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YNWA Suarez!!!
20th Oct 2011 16:24
20th Oct 2011 16:25
"Well said. Behind you 100%Luis. "
20th Oct 2011 16:27
"YNWA Suarez!!!"
20th Oct 2011 16:28
"suarez would not say anything like that he is a true credit to lfc we will all make sure he never walks alone through these stupid allegations made by a man utd player trying to get him banned it is pure jelousy that is all"
20th Oct 2011 16:30
"Fully support the wee man too, Luis is a gentleman and a scholar."
20th Oct 2011 16:31
"You'll never walk alone Luis!"
20th Oct 2011 16:38
"Well said King Kenny,typical manc tinks trying to upset were best players,we shall rise above them. YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 16:41
"Evra did exactly the same at Chelsea, throwing in the racist card - that incident was unproved. The nasty little man knows it won't be proved he's just stirring up more hatred, but he's putting it onto himself and his club - Nice one Patrice!"
20th Oct 2011 16:48
"Superb player and don't worry about Evra, any of you at the game would have seen Evra not even shake Gerrards hand at the start, Evra was looking for trouble. ANFIELD RISING YNWA""
20th Oct 2011 16:49
"i hope wen its all over and and luis is shown to be innocent , that evera gets a ban for bringing the game into disrepute with his false claims yet again , luis YNWA "
20th Oct 2011 16:51
"Too easy to play the race card.Evra's got previous in regards to these kind of accusations. "
20th Oct 2011 16:56
"Did Suarez call Evra a 'Manc'?"
20th Oct 2011 16:57
"Falsely accusing someone of racism, knowing full well that even though it won't be proven the stigma of the accusation will stay with the accused, is every bit as disgusting as real racist comments. No room for either in the game, or the world in general. YNWA Luis."
20th Oct 2011 16:58
"I think time the FA looked into the allegations that Evra seems to make each year against somebody. Glad LFC are behind Suarez and we must ensure that Evra does not get away with this"
20th Oct 2011 17:01
"If suarez if found guilty I hope he gets punished severely and if he is found innocent evra should face a lengthy ban. Those are serious allegations which should not be taken lightly."
20th Oct 2011 17:13
"Totally agree KK! All the club have to support Luis position and hopefully the FA will bring to an end transparetely the case...YNWA Suarez!!"
20th Oct 2011 17:14
"YNWA El Pistolero... everyone at LFC behind you"
20th Oct 2011 17:28
"Evra has done this before ! Maybe he just can't cope with being second best to Louis..............."
20th Oct 2011 17:28
"what a dumb accusation, saying it once is one thing, but 10 times and evra not complaining. Seems like evra being a bstrd"
CM Punk
20th Oct 2011 17:37
20th Oct 2011 17:46
"manu defence was poor and Evra and others were nervous....I love Luis dancing before Steven goal :-) YNWA Luis !"
20th Oct 2011 17:54
"I'm sure Kenny must have looked at as many replays as possible and there can't be any evidence that Surez called Evra a N****r or Kenny would not be backing Surez. If he hasnt looked at replays then what is he thinking backing him?"
20th Oct 2011 18:05
"Tranq76-Spot on. It's a disgrace. Evra is a serial offender of this,yet he gets away with it because you can't prove he's lying.Evra knows this,he can't lose.Evra should be fully investigated.There's a lot af black footballers now but Evra is the only one that gets abuse?Get real Suarez YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 18:11
"Evra's probably lying like he did last time when he accused the Chelsea staff of doing the same thing. How exactly is he going to prove that Suarez said what he supposedly said? He can't. What was the point in making a stupid allegation if he can't prove anything. Typical Manc."
20th Oct 2011 18:15
"Evra is a clown,he him self made some kissingsgns towards the liverpool crowd,and made an hollywood and he knee was hurting. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE HE WHERE RUNNIG 2 MINUTES LATER??? STOP CRYING PATRICE AND CONCENTRET ON NOT FILMING SO MUCH. Greetings from Finland"
20th Oct 2011 18:22
"Even the french people hate Evra for all his childish behaviour!! Suarez...YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 18:38
"In the heat of the moment folk say all sorts of things especially when continually needled and provoked beyond reason. we all (rightly or wrongly) have a breaking point and then afterwards regret saying things we wouldn't normally say. if we were in a lesser charged enviroment. provocation is too often ignored and goes unpunished in the game today. leave suarez alone!"
