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undoubtedly Lucas leiva... he is world class.. ynwa
27th Nov 2011 18:08
27th Nov 2011 18:10
"pepe reina for sure "
27th Nov 2011 18:10
27th Nov 2011 18:10
"everyone played great and it was a very good performance, a lot of chances. now we can win all decembers's games and carling cup . YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 18:11
"very hard choice tbh - what a game that was.. But I will go for Licas - brilliant play! And Agger, solid perfomance, hope he will play for us 4ever!"
27th Nov 2011 18:12
"Lucas MOTM YNWA!!!"
27th Nov 2011 18:12
"Lucas Leiva was by far the man out there today!!! He will be a legend at Liverpool in years to come!!!"
27th Nov 2011 18:12
": / we would to win"
27th Nov 2011 18:13
"i have to say every single soul of the liverpool team on the pitch were outstanding but hats off to lucas leiva for breaking city time and again..i m just beginning to think how much how crucial is this man to the liverpool team against attacking sides.. CHEERS!!"
27th Nov 2011 18:13
"I was really disappointed with Adam, he had a decent game but his final ball was terrible and Enrique had a very poor game and his passing was very sloppy. But star men for me were Lucas and Skrtel. Everyone tried very hard but their too many loose passes. "
27th Nov 2011 18:15
"obliously lucas............"
27th Nov 2011 18:15
"Lucas, Downing, Adam and Henderson all had great games. The whole team did, just very unlucky"
27th Nov 2011 18:16
"We had 12 MOTM today and a pity we did not take maximum points. I voted for Pepe for his excellent saves time and again. YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 18:21
"lucas deserve"
27th Nov 2011 18:22
"Who are Man City again??"
27th Nov 2011 18:24
"The only thing which i can say is that hendenson was NOT our man of the match!!!! Why on earth did kenny let him on the pitch. It was as if we were playing with 10 men> Really bad choice. Great game by lucas but henderson am sorry lad u r not of liverpool quality."
27th Nov 2011 18:26
"Cant think of too many challanges which Lucas lost out on today. The kid was everywhere. Magic!"
27th Nov 2011 18:32
"Agger was the man who kept the City attack at bay. Super performance."
27th Nov 2011 18:34
"This is a tough one it could've been any one of 12 players. I've gone for Agger because i think he is a fantastic defender. The MOM out of the whole game was clearly Joe Hart he earn't his team a point "
27th Nov 2011 18:36
"it baffles me that lucas has haters, WATCH him play and you ll realise you dont need crunching tackles to be a top DM. He is World Class"
27th Nov 2011 18:36
"Lucas was the best. Adam too. Glen Johnson was again sublime. "
27th Nov 2011 18:37
"We deserved a win well done fella's YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 18:37
27th Nov 2011 18:43
"adam needs to reduce his defensive mistakes, if he had of stayed put on the goal he would have got his head to it, he is a excelent engin but not the most itelligent defender "
27th Nov 2011 18:44
"lucas was unbelievable..damn world class and def one of the best dms in the premier league if not the best! YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 18:46
"Everyone was outstanding but Lucas was world class today. "
27th Nov 2011 18:46
"lucus left yaya looking like right mug everytime :)"
27th Nov 2011 18:47
"Many votes for Lucas, and I have to agree. He played well today. His best match ever. But Agger must be MOTM. Nothing came from that side and today that was not because of Enrique. To a lot of you - Henderson actually did well. Maxi should have played instead of Kuyt!!!"
27th Nov 2011 18:48
"We have to encourage Lucas to be in catagories of best holding midfilders. I understand why Rafa, Roy and Kenny used him with starting 11 even when we accused them. Lucas don't carry away with your recent performances and please work hard then you will be the legend. YNWA!!!"
27th Nov 2011 18:51
"what was the use of henserson on the field. I thought daglish put only ten men on the field. it was just when the commentor say his name after 40 Mins that i know he was on the pitch. he has to improve his football or else send him back to an academy. we are wasting so much pts. daglish has to react"
27th Nov 2011 18:51
"All the team made me proud today, great game. Very promising. Man of the match ? Joe Hart no doubt and that shows how good we were. But to chose one of our team, its gonna be Lucas!! The guy is awesome nothing gets past him."
27th Nov 2011 18:53
"I thot the worst liverpool player on the pitch was kuyt...He was pathetic...sloppy passing.sloppy pace....Henderson was not bad at all...lucas was my MOM>..cnt believe he outclassed yaya toure...World class performance that..."
