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Please use this squad regulary. Bellamy is better forward than winger and he score goals !!!
26th Jan 2012 8:36
26th Jan 2012 8:54
"Where are all the Kenny haters now. YNWA"
26th Jan 2012 8:54
"Good team spirit,still buy better striker before transfer window close."
50+yrs supporter
26th Jan 2012 8:55
"Still need a striker Kenny"
26th Jan 2012 8:56
"Good team spirit,still buy better striker before transfer window close."
26th Jan 2012 8:57
"Good team spirit,still buy better striker before transfer window close."
26th Jan 2012 8:57
"Thats the Liverpool Team we all love...the fighting spirit, the winning mentality and the team work...YOU ALL MADE US PROUD...Now do the same every game and the 4th place is ours for sure. YNWA "
50+yrs supporter
26th Jan 2012 9:00
"We still need a top striker..."
26th Jan 2012 9:03
"I'm esctatic"
26th Jan 2012 9:05
"Now play like that all season and we will then get fourth spot, and beat Man U in the fA too.. YNWA"
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 9:05
"Absolutely top drawer. If Joe Hart had not been in goal, we'd have absolutely destroyed them last night. Bellamy, Kuyt and Hendo immense last night. All superb. So pleased for Kenny after idiots questioning him. What a way to answer such clueless morons!!! All hail King Kenny."
26th Jan 2012 9:06
"Congratulations lads we deserved it. Bellamy u are awesome. Keep it up beat man utd and they go for top 4 in the pL. We can do it. And if we can sign a striker with the quickness of bellamy, the techinical ablilities of luis then we will be champions. P.s Sell Carroll"
26th Jan 2012 9:12
"Good job guys ! Great ! Now lets beat manu in saturday and sign some great players yet. YNWA !"
26th Jan 2012 9:16
"Well done Kenny but please learn from this, Bellamy needs to play up top not on the wing. Carra needs to start now Kenny the lads looked headless again at times and Carra bring Leadership and some bite in there! Although I must say I didn't like the fact that Charlie Adam was pushing forward so much leaving Gerrard to play the holding man, that definitely should be the other way round."
26th Jan 2012 9:16
" In final!!!Very happy,very proyd what a moment king kenny celebrate the second goal with fans that is a football i dream!we play clever congratulation to all players cover all the lines what a game for bellamy everyone and i mean that was perfect and the people of Anfield too became the 12 player the better coming "
26th Jan 2012 9:17
"ulala i love LIVERPOOL"
26th Jan 2012 9:24
"Great all round performance. Lest hope that there's more to come on Saturday. SG was immense and Bellamy MOM by a mile. Well done lads; now go win it! YNWA"
26th Jan 2012 9:25
"We were good without Carroll, we will be better without both Adam and Carroll."
26th Jan 2012 9:28
"Trust me we still need another coach and need to offload Kenny;s buys! Mancity are still better than us and we still not where we should be. WE ARE LIVERPOOL guys! everyone needs to fear us."
26th Jan 2012 9:30
"i can understand why gerrard played behind adam,it was important not to give kolarov any easy free kicks,cause hes a sprcialist, made the diff, well done gerrard and kk."
26th Jan 2012 9:34
"Wheres all the 'Daglish out' and 'Rafa Back' comments that plagued the site on Saturday after one bad result? Hopefully not commenting today. Well done Kenny you know 99% of us are always behind you and your team even when the 1% make all the noise, Congratulations"
26th Jan 2012 9:35
"Well done Kenny, they deserved it and we all simply wanted it more."
26th Jan 2012 9:35
"Well done boys. You made us proud. Let's keep up the momentum for saturday. Thanks Craig you were brilliant as were all the team."
26th Jan 2012 9:37
"LUIS comesback, very new signing just like Stevie, LUCAS next season very brand new signing, promote few reserves and our Academy mill, imagine the Kellies, Jay Jonjo, P acheko still have Aqua man on loan,dont think we really need to buy, commitment, right squad and technics and right atude all of us, but mostly players, we can only be passionate and Livers for life. "
26th Jan 2012 9:42
"That was more like it. Now bring on Utd. I hate to say I told you so but I did say play Bellamy up front. Suarez will be back soon.Maybe that's the pairing to go with.Johnson RW and Downing LW.Stevie needs to get forward more though. Great performance. Well done Kenny and the team."
