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Should be being 'blooded' now I reckon.
Rush job
13th Oct 2011 12:24
13th Oct 2011 12:27
"He'd be a belting manager!"
13th Oct 2011 12:36
"im sure he will he as the right credentials been taught in the liverpool way as a youngster ,will be a good defencive coach on the way up , wen he decides to hang his boots up ."
13th Oct 2011 13:01
"He's already managing the defense from the pitch most of the time, sometimes when he shouldn't be. I'd only worry he'd be too focused on the defense. If he goes into management (and it better be for Liverpool), he needs to work with Kenny for a while."
13th Oct 2011 13:37
"Totally agree with you. Can't see Gerrard being manager. Carragher knows the ins and outs of the game a football god!!"
13th Oct 2011 13:52
"disagree. hyypia, gerrard and hamman have more leadership qualities. carra's too aggressive. His news is always about him. undue long contract and self promoting future. nothing benefitting the club. "
13th Oct 2011 14:24
"Yeah carra possesses never say die spirit! Ready to bleed on picth only for the pride of the shirt he wore with Liverbird on chest! Remember how he fought at Instanbul 2005? Great boss of Liverpool we gonna have....YNWA "
13th Oct 2011 14:48
"Totally agree Martin!"
13th Oct 2011 15:10
"Can't see players wanting to play for Carra like they would for Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard or Pepe Reina. Carra might make a good manager but we should always try to have a great manager at Liverpool fc."
13th Oct 2011 15:25
"give him the under 15s too train .."
13th Oct 2011 15:29
"Carra is to "defense orientated" to be Manager in the short term. In a couple of years I would have no problem with Carra serving as Defensive Coach and Steven Gerrard as Attacking Coach - both under Kenny. Give the three a further five years thereafter and we can guage who would make the better Manager after Kenny retires in nine years time."
13th Oct 2011 16:34
"The BOOTROOM is back. "
13th Oct 2011 16:59
"I'm sick of reading articles like this!!! "
13th Oct 2011 17:11
"with due respect i disagree. A manager should be able to take not just responsibility but also be able to take risk. I didnt see that in carra because every time he plays, he always try to be very safe that more often than not he will either back pass or clear out. His passes is also questionable. His philosophy is old fashioned and outdated. Sorry this is my sincere evaluation about carra."
13th Oct 2011 17:13
""Carra is to defense orientated" to be Manager in the short term" sorry if i mis-read this but have to disagree.. 1st, who mentioned the short term?? Carra hasn't hung up his boots yet..Also a players position doesn't have to dictate his style of management. check out a player called pep gaurdiola who was a "Defensive Midfielder" before going into management.. or are barcelona a defensive side?"
13th Oct 2011 17:14
"i hundred percent agree with you vocalist "
13th Oct 2011 18:11
"Yes! Carra needs to learn from Kenny. Be his right hand man, spend time with the training at the academy and reserves. Carra eats, lives and breathes LFC. YNWA"
13th Oct 2011 21:55
"good luck !!! YNWA YNWA YNWA !!!you are better than ferqi is a defense player"
13th Oct 2011 21:57
""good luck cara !!! YNWA YNWA YNWA !!!you are better than ferqi is defense player" "
13th Oct 2011 22:00
"very very good"good luck cara !!! YNWA YNWA YNWA !!!you are better than ferqi is defense player" "