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Im a bit confused, my her and I are looking to buy tickets for the final for us and my nephew, If I have read this correctly does it mean that I have to be a season ticket holder or a registered member of the club to buy tickets?? Will be gutting if I cant take my nephew to a final!
31st Jan 2012 16:15
31st Jan 2012 21:30
"so the fans all over the rest of britain like myself,(north of scotland) who spends 300 each time i go to anfield to see one or two games a season, will not be able to go to wembley! poor show guys, poor show!!! "
1st Feb 2012 13:57
"Happy Days"
15th Feb 2012 2:01
"Jordan3616 and groatynwa Are you guys having a laugh? For a start Jordan, LFC have operated a system for atleast 10 years whereby they reward supporters who go to earlier cup rounds with first refusal on future rounds. You are clearly not much of a supporter if you didn't know this."
15th Feb 2012 2:10
"How bad would it be if supporters who travelled away to places like Exeter and Brighton on wet windy October and November nights were left out in the final at the expense of people like you who hardly go to the match, and even people like me who generally only go to home games."
15th Feb 2012 2:11
"The reason allot of my friends and I have been going to un-glamorous games like Oldham and Havant and Waterlooville in the FA Cup in recent seasons is because we want to be there when big games against teams like United and Chelsea occur, or AK Graz and Maccabi Haifa for Madrid, Barca and Juve in Europe. "
15th Feb 2012 2:12
"I think both of you should have more respect for this great club's system and the supporters who follow them every week. One off visitors like yourselves don't deserve tickets to finals. The system has been in place for years, it is clear for everyone to see, and you have no right to moan about it. "
15th Feb 2012 2:13
"I was in Istanbul because I deserved to be there, I wasn't in Cardiff for the 2006 FA Cup Final, because other people deserved it more, Same in 2007 for Athens. I feel fortunate to be going to Wembley this time around, but its because I fulfil the criteria set down in this magnificent clubs system."
15th Feb 2012 2:14
"If you want to go to future cup finals then you have to join the que, just like everyone else."
17th Feb 2012 14:21
"Can't believe the tickets are still on sale for the 1st lot of ballot winners, it was supposed to end at 12:30, I was hoping I would of been in luck so held of buying tickets for the Arsenal match. I think we've all been treated very poorly!"
20th Feb 2012 22:33
"It's now Monday night and I still haven't received my Carling Cup Tickets. Should I be concerned????"