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Don't worry, get 'em next time! Is it knock out round already?
16th Nov 2011 22:10
16th Nov 2011 22:10
"Really really disappointed!"
16th Nov 2011 22:14
"Enough time for improvement. YNWA"
16th Nov 2011 22:23
"i was watching the game online and must to say that we are very poor in defending...the rest of the team looks well but defenders are no near the PL level...Ngoo as usual was perfect, he has everything to be next Kop star, can't wait to see him in the first team"
Buckie LFC Supporter
16th Nov 2011 22:38
"good work out. it shows how much our youngsters need to develop. Sporting are 3 yards quicker in every department, be it pace, reading the game, team play & when to play long ball. Games like this well help development, but anyone think these guys are ready for our 1st team should sit down & have a chat with their guide dog!"
16th Nov 2011 23:23
"Buckie - call yourself a red ? Questionable in my eyes..... Under 19s - Heads up Lads YNWA love The Pea"
16th Nov 2011 23:50
"disappointed with susos stagnant progress.. was progresssing really fast the last year or so but has now hit a snag and looks way off being a pl player let alone an lfc player"
17th Nov 2011 0:28
"Wow, sporting must have one of the best academies in the world. Our youngsters are fantastic, probably just behind. In a few years, the first team and the youngsters be top notch. YNWA!!!"
17th Nov 2011 0:34
"Ouch. Take it on the chin, fellas. Onwards and upwards"
17th Nov 2011 0:45
"Ngoo was a threat all night hope KK gives the lad a chance along with Sterling Morgan and co. when the time is right though The number 8 and 5 where shocking. All good wanting uk talent but we need to mix up with best of overseas if we want to get to sporting level. Borrell is the man to get us there "
17th Nov 2011 6:13
"Borrell will have to tighten the defense! Our boys were completely outplayed by the skills of the Sporting boys! Something which we need to develop! A good eye-opener for the team...we will do better next time!"
17th Nov 2011 6:29
"Our lads needed to learn to pick themselves up after a major setback. Now, let's sign a few of their lads at once; especially in the final third. The next Cristiano Ronaldo and/or Nani, for instance. If we don't, someone else will."
17th Nov 2011 7:14
"To shaun2590: Of course Sporting has one of the best academies in the world. Together with Ajax, it is recognised all over Europe as the best academy in Europe. Think about C. Ronaldo, Figo, Quaresma, Nani, Moutinho, Simao Sabrosa, Futre, etc., all came from Sporting's academy, and the list goes on. "
17th Nov 2011 9:29
"I wonder what will happen in the QF round when Liverpool u19 will probabely play against Barcelona u19. Yesterday I was sad to see the difference between Liverpool and Sporting. I thought Borrell will build a team who play like Barcelona, but Liverpool played a poorly English game and Sporting were playing like Barcelona as if Borrell was their manager. "
17th Nov 2011 10:18
"The scouts need to work hard & recruit best talents around the world.If you pack the team with only British players the result will be the next Carrol,Henderson,Downing,Carragher....Sporting were superior in every department.Their individual skill was miles away from that of the Reds."
17th Nov 2011 12:52
"very disappointing as i thought we would be a lot more compeive than that. we also need to develop these players very well technically and mentally, because passion and emotion only gets you so far"
17th Nov 2011 14:48
"I think this comp is great for our lads and management. We lost 5-1 but at least they they will be better with experience and will have understood they need to improve their level in all areas to compete with the best of their age!! This can only help us in the long term!! YNWA keep working lads!!!"
17th Nov 2011 16:52
"I was deluded into thinking our youngsters were THE best and that the 1st game was a little unlucky! We weren't!! Sporting were so much better technically. Coady and Roddan were lost, totally! Defensively Andre Wisdom has an awful lot to learn. Michael Ngoo stood out for his massive 90 minute effort and ability though. Keep plugging away!!"
17th Nov 2011 17:43
"Lets snap up some of these Sporting youngsters now !!"
17th Nov 2011 18:03
"LFCJordan - maybe confidence is shot with all this coming off the bench bizniz... just saying"
17th Nov 2011 19:39
"Sporting are a classy outfit as they have shown our boys home and away, at least our youngsters now know what level they need to strive for."
Buckie LFC Supporter
17th Nov 2011 20:34
"PEA, yes I'm a red, but people on hear need a reality check on how good our youngsters are. They are not the best around both individually & collectively. They need to develop alot & this Nextgen will help. People are saying some should be in the 1st team, but they aren't going to improve the level that we are at. Many people aren't happy with that level!"
17th Nov 2011 22:00
"yet again mr juno comes out with his usual tripe about midfielders being lost etc etc in reality the two in midfield were again let down by the reluctance of the wingers to track back, the forwards could not hold the ball up or to greedy and the backs to readily hoofed the ball missing the midfield altogether and to say ngoo was good is unbelievable"
17th Nov 2011 22:46
"TOTALLY AGREE with the comments made by Crawler 11 - we say what we see (others choose to see what they want to see)..."
18th Nov 2011 2:20
"The whole point of this tournament was for the youngsters to compare themselves to team around Europe, and this is a good eye opener. Everyone knows that Sporting Lisbon produces quality players. This is good competition and the youngsters will learn from this. Good job qualifing to the next round"
18th Nov 2011 8:21
"we really need to improve a lot if we really want to be a force to reckon with in this category. much work still need to be done by the gaffer and the boys. it can only get better. better luck next time.YNWA"
18th Nov 2011 23:56
"The scoreline really shows the size of the task academies like ours are facing to change the way we play football in this country. Hopefully our lads learn from the experience and it makes them better players."
19th Nov 2011 1:58
"Walk on, through the wind Walk on, through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, Walk on, with hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone You'll never walk alone (YOU WILL WALK OUT FOR THE FIRST TEAM (ONE DAY) - THAT'S WHAT YOU'LL DO...)Keep on Keeping On...."