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these Clinics are a fantastic initiative, they give deprived kids a lot of pleasure, possibly discover talented players, potentially future stars, raise LFC and Standard Chartered awareness - very beneficial to all concerned. YNWA.
9th Nov 2011 7:32
9th Nov 2011 8:09
"welcome to India.."
9th Nov 2011 8:21
"To all red Sikhs out there..YOU NEVER WALK ALONE!!"
9th Nov 2011 9:39
"Iam sure they will enjoy India and the kids will enjoy LFC coaching. YNWA "
9th Nov 2011 9:39
9th Nov 2011 10:09
"welcome to mumbai......m looking forward to be there...proud to be a red and an indian!!!!"
9th Nov 2011 10:14
"welcome to india..."
9th Nov 2011 10:26
"chak de phatey, means bring it on, lfc are really putting the message about well done all massive market there "
9th Nov 2011 12:06
"Welcome to Mumbai :) :) :) :) :) :) Glad to have you here."
9th Nov 2011 12:25
"REDS in INDIA.Unbelievable"
9th Nov 2011 13:47
"Absolutely fantastic football centre for children. Fantastic initiative. Hopefully we will find the next big thing, or at least some interesting kids to address to our Academy. Nice!"
9th Nov 2011 14:47
"True story: My friend checked them in the hotel. He saw them with LFC jackets and ran at once to look for Gerrard :D"
9th Nov 2011 18:59
"These Clinics are a fantastic initiative, they give deprived kids a lot of pleasure, possibly discover young talented players and potentially future Messi's to raise LFC Standard. please, kindly extend this clinics to African kids as well. love from Nigeria.YNWA"
9th Nov 2011 20:28
"Fab.....RED Indians ! �"
9th Nov 2011 20:51
"really good to see y.n.w.a"
10th Nov 2011 2:56
"they'll leave India with many unforgettable experiences for sure:)) YNWA in India:P "
10th Nov 2011 3:24
"welcome "
10th Nov 2011 7:39
"welcome to india, welcome to mumbai.. i am from mumbai and after reading this i feel so happy and Proud that i am a liverpool supporter. equally i am so proud to be indian."