Steven Gerrard today heaped praise on Matthew Rhodes, for the LFC fan's painted portrait of the Liverpool skipper.

Matthew, a blind war veteran, lost his sight and is part-paralysed following a motorcycle accident sustained in 1995 and was encouraged by the Blind Veterans UK - a national charity for blind ex-servicemen and women - to take up painting - something the lifelong Reds fan found he had an unlikely talent for.

Liverpool's very own captain fantastic was an obvious choice for Matthew - "I have painted many people before and as a Red it made sense for me to paint one of its top players" - and on completion the hope was that Gerrard would sign the portrait so it could be auctioned off to raise money for the Blind Veterans UK.

LFC's disabled supporters' representative, Jeanette Dodd, organised the signing of the painting by the No.8, who was clearly impressed by Rhodes' work.

"I was really impressed with the painting and I think that Matthew did capture a good likeness of me," said Gerrard. "His talent and technique is illustrated in this piece, which I was more than happy to sign."

The painting will be placed at auction in aid of the Blind Veterans UK charity in early 2015, when it is hoped it will generate some much-needed funds.

To view more of Matthew's incredible artwork, click here. And you can read more about Matthew's story in his autobiography, 'Never say Die', by clicking here.