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Great article
21st Dec 2011 15:45
21st Dec 2011 15:46
Rush job
21st Dec 2011 15:47
"A pawn in the FA sticking 2 mighty large fingers up at Sepp Blatter IMO. This isnt just a black mark for Luis Suarez, but for KK and our great club, and one which must be fought to be removed. I hope that Luis plays against Wigan, and I hope that he scores a hat-trick. "
21st Dec 2011 15:52
"Well said, Kristian. This has been a farce from start to finish. I hope we appeal and we can expose this witch hunt for what it has been. YNWA El Pistolero "
21st Dec 2011 15:53
"Let's just wait for their written response, and see how the club will handle this very unfortunately, poorly timed, and extremely complicated situation. It's so sad, but you can't help but believe there's some conspiracy theory somewhere!"
21st Dec 2011 15:58
"YNWA Suarez"
21st Dec 2011 15:58
"Well said. If there is a case to answer why has it not gone before the courts as has John Terry's? We back Luis no matter what especially since the journos have hung him already. YNWA Luis."
21st Dec 2011 16:00
"YNWA Luis!! We are all by your side!!"
21st Dec 2011 16:02
"luis i speak for all true liverpool fans this verdict is so unfair we think they are making a scapegoat out of you luis down with the FA "
21st Dec 2011 16:02
"kristian we are all with him. he will never walk alone. the fa are wrong in their decisions and will realise it when we appeal. evra has done this before and didnt get away with it and he wont this time either"
21st Dec 2011 16:04
"Well written Kristian, as usual you've been unbiased, thoughtful and thought provoking. Louis is hardly a saint, but the way the press is portraying him is ridiculous, and as fans we should walk with him through this storm...."
21st Dec 2011 16:05
"Nunca va a caminar solo porque tiene un pais entero que lo apoya, y todos los hinchas de Liverpool. En Inglaterra no conocen Uruguay, en nuestro hermoso pais las personas conviven sin ningún problema racial, es una lástima que en otros paises las personas se tengan que cuidar de decir algunas palabras. El señor Evra tiene un problema y se llama complejo de inferioridad. "
21st Dec 2011 16:07
"damn good article"
21st Dec 2011 16:09
"Hopefully Suarez will do alright.. #YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 16:09
"Excellent comments, now let's see the two faced numpties known as the FA, decide John Terry's future now that he is being prosecuted for racsim. I can't wait for their reaction, after all he is the England Captain."
21st Dec 2011 16:11
"all the forces are now against lfc striker, they want to stop lfc being success, suarez is innocent. he is not racicst. the one who blame and accuse him and finally punish him for undone crime are all racicst. we are with you suarez, we wont let you down. we are proud to be lfc fan, and will always behind you till death"
21st Dec 2011 16:12
"He will never walk alone - we danish fans will walk with him all the way - Merry Christmas to Suarez, Kristian and all you Liverpool fans out there."
21st Dec 2011 16:13
"Nonsense. he should just take the punishment and ride it out. He used the n word by his own admission. "
21st Dec 2011 16:17
"justice is not one mans word against another, in any court in the land the case would be thown proves this finding by so called hearing that luis was guilty regardless of any evidence given inorder to prove a point. to theF.A."
21st Dec 2011 16:20
"Support him through! I feel for Luis. We all know he didn't deserve it and we all know rednose is behind this, cause it's christmas."
21st Dec 2011 16:21
21st Dec 2011 16:21
"This is an absolute joke. those of us who played football have all called each other 'something' to get under their skin. Everyone knows that Suarez is not racist and indeed has a black Grandher. He was called something unsavoury in Spanish by Evra and simply called him something back. THAT is NOT racism - IT IS PART OF SPORT - like it or not!!"
21st Dec 2011 16:22
"Why has this thing dragged on for so long. Was there some hidden agenda! I'm sure a lot is said during every match and I agree that outright racist verbals cannot be condoned. But this would seem not to have been cut and dried, so the punishment is way over the top. Evra, the wheel will turn again !!"
