Luis Suarez's talent is great enough to give Liverpool a chance of hurdling every single obstacle they face, according to the Uruguayan's former teammate at Anfield, Craig Bellamy.

The two men only shared a dressing room for one season - the 2011-12 campaign - but that was more than adequate time for Bellamy to understand the extent of the Reds' No.7's ability.

Impressive though Suarez was during the Welshman's second spell with the club, the forward has since elevated his performance level immeasurably and is now widely considered the finest player in the league.

Indeed, his prolific displays across the past six months have raised the debate of where exactly the 27-year-old ranks in the world's greatest superstars; and Bellamy has offered his thoughts on the subject.

He told "There's [Lionel] Messi and then [Cristiano] Ronaldo - that is it for the best, best players.

"Because they have just hit a level that I don't think any of us have ever seen; these guys are hitting 40 or 50 goals a season regularly.

"Then there's a group just beneath that and Luis is at the top of that group. There's no two ways about that.

"I had the opportunity and the pleasure to train with him and play with him, and he was outstanding then. The better the team has got, it has just allowed Luis to flourish as well.

"Liverpool have a lot of top players - Sturridge is brilliant and there's Stevie, who is just immense.

"But with a player like Luis there, you have an opportunity to win every single game you go into - because he is that good."