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I agree with Ian. We have a lot of role models at our club eg Kenny. YNWA
3rd Aug 2011 18:24
3rd Aug 2011 19:13
"I guess you have to practice what you preach, whoever at the academy in Kirkby let my son go without as much as an explanation.. then stripped of his kit, a kit that was probably off to the third world, my son is a role model, but not your sort it seems."
3rd Aug 2011 19:43
"So...we're not getting Joey Barton?"
3rd Aug 2011 20:21
"Great speech.Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.Come on the mighty reds YNWA"
3rd Aug 2011 21:52
"Corperate, Corperate, Corperate, Posh speeches to who? How about getting the tickets sales sorted out. Look after the genuine fans not those who sit in the Bar drink, eat and miss most of the match, jst to impress there business colleagues. LFC Support the FANS."
3rd Aug 2011 23:51
"buckybone im skitten, we could also bring in nani, hes a good role model for kids whos afraid to cry every now and then ;)"
3rd Aug 2011 23:58
"I would like Andy Carroll to read this one! Perhaps he could be dropped down to the Academy for a season so he learns how to conduct himself outside the pitch..."
4th Aug 2011 9:11
"why hasn't kenny been knighted as yet,,,but wait, i heard that david beckam is also going to be knighted and if that is the case then no thanks for kenny as it just goes to show that Knighting is not a serious thing, any old sod can get knighted!"
4th Aug 2011 10:55
"Spot on still miss ur Nasi lemak and Roti Canai ??.."
4th Aug 2011 13:19
"Totally agree with Mr Ayre! YNWA"
4th Aug 2011 13:51
"Very important that Liverpool players conduct themselves in the right way on and off the pitch because it has a massive influence on the City and also the image of the club and the City internationally."
5th Aug 2011 3:25
"Kenny, Rafa, rush, barnes, carra-the great, stevie, sammi, redknapp, kuyt and so many more who gave-give their all for us >>> lfc a force for good "