21st Dec 2011 16:23
"S7ï¼? YNWAï¼?"
21st Dec 2011 16:24
"This allegation made towards him will not do anything to him, but will make him more STRONGER than EVER !!!! Watch out Mancaster Utoted !!!!"
21st Dec 2011 16:26
"Even his team-mates from his national team are supporting him, including Alvaro Pereira who posted the following picture in his Facebook page: He also posted the following phrase: "One picture worth more than any word..." "
21st Dec 2011 16:28
"I'm disgusted with the FA. The verdict is ridiculous and based on the very questionable allegations of Evra. Evra showed what kind of person he is with his disgraceful behaviour against his national coach at the World Cup. What is the integrity of such an individual? The FA is looking for a scapegoat. The whole story is a bad joke. YNWA Luis!"
21st Dec 2011 16:29
"Brilliant. Balanced, well thought out, incredibly considerate and unbiased. See its not fair to classify all english, French nor any nation as "all the same". Bravo kristian! we will wait for Luis, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger "
21st Dec 2011 16:29
"YNWA Luis Suarez"
21st Dec 2011 16:30
"Luis Suarez You Will Never Walk Alone."
21st Dec 2011 16:30
"i am almost in the point that FA official must have taken huge bribe. I demand investigation and punish the corrupt official.YNWA luis"
21st Dec 2011 16:33
"Clearly we must stop calling ourselves the reds because that terms is racist towards native American Indians."
21st Dec 2011 16:37
"He won't walk alone! I can tell any doubter out there that in latin america racism is beyond uncommon and in a background like Luis' I am sure that more than once he was the one discriminated. He is no racist! Let's stick together on this one"
21st Dec 2011 16:39
"i believe that luis suarez is punisshed purely because its man utd and alex furguson thats brought the charge againts him and thats the justice you get when one party has some one in a higher place than you do know what i mean."
21st Dec 2011 16:40
"Well written...Luis has been made a scapegoat by the inept FA to prove a point against FIFA. Good luck with clearing your name Luis, I know everyone here will support you, YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 16:40
Rush job
21st Dec 2011 16:41
"The FA have set the bar now..... And extremely high. Sit back and watch just how inconsistent they truly are. 100 quid ses John Terry will be bellowing out our National anthem wearing the 3 lions in the Ukraine come June 2012."
21st Dec 2011 16:42
"The FA have have opened up a can of worms by banning Suarez on the say so of the accusing player alone. All it will take now is for someone to say that this player said this to me and hey presto there banned to. were will it end? YNWA SUAREZ "
21st Dec 2011 16:43
"The FA has become a great joke! It's making Luis into a scapegoat for their supposedly anti racist stand BUT they fail to do that to Evra even though he himself admitted doing so! "
21st Dec 2011 16:43
"Breedo23, yes Louis did by his own admission use the N word, but it is obvious that the FA are using him as a scapegoat. Evra by his own admission verbally abused Louis, do you see any reason as to why he should not be facing a similar charge and punishment. "
21st Dec 2011 16:44
"True Liverpool fans are with Luis all the way! I have defended Luis' dignity against my friends who support other teams! It's our bound duty to support a player who has shown his loyalty to the club! YNWA Luis Suarez! - from Malaysia!"
21st Dec 2011 16:45
"Great article Kristian! Now what matter is that Luis doesn't walk alone in this difficult moment of a career deeply signed by a ignominious accuse. YNWA Luis Suarez!!"
