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Ah Lucas. Sigh...
15th Dec 2011 18:00
15th Dec 2011 18:06
"Well done Lucas. YNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:13
"congratulations Lucas and hope u get well soon..YNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:14
"Congratulations Lucas! No one deserved this award more than you this month. Can't wait to have you back"
15th Dec 2011 18:16
"You deserve it LUCAS! Now concentrate on getting better SOON!!! YNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:20
"Get well soon lucas... best defendive midfielder in the league... YNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:21
"Congrats Lucas , definetly deserves it , its also good to see Aurileo involving himself and communicating , shows how much our squad has changed in the past 12 months ."
15th Dec 2011 18:22
"i think fabio aurelio is a forgotten superstar at lfc"
15th Dec 2011 18:22
"deserved it. hopefully he will come back fighting. you never know he could be back for an FA Cup final :)"
15th Dec 2011 18:25
"Well done Lucas, very much deserved. YNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:25
"Lucas, we need you to back. YNWA!"
15th Dec 2011 18:26
"Rightly so!!!! Miss you Luc!!!"
15th Dec 2011 18:29
"Get well soon " LUCAS " hope you coming out fine out there in Brasil. You're not alone, we're with you in spirit. Greating from Sweden. #YWNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:29
"For sure he deserves it!! YNWA!!!!!"
15th Dec 2011 18:30
"nobody one was on his level...well deserved. Get Well LL."
15th Dec 2011 18:32
"speedy recovery lucas congrats on award thoughrally deserved , we will miss you , come back stronger bud ,top guy YNWA "
15th Dec 2011 18:35
"Congratulations Lucas, you truly deserve it after all the hard work you've done. Get well soon now and come back stronger than ever. YNWA, we love you so much."
15th Dec 2011 18:41
"Well deserved Lucas! Recover quickly and come back the soonest lad! YNWA"
15th Dec 2011 18:46
"Miss you Man, always like. Get we soon as YNWA."
15th Dec 2011 18:47
"Definitely deserved! All the best to your recovery!"
15th Dec 2011 19:18
"with all due respect YNWA!!!"
15th Dec 2011 19:21
"yeah really worth it.get back very soo!!!YNWA!!!"
15th Dec 2011 19:23
"Well done Lucas - have a very Happy Christmas in the sun!"
15th Dec 2011 19:31
"I honestly think he will only be missed for his defensive work, but in our attacking play we will totally forget him and I am really hoping that will be the case!"
15th Dec 2011 19:47
"Lucas, Lucas Leiva, close 'em down!"
15th Dec 2011 20:19
"Deservedly so!!! Please have a quick recovery and come back stronger! We love you Lucas! YNWA!"
15th Dec 2011 20:36
"Nice one - he's been massive for us for the last season and a half. I miss not seeing him in the MF. Can't wait to see him back next season. YNWA Lucas - and I for one NEVER doubted you."
15th Dec 2011 21:21
"Lucas has been the best player in the league!!"
15th Dec 2011 22:26
"Absolutely no doubt he was our best overall performer & player last month so only right he has won the accolade.Time for other team members to step up to the high standards Lucas has set-we need to kick on & start getting on a serious winning run over the Christmas period."
15th Dec 2011 22:29
"Much respect for Lucas..the man has no fears on the pitch and his heart is truly in the right place. Get well son brotha we miss you but until you get back JONJO SHELVEY will THRIVE in a holding/attacking role. Charlie will sit further back. Triangle center midfield with Jonjo and Hendo attacking. Downing & Kuyt on the wing..Bellamy and Carroll sub when needed"
15th Dec 2011 22:48
"Are you any good at dm fabio?"
15th Dec 2011 23:17
"so glad for the lad ,he's worked hard "
16th Dec 2011 1:22
"Congrats Lucas and you deserved it. Rest well and I hope to see you again on pitch earlier than expected. YNWA"
16th Dec 2011 2:04
"I love how they show him absolutely clattering Luiz in this clip. Get well soon Lucas! YNWA"
16th Dec 2011 3:54
"Well done Lucas, and congrats to you... Get well soon! YNWA!!"
16th Dec 2011 4:38
"Get Well Soon Lucas...#YNWA. I wish you retire in football as a liverpool player...."
16th Dec 2011 6:31
"Well deserved Lucas, congrats. We miss you and wish you the speediest of recoveries. Ye I hope you're with LFC for the rest of your playing career...YNWA"
16th Dec 2011 9:12
"You will be missed!!! YNWA"
16th Dec 2011 9:24
"he deserves it"
16th Dec 2011 10:05
"Why? I dont get it... why??"
16th Dec 2011 10:25
"well done lucas well deserved hope to see you playing again soon get well soon"
16th Dec 2011 10:31
"Congratulations. Well deserved. Tragic loss for the rest of the season. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the CL to look forward to next season!"
16th Dec 2011 10:51
"Always my favourite player well done, Fabio, what's up bro, what a wasted talent, are in the same boots with Maxi? Left back definitely no chance, enrique playing game of his life, but why not Lucas's position? You can shine there for sure. "