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Ohh please play a the reserves. Give the chance to suso, morgan, sterling etc. Don't want to see key players getting injured. YNWA
17th Oct 2011 10:30
17th Oct 2011 10:52
"Go mighty Reds! Please KK, give a go to all the players not involved in Manure game and even to some Reserves. They deserve credit and the possibility to show their capabilities! YNWA"
17th Oct 2011 11:46
"wish it was on lfctv :("
17th Oct 2011 11:56
"What is the point of this game really? and why should we sign up and pay for it?. "
17th Oct 2011 15:46
"doni - flanagan, coates, wilson, aurelio - bellamy, spearing, henderson, maxi, sterling - carroll"
17th Oct 2011 16:32
"I know this has been called a prestigous friendly, but we have to be careful who we select in this. I would go with: Doni; Johnson, Coates, Agger, Aurelio; Lucas, Spearing; Maxi, Henderson, Bellamy; Carroll."
17th Oct 2011 17:01
"Rangers PRESTIGIOUS!!!! HA!HA!HA! Lets just hope we dont pick up any injuries. YNWA"
17th Oct 2011 21:29
"If the reserves plays. who would play for the reserves against newcatle?"
17th Oct 2011 22:58
"I would like to see Coates play against rangers because I want to know how good he is and can be, I am really excited to watch him cause hopefully he will be a world class player"
Buckie LFC Supporter
17th Oct 2011 23:57
"it's a good chance for those not getting a game, or those coming back from injury to get a bit of match action"
18th Oct 2011 0:07
"Can this silly website STOP saying 'prestigious' friendly? or else it HAS TO tell us WHY is this friendly so 'prestigious' "
18th Oct 2011 7:54
"Dont understand why we have a friendly in the middle of the season :S"