21st Dec 2011 16:48
"Impressive and moving article. I don't condone racism but I do believe that this is a rare occasion where a word used innocently or not gave the wrong connotation. For one, I do not believe Suarez is racist and in my books he will never walk alone. "
21st Dec 2011 16:49
"Luis will never walk alone!! we must share this article to all the people. This article is unbiased and 100% true. I hope LFC and King Kenny appeal against it and clear our name. Its our club and our player. We care about both. #YNWA - Surjith India "
21st Dec 2011 16:49
"I think Liverpool FC should take this matter to the court, at least to make it as a registered FA scandal. "
21st Dec 2011 16:50
"Succinctly put Kristian. We don't know precisely what was said between Luis and Evrra but the FA were very quick in their deliberation. Had this gone to court it would have taken a lot longer to get to the truth and only when beyond reasonable doubt would a verdict be given. I'm appalled by their decision and Luis has been made unjustly a scapegoat here. "
21st Dec 2011 16:51
"The sweet FA and their double standards. Rooney gets banned for 3 games and they think its too harsh, when what Rooney did was assault,they appeal and get it reduced.Yet they see fit to ban Suarez for 8 games on the sole evidence of the so called serial victim Evra.Why dont they report it to the Police and let them deal with it? Oh they cant as there is no evidence.Well done sweet FA"
21st Dec 2011 16:53
"Suarez would never denegrate his family HE IS NO RACIST NOR DID HE KNWOINGLY MEAN HIS COMMETNS TO BE RACIST. Keith"
21st Dec 2011 16:56
"Suarez will never alone in this cos we are all behind you. YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 16:56
"Next time my lad comes home from school and says another lad called him names on the playground what do I say to him? "It's a national disgrace, call the police, call the solicitors, we need a 2 month investigation?""
21st Dec 2011 17:01
"Come on Luis, we're all behind you. YNWA. Can't believe the double standards of The FA saying Terry innocent til proven guilty yet they decided Suarez was guilty without any proof. What a Joke the FA are. "
21st Dec 2011 17:04
21st Dec 2011 17:05
"Amazing no witnesses, Luis is not racist,hopefully he will feel the support of all true kopites. Kick racism out, absolutely, Luis also needs our support and encouragement at this time. Im sure LFC will learn from this experience and the need to educate our new and foreign players when coming to this country."
21st Dec 2011 17:08
" Great perspective. Brings to mind the many unjust referee decisions against him on the field which give opponents free rein to hack him at will."
21st Dec 2011 17:09
"Next Manu game Johnson should make allegation against Roony for racial abuse"
21st Dec 2011 17:14
"except the ban from today and he will be back for the 2nd leg with man city"
21st Dec 2011 17:14
"This is the biggest stichup ever. All down to the manu manager. I hope he can sleep at night. 100% with you Louis. YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 17:21
"This just goes to show that lots of different cultures in one country doesn't neccessarily work for the best. What proves to be a term of endearment in one culture may be a racial slur in another. This was bound to happen one day. Sad but true. "
Red Yank 1969
21st Dec 2011 17:28
"the fa are a joke..suarez was charged with abusive language and yet there is no proof, yet when any official makes a bad call..the first thing out of any players mouth to the official is "f--k off" how is that not abusive.."
21st Dec 2011 17:29
"Well said. The whole saga was never about racism. The true motive behind Ferguson's and Evra's strong fervor to back the racism claim was always to screw with Liverpool and their brightest star, and the English FA have helped them achieve just that. We can and will prove them that we won't be downed so easily"
21st Dec 2011 17:30
"I don't think it's evras fault I think he Misunderstood the comments, I also think luis didn't think it was raciist the term negreto I used freely in Uruguay but it is not used as a racist offence but luis didn't realise that.I think the fa must look like they are serious about racism but I also think the ban is ridiculous ge should have got a 1 match ban and a fine as a warning "
21st Dec 2011 17:30
"it's a great shame,Suarez is a champion that all we Liverpool fans love and admire but this act is unpardonable the FA should charge him his annual salary i wonder how he would look at his team-mate glen Johnson or how Glen would look at him,and what we'll do without Luis or only world class forward that's why I always wanted us to sign another cracking player"
21st Dec 2011 17:32
"YNWA luis Suarez Liverpools number 7 we love you but a striker and Shaqiri lol "
21st Dec 2011 17:41
"Well said....YNWA Luis..from Irondequoit, New have support from all over the world!!!"
