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Kuyt...lets go get the FA cup...and hopefully we play well in the league till the end..
16th Mar 2012 8:32
16th Mar 2012 8:43
"It shouldn't take almost a full season 4 the players to gel!!! The problem is the fact that the new players (not including Suarez & Enrique) are poor quality players, not LFC material at all, including some of the elder ones like Kuyt and Maxi."
16th Mar 2012 8:44
"Great words from a great man!"
16th Mar 2012 8:48
"We are making progress? We are barely ahead of where we were with Roy. 7th is not progress"
16th Mar 2012 8:48
"The moment i hear the players in articles i get a bad feeling on the next match. I am not being pessimistic but the players haven't convinced me this season, it has been a hit and miss. Sorry Kuyt this squad wont take us to the promised land."
16th Mar 2012 8:50
"we need to be more consistent in the league. Champions leaugue spot seem very unlikely now> lets get that FA cup"
16th Mar 2012 8:50
"The new players we bought (apart from Suarez, Enrique, Bellamy who rarely plays!!!) are not LFC material, get rid of them in the summer (Caroll, Adam, Hendo, Downing along with Kuyt, Maxi & J Cole) bring back Aqua as he is far more creative than Adam and buy 3 world class players in to replace the sold ones."
16th Mar 2012 8:51
"Dirk, jy is a goed man en a waarlik rooi. Ek hoop dat jy speel op Sondag teen SCFC. Jy verdien dit. (That's just a message in Afrikaans to Dirk). Forever Red!"
16th Mar 2012 8:54
"Very well said and honest. Dirks is great!"
16th Mar 2012 9:12
"I think after 28 games points and ranking is the most unbiased way of assessing the level of any team. Liverpool average points per game is 1.5 ..."
16th Mar 2012 9:12
"gingerred maxi is a good player and should be more involved but i agree about the rest of them"
16th Mar 2012 9:35
"Let's all get behind the team instead of condemning them after every bad game! Let's win the FA Cup and aim for the best possible finishing! YNWA!"
16th Mar 2012 9:41
"Some of the performances in the games we have lost have just not been good enough, the effort shown by the players in these games has not been good enough. it depends on which Stewart Downing turns up on the day, invisible sometimes."
16th Mar 2012 9:43
"Kuyt do your talking in the pitch. performance is the key. win matches for the fans- we are tired of praise and commendations without points/results"
16th Mar 2012 9:45
"Gingerred, I am sure you have been a Liverpool fan for only 2 weeks or so. Players of Dirk Kuyt's character and integrity are hard to come by these days. As far as Maxi goes, he has proven himself every time he got a chance. Wake up!"
Rush job
16th Mar 2012 9:50
"Fair comments Dirk. So long as we start with the 11 that finished the game v Everton, ive got no concerns...."
16th Mar 2012 9:53
"im sure if maxi played instead of downing we would have acalted more points the problem is quality in final third team like barca real score 9 10 chances created give maxi a go he treated poorly he was the one who got us to carling final"
16th Mar 2012 9:59
"amiteshjas: I am not going to prove for how long I've been a RED to the CORE, but I want hard working players as well as being creative ones, Kuyt is 100 years far from being creative, he was brought in as a striker, he failed at that, he is a poor winger as well as he is very slow & can not pass a single player, he is ONLY a hard worker and that is not good enough for the LFC I wish to see."
16th Mar 2012 10:05
"amiteshjas: Also would Maxi play for Man City, Man Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea? I am not sure that he'll even be on the bench. This is my opinion, and I ONLY want to see far better players for our beloved LFC."
16th Mar 2012 10:19
"True lfc thru and thru YNWA"
16th Mar 2012 10:19
"Kuyt is a hardworking player but what he lacks is technical ability and flair. Need to work on ur passing and 1st touch. "
16th Mar 2012 10:24
"I have always had faith in Kenny and our current squad, they just need to sort out their finish on goal. YNWA"
16th Mar 2012 10:38
"So how many of you lot go 2 matches...oh yeah! mon Reds!"
Rush job
16th Mar 2012 10:39
"Unfortunately, Jordan Henderson looks like his confidence is shot to pieces, and Charlie Adam has gone backwards since he joined us- just not good enough. However, both Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll are both showing major signs of improvement. These 2 must start on Sunday. No room for sentiment or keeping players not playing happy at this stage of the season KK."
