Steven Gerrard has already planned his parting message to the England players before they leave the dressing room to start their 2014 World Cup and take on Italy tonight.

After weeks of warm-up friendlies, training sessions, flights, press conferences and media duties, the talking and preparing will stop at 11pm BST in Manaus.

The Liverpool captain will stride out to earn his 112th international cap, guiding his Three Lions teammates behind him with trademark steely determination.

'No regrets' is the rallying call that the 34-year-old will deliver shortly before kick-off, with Gerrard aiming to return from the tournament in Brazil with a sense of pride.

He said: "I will say something in the dressing room, towards the end when we are ready to go out, and it will be: 'Let's not have any regrets.'

"All the preparation has been done. The squad that's been picked is very bold and brave. Let's believe we have all the energy and all the work in the legs and in the tank.

"So now let's relax and let it happen. The key is just to not come off the pitch with any regrets and, basically, do what it takes to get that result.

"I will be proud leading this group of players out against Italy. I trust them and I believe in my teammates, but I will be even prouder if we come home from this tournament with our heads held high, knowing we have gone out onto the pitch and given everything we have got for the English public back home.

"And, looking at the lads and being in and around them, I get the impression they are ready to give everything they have got.

"It is here now. All the distances and the miles we have covered, the heat preparation, we have done all that. There are no excuses now. It is time to walk the walk."

Gerrard, now at his third edition of the showpiece tournament, continued: "I think we are in a good place.

"The squad is very talented, with a good blend of players who have vast experience at this level and have had great careers, and young exciting talents. But everyone knows you get judged after every individual game in these kinds of tournaments.

"This is the perfect opener for us because, if we do perform as we know we can and we get that big result that we need, then it can go an awful long way to carry us through.

"The confidence and belief we would get if we do get the right result could be massive."