21st Dec 2011 17:42
"Very PROUD of the Club for the strong satement yesterday!!"
21st Dec 2011 17:48
"I'm with you 200%"
21st Dec 2011 17:48
"Excellent article. We are all behind our Luis. For Luis this is very difficult to understand as in Uruguay there are no racist problems as in Europe. "
21st Dec 2011 17:49
"This is all down to Alex Ferguson, any way he can to beat us. YNWA Luis ALL behind you."
21st Dec 2011 17:52
"FA is a week organisation.It could not stand against Fergusan. Had the complain come from another club,the result would have been different. Evra,of all players has a reputation of using his colour of the skin to his advantage. This is called reverse racial discrimination. Hope LFC,Footbol community and the world at large will stand behind Suarez."
21st Dec 2011 17:52
"What a great way for MU to assure themselves that the teams stay behind them. Let's take out their top scorer. From what everyone has said including those making the decision, Luis is not a racist, so why treat him like one with nary a player or official on the field able to support Evra?Luis should never walk alone and we should make our voices loud and persistent until justice is served."
21st Dec 2011 17:53
"Great article Christian! Could not agree more. YNWA Luis"
21st Dec 2011 17:54
21st Dec 2011 17:57
"thanks Xtian walsh. those so called fake and stupid minded FA and three stooge panel are nothing but racists too. for judging Suarez on issue they can't back with any prove that speaks volume of their determination to get rid of Luis when it's glaring he is innocent. no matter what, we'll fight for the right of Suarez as we've done for the 96.YNWA "
21st Dec 2011 17:58
"In my opinion Evra is a spoiled and naive infant who is jealous of the talents of someone who made him look stupid on the pitch..... SUAREZ will live forever in every Poolie´s hearts whether guilty or not !!!! "
21st Dec 2011 18:00
"its time for the obvious discrimination within the FA to be eradicated before they decide to call judgement on others."
21st Dec 2011 18:02
"All behind u Luis, FA just makin an example not the same as rooneys but hey it's not what u no, YNWA "
21st Dec 2011 18:02
"F.A = Manchester United. If not..How do you explain Rooney's decision compare with Suarez."
21st Dec 2011 18:03
"Hope that Luis plays tonight and lets his feet do the talking. Walk on through the storm Luis, it is only one horrible little man who has created all this and it is he who will in the end suffer!"
21st Dec 2011 18:03
"It is good that Kenny and the club are 100% behind Luis Suarez on this, but to make it tangible and real support, then the club and Kenny must pursue this now unrelentingly until Luis gets justice ie gets his name exonerated because to do otherwise is to let this bias and broken organization the F.A. get off the hook. there has to come a time when people fight back."
21st Dec 2011 18:04
"i am broken-hearted for Luis.Whatever I can do for him I will."
21st Dec 2011 18:05
"Those were all lies by Evra due to the fact that he couldn't keep up the pace with Louis. Also he informed the ref late because he was encouraged by MU since they knew that Louis was going to be a treat to them through out the league and the reached their target since you all know how the refs are treating Suarez. YNWA Suarez from Malta."
21st Dec 2011 18:07
"E-peion anyone?? "
21st Dec 2011 18:07
"definitely - what better backing than that of the 'KOP', I for sure am totally behind the lad. Well written mate - 10/10."
21st Dec 2011 18:09
21st Dec 2011 18:12
"I think the ban is ridiculous. All we can do while the appeal goes thru is support El Pistolero. I have a feeling he'll score more than once tonight."