16th Mar 2012 10:46
"Returning Liverpool to the top??? Im sorry but 8 points from our last 30 is not good enough, 10pts off CL spot and 25pts behind MU at the top. Everyday i see fans asking LFC to buy Cavani, Hazzard etc, these quality players wont come to a team like LFC cause lets face it, we ain't a big club anymore!!!"
16th Mar 2012 10:46
"I have also been feeling that we have a stronger squad and more importantly much stable compare to before. we have exeprienced players at the same time young talented players. Let's give our full support to the team. King Kenny is leading us in the right path to glory. Cmon lads, YNWA!!!"
16th Mar 2012 10:51
"with you kuyt, just wish you have more playing time as the team needs you in it, sorry but Hendo needs to up his game you should be picked over him everytime! YNWA"
16th Mar 2012 10:57
"Rushjob, you should whisper it quietly about Carroll and Downing as I believe that KD reads these threads and picks his team accordingly. Thanks to you my friend I wager that he will now drop Carroll and Downing for being in form, lol. "
16th Mar 2012 11:00
"I think Kuyt has been criminally underused this season. Hendo has not had ONE good game as a right midfielder. I bet my last dollar that Hendo starts against Stoke. This pending line up will finally show us if KD is up to the job. "
16th Mar 2012 11:07
"If everyone worked as hard as Dirk we'd be top of the league."
16th Mar 2012 11:24
"This going to be a controversial article in terms of Kenny supporters v Kenny-Out supporters lol. At the end of the day..I would like nothing better to be proved wrong..and for KK to guide us back to the promise land. If this ever happens I'll be the first to apologize. "
Rush job
16th Mar 2012 11:36
"Buddha- Thats my fear for Sunday!"
16th Mar 2012 11:46
"How can Henderson start and not Kuyt? This guy can score important goals and is a star player for Holland.I kmow he is not the quickest but at least he gets forward and can cross a ball. He also supports his full back. "
16th Mar 2012 11:47
"FA cup, Carling cup 5th place finish, will be good"
16th Mar 2012 11:52
"Gingerred either u are blonde or u are ginger...what u saying..gingerbread.."
16th Mar 2012 11:56
"come on dirk lets get to wembley again and finish as high as we can in the league y n w a"
16th Mar 2012 12:04
"I love this guy's Att-i-tude! It's why he's my favorite player, after SG8 of course! Never looking back, always forward. ALways believing that we can and will do better! YNWA, JFT96"
16th Mar 2012 12:06
"bhudha 131313, i see u up to yo usual tricks...u decided to go the sarcasim route...myself and the moderators are watching u...once was rocking red7"
16th Mar 2012 12:08
"lets weed out all the imposters on this u fans are not welcome on this site...gingered in particular...go somewhere else"
16th Mar 2012 12:20
"Buddha131313- be afraid mate LegendaryGerrard8 is watching you. Why do people who disagree with others always say going and support the's just not going to happen. Although, I don't agree with Gingerred entirely..he's enled to his opinion..right or wrong."
16th Mar 2012 12:20
"LegendaryGerrard8 aka Rockingred7 aka Moderator aka Arbiter aka Snoop Dog. Why should gingerred have to go and support another team? Who made you king? I understand that your wealth of football knowledge surpasses us mere mortals but have a heart old bean and allow us to air our voices. Thanks kind sir"
16th Mar 2012 12:28
"Buddha131313- hats off to you sir...well said."
16th Mar 2012 12:33
"please play the same team for stoke.if team is to be changed then play henderson in cm and play kuyt in rw."
16th Mar 2012 12:46
"Sarcasm is such a mancky trait!! Scousers say it as it is... By, the way, any Manc supporters who are on the site, enjoy being top cause you remind me of us in the early nineties - prepare for 20 years of baron spell - bilbao showed your true quality. Howz the overdraft!!"
16th Mar 2012 12:48
"at the end of the day opinions don't matter nor do they win us games -highly paid footballers do that so KK play the team that finished the derby and let the players do the talking ON THE PITCH! YNWA"
Doctor Who
16th Mar 2012 12:52
"Some fans are never happy. When there's no news they complain about the lack of news. When someone (like Kuyty)writes an article they get slated along with half the team. It seems you pill*cks only want a comments page so you spew out your negative comments."
