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Good luck David! I hope you can have a good spell and get rich your football fund! YNWA
23rd Sep 2011 14:13
23rd Sep 2011 14:15
"Go get some experience David. Good luck"
23rd Sep 2011 14:27
"Why so short?"
23rd Sep 2011 15:39
"The right route is to loan these youngstars to other premier league sides then we will be developing them, Manure /Chelskie and Gunners do that successfully year in year out with positive results. Not these Buries etc"
23rd Sep 2011 15:44
"Good Luck David YNWA"
23rd Sep 2011 15:54
"What an absolute waste! "
23rd Sep 2011 18:01
"I think you will find Butholezwe that United, Arsenal and Chelsea loan out their very young players to the likes of Bury etc and let them get experience. As they do these players progress from being League 1 loanees to Championship and eventually hopefully premiership. Point in case ,Welbeck, Bertand, Lansbury, Cleverly to name just a few."
23rd Sep 2011 18:02
"as soon as someone calls us 'buries' im no longer listening. He is guaranteed first team football, and will fit in well with the club. im from bury and will be at the game tomorrow, look forward to seeing an awesome lfc talent in action"
23rd Sep 2011 19:17
"EvilGenious - So what your saying is that David Amoo is not progressing seeing as he has already been loaned out to MK Dons and Hull City and now he is back in League one with Bury...? "
23rd Sep 2011 19:33
"Don't understand why he has not been given a chance, yet others have. Seems like he will be moved on, i think we will regret it personally "
23rd Sep 2011 19:38
"god help u amoo"
23rd Sep 2011 19:40
"best of luck boy. come and play for your her land. we can't wait to see you in that lovely and lively green and white jersey of our dearly and lovely NIGERIA. YNWA"
23rd Sep 2011 19:49
24th Sep 2011 8:13
"Great guy with a fantastic atude. Hope he eventually breaks into our first team. Good luck David - YNWA"
24th Sep 2011 11:57
"Good luck David, enjoy at Bury and have a successful loan spell. I try and make a point of watching out how our young players fare out against other teams. I suggest you do the same "butholezwe" it might give you a lesson in respect. "
25th Sep 2011 2:25
"good luck David"