20th Oct 2011 18:40
"Suarez is a true talent, but as we know all modern day footballers have a habit of going down at the slightest if any touch. They all do it so everyone has to play alonfg until the FA(some hope) stamp it out. Luis does go to ground a little easily, but Evra started his tirade at the toss up. Crazy Frog"
20th Oct 2011 18:45
"BTW I believe suarez was giving as good as he was getting but evra was deliberately trying to provoke suarez as much as possible because he is a born troublemaker, but then most manu players are well schooled in sort of thing, thanks to the evil devil fergie (the wicked witch of the west). "
Kaushik Bose
20th Oct 2011 18:46
"you will never walk alone Suarez!"
20th Oct 2011 18:50
" BREAKING NEWS: Patrice Evra has admitted the 'N' word Suarez used ten times was 'nutmeg' "
20th Oct 2011 18:53
"it is a word against word...anyone heard them ? including referee ?"
20th Oct 2011 19:05
"YNWA Luis. Well done King Kenny."
20th Oct 2011 19:11
"it is a sad reflection of our society that,not just in football but in all walks of life the race card is used to provoke knee jerk reactions .evra uses this all the time and the f a falls for it cheats like him should face a life ban "
20th Oct 2011 19:16
"About time Kenny! Dont let them unsettle our best number 7 since you & beardo! Typical Fergie propaganda! Lucky to get a point out of the last 4 visits, something was coming! Comon Luis, keep it up lad!!!"
20th Oct 2011 19:29
"Suarez has the support of everyone in here, nobody believes what Evra said so don´t worry Suarez and keep being our best player this season, YNWA."
20th Oct 2011 19:33
"come on, Evra made it all just to prove he's a freeking piece of joke.... Luis we are all behind you mate, 100% support from ALL the supporters from ALL over the world!!! YNWA mate and thank you for your magic dude!!!!"
20th Oct 2011 19:34
"So when he is cleared, can we initiate proceedings vs Evra for his false claims?"
20th Oct 2011 19:39
"ferguson probably wanted to know why evil evra was ran ragged for 90 minutes, and this was probably his excuse, i've scraped better off my shoe than evil evra. my blood boils, long live king suarez. ynwa"
20th Oct 2011 19:57
"Evera- IS Nothing But a TROUBLE MAKE, Heres a Guy Who DIGRASED HIS Country in the World Cup, Had a Bust up with Chelsea Stewards, He THINK the whole world Revolves around Him. He's a JOKE!!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU-SUAREZ. YNWA- BUDDY!"
20th Oct 2011 20:09
"We are behind you 100%. YNWA! Keep the faith and keep smiling. "
20th Oct 2011 20:09
"lfc and about x million people.hope they make make evra pay for trying to drag our great club through the mud!"
20th Oct 2011 20:18
"It goes without saying that everyone is solidly behind Luis. As has already been mentioned, Evra has a history of making unproven allegations of racism and the FA ought to throw the book at the lying little sbag."
20th Oct 2011 20:18
"Suarez the whole Mighty Reds Fans are with u just move on and get a clear head for the next Win Evra is a liar and has a lousy reputation anyway so don´t lose ure sleep over this ynwa."
20th Oct 2011 20:40
"LFC stays behind Luis from the start and from Sunday's game.Purple Nose and manure mob DID NOT stay behind little evra till Tuesday morning.Ref did not show card to Suarez,fact.There are not evidences on video,fact.So,everything is pretty clear.Suarez,YNWA>"
20th Oct 2011 20:42
"Easiest and most evil card to play by Evra was the race card. Trumps a yellow any day. Seem to recall he's done it before. Luis, chin up pal, all fans at LFC and the club are with you 100% on this issue. YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 20:46
"Itâ??s a bit rich old red nose talking about one of our players diving this is the guy who had Ronaldo in his team he was a better diver then Tom Daley"
20th Oct 2011 20:54
20th Oct 2011 21:03
"evra the is an ass, he captined france and ruined the world cup for them"
20th Oct 2011 21:04
"Always with LFC!!! YNWA!"
20th Oct 2011 21:12
"Racist? No way! Luis is an equal opportunity destroyer. YNWA!!!!!"
20th Oct 2011 21:17
"We all stand by suarez "
20th Oct 2011 21:37
"Hope suarez didn't do it"
20th Oct 2011 21:38
"They are just jealous, that we have a class player like Suárez!!! YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 21:40
"Lets face it the only way they or anybody can stop him is by foul means. Luis wonderful player YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 21:46
"Evra gets booked for continuing his rant, then Giggs berates Evra for being a d*ck. So why at point didn't he tell Giggs why he was so irate, because he's full of sh*t and a lying bstrd! Is Mr Ferguson going to back him then, of course he will coz he fits right in to the mould of other manc mouthy bstrds - Keane, Neville, Ronaldo, Rooney!"
