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Just Wow!!! What a man!!
11th Nov 2011 12:09
11th Nov 2011 12:52
"Amazing. What a man!"
11th Nov 2011 13:10
"truly a man ast this day and age it is hard to find someone like you Steve Parry..i live in Australia but hopefully one day id like to buy you a round ..making the world red Liverpool YNWA Steve!!"
11th Nov 2011 13:13
"Great man! Steve is a fantastic supporter who spends his LFC passion to make some well to people who need it and we should be grateful of this. YNWA Dan "
11th Nov 2011 13:23
"A deserved winner. YNWA"
11th Nov 2011 14:40
"Last guy looks like gay when he aged!"
11th Nov 2011 23:00
"FANTASTIC Steve !!!! Cheers from Boo in Malaysia :)"
11th Nov 2011 23:35
"well done for charity, but what about the real fans who don't do charity but spend all their cash every week for home and away games and also travel to europa / champs league games and any other game the reds play, lets honour the travelling reds from the city and STOP the PR game "
11th Nov 2011 23:37
"lennie wooods "
12th Nov 2011 2:03
"I am so proud to be one of the Kinabalu Reds member involved in the Montford visit, together with Mr. Steve Parry. He TOTALLY deserved this October Fan of the month. Kinabalu Reds Hausszzz!!!"
12th Nov 2011 5:47
"VERY well deserved. Steve is a top bloke by any standards. Just to illustrate his heart and generosity, he persuaded Carra to sign and dedicate a copy of his autobiography to a total stranger, and together with a tee shirt like the one in this photo Steve GAVE them as a 72nd birthday gift. How do I know this? That stranger is ME!"
13th Nov 2011 7:41
"A truly worthy winner. YNWA"