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le should be: Liverpool 1 Man Team 3 Months in a Row
8th Nov 2011 8:45
8th Nov 2011 8:47
"we went from a 2 man team (gerrard, torres) to a 1 man team(suarez). It's all good that were creating a few chances for suarez and carroll but how about somebody else stepping up to get a goal? Adam has had 2 but its not enough... Can't rely on strikers every game. It's starting to become a joke to be honest. Our midfield isn't good enough to step it up themselves which is sad. "
8th Nov 2011 8:48
"this boy s' trophy cabinet must be packed..he is getting everything.."
8th Nov 2011 8:48
"It is embarrasing that there seems to be only one player doing his job at the club. Suarez is so far ahead of everyone else, the alarm bells should be ringing for KD and co."
8th Nov 2011 8:49
"Nice! You derseved it!"
8th Nov 2011 8:49
"Nice! You deserved it!"
8th Nov 2011 8:54
"Magic Happens"
8th Nov 2011 8:56
"If Andy Carroll is third on the list, we clearly have some massive work to do!"
8th Nov 2011 9:01
"Luis as always. Hope we will keep him...In this club good players are sold and on loan and average players are playing. Steven is back instead of behind Luis."
8th Nov 2011 9:04
"I'm really really afraid of losing him"
8th Nov 2011 9:11
"well suarez need to start converting his chances into goals now..."
8th Nov 2011 9:23
"Well done Luis. Just need the team to play as well as you do to make it harder to pick MOTM each game."
8th Nov 2011 9:35
"rise of lfc i agree with you mate if one of our lackluster players is nomba 3 then something is wrong "
8th Nov 2011 9:37
"Well deserved Luis! Nobody else as you in this season! Keep going so and at the end of the season you will be awarded as the best! YNWA Luis "
8th Nov 2011 9:55
"Speaks volumes. It used to alternate between forwards â?? torres, maxi , kuyt etc midfielders â?? stevie, raul - defenders, keeper even. Nowadays its just Luis. Of course hes brilliant, but ... "
8th Nov 2011 9:55
8th Nov 2011 10:24
"As much as I respect King Kenny he needs to start relying on Suarez!"
8th Nov 2011 10:34
";) "
8th Nov 2011 10:44
"Good new for Suarez ,not so good for the team. We have gone from being a two man team to being a one man team. Its about time Kenney's other signings stepped up and showed us their worth or we will end up were we were last christmas and there is no Roy to blame this time.Better get your finger out lads , we will give you time the rest of the league wont !!"
8th Nov 2011 10:50
"kenny should be ashamed of signing players not to match suarez quality..for suarez to admit its becoming an embarassment winning 3 awards on a trot work needs to be done it shows no one is capable enough of challenging suarez in terms of skills in the team yet we say we have strength in-depth what we have is weak in-depth"
8th Nov 2011 11:03
"Poor midfield and Luis is more and more employed more by creating chances, instead of someone should deliver passes to him in the box. Missing Aquaman."
8th Nov 2011 11:16
"its only 11 games in and so called supporters are asking for kenny to be sacked, he is building a team we will all be proud of, it will take 2 or 3 years to get there, it wont happen over night, it really makes me sick hearing whats said on these comment pages, ynwa isnt there anymore, "
8th Nov 2011 11:30
"To be honest I used to like Kenny when he took the team near the top four spot last season.After spending on he called British Talents with large sum of price tag maybe not only me had a higher expectations. I can now as well agree that the likes of Henderson,Caroll,Adam and Downing were average players. Reality Bites!!! "
8th Nov 2011 11:42
"It`s time Kenny that you have to bench your so called British Talents...I would like to see more on Bellamy, Maxi,Kuyt and Suarez up front and Spearing instead of Adam. Please remember that Maxi and Kuyt had a hat trick each last season(in short period) playing alongside Luis Suarez. That was the part of season when I was very proud of being a RED fan."
8th Nov 2011 11:54
"Its getting ridiclous i think hes won every one since being here apart from 2.Our squad is stronger but we still only have one prolific striker at the club and that is not gonna get us we wanna be. We need wingers and wingers that score goals just like all the other top teams have, we have downing who atm has no composure in front of goal choosing to just hit it as hard as he can."
8th Nov 2011 12:02
"what does that say about the rest of the squad if he wins that 3 in a row, if we dont start getin back to winning ways and if we dont make champions league football he could leave us which would be a diaster kk needs to sit the rest of the team down and give them a f....n good talkin too..."
8th Nov 2011 12:34
"Suarez, Reina and Agger are carrying us atm!"
