While Joe Fagan and the Boot Room boys prepared for Liverpool's fourth European Cup final in 1984, plans were already being made for the future of the club.

Just nine days before Graeme Souness and co took on the likes of Bruno Conti, Falcao and Roberto Pruzzo at the Stadio Olimpico, the Reds moved to secure the services of the highly coveted Luton Town forward Paul Walsh, who, at 21 years of age, would be named the 1984 PFA Young Player of the Year.

But before Walsh would pull on the famous red jersey for the first time, he was given the ultimate induction into the club, by travelling to Rome to experience the showpiece occasion in Italy.

Speaking exclusively to LFCTV GO as part of our week-long recollections of the 1983-84 treble campaign, Walsh shared his memories of an historic night and what it was like to play for Fagan.

He said: "I was up in the crowd sat next to David Johnson and Phil Thompson, ardent Liverpool fans. Because I was on the end I felt a bit left out, so I nudged my way in between them to feel a bit more part of it all.

"They were jumping around, kicking every ball and feeling very emotional on an incredible night. It certainly gave me a sample of what things might be like going forward at the club."

Walsh made 39 appearances under Fagan in his final season as manager, 1984-85, and joined the many former players and coaches that worked with the great man in stressing the simplicity of his successful methods.

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"Joe was a very simple fella," he continued. "A lot of people on the outside looking in at Liverpool would always be thinking what the secret was and I suppose I was the same.

"But I soon found that training was simple and nothing was over-complicated. People would come and watch training with clipboards to make notes and must have gone away scratching their heads thinking: 'All they did was play five-a-side!'

"But that was part of the tradition at the club; it had brought success before and it would bring success again.

"Joe had been a part of the club for such a long time, had been through the club's football factory and knew what it was all about. I was just proud that he had chosen to bring me in to wear the shirt."