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£120 for a hospitality ticket seems very reasonable. I may have to find a few people who want to take advantage of such an offer! Come on Red MEN!!!!!!
12th Jan 2012 9:40
12th Jan 2012 9:48
"£48 pound for an FA cup 4th round ticket - must be some kind of record! (I'd still go even if it was £148!) c'mon you reds. YNWA."
12th Jan 2012 10:36
"£48 for 4th round????? hmmmm dont we pay enough for are season tickets, just cause its against united the dearest should of been £40 possibly even less"
12th Jan 2012 10:44
"; )"
12th Jan 2012 11:28
"Lets give evra what he deserves plenty of NONE RACIAL ABUSE,the big cry baby!!!"
12th Jan 2012 13:07
"I would give my salary to see us beat M.U maybe 4-0/4-1 K.K bright lights ahead.. lets have em' Y.N.W.A"
12th Jan 2012 13:19
"One day notice before taking payments is a good amount of notice."
12th Jan 2012 13:36
"I heard we are giving the mancs the whole bottom tier of the Anfield Road. Is this wise. Their travelling fans have by a long way, the worst behaviour record in football - 276 arrests last year, some for racist chanting!!!! Ours was 76 and obviously none for racist chanting. In view of the current climate I would suggest, on safety grounds, their allocation is cut to 1500. "
Doctor Who
12th Jan 2012 14:35
"Nice to see that Man U have less games and more time off before the game with us. We have 4 games Man U have three, our 3rd game (against City is on 25th), Man U's second game is 22nd. It must be because we're more successful so playing more games :-)"
12th Jan 2012 19:12
"Sure club announced earlier in season that entry for kids for any game would be £5 !! didn't last long "
17th Jan 2012 17:00
"Im trying to get tickets to the Liverpool v Wolves game coz my son wants to go but we can't get tickets anyone no how we can get some....."