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hope he plays vs spurs.
15th Sep 2011 14:27
15th Sep 2011 14:28
"I am a 60 year old scouser now living in Edinburgh, but watch L.F.C when I can, You are a Legend Ronnie Moran and will always be rembered for what you have done for L.F.C. Get well soon mate. John & Audrey Anten, Edinburgh. Y.N.W.A"
15th Sep 2011 14:29
"I wish I saw Stevie G on Sunday against Tottenham"
15th Sep 2011 14:30
"cant wait to have our leader back on the park!come on you redmen for sunday!i fancy us to go down there & come away with the 3 points 1-2.YNWA "
15th Sep 2011 14:31
15th Sep 2011 14:33
"Great news! Shame for Glen though..."
15th Sep 2011 14:33
"Can't wait to sea the big man back"
15th Sep 2011 14:34
"Yes! keep him till it's time ;)"
15th Sep 2011 14:38
"welcome back CAPTAIN S.GERRARD"
15th Sep 2011 14:39
"if he can get maybe 20 or 30 mins at Spurs he could make a decisive impact"
15th Sep 2011 14:39
"when jst hope gerrard play and links with suarez bcoz carrol isnt any threat for sure."
15th Sep 2011 14:41
"Thank God, I have seen to play Steven Gerrard, and I hope He will be doing his job as good as we are waiting for him."
15th Sep 2011 14:43
"Can't wait to see Gerald in action and hope he never get's injured throughout the season."
15th Sep 2011 14:43
"I hope he don't play against spurs hes not match fit, will either risk injury or risk losing the game. Brighton would be good to see Stevie bak :) "
15th Sep 2011 14:45
"We need Stevie G on Sunday! Spurs are going to be a tough tough test!"
15th Sep 2011 14:47
"O Lord of groin op infections, please heal Stevie's parts and fill them legs with power. Kuyt Greyskull, add the power of energy! Suarez the Hunter, add the power of the panther! Reina the Ruler, add the courage of a lion! Arise, Captain Fantastic!"
15th Sep 2011 14:48
"I reckon we need Kelly more than Stevie.... Flangan isn't ready to play against Bale yet...and he can't attack down the line"
15th Sep 2011 14:49
"Steve Gerrard - LegenD!"
15th Sep 2011 14:50
"Thats good news, I am a LFC supporter living in Namibia thts in Southern Africa, and wish L.F.C all the best on sunday can'nt waiting 4 the game."
15th Sep 2011 14:52
"It is a shame to have Spurs away - a huge game in the race for Champs league football - so early in Stevie's rehab. I think it is too soon for him to play, but can't wait to see him back!! YNWA"
15th Sep 2011 14:58
"hope captain back:)LOVE YOU THE BEST CAPTAIN IN THE WORK:STEVEN GERRARD:):):)<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3"
15th Sep 2011 14:59
"What about Aurelio?? Is he injured or just not being played?"
15th Sep 2011 15:11
"what happened to glen??"
15th Sep 2011 15:29
"RedRussian & Roseite: It is in the top article, 'Fabio is close to coming back and Glen is definitely ruled out' Wish all the injured a speedy recovery"
15th Sep 2011 15:32
"Absolute legend come on Stevie! A Stevie g on top form unstoppable!"
15th Sep 2011 15:34
"Why when we have been doing well without him, wouldn't have avoided the 5 points we have lost so far, penalty and bad positioning by young John for the Sunderland equaliser. Gone are the days when we were a Stevie Judas team. Jay came in last season and I for 1 think did well, Stevie psn not guarentted at all. Kenny right knows right tym to bring him. Great player thou."
Doctor Who
15th Sep 2011 15:42
"Kenny's right 'there's no rush' he retired years ago :-)"
15th Sep 2011 15:50
"No need to rush him back for a fast pace spurs game. If we play like we did against stoke but put our chances away we'll be fine. We need him in good shape for the united game and in great form for the 2nd half of the season."
15th Sep 2011 15:50
"I honestly think we shouldnt play him against tottenham, we should be steady with him. We will thrash tottenham 5-0 with or without Steve so lets just focus on the 3 points ey :D"
15th Sep 2011 15:57
"I hope Stevie plays against Spurs yet!"
15th Sep 2011 16:02
"Brighton would be the perfect game for him to come back! Ease him back into things :)"
15th Sep 2011 16:06
"What is wrong about glen? "
15th Sep 2011 16:10
"breedo23, I love your comment, I don't see him play on Sunday though."
15th Sep 2011 16:11
"Hmmm... Sounds like stevie G could play some part against Spurs, if you ask me. Hope Kelly is fit for Spurs. Didnt like Skrtel at right-back at all...."
