Steven Gerrard has admitted he is yet to make a decision on his international future beyond the World Cup.

At a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, the Three Lions skipper was quizzed by journalists as to what his future plans will be on the international stage.

Gerrard is set to win his 114th cap for his country in England's final game of the World Cup when they face Costa Rica on Tuesday.

Responding to questions about his future, Gerrard said: "There's no truth I will be making any announcement within a week. I think I need more time than that.

"I spoke to Roy this morning and asked him for some time over the summer to consider my future but I certainly won't be rushing into any decision. I don't feel it's right to make a decision now or in a week's time.

"I'm still hurting very bad and am broken by what has gone on over the last couple of weeks so I need to get away, go on holiday and basically clear my head before I make that big decision.

"I've agreed with the manager I'm going to speak with him in a few weeks' time.

"I need to speak to numerous other people who I respect who will help me and guide me the right way to make my decision, but it is big and I will make it in due course."

Gerrard also spoke of his hurt after defeats to Italy and Uruguay marked the end of England's participation in Brazil and mean pride is all they have to play for against Costa Rica.

He added: "It's a very difficult time to be an England player at the moment as everyone is hurt and disappointed. My message to the supporters is thanks for their support, not just at the World Cup but over the last two years helping getting us here.

"The players take full responsibility at not winning the two games. There are people out there with strong opinions and want to point fingers and stuff, but as the leader of this team we take full responsibility and take it on our shoulders.

"All we can do as players is stick together. We agreed before the tournament that we were going to come in and work as hard as possible and now as it's gone wrong we have to show that responsibility together.

"We can't allow it to just go on the manger's shoulders and the coaching staff. We have to stand tall and be thick skinned and move on.

"The important thing now is to think about the supporters and the supporters only. They want a win in the last game and the players want that as well."