21st Dec 2011 18:13
"He is a scapegoat for the FA... Your right Suarez was guilty the minute he put on that red shirt others should now watch their backs too.. Ref's and football pundits alike dont want us to succeed because once we do a new Liverpool Dynasty will be born.. YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 18:14
"Very tainted decision smacking of politicking from FA.Sanction is so disproportionate given the cirstances. Has it strictly to do with sports or is it rather FA using Suarez as scapegoat to please the media and 'you know who'.Luis talent and personality is a source of frustation for many and he had to be 'punished'. You don't walk alone Luis. (From all Reds from Mauritius)"
21st Dec 2011 18:14
"When someone else has shown huge weakness in character, you must show a great strength in yours and not be affected by this. We all trust you and you should know that with us you will never walk alone. Looking forward to your return. Take your time, train, and be back with vengence! YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 18:14
"we should start some kind of peion ageinst ban and fa/ss"
Captain Can
21st Dec 2011 18:16
"luis hold your head up high.. they can't beat you on the pitch so they'll sulley your name off it..YNWAsuarez "
21st Dec 2011 18:17
"Donâ??t understand why some of us, including LFC with their statement, are making this out as one manâ??s word against another? Suarez has not denied using the â??Nâ?? word so why the staunch defence from the LFC? Whether said in jest or not, whether the word means different in Uruguay or not, it does not excuse Suarez at all. He has played in Europe long enough to know this is not acceptable! "
21st Dec 2011 18:18
"what about evra saying everytime luis left him for dead b*****d think evra should be punished for questioning luis's parentage. YNWA luis + lfc"
21st Dec 2011 18:23
"If you're not a red what the are you doing on LFC forum Nizam?"
21st Dec 2011 18:24
"gr8 article as usual from Kristian. we have to n will support Luis all the way.u'll never walk alone son.wish we could play Manure today and kicked their b***."
21st Dec 2011 18:27
"Best way to deal with this is to win our next 8 games and more .And then those at the Fa/Man utd board will most likely ask for a points reduction to.What a joke ."
21st Dec 2011 18:33
"Great article. Very insightful. "
21st Dec 2011 18:35
"It's funny how there is very little, if any support for Evra from his fellow professionals. If he was distressed and felt persecuted, as a victim of racism naturally feels, then he needs support now! It shows that Suarez is far more respected than Evra and speaks volumes about the characters of both!"
21st Dec 2011 18:36
"Pity that this has happened to Luis, and the team, when we are in the middle of a renaissance. Sometimes these things are sent to test us. The LFC badge showing the Liver bird with the two justice flames,reminds me of the phoenix rising out of the ashes. It's that spirit in LFC, that keeps us strong. Well done Luis for all the spirit you have shown us. "
21st Dec 2011 18:37
"Suarez will come out of this far better than Evra who continues to self destruct! YNWA LUIS, NEVER!"
21st Dec 2011 18:46
"We should now take this out on all teams for the rest of the season, bottling the anger and releasing it through pure heart and determination. Do not release our frustrations verbally, but through football. This should be the catalyst to propel us up the league and on to glory!"
21st Dec 2011 18:55
"Perfect sentiment expressed, may he Never Walk Alone "
21st Dec 2011 19:01
"Even as the Ferggie association tries to trip you Luis, the players and fans of the world will pick you up so that YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 19:01
"Luis will Never Walk Alone."
21st Dec 2011 19:03
"Brilliant article. "
21st Dec 2011 19:15
"WOW!!! What an article! Could not have been written or said any better. This must be one of the biggest cases of deformation of character, no matter what the outcome of any appeal, our friend Luis will carry this forever! Away games will be nothing less than a nightmare for him....YNWA LUIS!!"
21st Dec 2011 19:17
"its a little bit like the bob dylan song hurricane i mesn a line from the song "how can the life of such a man be in the palm of some fools hand" Y.N.W.A Suarez"
21st Dec 2011 19:18
"Great article. We will stand by you Suarez at this difficult time. Oram family. New Zealand"
21st Dec 2011 19:19
"It's true saying that the footballing public will follow the media labelling Luis a rascist...just like Hillsborough this imbecelic, corrupt, over - dramatic footballing nation we live in has gone anti-scouse but like Hillsborough we will fight for justice and king kenny will walk us on through the wind and rain,all our dreams be tossed and blown...YNWA Suarez!!!"
