First it was the 'El Pistolero'. Then it was a kiss on the thumb, index and middle fingers of his hand. Now it's an 'Incredible Hulk' flex of the muscles and a roar – but what's the inspiration behind Luis Suarez's latest goal celebration?

The No.7 has served up his own impression of the famed Marvel superhero, following efforts against Stoke City and Manchester United, to name but two.

So, what's the meaning behind it? were keen to find out when we sat down with the man himself for an exclusive chat at Melwood this week.

"My daughter loves football, and she likes when I score a goal and celebrate," explains Suarez, smiling just as he has after all 29 of his goals this season.

"She loves princesses and things like that, but I can't do it [for a celebration] on the pitch!

"But she also likes Hulk, Spiderman and Superman. I told her when I score, I'd do a celebration like Hulk or Superman, so it's for her. She watches on TV and loves when I do it."

With her father setting the pace in the Barclays Premier League's top scorers' chart, few would bet against Delfina Suarez - and millions of Liverpool fans around the globe - cheering on that celebration a few more times before the campaign reaches a conclusion.

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The Uruguayan is chasing a league record; three more goals and he'll become the leading scorer in a 38-game season, surpassing Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, with five games remaining and the team sitting at the division's summit, such milestones are not Suarez's main motivation.

"If I wanted to do that, I could ask Stevie if I could take a penalty, but I don't like that!" he says, when this is put to him. 

"For myself, it is more important that Liverpool finish in a good position. I try in every game to score because I am a striker. I love to make goals, but for me if I could swap being top scorer or winning the Golden Boot for the team finishing in the top four, that would be more important.

"Of course it would be special [to break the record]. In the last few years I have tried to do my job as well as I can to help the team and the Liverpool supporters.

"To finish the season as top scorer or with a new record would be nice for me, for my family and for the Liverpool supporters because it's important for them to have a player who holds the record. But if I think back a few games, I didn't score, but I kept trying my best on the pitch."

While his commitment to helping Liverpool achieve success this season is genuinely selfless, there's no doubting Suarez loves to score a goal.

Be it the opener against Southampton, a crucial second against Tottenham Hotspur, the third at Old Trafford, or a hat-trick clinching sixth strike away to Cardiff City, each and every one is greeted by unbridled joy from the Reds ace.

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"It's because I love football and when I was a child, I worked very hard to improve and for my future," explains Suarez.

"Six or seven years ago, I watched the Premier League on TV and I loved it when players scored goals and their celebrations. If we score here at Anfield or away, I love the fans because they enjoy it and they're happy."

So, 29 goals so far and counting...but it could have been more had the woodwork not got in the way.

A stunning attempt at a volley that left Arsenal's goal frame trembling could possibly be one of the greatest efforts not to have gone in this season, while Suarez saw two typically audacious shots rebound off the crossbar at West Ham United last weekend.

Though visibly frustrated on the pitch when such strikes don't hit the back of the net, Suarez is philosophical when reflecting on some of his near misses."I think for a striker, you love scoring goals," he says.

"Sometimes it is difficult, you'll be involved in some good action and you'll shoot really well, but you'll hit the post or be saved by the 'keeper. And then sometimes, as you saw in the goal against Tottenham, I shot really badly at goal and scored. I was so happy with it because it was a really good game and I always try my best to score."

In the eyes of many, Suarez's effort against Tottenham was another to add to the lengthy list of 'wow moments' this season, but his own verdict says much about the determination of the man.

"You always try to score, but sometimes it's difficult because you hit the post or the crossbar," he laughs. "Or the 'keeper will make a really good save!

"But this is normal and you continue. If you let yourself get down, you can miss the game, but if you keep up then it's better for me and for the team, too."

Ultimately, Suarez's woodwork frustrations at Upton Park didn't affect the outcome as Liverpool recorded a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

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"I think the most important thing was the result," reflects Suarez. "We knew it'd be a difficult game when you play away.

"We know West Ham are tough because they are strong at home, play fast and play the long ball which is difficult, but our defenders played very well. We know all about their qualities and the passes to Andy [Carroll] to head the ball, but our defenders - and midfielders too - played well and we dealt with the second ball. We also created a lot of chances to score."

Two Steven Gerrard penalties secured the win - Liverpool's ninth victory on the spin - to take them back to the top of the Premier League.

"For some people, it's a surprise because in the Premier League it is difficult to win nine games in a row," says Suarez. "But if we continue at this level, we'll play very well.

"On the pitch we try the best to help the team. The team know we've had some really good performances in the last few weeks and we'll try to continue in this way."

He concludes: "With all the games, every week, we work to try and win. We work very hard. Our target was to finish in the top four and we've won our last few games.

"We also know Chelsea and City dropped some points, so we're at the top of the league now and that's amazing for us. Now we can't stop because we have a really good chance."