8th Nov 2011 12:35
"Congratulations Luis, now come tu Uruguay, and score two goals to Chile next friday. You have (LFC) the best striker on the world enjoy him. From Uruguay "orgullo celeste", YNWA"
8th Nov 2011 12:40
"Keep the faith Luis! When lady luck kicks in this team is gonna be unstoppable!!!!"
8th Nov 2011 12:47
"selfish player"
8th Nov 2011 12:52
"Nice Work Luis!!! Congratulations!!! You deserve it!!! Do it again and again!!! YNWA!!!!!!!"
8th Nov 2011 12:53
"Nice Work Luis!!! Congratulations!!! You deserve it!!! Do it again and again!!! YNWA!!!!!!!"
8th Nov 2011 13:04
"Yes, some performances haven't given a result but the amount of chances in those games were enough to wrap up games in 20 minutes if they went in, but for a combination of bad luck, phenomenal goal-keeping and the blooding of new players. We all know it's a transition period. Weâ??ve got great owners and the King is back. Show some backbone and get behind the squad, you bunch of armchair critics"
8th Nov 2011 13:04
"It's great to see him doing so well and creating so many chances but they mean nothing if there's no goal at the end"
8th Nov 2011 13:23
"Dont sell him even if he submit a transfer request, dont make the same mistake again and again."
8th Nov 2011 13:27
"well done suarez "
8th Nov 2011 13:27
"Those of you who say we are building a team are right but we cannot afford two to three seasons to get there our owners have set a fourth place finnish as a minimum THIS season ,on present form we will not get there. An improvement by all concerned is called for that includes the manager or next season we will be weaker still "
8th Nov 2011 14:07
"I hope our captian gets back to full fitness and finds his best form because where its great suarez is playing and enruiqe it is clear they are the only 2 putting in a shift on a regular basis."
8th Nov 2011 14:21
"1 man team loool"
8th Nov 2011 14:49
"hahaha he's gonna win it two more times before he leaves in december. well done kenny. 35 on carroll what a waste"
8th Nov 2011 14:50
"hahaha he's gonna win it two more times before he leaves in december. well done kenny. 35 on carroll what a waste"
8th Nov 2011 15:04
"youve been great m8 ,please give it time as soon steve" gets his form he will bring the lads together,and drop balls at your feet"
8th Nov 2011 15:23
"take this as a sign that he needs better players alongside him"
8th Nov 2011 16:14
"others should be reflected upon him... well done muchacho"
8th Nov 2011 16:17
"I think Enrique deserves something. He is always solid, and truthfully, he offers more in crossing than Downing. "
8th Nov 2011 16:21
"While I am certainly not on the group that are asking for KK's dismissal, I think the rebuttals of "building a team for 2 - 3 years time" are not accurate. The owner publicly stated he expects top 4 this year,not in 3 years. "
8th Nov 2011 16:34
"For LFC to take the next step forward it is going to take somebody else to step up and have a good run and displace Suarez from the le (not he gives it up with a poor run but someone adds to the team)."
8th Nov 2011 16:35
"If others continue to play like this. There's no reason for the kop to call suzrez a traitor if he choose to leave. lucas and adam just not types of offensive. i Hate when seeing both of them just passing ball to winger without move forward create change to suarez cuz both cant drible, no pace and no skill just passing and defending. henzo just bullsh?t. In kenny, We hate!! RAFA PLZ BCK"
8th Nov 2011 17:01
"I don't know why he's embarrassed to win it 3 times in a row. His team mates should be embarrassed that they are not trying any harder than they are and try to win a few more votes from the fans. I mean 70% tells its own story. Although a little disgruntled at results I still believe we can push for top 4.YNWA "
8th Nov 2011 17:09
"For how many years we keep BELIEVING. Patience getting slimp every single match. How to challenge to 4.Without any reason we praise our squad when they just won 1 match, not overall performance. Its not realistic enough. CAROL, HENDERSON AND DOWNING SHUD BE KICKED OUT AND LET MAXI, BELLAMY AND KUYT PLAY. Kenny used with his old skol tactics wont work in this modern day. We need RAFA BACK"
8th Nov 2011 17:18
"Just becuase Suarez has got the award 3 times already doesn't mean the other players aren't doing anything, it's simply because we're all amazed at his talent that everyone votes for him every month. Plus there are other one man teams. Have you seen arsenal? If Van Persie isn't on they hardly score. "
8th Nov 2011 17:20
"andrius, I bet you were one of those people wanting Rafa sacked 2 years ago and now you randomly want him back? Don't be so ridiculous. And all you so called fans saying that we need the likes of Torres and Meireles? So you think we need players who are disrespectful and unloyal to us? Ok then.."