20th Oct 2011 22:10
"Lol i had no idea the frenchman knew spanish.. Live with it Man u.. Wer better thn you"
20th Oct 2011 22:22
""manu defence was poor and Evra and others were nervous....I love Luis dancing before Steven goal :-) YNWA Luis !" I was laughing so much at Luis jumping round before the goal, even more so when he turned around 2 face De Doughnut Robber and continue, topped by an awesome goal YNWA"
20th Oct 2011 22:28
"they only make those allegations because they didn't get the 3 points they didn't even deserve that 1 point the difference in class was well clear liverpool was far better and should have gotten the win"
20th Oct 2011 22:30
"100% with Suarez."
20th Oct 2011 22:40
"we are right behind you ,he s a rat and done plenty of diving in front of the kop himself .hes typical of the manure a WHINGER!!!!!!if i was playing against i could think of better things to call him without racially abuseing him.dont worry about this its not the first time.YNWA "
20th Oct 2011 22:44
"Has this not happened before with Evra, could swear that it has. Players at the top do not like Suarez and why? He is your worst nightmare, fast, clever, sharp, strong, and very unpredictable. Getting him banned for a few games would suit alot of premier teams including manu, suck it up Evra, man up and jog on. "
20th Oct 2011 23:29
"Evra is lying. I am an Irish red and after the heartbreak of his cheating compadre denying the Green Army a place at the last World Cup, a reporter came out and asked Evra if he would support a replay between France and Ireland. Evra replied, 'sure I would favour a replay..on the Playstation' and laughed. "
20th Oct 2011 23:29
"He's a little cheat and a wind up merchant. The only way Suarez abused him was with his skills. FACT!"
20th Oct 2011 23:31
"So my point was that its in Evra's nature to wind people up and stir it up. We all know what he is....and COME ON SUAREZ YOU'RE A LEGEND!!!"
20th Oct 2011 23:52
"This is typical manure. Typical of evra. They see Liverpool are doing well and Suarez is playing well for us and they have to try dirty tricks. Evra was wound up from the start (anyone hear him shouting 19 into the crowd?)and was just looking to get King Luis sent off. "
20th Oct 2011 23:52
"All this talk of diving? were we not knocked out of the fa cup last year because of a berbatov dive??? not to mention young, nani, evra, rooney etc"
21st Oct 2011 0:00
"I believe this is the first time Evra has actually made a complaint himself. Other times it was on his behalf with him as the victim. Lets play with the facts. To suggest that guys go round accusing people of racism by playing a card - as if its that trivial - is over-zealous to me. Some of yous should be ashamed. Let the FA do what they have to."
21st Oct 2011 0:12
"I dont trust anything Fergie or his players have to say. If Suarez is guilty ban him. But innocent till proven guilty I say. From watchin the footage everytime evra is the one havin a go at suarez first. "
21st Oct 2011 0:14
"even when suarez tapped him on the head as if to say lets get on with it, the first thing evra does is turn to the ref. why is that? "
21st Oct 2011 0:16
"Liverpool are a threat to Fergie, by upseting top player like Suarez will achieve what Fergie want; ie stop Liverpool on the track. That dirty man want to win things any dirty which way he can!"
21st Oct 2011 0:17
"There is no place for racism in football or life in general. If the complaint came from anyone else I would take it seriously but not evra. why no complaints from past team mates or opponents of suarez???"
21st Oct 2011 0:21
"only MAN POO could come up with rubbish like this..."
21st Oct 2011 1:04
"Pet!tion to force the Sun newspaper to release its Hillsborough "The Truth" sources and docments Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport Full disclosure by the Sun Newspaper to the Hillsborough independant panel of all it's records, Sign this pet!tion epet!"
21st Oct 2011 2:23
"everyone knows evra is a lie'r he's always making allegations & their complete every time dont forget the walkout he caused with france at the world cup he should be banned because real racism will get ignored as a result "
Aussie Red89
21st Oct 2011 2:55
"As your manager said Luiz you have the full support of everyone at LFC and the full backing of the supporters including myself.. I wear a replica of your shirt in Australia with pride and that will never change. YNWA Luiz"
21st Oct 2011 3:07
"You'll never walk alone Suarez."
21st Oct 2011 3:35
"We know you didn't do it Luis! We are behind you 100%! Evra should be reprimanded for bringing in such ridiculous claims which has so far have not been proven and I believe that it will not! Shame on you Evra and shame on you Manures!"
21st Oct 2011 4:28
"we're LIVERPOOL! we're behind Luis Suarez! too bad the mancs envy LIVERPOOL n Suarez!"
21st Oct 2011 4:46
"Evra is a winger like his boss purple nose"
21st Oct 2011 6:16
"Evra is a jerk, he's just looking for attention and to get Suarez.. Ref said he didn't here it.. case closed."
