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£25 is not too bad to see our kids, eh Kenny!
11th Nov 2011 16:06
11th Nov 2011 16:24
"One thing... can you change the picture of this article on the homepage? Don't want to see El Floppo's face on this website ever again. YNWA."
11th Nov 2011 16:25
"if were playing youth then why would i buy a ticket...maybe i will though"
11th Nov 2011 16:44
"Be interesting to see how the kids fare against the likes of Meireles and Torres"
11th Nov 2011 17:27
"they just had to put a picture of torres."
11th Nov 2011 17:35
"what time is the match?"
11th Nov 2011 17:40
"No point in going we'll lose due to stupid F.a ! This rubbish wouldn't happen to the mancs!"
11th Nov 2011 21:32
"support kenny and stay away from stamford bridge for the q/f ynwa"
11th Nov 2011 21:47
"stay away from the bridge and support kenny in his fixture crowding issue"
11th Nov 2011 21:50
"5000 red supporters at chelsea will not be supporting our manager its only one game show a united front to the bureaucrats ynwa"
11th Nov 2011 22:10
"Don't go there. bring on our academy team and see let's wait for a reaction of the sponsor"
11th Nov 2011 23:49
"whats the point in playing the big boys all along and then bowing out on a wimper as soon as they get to the Q/f whatever happened to lets win something.."
12th Nov 2011 16:11
"Im going we are at our best with our backs to the wall. A side that could play is: reina,kelly,carra,coates auralio dirk,spearing lucas henderson bellamy and suarez. Yeah some will have been involved against city but these are the ones who will run through brick walls for us"
13th Nov 2011 7:48
"the real fans will want to win cups are what its about not dalglishs tamtrums "
14th Nov 2011 10:42
"The shed holds over 6,000 where have the other 500+ tickets gone? "
16th Nov 2011 12:25
"Are our Kids not worth our support as well! Count me in.."
18th Nov 2011 13:34
"I've got my ticket and expect to see a full strength side play. Plenty of time for rest until the next game. "