21st Dec 2011 19:19
"Suarez admitted to using the 'n' word. He should take his punishment like a man and come back stronger. Liverpool FC should show some grace and save some dignity by retracting the potentially libelous statement released yesterday. We're sounding more and more like the spoiled brat s.c.u.m."
21st Dec 2011 19:19
"breedo23 is right"
21st Dec 2011 19:26
"d'accuerdo, I also think that Evra has small man's syndrome, and was unable to cope with LS's level of skill and to deflect attention used a pathetic excuse for his own inadequacy."
21st Dec 2011 19:27
"Luis Suarez has my backing and that of every RED in NIGERIA. The FA is corrupt. They have actually been looking for a way to nail him cos he is the BEST in EPL. Suarez YNWA. "
21st Dec 2011 19:27
"Lets win this case and vindicate Luis Suarez, and then destroy Patrice Evra and Alex Ferguson."
21st Dec 2011 19:30
"Kristian you really are a true red - i feel sad for luis as we all know he is a good guy - Luis Suarez we as LFC are proud to have you part of this club YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE"
21st Dec 2011 19:42
"I'm not going to be a sheep and say suarez is not racist just because he plays for liverpool. If he did make racist comments fair enough but we have heard of no evidence? None has been released. It's very shady. If John Terry is not given a lengthier ban then thats double standards just because JT is english"
21st Dec 2011 19:45
"Great blog Kristian! Yes we all are behind Luis Suarez 100% Y.N.W.A. Luis!"
21st Dec 2011 19:49
"Wonderfull article :) And you're right in all the ways. We can't let him walk alone! â?¥"
21st Dec 2011 19:51
"Well Said YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 19:53
"You'll never walk alone Luis,all decent football supporters are behind you-not just Kopites"
21st Dec 2011 19:56
"Joeyrasdien are you saying that Luis is a racist and that he should just accept this accusation without question, yes maybe he was foolish in saying what he said, but was he provoked by Evra being just as abusive. I suppose you even think that when Luis is found guilty of his gesture to Fulham fans the FA should add another 8 game ban, and why not ban the whole team for surrouding the referee. "
21st Dec 2011 20:43
"Isn't Evra's bad mouthing about South Americans an act of racism? Or is the FA intellectually challenged about colors? YNWA Suarez."
21st Dec 2011 20:56
"Well written, spot on!"
21st Dec 2011 21:09
"GT-FC so true mate, kristian thanks for the articel, as it calms me a little bit down, am so angry that i would like to pu#nch fergi in that big red nose of his..Aarrghh#¤* very very hard, am no rasicst, but cant understand how rasicm only goes one way, ing evra started this case by being rasitic towards luis, he plays tonight, What the HE..Luis your name has to be cleared, YNWA"
21st Dec 2011 21:11
"Wonderfull article :) And you're right in all the ways. We can't let him walk alone! â?¥"
21st Dec 2011 21:13
"In Brazil 'nego' is darling(masculine). Also slang for ,black man, but also 'guy'. I equate it to bro. It means brother but originates for Afro Americans calling each other friend. Now a universal word for friend. Would Evra have objected to bro I wonder? I think not. "
21st Dec 2011 21:39
"It is disappointing that Evra can take advantage of the color of his skin and the hypocrisy of the FA to try to damage the image of Luis Suarez. Sure, there's nothing he could do to stop him on the field. He also called him 'South American', something equally true as Luis calling him 'Negro' and not a bit less derogatory if we are to focus on discrimination sensitivities. "
21st Dec 2011 22:09
"Luis is Innocent. Evra needs banning, its not the first time he has accused players of racism.Evra is a liar and a cheat."