15th Sep 2011 16:23
"is three days really gonna make that much difference? we need a lift after last weekends defeat "
15th Sep 2011 16:32
"Just how badly is Stevie injured? One minute he's on the verge of recovery, then he's not, then he's close to full fitness, then he's not ready yet but hopefully will be soon. It all seems so very vague and misleading. It is terribly like the Aquaman situation, could Stevie be about to go on a year loan to Juventus, then AC Milan maybe? "
15th Sep 2011 16:38
"Can't help but think this is becoming very like the Aquaman situation when he was here for his first season, one minute he's nearly there, then he's close. It's all so vague and misleading. What next, a full season loan to Juve, with buyout clause? then off to AC Milan."
15th Sep 2011 16:38
"Spurs will be a tough game with or without Stevie. KK just needs to put out a good team capable of getting the 3 points. I would love to see a 5-2-2-1 formation with Agger, Coates and Carragher at CB. Use Enrique and Skrtel at FB. Lucas and Adam holding the midfield. Downing and Bellamy on the wings and Suarez up front. Our bench will also look solid with Maxi, Gerrard, Kuyt and Carroll. "
15th Sep 2011 16:39
"I hope he plays against Spurs, I think it will inspire the team and intimidate the Spurs. But I don't want him playing if it's putting him at risk I only want to see him back on the pitch if he's 100% He's too important to toy around with."
15th Sep 2011 16:41
"COATES in the start."
15th Sep 2011 17:00
"az always kenny will insist in playing hendersen rather than getting gerrard back in , we get the point "
15th Sep 2011 17:06
"We need to win on Sunday and not be relying on ref decisions. We blamed the ref last week but we didn't take our chances. We have got to get ruthless if we want to progress. Manure and **ity have beaten Spurs,We need to do so too. "
15th Sep 2011 17:09
"Gerard + Suarez = Goals, Goals Goals."
15th Sep 2011 17:10
"I do not wish he comes back against Tottenham. That game may be too tough and rough! I am sure no fan out there prays for a recurrence of Stevie's injury. Pls King Kenny, let his first game be at Anfield! Give him enough time to be match fit and blend well with the team in training!"
15th Sep 2011 17:16
"We need all the help we can get after the poor outing against Stoke. Absolutely lacking in some kind of creativity in midfield. Aqua and Meireles could have been useful at this point in time. "
15th Sep 2011 17:19
"Home game against Wolve is the very best option to put Stevie on the bench and maybe sub him in the 60th to 70th minute, who else is agree?"
15th Sep 2011 17:28
"do not rush him back. would not want the injury to resurface. even if he seems ready, bench him & give him some minutes. thats the most we shall give him to slowly get him back to match fitness."
15th Sep 2011 17:34
"ha ha ur funny doctorsmith"
Captain Can
15th Sep 2011 17:36
"oh my god, we ripped stoke apart and were really unlucky not to score so...shut the up about aquagirl and iwantmoremoney meireles. "
15th Sep 2011 17:50
"A suggestion. We all know that Carra has got a lion's heart towards Liverpool but we all think that he is getting old for that kind of position. Why shouldn't he play as a right back and put either Martin Kelly or Sebastian Coates in the midfield with either Agger and Skrtel. Else Carra can be used also as a defensive coach whom I defenitely think he is good at."
15th Sep 2011 18:01
"Keep Steven for the starting line up agianist Brighton. Likewise Coates. Give them the full 90 mins of game time. Against Tottenham start with 4-2-3-1: ((GK = Reina); (4 = Kelly, Carragher, Agger, Enrique); (2 = Lucas, Adam); (3 = Kuyt, Bellamy, Downing); (1 = Suarez). "
15th Sep 2011 18:06
"What happened to Aurelio I thought he was up to the challenge?"
15th Sep 2011 18:06
"Only once Stevie G is back in the regular starting line-up as Captain, can we seat Carragher on the bench in "active retirement". We need Jamie's leadership until SG returns."
15th Sep 2011 18:14
"Why don't people read things? Aurelio is close to coming back it says. "
15th Sep 2011 18:19
"rather see him miss next two games than 3 monthes because he rushed back no brainer"
15th Sep 2011 18:20
"Aurelio, Johnson, Kelly, what is it with theses guys, out long term, back a game ( or part of ) then out again. Are we reading too much in to sport medicine ?"
15th Sep 2011 18:24
"pls pick gerrard on hte bench if he isnt ready for first eleven"
15th Sep 2011 18:32
"I agree, don't rush him back, but at the same time,I do hope he makes it against Spurs."
15th Sep 2011 18:36
"We need him for Tottenham to replace slow mo Adam..."