27th Nov 2011 18:54
"Lucas Leiva had a brilliant match today. But, fortunately, all the guys palayed very well. The team didn't the victory by just one detail, named Joe Hart."
27th Nov 2011 19:01
"Undoubtedly Lucas Leiva. He was awesome, but even Agger and Adam were fantastic...YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 19:05
"up to the beginning of the last season people thought Lucas was not good enough to wear a LFC shirt well while I never doubted of his ability now he is showing how good player he is."
27th Nov 2011 19:08
"every1 :)"
27th Nov 2011 19:13
"all of them played the match of life... we would to win... the goolkepper for city was great really.. all the best for liverpool next matches...YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 19:17
"charlie adam"
27th Nov 2011 19:21
"Lucas, Pepe and Agger"
27th Nov 2011 19:23
"How can anyone vote for Henderson or Downing today? They where abysmal. Almost as usual. But how about the great Danny Agger? 81% Pass Accuracy 100% Tackles Won 100% Ground Duels Won 100% Aerial Duels Won. MOM"
27th Nov 2011 19:27
"What would we do without Lucas?"
27th Nov 2011 19:33
"Lucas was just awesome!!! I thought Adam was going to be Flop of the match but then he improved a ton after the first 20 minutes passed. Jose' and Pepe also was great. Jordan and Suarez good. Downing and Kuyt average."
LIVERPOOL ghal dejjem
27th Nov 2011 19:36
"Great show,Lucas. You're shuting up all critics. Keep it Up Lucas.YNWA From MALTA. "
27th Nov 2011 19:47
"Not one of my favourite players but What a performance from Lucas! The whole team were superb and were a match for the league leaders in all departments, we now need to kick on."
27th Nov 2011 19:48
"Great team effort, but Lucas was outstanding."
27th Nov 2011 19:50
"Joe Hart"
27th Nov 2011 19:52
"Lucas probably, but Reina was totally alert all day and certainly saved a few very tricky situations. He could not be faulted for the goal which was down to some clumsy defending."
27th Nov 2011 19:54
"I reckon we can get that 4th spot ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal, all we need to do is beat the rest of the teams out of the top six. 1.CITY 2.SPURS 3.UTD 4.LFC"
27th Nov 2011 19:55
"how can anyone vote for downing ??? he is useless"
27th Nov 2011 20:03
"Some of you having a go at Henderson are a bit off the mark, thought the young lad a decent game - why do you think he stayed on? The odd mistake was made by a few players but then we were playing the current best side in the league, so don't be so quick to knock someone down."
27th Nov 2011 20:05
"Lucas definitely. But why on earth did Hendo play full 90 minutes...I'm not saying throw him out, but with his current performances he hasn't earned a starting spot, least of all full 90 mins!"
27th Nov 2011 20:27
"Everybody knows who was great today but do people agree with my when I say Henderson was awful today?"
27th Nov 2011 20:58
"Lucas our hero !!! YNWA !!!"
27th Nov 2011 20:59
"How does Jordan Henderson get any votes here? He should have been gathering splinters before half time. Skrtel and Reina deserved better but the rest are about right."
27th Nov 2011 20:59
"Lucas made Yaya Toure look like a chicken"
27th Nov 2011 21:00
"Lucas you get my vote! i just wish you shoot on target from time to time! ynwa"
27th Nov 2011 21:02
"I couldn't agree more."
27th Nov 2011 21:06
"I was wondering during the game " is this the same mancity who beat manutd at their grond " 75% with 25% that was insane. Best game of the season for LFC so far, even that we didn't win ,I'm absolutely happy."
27th Nov 2011 21:25
"Lucas without question. Techincally IMO one of if not the best players in the Premier League, still prone to the odd mistake, granted, but getting better and better as time goes by. Future captain material?"
27th Nov 2011 21:30
"Lucas was absolutely incredible today,he made yaya toure look average!"
27th Nov 2011 21:47
"Lucas the Spartan"
27th Nov 2011 21:48
"I think Adam, but overall Joe Hart!"