21st Dec 2011 22:09
"ynwa suarez ... all the way fm malaysia"
21st Dec 2011 22:21
"fa and m2u is ed !!!"
Denza Red
21st Dec 2011 22:37
"The matter was NEVER going to be anything other than TRIAL BY MEDIA!! (Kristian Walsh excepted!) The Media have and always will be Judge,Jury and Executioner.If there publicly proves, to be incontrovertible evidence that Luis is not innocent, then he no longer deserves our support or even wear a red shirt.Let's see the evidence which is such a damning event for someone to be proved a racist."
21st Dec 2011 22:47
"fantastic and well written article.How the FA can take one mans word against anothers without any other evidence is astonishing. Luis should sue the FA for defamation of character. They have tried to damage the name of Luis Suarez and Liverpool FC and on the basis of one mans word.The FA seem to become more of a joke with every decision they make. LUIS SUAREZ WE ARE WITH YOU YNWA!!! "
21st Dec 2011 22:51
"YNWA Suarez!! Legend. I Hate Evra and the mancs."
21st Dec 2011 22:54
"poetic yet again ynwa"
21st Dec 2011 22:57
"If john terry gets a lesser ban than Suarez, then it proves the F oo k in Ar ses have singled him out! I hate the FA they are a bunch of hypocrites, after appealing rooney's euro ban for blatantly assaulting another player! Rooney should have been arrested for assault!! But i guess it's ok coz he plays for the mancs."
21st Dec 2011 23:09
"I really hope with our support it can help to keep him strong through all this YNWA Luis"
22nd Dec 2011 0:05
"YNWA!! Justice for Luis!!"
22nd Dec 2011 0:15
"A verdictbased on bnias rather than than fact/ Lets argue th facts locially. there woudlmahev been a cse aganinst Louis. Theword of a man(Evra) that nobody else heard Luis, you will never walk alone. !! Omero"
22nd Dec 2011 0:19
"If it is as we have been told, "One man's word against another" then the decision is ludicrous, given that the word they have taken is that of someone who has made these allegations before and never been proven. He also admits to insulting Suarez on the pitch, what action will be taken against him ?"
22nd Dec 2011 0:36
"brilliant article !!! still cant believe the verdict what a joke...what about john terry???"
22nd Dec 2011 0:53
"Luis is not racist. FA is racist. Hope Luis is reading all the comment. YNWA Luis, from Papua New Guinea."
22nd Dec 2011 2:49
" FA, now, let's stop whining, Liverpool and Saurez will be back with a vengeance.YNWA "
22nd Dec 2011 4:58
"Great Read"
22nd Dec 2011 5:45
"Those who say OK, he used the 'n' word, fair cop, might like to take a look at and read Paul Tomkins comments on this. We can all see a load of negative stuff coming LFC's way but I hope the club's legal advisers make a strong case for fighting this all the way."
22nd Dec 2011 5:48
"Sorry, shoulda wrote"
22nd Dec 2011 7:58
"I support Luis as a red. YNWA."
22nd Dec 2011 8:05
"Think LFC is fighting the wrong battle here. FA are not alleging he is a racist but that he made a racially insulting comment. We need to fight length of ban and size of fine and ensure FA make their ruling crystal clear"
22nd Dec 2011 8:09
"Gr8 Article!! As Sir Shankly said nobody of Liverpool fights alone!! WE all stand with you Luis!! YNWA"
22nd Dec 2011 8:48
"Luis is a better man than most as he has ADMITTED that he used a certain word. This is not really a case of one man's word against another, I'm afraid. Respect to Luis for not hiding behind the 'I never said nothing' approach of others. Do not pilliory Evra or Man U as this clouds the issue. Fight the length of the ban"
22nd Dec 2011 12:44
"breedo23, he did not use the "n" word at any point, unless the color black now became an insult..."
22nd Dec 2011 16:39
"YNWA Luis!"