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Rushy great ambassador of LFC! YNWA
11th Nov 2011 13:04
11th Nov 2011 13:07
"isn't that great news, playing alongside Ian Rush.. :)"
11th Nov 2011 13:28
"Oh god hes a great man.... well done LFC plz come and play a friendly here.."
11th Nov 2011 13:28
"look tat LFC shirt banner!! "
11th Nov 2011 13:31
"come to bangalore !!! pleaseeeeee"
11th Nov 2011 13:58
"Is Jan Molby going too? they have his shirt ready"
11th Nov 2011 16:20
"i want to go there!!!....!!!!!!!go work ian rush.!!!!!!!YNWA!!!!"
11th Nov 2011 17:27
"come to Delhi please"
11th Nov 2011 17:45
"Good to see Rushie out there, a great man and legendary player. Oh how we could do with a finisher of that calibre in our present side."
11th Nov 2011 19:09
"Visit Goa & Kolkata- maximum football loving people- YNWA"
12th Nov 2011 5:51
"PROUD to be a LFC fan & INDIAN.But i dont have chance to see RUSH. YNWA"
12th Nov 2011 6:26
"hope we have a indian star if we do then liverpool will be the richest club ever"
12th Nov 2011 8:26
"great to see LFC here in India. but you guys are late. there is already an ManU bar in bangalore. One of my friends said coming there? "over my dead body" , i replied ...come to bangalore....."
12th Nov 2011 8:55
"Its Great To See A Legend Like Rushie In Our Country...! "