8th Nov 2011 17:26
"read my blog about the Dalglish era at please add comments on what you think."
8th Nov 2011 17:57
"congratulations luis- very well deserved. i just cant get enough. YNWA luis"
8th Nov 2011 18:25
"great, all we need now is goals... and consistancy"
8th Nov 2011 18:55
"We spent £100m to become more of a team that doesn't have to rely on 2 or 3 players. And yet the same guy has won player of the month 3 times in a row. Congrats Suarez, wake up to the rest of the team!"
8th Nov 2011 18:59
"I could easily see him leaving. I watched him closely against Swansea, and's waving his arms everywhere towards our midfield. The service to him was really poor, and that is not the only game. Suarez currently is too good for Liverpool."
8th Nov 2011 19:21
"Rhycan, that's the hard facts of life I'm afraid, we have shrunk to mid table mediocrity and it's hard to keep a top class player in this type of scenario when the temptations to go to the top football clubs are so magnetic. If he goes, he goes, I agree with you e.g. that's why he left Ajax to come to LFC but he may want to go higher and alas we can't offer that yet. "
8th Nov 2011 19:26
"Totally deserved. Now let's hope he finds his scoring form back again! "
8th Nov 2011 19:40
"i sort of dont want him to win it ever month cus you know most of the votes are from people who would vote for him if he didnt score the rest of the season "
8th Nov 2011 21:05
"Great work Luis! Not so great for the rest of the team or Kenny! Thought we made some very AVERAGE purchases and I now believe I've been proven right. Need some real talent who can kick some life into this team. Probably get slated for this but more good foreign players are required if we REALLY do want to win this rate it's all just a pipe dream"
8th Nov 2011 21:50
"just to show there is only one player in this team the rest are averge or below."
8th Nov 2011 22:07
"Pre season transfer policy is usually a good barometer of a club's ambitions. We didn't aim high enough and we're only getting out what we put in. We bought good mediochre players and we're getting mediochre results. I'm not sure what the mindset is but I'm convinced that no trophies will sit on our shelves this season, we need to aim higher but I've still got great confidence in Kenny YNWA"
8th Nov 2011 22:18
"Enhorabuena Luis eres un autentico crack. YNWA"
8th Nov 2011 22:29
"I genuinely don't believe the owners will take too much of this underachieving!! In the long term they want success and will strive to get the club success whether that is with or without KK!! Scotty Parker wud have looked good in Liverpool red ;-( "
8th Nov 2011 23:59
"it proves that there is no competition in the team. luis is a great player, but we need more than 1 man to make a great team."
9th Nov 2011 0:23
"bring forlan to make him best player i have seen both play together they are are best partner or bring brazilian forward for him like fred or luiz fabiano "
9th Nov 2011 0:30
"Roll on chelski, win and the guys will be hero's again!!"
9th Nov 2011 2:18
"As good as Luis is, this is a team sport and it seems we don't have a team, only one superb individual. C'mon let's all battle for this award and it will only be good for the results of the team."
9th Nov 2011 2:20
"Well done Luisito! outstanding work, you deserved it. Congratulations! and good luck against Chile. "
9th Nov 2011 3:34
"I hope this will give motivation to others to try hard and aim for this award next month. YNWA"
9th Nov 2011 7:05
"3rd for Carroll, ridiculous, even Adam who has been e has done more than Carroll. Young players and british policy fine, but 35mn 21yr old should be as good as a finished product. Could have waited to implement the buy young Policy. We could have got SWP, Parker, Barton, and Carlton Cole."
9th Nov 2011 8:17
"Well done you legend!!! "
9th Nov 2011 9:58
"You deserve it Luis.the man bought with a British record money is not even getting a national team call.How ashamed Kenny should be? "
9th Nov 2011 11:40
"Wake up Kenny we are going nowhere with your so called British Talent! I hope owners will start looking a new manager for next season... "
9th Nov 2011 20:53
"The first time I saw Suarez was when he had such a great world cup in South Africa. He certainly has become one of the most exciting players in the world to watch. It is great that he is a Liverpool player! "
10th Nov 2011 7:10
"Loz99 I am glad you opened your eyes to see the reality.But time has changed a lot.His dream of British Revolution at Anfield is not working.The way he squandered that amount of money on those mediocre players is horrible.The team is one dimensional because he doesn't have enough real talents with different flares in the team.He is the manager of the 80's."
12th Nov 2011 0:22
"Luis Suarez has just scored FOUR TIMES in the match against Chile!!! "