16th Mar 2012 12:54
"Hear hear Kingmat, spoken like a true Scouse. "
16th Mar 2012 12:54
"Dirk - I believe in you the same amount as you give every time you pull on the liverbird - 110%. Your a legend mate..."
16th Mar 2012 12:56
"No..this is only euphory after everton beating...we need senior class player ( Raul ) or Maxi around the box for final passing. We miss Raul massivelz...we need sign class in summer, at least 5 players. Who watched Bilbao knows that train is away."
16th Mar 2012 12:59
"top man dirk we need start with good tempo get in thier faces , hit them hard , we can do it lads , il be in mainstand sunday cheering the boys on YNWA redmen "
16th Mar 2012 13:06
"Holland are in the top 3 technically gifted teams on the planet. Kuyt starts in that team.1 example: The ball he put on for VP at Wembely was world class. The lad has played in CL finals and WC finals. He has quality and heart. A few weeks ago some on here were even suggesting Gerrard was past it... form is temporary, class is PERMANENT.."
16th Mar 2012 13:22
"And on the point of Class, city proved you can't but it!! 400million+ and an fa cup to show for it! Anyway, my Grandad was a city supporter so if they do win the league, I will be thinking of him as well as the other mancs staying put on 19, not that we should be wanting others to do the work for us!!"
16th Mar 2012 13:34
"Kuyt..!honestly im tired of you always talking blah..blah..blah. but your form on the pitch is inconsistent with your mouth..!can you please shut up and improve your play okay.."
16th Mar 2012 13:36
"Go bring the FA cup to Anfield."
16th Mar 2012 14:06
"suarez,you not go to psg going to play there after what happened with evra... stay at anfield may every LFC SUPPORTERS loves you loadssss Don't dissapoint anyone like Torres did "
16th Mar 2012 14:06
"suarez,you not go to psg going to play there after what happened with evra... stay at anfield may every LFC SUPPORTERS loves you loadssss Don't dissapoint anyone like Torres did "
16th Mar 2012 14:33
"Some of these comments drive me nuts. Stop calling for aqualani because he doesn't want to play for us. Stop slating Dalglish for not playing bellamy every game because of his knee problems (he is injured at the moment btw) and those calling for Kuyt to play instead of hendo, remember all the complaining about Kuyt's "quality" when he did play??. Stop scapegoating."
16th Mar 2012 14:39
"I have to ask those that actually want Kenny out, who the hell would you want in his place (thats available, this aint fantasy football)??! Kenny deserves at least 3 years..but lets see what people say.."
16th Mar 2012 14:53
"Sigh....If only Aqua was back. Sigh....if only KD would play Bellers every game. Sigh....if only Kuyt would play instead of Hendo, well I can only dream according to LFC6868, LOL. "
16th Mar 2012 14:55
"Credable, one name springs to mind...Benitez. Simples. "
16th Mar 2012 15:00
"Let's hope you will play on the right side in place of Hendo next Sunday Dirk! Jordan has good skills but he's discontinous and has not tied your workrate on that course yet! YNWA Dirk "
16th Mar 2012 15:53
"buddha131313- Would you REALLY like to see Raffa back? Or are you mischief making again? I think that would be a massive step back."
16th Mar 2012 15:56
"Do your very best!! Sunderland result was a major disapointment.. I get wound up when we lose to teams we should put to the sword quite easily with the squad we have?"
16th Mar 2012 16:24
"GT-LFC, Who me???/ Why do some accuse me of either sarcasm(take note of the spelling Rockingred7 aka LegendaryGerrard8)or causing mischief. Yes I would love for Benitez to come back. If he had the board we have now he would turn us into a great team very quickly. He understands LFC so he would hit the ground running"
16th Mar 2012 16:42
"Cmon KUYT plz score for us and bring us the FA CUP and to the 4th PLACE:):):)"
16th Mar 2012 16:57
"Hopefully we will get behind the whole team on Sunday, whoever plays. I don't think it helps to continually critise players on this forum. I prefer to leave it to experts. Let's be honest we are not going to attract players like Mata (who we were linked to us during last summer) when we can't offer CL football. I think some fans need a reality check!"