26th Jan 2012 9:45
"Wheres all the half-wits ging kenny now,the king knows what hes doing he just needs to bite the bullet & admit carroll cant fit into the team"
26th Jan 2012 9:52
"tubilove your a moron"
26th Jan 2012 10:00
"better performance tonight,still need a striker and a winger tho kenny..."
26th Jan 2012 10:03
"Rushjob7, idiots are people like you because some of us will give credit where its due and complain for the love of the CLUB when the team drops 14 points at home and give a performance like the Bolton one, if you are happy with that then IDIOT you are. Lets not call other people names. "
26th Jan 2012 10:04
"please please play with same team good cohesion between front midfield take loses on andy and get higuim cavani "
26th Jan 2012 10:09
"Hope Bellers is going to be fit for Sat, so we can beat the other side of Manchester !!!!! Amazing performance by everyone involved.... YNWA King Kenny..."
26th Jan 2012 10:11
"tubilove, there is no way we will ever be able to field a team sheet like man city, no chance, which box office primadona player would have come without cl football. Every successful manager buy flops, give kk till the end of next season, harry mancini ferguson all needed time"
Reds 96
26th Jan 2012 10:15
"LCan - 21st Jan 2012 19:25 "Just give me ONE reason to be optimistic" ... that was just five days ago ... Was last night's excellent team performance a good enough reason LCan??? Try having real faith in Kenny in future and stop acting like a turncoat after we lose or draw! "
26th Jan 2012 10:16
"Wembley? It's Cardiff again."
26th Jan 2012 10:16
"Great. But I wonder what prevents them from playing that way in every week? I wonder why we either draw or lose to lesser teams?"
26th Jan 2012 10:26
"A great game from the lads! awsome! but we need one more striker.. becase not all game are as good as this! lets face it, we need the 4th spot to cl! we lack strikers, who scores against the little teams!"
Reds 96
26th Jan 2012 10:33
"EddieFelson 22nd Jan 2012 18:24 "... Abramovich would immediately sack Kenny. Kenny does not know what to do ... " That was four days ago. And now Eddie we are in a final for the first time in 5 years and going to Wembley for the first time in 16 years! And Kenny has only be in the job for one year! He's doing very good as far as I'm concerned. "
Reds 96
26th Jan 2012 10:45
"buddha131313 21st Jan 2012 19:40 "If I was the owners, I would refuse to give any more money. KD is a disgrace. Lets see if the apologists for him pipe up after this game." ... - That was five days ago - I can find countless examples of buddha turning on Kenny, yet he's only been in the job one year and we are on our way to Wembley for the first time in 16 years. Well done Kenny!! Proud of you."
26th Jan 2012 10:59
"Buy this! Buy that! Sell him! Everyone speaking as if they were the manager here. Who the HELL are you to decide what Kenny should do? You're just a couple of nerds who relate their FIFA 12 career mode players thinking they'll do brilliant irl. Let the man do his job. YNWA LFC."
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 11:00
"Butholezwe Dry your eyes. If people come on here and question KK and what he is trying to build at this club, then ask for Benitez to return, then Im of a sane mind to conclude them to be both idiotic, and moronic. "
26th Jan 2012 11:03
"well done to the team especially kenny and bellemy, deserved got the tactics right and bell played is heart. still believe we need a loan move to cover lucas, otherwise lets keep our feet on the ground and go on a nice long run."
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 11:03
"LLRF- With you all the way. To all posters. why cant you all just enjoy the moment. has Bolton and draws at home got to do with last night? Your lives must be soooo negative, to look for the negative in everything. Look into the eyes of KK at the end last night- then dare to come on here and question him and slate him. D-I-S disgrace."
26th Jan 2012 11:06
"Although I seriously have doubts about a top notch striker arriving this was plain for Henry to see, last night, that we could have HAMMERED City at least 5-2! City showed, with their limited number of opportunities, what world class strikers do..they score!! As for Joe Hart..he's Fergies love child!! Nothing else could motivate a man more against LFC. "
26th Jan 2012 11:11
"lifelongredsfan & Rushjob 100% correct as usual. Sikhred and Budha13131313 are unreal.No point in me saying anything else,you have said it all.Great performance lads."