15th Sep 2011 18:48
"some of you people must come straight to the comments section before even reading articles. the answers your looking for are in that writing at the top. and check the team section coz sayin you love this club and cant even spell players names is atrocious. then to bad mouth them is worse. ynwa!"
15th Sep 2011 18:55
"Lots of game need to rush Him"
15th Sep 2011 19:24
"He is fit, let him play.YNWA. "
15th Sep 2011 19:27
"aurelio out again. he should never have been resigned"
15th Sep 2011 19:42
"When Kenny decides to bring Stevie back it will best time for the club, and that is not ASAP but when he is ready and not risking a relapse."
15th Sep 2011 20:18
"When he is ready. need him on crucial games"
15th Sep 2011 20:23
"King Kenny Knows Best.He will pick the best team to beat Spurs.YNWA"
15th Sep 2011 20:29
" i would like him at least on the bench againgst spurs "
15th Sep 2011 21:42
"Wise words Kenny,we need Stevie for the rest of the season not one game."
15th Sep 2011 21:52
"Can't wait for the skipper back, c'mon Gerrard!"
15th Sep 2011 22:13
"the king knows best ynwa"
15th Sep 2011 22:34
"in the king and soon to be sir , we trust"
15th Sep 2011 23:21
"Treasure. Use very sparingly."
16th Sep 2011 0:02
"I think the media are scared of kenny ahhahaha!!!!"
16th Sep 2011 1:24
"I can understand fans wanting stevie back against spurs, but remember its not just the injury he hasnt had any pre-season so he needs a few behind closed doors games to get some match fitness, if he's rushed he'll break down like has happened before. Ease him back slowly"
16th Sep 2011 1:46
"Yes! Good luck Steven G.. Hope Liverpool win at White Hart Lane. KD please loan Torres in January 2012. He is a good striker for Liverpool."
16th Sep 2011 1:56
"Tottenham is a big game. A game that will move us on the table, up or down, and will settle our position by the end of September. Besides we compete with them directly for the european cup place. We have to finish above them. Come on Reds!"
16th Sep 2011 3:38
"Go on Captain Gerrard! All the fans here in HKG would love to see you in action again! YNWA!"
16th Sep 2011 3:49
"Really hope that Stevie G will play but if there's still any doubts don't come back until he ABSOLUTELY is CERTAIN that he can play. Don't rush it! We have the depth to cope without him as shown late last season - regardless of the result against Stoke last week. "
16th Sep 2011 4:08
"Bit of a joke to be out this long with such a supposed advanced medical team. Time will tell if this time out has been good for Steve. I hope he comes back however his time at the top is pretty much at an end. Good idea to reduce our wage bill and maybe let him go if we get a good offer. Same as any other injury plagued people like Fabio and Glen."
16th Sep 2011 5:32
"Always... YNWA"
16th Sep 2011 6:08
"come on stevie get through at least 25 mins and set up some late additional goals"
16th Sep 2011 6:09
"come on stevie get through at least 25 mins and set up some late additional goals"
16th Sep 2011 6:11
"I'm starting to pray right now for the captain magnificent to play vs Spurs..."
16th Sep 2011 6:25
"YES.... King Kenny is right. Analyze and pick since we have more midfielders than we can field now"
16th Sep 2011 7:59
"hope coates will play, cause we need to strength our defence in the air and one on one situation like carra did last saturday, did you see how he neutralize striker like neymar& copa?, "
16th Sep 2011 8:14
"Confident of a result as always."
16th Sep 2011 8:15
16th Sep 2011 11:40
"KK will play stevie when hes ready. we would all like to c stevie back but playing the rest of the season and not a few games and then hes injured again. the team KK has been playing is doing well so not worried if stevie comes back now or later"
16th Sep 2011 12:43
"Oh dear not Aquilani and Mereiles story again! When are u going to stop moaning. They are gone and will not be playing. Like someone said it is like a man who keeps talking about a girl who has left him. Grow up plse!!"
16th Sep 2011 12:43
"Oh dear not Aquilani and Mereiles story again! When are u going to stop moaning. They are gone and will not be playing. Like someone said it is like a man who keeps talking about a girl who has left him. Grow up plse!!"
16th Sep 2011 12:52
"I think it would be wise not to start Gerrard at the start of the game. Put him for at least the last 20 mins and see how he gets on. All the best StevieG..can't wait to see you back in action!!YNWA"
16th Sep 2011 12:59
"When Stevie walks on the pitch, the hope of the opposition will walk off ;o) Looking forward to seeing him in action, when Kenny decides he is ready!!"
16th Sep 2011 13:15
"Gerrard to be on the bench.thats what i think."
16th Sep 2011 14:11
"Good for our squad,is our captain,he will bring some thing special back to the team,ynwa."