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Interesting. 1500 for staff and players? Wonder if they pay for them. Even more interesting would be the allocation of tickets for away games.
17th Feb 2012 14:02
18th Feb 2012 14:35
"What A JOKE!!!!!"
18th Feb 2012 20:39
"Awful shame that 200 seats are lost for segregation. I wonder if that's totally necessary with all the stewards being there."
18th Feb 2012 21:46
"Can somebody help me - I come from Australia, I have seen one game at Anfield and it was by luck that i got the ticket, How would i go about getting tickets before i came so i know i will see the game. Thanks."
18th Feb 2012 23:59
19th Feb 2012 4:03
"I have always wondered this and do they pay full price or get a discount because in this recession I think all persons should pay the same price no favourites at all ."
19th Feb 2012 20:28
"1500 for staff is to many its far to difficult to get a ticket we need a bigger stadium. All is quite on that front that worries me more than anything. "
19th Feb 2012 20:30
"if we dont secure the funding an invest before the financial fair play rules we are totally screwed."