26th Jan 2012 11:41
"WITH Suarez back ,Bellamy,Downing,Gerrard ,hendo and Spearing for d season we will have a gud squad....STILL need someone who can finish and can make an impact which bellamy did...GET ANOTHER CLASS FORWARD PLEASE......."
26th Jan 2012 11:45
"IMO- Raffa would have gone out to defend what we had last night,which would have been suicidal. KK pre match comments were class. "Will you be defending what you have" KK "No because we are Liverpool". Absolute quality"
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 12:08
"GT-LFC. I get so frustrated with people posting such negativeness. Yes, if we are cr4p, say so (as I did after Bolton), but dont slate a man who lives and breathes LFC. A man who has been through nearly every part of our history, both great, and horrific, and always held his head high and tried to do things in the very best interests of LFC and us, the supporters."
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 12:11
"I find it astonishing. Research your history about Kenny Dalglish, and about what state we as a club were in just over a year ago. Look at the man at the end of the game, look what it meant to him. He typifies exactly what LFC is all about. It is so disrespectful to come on here and question what he is trying to achieve. "
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 12:14
"This man has lifted trophies for this club, and witneseed 2 of the most horrific parts of our history with his own eyes. Yet he still smiles and gives 1 million per cent for this club,day in, day out. He'd do this job for free. Please consider all of this the next time we draw at home, or lose away."
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 12:16
"Because this man is the manager of our club. And aside from singing YNWA on the kop, for me, there is no greater feeling than singing his name, and seeing his beaming smile as he acknowledges the masses. Thanks Kenny for a fantastic night. ALL HAIL KING KENNY."
26th Jan 2012 12:23
"Rushjob- I know exactly what you are saying. I have to bite my tongue,i should say fingers,when coming on here. There will be poor games,as players aren't robots regardless of what they are payed.All REAL LFC fans want is 100% commitment and thats what KK demands.As to what KK has done for Liverpool goes way beyond football.Not forgetting Marina as well...... "
26th Jan 2012 12:27
".... before people accuse me of living in the past,you need to think about the games we have played this season and seriously think "did we deserve to lose that"? Because unlike previous seasons IMO we have deserved to win a lot more than what we have.This is why KK is the right man.Long live the KING"
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 12:31
"GT-LFC. Exactly. :)"
26th Jan 2012 12:55
"I think part of it is that the more reasonable people who think before they speak dont come here after a dissapointing game for a day or two and try not to stress on it (I know I do) but a bad game or defeat brings all the idiots on to demand a new manager. Even the stick Hodgeson took was disgusting"
26th Jan 2012 14:08
"kk & dc have took sum stick on here for signings, think they deserve some credit for signing bellamy, he`s been brilliant all season and last night he was different class"
Reds 96
26th Jan 2012 14:08
"Rushjob7 - Rushie mate, what a night eh? :) Great stuff! A fantastic team performance by one and all. Kenny has led us to Wembley for the first time in years and I'm not surprised one bit. He'll lead us to a lot more trophies as well. Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character. Last night we saw that our team has character! Well done lads! "
26th Jan 2012 14:16
"rushjob7 very well said m8, kk loves the club and the fans, some people on here forget ow close we actually are to top 4 again, i mean look at how many times we hit post/bar, how many keepers have been top class against us, kk has made us proud again, in his 1st full season back he`s got us to a cup final, if that aint progress then i duno what is "
26th Jan 2012 14:33
"It was an amazing!King Kenny, in the end of the's a great match with a happy ending!Go Reds! From Brazil"
Rush job
26th Jan 2012 14:35
"LLRF- hoarse voice tells its own story. What an atmosphere! X1 lot of mancs down, x1 lot to go!"
26th Jan 2012 16:08
"Good team spirit,still buy better striker before transfer window close."
26th Jan 2012 17:16
"Great Night..Great Performance..we need to use this night as an incentive to get 4th spot, so we can get these nights back again. YNWA"
26th Jan 2012 17:21
"that was fantastic win congratulation to the team and manager.but our problem are still there were not consistency were always good and get result when play big team and poor when we play with lower team coz when it come to those team "
26th Jan 2012 17:27
"he will play and carrol,adam and other poor player the playe like adams they not disslove to be in our squard coz they only play good against big team which are 4 and come to smaller team they are poor.the truth we still need 5 or 6 quality player.for 22 years we have 5 trophies."