27th Nov 2011 21:51
"MOTM? Undoubtedly that Hart :) For Liverpool of course Lucas"
27th Nov 2011 21:57
"NIKOLI, Am Not sure you understand English well, when they say BEST PLAYER, they Certainly need 1 not 4. Ok"
27th Nov 2011 21:59
"why maxi bellamy sterling not play kenny "
27th Nov 2011 22:00
"Look at yourselves, people. Here talking that Hendo isn't Liverpool quality and stuff. Just remember, what you've been talking 'bout Lucas 2 or 3 years ago. And look where he is now. He's one of our best players. Just give Hendo time. He's only 21, for Christ's sake. I'm sure he will improve. All he needs is playtime. A real Kopite stands behind his team!! YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 22:02
"lucas leiva by far.. i think jordan henderson needs more credit did a good job today and played realy well #LFC #YNWA"
27th Nov 2011 22:16
"A liverpool team in great shape and totally dominance in second half. But where are the goals??? I counted at least 5 100 percent chances today, but once again lack of koncentration when they have to put the ball the last meter."
27th Nov 2011 22:19
"Agger and Leiva where good, also not forget Suarez, he had a lot of play alone against some good defenders."
27th Nov 2011 22:40
"Leiva and Adam were awesome today!"
27th Nov 2011 22:54
"Whole team played great but I cant help but feel that a few people are letting the team down. If we get a proper finisher and a RW we should be ready for a top 4 spot."
27th Nov 2011 23:15
"It really shows progress now that players other than Suarez are putting in really top notch performances worthy of MOTM. Great to see some real solid team work, if I ever hear anyone question Dalgleish for a second I'd ask them to name another manager that could turn a club around this far in just 10 months!"
27th Nov 2011 23:20
"Lucas, what a player. Also Johnson and Agger looked good, plus the other 8 players"
27th Nov 2011 23:24
"Charlie for me was the man but Lucas improved as the game went on and made some great tackles, still played his usual bad passes as well though. Downing was useless today."
27th Nov 2011 23:26
"Balotelli 'Clown of the Match' by miles."
28th Nov 2011 0:48
"this boy could be a lfc legend, was on his twitter page yday & he's still get'n dogs abuse from so called red fans, wake up & wise up i say b4 he get'n offers from madrid & barca! lucas levia thats the name on the back of my shirt, im a proud red! YNWA!"
28th Nov 2011 0:52
"god damm u rafa for siging lucas! i hate the sky sports lfc fans! YNWA!"
28th Nov 2011 1:04
"lucas was the one for me "
28th Nov 2011 1:32
"Well done lucas yet again a monster of a player in midfield ,passion ,strenghth simple balls our new didi haman but out fought there midfield .brilliant ynwa"
28th Nov 2011 2:11
"Lucas for sure..."
28th Nov 2011 2:27
28th Nov 2011 2:28
28th Nov 2011 3:00
"Lucas was impecable. RIP Gary Speed."
28th Nov 2011 3:25
"Surprised to see Downing got 1% indeed he's the worst player except at the last 10 mins."
28th Nov 2011 3:31
"Lucas was brilliant, had to be Man of the Match. Agger immense as usual, and Charlie Adam was impressive again. YNWA"
28th Nov 2011 3:34
"Both Lucas and Charlie played very well. But we should consider to put Jordan back to the bench..."
28th Nov 2011 3:55
"I thought Adam and Lucas were very good. Downing and especially Henderson were non existent. Henderson needs to go out on loan to develop. He is no where near good enough for a team trying for top four. Words fail me for Downing. It was was like playing with 9 men."
28th Nov 2011 5:00
"Lucas FTW :) YNWA !"
28th Nov 2011 5:42
"so we have to wait another 2 or 3 years for hendo to settle same as lucas. Then we will be able to fight for the le. So some fans contemplate them with our sixth position"
28th Nov 2011 5:48
28th Nov 2011 6:03
"Daniel Agger is just sheer class. He is the best defender. I think Reina should be the captain he goes an extra mile when he is the captain of the day"
28th Nov 2011 6:21
"Has to be Lucas. World-class display in midfield, his positional play,passing,breaking up city attacks and winning the loose ball in midfield..won't be surprised if there are teams out there interested in signing him... "
28th Nov 2011 6:32
"to the tune of of WE WILL ROCK YOU: Buddy your a hardman, redman, gonna be top man one day, your tackling is great, win us that game, spraying through balls all over the place! LUCAS LUCAS LEIVA!! LUCAS LUCAS LEIVA! I dont know why they dont sing it much!! BUT lucas and PEPE where the heroes! Everyone played great but they were on top!"