21st Oct 2011 7:41
"Evra is the only person who had problem. Not Man U or liverpool or suarez. He always made controversial matter. Remember world cup when france team boycott the training base which nearly cost them to play in the cup, also last year aquisition on chelsea player and now suarez. Sure this quy can't accept suarez dribbling around him like a school boy"
21st Oct 2011 8:08
"Shame on you, Evra!"
21st Oct 2011 8:37
"I think players fake these injuries and claim abuse to make up for their lack or performance, so they can use it as an excuse to their team mates. Man U players don't like losing and are always moaning at the ref and bickering when they do.Ignore it Luis. Evra is a crybaby."
21st Oct 2011 8:50
"This support is good. But I'd also like him to be supported on the field. He's left alone most of the time. "
21st Oct 2011 9:20
"well said kenny. Finally a manager who will stick up for his players"
21st Oct 2011 9:44
"Right behind u luis. Have watched so many videos and interviews of you and watched u in every game... you are a top bloke. ynwa"
21st Oct 2011 10:03
"man u allegation is something the FA should to a stop to because man u playerz keep accusing other team playerz that trouble in a match. that aside , i think our main focus now is to b in big 4."
21st Oct 2011 12:13
"Ther def jelous then,,haha,,,hes our superstar boy"
Rush job
21st Oct 2011 12:55
"Evra is a RAT- end of."
21st Oct 2011 13:02
"I always now you innocent Luis, hope you drag Evra's butt to the court over this. It's not ok to falsely accuse someone of being a racist, time to return serve. You own him on the field now you can own him in court too."
21st Oct 2011 13:46
"That evra is a disgrace to football. The FA should be investigating him. This isnt the 1st time (or 2nd) that he has been involved in a racist issue. Why is it always him? I always thought he was an ungrateful moron "
21st Oct 2011 13:52
"Luis is a true Legend!!! Y.N.W.A."
21st Oct 2011 14:11
"10 times??!! Who, in todays climate, would allow someone to racially abuse them 10 times before doing something about it? Dont believe the hype..its a sequal!! YNWA"
21st Oct 2011 14:12
"Suarez. if guilty of ALLEDGED offence is only human. Evra started the provocation, no matter what Suarez said or didn't say, is a victim of severe relentless and sustained provocation and anything he said in this type of scenario makes him innocent ie like 'crime of passion' type of thing ie was provoked beyond what he vould tolerate, he's only human."
21st Oct 2011 14:18
"What a person says under sustained and relentless provocation is a world apart what any person would say in a calm and relaxed enviroment and should never be taken seriously. a football match especially betwen two bitter rivals is a highly charged scenario. either way Suarez is Innocent and that's it! "
21st Oct 2011 14:22
"I heard that it was Evra that called Suarez a South American t**t. Don't know how true this is though. You'll Never Walk Alone Luis. Fully behind you."
21st Oct 2011 14:26
"a guy continually provokes a guy in a pub and won't stop, the victim of the provocation cracks, reaches his limit and punches the other guy. he is innocent as he was provocked into it and any judge in the land would pronounce him innocent! Suarez is innocent whether he uttered something or not, it's so obvious ask any lawyer or solicitor in the land. SEVERE & SUSTAINED PROVOCATION is the fault!"
21st Oct 2011 14:27
"i when suarez is proven innocent he should sue evra and manu for millions,evra has tried this before, the fa wont take any action against evra or manu because manu own the fa."
21st Oct 2011 14:33
"Wish Luis Suarez would report Evra for unrelenting and sustained provocation, this is serious bad behavior by Evra, he was in a foul mood from the start of the match, trying to spoil it before it got going. Kenny should report this to the F.A. ie that his player Suarez was a victim of harrassment & provocation. "
21st Oct 2011 14:53
"Luis gets provoked as he's so good and is a threat to those who needle him. He's learnt well how to deal with it, I like his streetfighter atude, he's tough and knows how to handle himself, a streetwise guy and has to be, to deal with trash like Evra. We can't expect him to be the victim all the time, what's worse, violence or insulting words under provocation in heated enviroment?"
21st Oct 2011 15:33
"In a court of law this would be 'laughed out of court' Suarez is innocent as the day is long simply due to the fact he was harrassed and goaded beyond toleration and I expect he will get the same treatment and more in manu's playpen later this season, especially when the babysitter will be Uncle Howard."
21st Oct 2011 22:26
"Justice will be done Luis YNWA"
22nd Oct 2011 0:41
"It is a bit odd that Evra waited until the end of the match to report this alleged racism, if it was sustained as he claims I would have thought he would have complained earlier. The sooner the FA investigate this the better (Howard Webb wont be involved in the investigation will he?!!!!!!!!!) "
22nd Oct 2011 9:01
"Typical manspew, pack of whingers i hope it backfires on em. would love to see that ferguson have to apologize for his players dummy spit."