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KIng Bellamy, u are pure class
10th Jan 2012 9:09
10th Jan 2012 9:14
"Congrats! You deserve it."
10th Jan 2012 9:21
10th Jan 2012 9:21
"Congrats legend!"
10th Jan 2012 9:54
"Bella you have another chance this month. Dont let it go"
10th Jan 2012 9:55
"So glad you wanted to come back Craig. Your just doing now what you never had a real opportunity to do for us before. Astute signing!"
10th Jan 2012 9:55
"Bellamy has been great. Sometimes you need a player with an edge and bellamy has that. He also attackes with purpose. Great signing!"
10th Jan 2012 9:56
"well deserved craig, it wonderful to have you back. YNWA"
10th Jan 2012 9:57
"Carroll next month!!! I would LOVE to see him win it (and deserve it, of course)"
10th Jan 2012 10:04
"Such a shame that he missed 4 years at LFC, it could have changed the history of our club between 2007 and 2011!"
10th Jan 2012 10:04
"craig really deserves awards.good luck YNWA"
10th Jan 2012 10:06
"id give you me kitchen sink your that good walk on. always picks right pass in final third what more do you want and score goals well done "
10th Jan 2012 10:06
"Well deserved too! Great effort, application and technique. All lfc stands for!"
10th Jan 2012 10:11
"Well done Bellers. Fully deserved."
10th Jan 2012 10:12
"Well done you have played well and deserved this award"
10th Jan 2012 10:15
"Well done lad. More of the same, a true red with passion. Love it and wish more of the lads would play the same way. YNWA Craig. Redman for life."
10th Jan 2012 10:19
"We love you Craig.You prooved to everyone that you are true red full of heart and talent.I felt and i still feel anger for Benitez that let you go"
10th Jan 2012 10:21
10th Jan 2012 10:31
"This guy is a true example of what happens when you sign players with the club in their heart! "
10th Jan 2012 11:27
"I am really delighted for Bells he deserves it works his socks off for the team and plays with passion..others should watch him as an inspiration and i hope he would win it back to back as he's been fantastic for us"
10th Jan 2012 12:05
"Congratulations, Craig, thoroughly deserved! I have a feeling this won't be your last either. A fantastic player with a great atude and commitment. It's great to have you back, where you belong, in a RED shirt!!!"
10th Jan 2012 12:06
"Congratulations, Craig, thoroughly deserved! I have a feeling this won't be your last either. A fantastic player with a great atude and commitment. It's great to have you back, where you belong, in a RED shirt!!!"
10th Jan 2012 12:26
"You are worth it!!! YNWA"
10th Jan 2012 13:05
"WELL DONE CRAIG!!! who is the interviewer? :P"
10th Jan 2012 13:15
10th Jan 2012 13:25
"Bellers is the man!! ynwa"
10th Jan 2012 14:10
"Well done Craig not enough players like you around,just glad you are with us YNWA"
10th Jan 2012 14:17
"He deserves it Clearly"
10th Jan 2012 15:01
"This award says quite alot , not only that Craig is a fantastic footballer but that Rafa hadnt a clue how to get the best out of players and was unwise to get rid of Craig and Kenny knew how good Craig was and did the right thing in bringing him back. Well done Craig keep banging the goals in."
10th Jan 2012 15:01
"wel deserved we man,uve bin first a fine example to the youngsters defo the signing of the summer....YNWA Bellers"
10th Jan 2012 15:15
"we lost 10 points at home, if craig bellamy had been playing more time in them matches, we would have got at least 6 of those points. why was he not playing more."
10th Jan 2012 15:30
"Our defense is fine for now but we only have lucas, gerrard, Suarez and bellemy in the midfield and attack that are good enough. Dont get me wrong some of the others are decent but need to be replaced with a high quality player. Yes I know were not in the Champions League but we can get better than what we have."
10th Jan 2012 15:53
"What. A. Player. YNWA!!"
10th Jan 2012 16:40
"love the fact she was pouting throughout that interview....i defo would though,she is 1 hot chick.... bellamy deserves this award and the many more he will be recieving throughout the season. ynwa"
10th Jan 2012 16:43
"Well in Bellers... Best signing of the summer!!!!"
10th Jan 2012 17:03
"Thoroughly deserved Craig, a great signing to return to the club, you are an important asset for the team!"
10th Jan 2012 19:06
"this is a shock not lol well done bellers great work as usual ynwa"
Afrika Kop
10th Jan 2012 19:14
"Belllamy has added a cutting edge dimension to Liverpool's play. His speed runs, close ball control and decent passes are a key ingredient to a winning team. I absolutely love his passion and commitment to Liverpool. He deserves this award and many more. "
10th Jan 2012 19:25
"Despite Bellamy's form, KD might start him and Maxi on the bench tomorrow at the Mac City FA game and start with Caroll. Most of our undoing this season has been KK's poor team selection - he leaves in-form players on the bench and plays his expensive poor signings to justify his purchases "
10th Jan 2012 19:26
"Weldon Bella ! You deserve more of it!"
10th Jan 2012 19:43
"if bellers played in 2007 cl final we would have been singing we won it six times,we won it six times "
10th Jan 2012 19:46
"well done Craig well deserved your head and shoulders above most of the squad how i wish you were a few years younger."
10th Jan 2012 19:50
"well deserved hope he gets it for jan as well."
10th Jan 2012 20:14
"well done craig now lets knock the two mancs out"
10th Jan 2012 20:21
10th Jan 2012 21:17
"Well done craig its uours this month mate well done unwa"
10th Jan 2012 21:18
"Well done "Bellers" and keep scoring true Mighty Red servant God Bless you mate."
11th Jan 2012 0:27
"Well deserved award, he's been brilliant since returning to Anfield. Keep up the great work Craig. YNWA"
11th Jan 2012 9:18
"you got2 love him"
11th Jan 2012 9:45
"Amazing Bellers, keep it up mate!! Superb..."
11th Jan 2012 10:21
"Classy player! Well deserved Craig! I think you will repeat it very soon! YNWA"