28th Nov 2011 6:34
"Fantastic game and fantastic team performance. Everyone played their hearts out for the red jersey. My Motm was Agger - he is just awesome, but everyone was up there. Lucas was fantastic too."
28th Nov 2011 6:39
"Great performance by Lucas. Perhaps his best in the red shirt? Agger and Reina were also solid in the back and Adam seems to be getting more and more comfortable in the middle of it all."
28th Nov 2011 7:07
""downing was abysmal" samfang and the other clowns, he was playing micah richards today, the best offensive full back of the league. did u see him? me neither, downing did a fantastic defensive job. he tried hard, showed pace at the end. hendo's problem is that u never know where he's playing, and what formation we're playing... who cares? we could have won the best english team! "
28th Nov 2011 7:18
"every one was good,except for sure hendersone...why not having put maxi!"
28th Nov 2011 7:53
"Lucas or Adam both played great, People saying Hendo was awful were not watching the game. He saved kuyts mistakes a fair few times. Kuyt and Enrique were the worst two on the field. Sloppy all around"
28th Nov 2011 8:18
"If people are saying Kyut and Enrique were the worst two that only means that WE HAVE REALLY GONE A LOOOOOONNNNGGGG WAY!!! AND LONNNNNNNGGGGGG MAY THE IMPROVEMENT CONTINUE!"
28th Nov 2011 8:22
"For once I could hardly choose - such was the fantastic team effort. What heart. What industry. What class. Wow. I guess I will go with Lucas because, well, he did manage to keep a certain Yaya Toure quiet and blunt Silva's edge. Incredible stuff."
28th Nov 2011 9:02
"the top 5 deserves a MOTM lol"
28th Nov 2011 9:11
"irishkiss 28th Nov 2011 6:32 - I love the words and choice of tune. Lucas deserves it. I think he is also the right man to have a quiet word with Carroll about patience and perserverance during this trying time of transition in Carroll's career. Class is permanent."
28th Nov 2011 9:16
" our attacking players not even close to the top of the list??? kenny yuhave to play carroll"
28th Nov 2011 9:22
"Reina! "
28th Nov 2011 9:39
"I didn't watch the match from the start. Had no clue Henderson was even on the field until the start of second half....Hendo is a work in progress, Kenny should play Maxi/Bellamy ahead of him. "
28th Nov 2011 9:41
"Maximum rating is 6 Reina:6; Enrique:5; Agger:6; Skrtl:5; Johnson:5; Downing:4; Lucas:6+; Adam:4; Kuyt:5; Henderson:2; Suarez:5"
28th Nov 2011 11:45
"lucas 4 sure he was everywea n second i will go suarez he always defenders 9tmea "
28th Nov 2011 11:57
"Definately Charlie Adam, dominating the midfield, good vision & spreading the ball well. Joe Hart came 2nd. "
28th Nov 2011 12:34
"Lucas Leiva ROCKS YOU,(clap) (clap) Lucas Leiva ROCKS YOU, (clap)(clap) Love it, start this one off in the Albert or the Twelfthman, that will overspill onto the Kop and Annie road end. Well done to the supporters there Sunday, won the battle on the terraces, out sung the Quietened City fans by a mile. "
28th Nov 2011 13:12
"Stoked Lucas came out top in the votes as he was & is pure class...but i DEFINITELY think Skrtel deserves to be much higher in the votes...he's been bossin n i love it work! An Agger an Pepe an Charlie...i could go on...ur makin us proud lads"
28th Nov 2011 14:24
"Lucas played superb!!!"
28th Nov 2011 14:46
"lucas was class... along with MOTM we should have fail of the match as well for carroll... dalglish poor in decisions again... maxi should have come in for downing at 60th mins. downing shows he's a big loser.he doz not work hard enuf on the pitch."
28th Nov 2011 19:29
"Lucas robbing yaya toure time and time again, LUCAS LUCAS LUCAS!!!"
28th Nov 2011 22:13
"Lucas as always was great.But I don't understand by what criteria Henderson and Downing get same percentage of votes to Skertel.The whole world have seen the game.It is a shame to see people who have made themselves ready to press the button for those mediocres for reasons other than performance."
28th Nov 2011 23:44
"I was at Anfield yesterday and there is only one outcome: Lucas! Although it was a big team performance in the second half and the ones like José Enrique and Charlie Adam had an excellent game too, it only can be our Brazilian starman. "