev Lucas will be back to partner with you , i can imagine how the combination will look like , cheers brv "
19th Mar 2012 9:36
"great performance jay your getting better all the time"
19th Mar 2012 9:54
"What a difference a week makes! Spearo is getting better with each apperance. With lucas back, our dm position will be well covered next season. Downing is settling at last, and adam and hendo are looking good on the bench! For now at least- i think their time will come, i have faith in them both too! Come on you reds!"
19th Mar 2012 9:55
"Great performance yesterday mate. You should be proud that you've made a career out if it at Anfield. Quality little CM, you can tackle and shift the ball around the pitch. Love it!"
19th Mar 2012 10:43
"Great Spearo! You've been one of the best yesterday and showed every LFC supporter your tenacity and the quality of a battling holding midfielder. If you keep on performing so, next season we won't need to add another defensive midfielder to our ranks. You and Lucas should be enough! Keep up the hard work lad! Forever Red! YNWA"
19th Mar 2012 11:01
"please improve your passing it could be better..its a must for every liverpool midfielder."
19th Mar 2012 11:23
"conglatulations but what i want to know what place of andy carrol in our team is midfield,defender or striker i saw him to far of goal why he cant stay near to adversaire defence,oooooooooooh KK please use maxi,shervey or morgan as striker"
19th Mar 2012 12:39
"Agree, a 20+ yards goal would be nice, Jay, YNWA !!"
19th Mar 2012 13:00
"WELL DONE LAD! A lot of the good, effective, simple stuff he does goes unnoticed during the games - SOME OF US! Not sure where they are today? Will only highlight the little mistakes and judge his ability on that. I'm personally not a Downing fan, but well done! a great move and shot - now keep it up!"
19th Mar 2012 13:04
"Credit must be given where credit is due. Everyone knows that I am not a Spearo fan, and this not about his passion of which he has an exemplary amount, but its his lack of proficient skills required to be a stalwart for LFC. He was good on Sunday and if he keeps it up then Adam and Hendo should stay rested. Well done! "
19th Mar 2012 13:10
"I personally didn't think it was a great team performance - but then that's Stoke, they make the game ugly. Has there been a MOTM? For me it was Skertl - the lad could end up being player of the season."
19th Mar 2012 13:12
"I hope that our King will now recognise that its a sign of strength to admit one mistakes. Some of his buys are just not up to the task right now and should only play when in form and not based on their fee. Kelly, Spearing, Gerrard, Carra, all cost nothing but have shown more apude then some expensive signings. Lets hope KD finally learns. "
19th Mar 2012 13:19
"I have noticed some words I write are being misspelt when it appears, I can only think that there is some app that tries to rewrite what is written, maybe some sort of censoring tool, lol. I agree with KINGSOFCLUBS, Skrtl is immense, what a player. Special mention to Kelly who is an LFC player"
19th Mar 2012 13:35
"Buddha...I noticed a while back that the site automatically edits abusive words within a word. The letters 'T' 'I' 'T' for instance are always omitted from words."
19th Mar 2012 13:43
"KINGSOFCLUBS, that explains it. I tried to show how smart I was and use the word appti tude (I have separated the word hoping it will be allowed)and it came out appude, lol. "
19th Mar 2012 13:55
"well played Jay, a true red, keep training hard and keep Adam at bay! YNWA"
19th Mar 2012 14:05
"I agree with KINGOFCLUBS- It wasn't the best LFC performance or was it the best game to watch..but like he said..when have Stoke ever made a match exciting. Anyways, that's in the past and we have a semi-final against look forward to. Although we have been atrocious in the league..two domestic Cups and 6th place will do me for now. Special mention goes to Downing."
19th Mar 2012 14:08
"The word f-a-t is also sensored - I think the censor has got a bit of complex!! Strange though, arse-nal is fine!!"
19th Mar 2012 14:16
"It's going to be wait and see."
19th Mar 2012 14:24
"I disagree LDW, it has a Derby written all over it. And then Chelsea and Torres in the final. "
19th Mar 2012 14:32
"I hope it is a liverpool chelsea final, so we can stop them getting any silverware at the weekend at anfield south, and then climb above them in the league 4 days later at anfield proper!! Then Torres can twice feel the wrath of a real "Big Club"!!!"
19th Mar 2012 14:50
"History has been made people!! me and Buddha disagree on something lool. Buddha I can't see how Everton will turnover Sunderland at the S.O.L..Martin O'Neill has them Black Cats purrring. Everton had and failed their chance. It's still possible, and I would prefer Everton because it will be a great day for the City of LFC and fitting for the Hillsborough tribute..but cannot see it happening."
19th Mar 2012 14:58
"Steady on LDW, we don't want a mutiny on our hands. I think Everton and their wily manager can match Sunderland and O'neill. They will have an incentive to play us in the semi's a challenge they will raise their game for. "
19th Mar 2012 15:02
"April 15 1989 - my 18th birthday... Very, very sad loss, and never to be forgotten.... "
19th Mar 2012 15:16
"he is the real lfc fighter for the moment with sktel and suarez. he bite evryone on the pitch. like his atude"
19th Mar 2012 15:17
"Buddha- Loool True True we can't have that can we? I hear what your saying but Sunderland will have an incentive too..getting to the new wembley for the first time..or possibly winning a major trophy before Newcastle in this century. Both will have motivation to win but like I said I hope its Everton and not I think Sunderland will be a harder game for some funny reason. "
19th Mar 2012 17:26
"I am a saddo with too much time on my hands. I am re-watching the Liverpool Everton game. I am sorry but Spearo was bad in this game. Rodwell who didn't have a stormer was much more composed and I bet will be an England stalwart whilst Jay will struggle to hold a LFC place. Right now Jay has just been bounced by Rodwell and is on the floor, its so funny. "